2008 Ch. 10


I called "E" at home. The instant she answered I heard the stress and upset in her voice.

"Emily called you." I said, "Do not come apart. We are a family and as a family we can and will work this through."

"But she says she won't come to Christmas as long as you are taking advantage of me. She can and will come between Brad and all of us."

"You give her too much power. I have already started a plan to help her see the light. The most powerful force in the world is love. Remember how miserable she was when Brad was out of her life? She instantly leaned on you. How would she do if you weren't there and neither was Brad?"

"She'd totally fall apart!"

"She doesn't like seeing you so happy without her Daddy. She doesn't like the fact that you could love someone besides her Daddy. And, she hasn't faced that is what's going on. She just doesn't like what she sees. She drops a bomb in the machine and prays all it blows up is the love between you and Liz, Beth and me."

"She wants me back being her Momma, nothing else!"

"Are you willing to give us up to please her?"

"No." Her voice was flat. Not angry and not happy, flat.

"Are you willing to give up making dinner for us? Taking care of us and laughing with us?"

"No! And I'm not willing to give up calling you Master and having sex with our family, either!"

"When she sees her ultimatum is going to cost her her Momma and possibly her husband, she may rethink her position."

"Her husband?"

"Brad is going to talk with her about the options. You came to us because you wanted to be wanted, needed and to contribute. The options he'll talk about are how those things can still happen. We're pretty sure she will recommend you move in with them. He's going to say, "Fine, as long as she has sex with me two or three times a week. I'm not willing to live with a woman I can't have sex with." That gets her to face losing him to have you, if you'll leave us."

"My daughter didn't think this through very well."

"She's running on emotions only. She wants her Momma back. Momma moved into a loving relationship that doesn't focus on Emily. This is her tantrum."

There was a pause and then "E" said, "I love you, Pete. I'm Ok now."

"We love you, too. If the phone rings look at the caller ID. If it isn't Beth, Liz or me, let it ring. Our machine will answer. If she comes to the door, the door stays closed. If she wants to stand on the porch and talk to you go to our bedroom and turn on the stereo and stay in the bedroom."

"Yes, Master."

"This is a family problem. When you turned your life over to me all problems became my problems. Let me handle this."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."

"And, be ready to have dinner as soon as we're all home. We have an appointment tonight."

"Yes, Master."

I hung up. I called Camelot Jewelers in the valley and asked Mike if he had four identical wedding rings. He asked if I meant wedding sets: an engagement ring, her wedding ring and his wedding ring. I answered, "I want three wedding bands, about size six, seven or maybe eight for three women and a wedding band size twelve for me."

He paused and asked, "White gold or yellow?"

"Do you have both?"

"I have three sets in yellow and one in white. You're sure you don't want engagement rings?"


"Ok. That's what I have."

"Can we come to the store this evening and see all four sets?"

"Yes, of course."

"How long will it take to size the three female rings? I know for a fact my finger is a twelve."

"If you come before six I can have all three ladies sized by eight-thirty. You can pick the rings you want, go to dinner nearby and when dinner is over, you all can wear the rings home."

"Perfect! My name is Pete. I'll ask for you when we arrive."

"I'll probably be able to spot you."

"Yeah, probably. Thanks."

I called "E" and said, "Cancel dinner at home. We need to be in the valley by six. We'll eat out there. Can the meatloaf save until tomorrow night?"

It could. I asked "E" to call Liz and have her come home promptly after work. I called Beth and asked her to meet me at the truck a few minutes early. She didn't ask why, she just agreed.

I left my office fifteen minutes early. Beth was standing beside the truck. A minute later we were on the road home. When I pulled into the driveway "E" and Liz were standing beside the driveway. I opened the back doors to the truck and helped them inside. Kissing is part of the help. We were home less than a minute and back on the road. All three talked about their day, but didn't mention Emily, Brad or where we were going. They let me drive without bothering me with questions about anything.

It was twenty before six when I stopped the truck in front of Camelot Jewelers. I opened their doors and helped them out of the truck. Beth and Liz each got out of the truck showing me their pussies. I ushered all of us inside. We were met by a tall, slender man in a silver-gray suit who said, "Pete?"

At my nod her led us to a corner of the store and four pre-set chairs around a semi-circular table. He sat on the flat side of the table. He put a display case on the table and opened it. Inside were four ring sets. Each set was a man's ring and a woman's ring.

I said, "For the moment, just look. Mike, please take a piece of paper and write down a price for each set, just the way I described them to you. Then give me the paper." I pointed to the sets one at a time. "This is set number one, two, three and four."

He got busy with paper, pen and a calculator. I knew he knew to the penny what the bottom line was for all four sets. The calculator was part of the show. The ladies had ignored him completely and were communication non-verbally as I waited for the paper.

Mike handed me the paper. I put it into my pocket without looking at it. I said, "Mike, I would appreciate it if you would stand far enough away that you cannot hear our conversation. I promise only one ring at a time will be touched and it will be replaced in the display before the next ring is touched."

He made the appropriate noises about trust and insurance policies and then he moved about fifteen feet away. Softly I asked, "You knew you had to agree. Which ring is it?"

"E" asked, "There are three of us. Only one ladies ring."

"He has two more of each one. They will be sized and on your fingers by eight-forty-five tonight. Which one?"

Beth said, "He gave you prices. We're worried we may pick the most expensive one."

"Do you want rings?" I lowered my voice. The implication was evident. Beth pointed at number two. I picked up the smaller ring of set number two. It fit on Beth's hand. I moved it to Liz's hand and it fit there too. "E" held out her hand and it was shaking. Liz and Beth helped by holding her hand steady as I slid the ring on her finger. It fit.

I motioned to Mike. "Number two."

He came closer and said, "I saw that the seven fit each hand. Ladies was that ring the size you want?"

They all nodded. He said, "Then, if you'll give me a minute, you can have the rings now. They're all the same size." He left us and went to the far side of the store. Beth picked up the size twelve ring and held it out to me. I reached for it with my right hand and she pulled it back.

"If you want to put it on yourself, we will not stop you but... I think we would be honored to put it on you."

I nodded and held my left hand out. Beth held the ring and Liz and Elissa held her hand as the ring slid onto my finger. I kissed each of them and whispered, "Thank you."

Mike came back. I took the rings from him and placed one on Liz and the last one on Beth. We kissed again. I handed Mike a credit card. He smiled wide and dashed to the cash register. When he came back I said, "Thank you so much. I know this is a bit unusual and I appreciate you being so helpful." We were watched by most of the staff as we walked out to the truck and drove to P.F. Chang's for dinner. After dinner was ordered I said, "Talk to me. Tell me what's going on in your heads."

Beth started, "You bought all of us rings. Even in the face of Emily starting a fire. We don't understand."

"At this moment Emily may believe I am taking advantage of "E". Seeing a ring on her finger, your finger and Liz's finger as well as on my finger adds weight to the commitment being stated. It also says the commitment is there between each of us. I can ask you, Beth, who are you married to?"

"To you... and to Liz and Elissa."

"Liz, who are you married to?"

"To you, Master and to Beth and Elissa."

"Elissa, who are you married to?"

Tears streamed down her face and she said, "To you, Master and to Liz and to Beth."

"When Emily tries to talk some sense into you I want you to see and feel the ring on your finger and know I wear it too. Know your sisters wear it, too. We are a family. We don't look like the family on "Leave it to Beaver" but we are a family."

Liz asked, "Were the rings expensive?"

"The rings are worth more to me than money. In some relationships like ours the women wear collars. You don't. That may change. You wear rings and soon each of you will be Elizabeth Peterson. Your emotional, spiritual and physical support is centered here at this table and in our home. Hold tight to it and give it freely to each other. If it helps, hold hands as you walk together, touch each other. I will touch each of you often. Sometimes I may even leave a bruise." They smiled.

Dinner arrived and we started eating. Each of us had an entre' and after a few minutes I said, "Pass your plate one person to your left." We each got a new entre'. We switched enough that everyone got some of all the dinners. I paid the bill and we headed back home.

We threw pillows and blankets on the living room floor that night. It was where we could all sleep together. There was plenty of touching, kissing and play but not one orgasm. Sleeping with all three is like sleeping in a game of musical chairs. Liz was close to me on my left side. She woke up needing a trip to the bathroom. When she came back "E" had taken that spot. When Beth got up to pee, Liz moved into her spot. I held on until morning. I didn't want to lose my spot. Then I realized, I could get up, go and when I came back they would give me whatever spot I wanted. Life is good.

In the morning we all got up together. Together, we went into the new bathroom and used the new shower together for the first time. It took lots of water and laughter to get us all clean. I washed each of them and they washed me. The shower was a success.

Liz went with "E" to the kitchen to make breakfast. She could go to work a little later than Beth and I. We dressed. I noticed Beth looking at her finger often.

During breakfast I noticed each of my wives looked at her ring often.

Brad called me at ten. He said, "That was a terrible evening, brother."

"Terrible because?"

"Because she's irrational! I couldn't get through to her. I told her about the options and when I said Momma could move in with us she was excited. When I added the part about having sex with her she exploded. I slept on the couch last night."

"Brad, are you going to live on the couch from now on?"

"God, I hope not."

"Last night she moved to the bedroom first. She's doing it to assert her power over you. She wants you to move Momma in and have everything her way. If you lose this battle, you lose the war."

"I see that. What do I do?"

"At about one, call her. Ask for something special for dinner, something she knows you like. After she agrees and just before you hang up tell her that you're sleeping in your bed tonight. She can either sleep with you or on the couch, but you'll be in the bed."

"I'm taking back my power!"

"Then, this evening don't say anything about Momma or the fight the two of you had. If dinner is good, compliment her on it. Go to bed earlier than normal. Tell her you didn't sleep well last night."

"I've got it!"

"Set the alarm for half an hour earlier than normal. If she doesn't sleep with you, then in the morning ask her why. Do not argue with her. If she wants feedback about what she tells you, tell her you want to think about your options and leave for work."

"She won't like it. She'll be pissed."

"Are you pissed?"


"It's obvious that you being pissed is Ok with her. She may be counting on you trying to avoid pissing her off so she can get you to cave in."

"I'll call you in the morning."

"I'll be thinking of you all evening."

For the rest of the morning I handled phone calls from vendors, clients, friends and bosses. Just before I was about to head out for lunch my phone rang. I looked at the ID and was surprised to see the number was Brad's home number. It had to be Emily.

"Good Morning, Emily." I said, cheerfully.

"Is it?" She asked. "Brad and I had a fight last night and I think you were behind it!"

"For the purpose of this call, let's assume you're correct. What would be your purpose in calling me?"

"I want my Momma back!"

"Is she being held prisoner somewhere?"

"Yes! By you! And quit being a smart ass!"

"I leave her at home every morning with car keys, credit cards and cash. She has clothes to wear. How is she a prisoner?"

"I don't know! What I know is she's not my Momma any more. She's living with you and dishonoring my father in the process!"


"She's living in sin with you and Liz and Beth. You asked me to help make a bed so you can all sleep and fuck together! God doesn't like it!"

"Plenty of men in the Bible lived with and slept with more than one wife. Some of those men were prophets. It isn't God who's pissed, it's you. Can't you find a way to be Ok with your Mom being happy with us?"

"You turned her into a lesbian!"

"If she were a lesbian, would she be having sex with me?"

"I don't know what to call it, but she's having sex with women!"

"It's called bi-sexual. It's called being loved and loving. And I didn't convince her to do anything she didn't already want to do."

"She never kissed women before!"

"You haven't known her all her life. Maybe before you were born she loved women and loved your Dad. Have you ever asked her about her sexual past?"


"You created an image for your Momma and never bothered to see if the image was your Momma. You opened this can of worms. You are also the only one who can get the lid back on the can. I love your Elissa. Beth and Liz love your Elissa. She has made a commitment to each of us for the rest of her life. Your Momma, Elissa, loves you and she loves Brad. If you make her choose between you and all the people who love her, I think you'll lose. I think a better choice would be to be happy that she is so loved and loves you, too."

She sobbed and the line went dead. Beth sat beside me at lunch. None of the men at the table noticed the rings. Alison had been at the table long enough to take one bite when she said, "Oh my God! You got married!"

Beth blushed and held out her hand to Alison who gushed all over both of us. When she calmed down Phil asked, "Why weren't we invited to the wedding?"

I answered, "Some ceremonies are intended for the public. People put notices in the newspaper and invite hundreds of people to come and watch. Society is not ready for us to be married. Beth wears her ring as a symbol of us being family. We can call it a domestic union, a marriage or something else. Whatever we call it, it's a family."

In a low voice Alison asked, "Is Liz wearing a ring too?"

I said, "Liz and Elissa both wear identical rings to the one on Beth's finger. We are a family."

Phil said, "Bravest man I've ever known."

Alison asked, "So, are there plans for babies in your family?"

Beth put her hand on my arm and I nodded. She said, "Liz and I had our tubes tied many years ago. "E" is in menopause. There will be no babies in our home."

My hand topped Beth's and I said, "However, we would love to be uncle and aunts to some wonderful children. Surrogate grandparents is also a possibility."

Beth squeezed my arm. She couldn't have said it, but she was happy I did.

"I think Mike and I would be thrilled to be related to you all in that way." Alison said.

Lunch ended and I walked Beth back to her spot in the building. She said, "Thank you. You gave me, us, another gift."

"I love you. My aim is for your life to be full, of love, contribution and loving. Giving to Alison and Mike's kid will be good for all of us."

We were at her office door. She asked, "May I call Liz and "E"?"

I nodded and walked on to my office.

At almost two my phone rang. ID said it was Brad. I answered.

"Damn! I don't think she's done anything but cry today." He said.

"What did she do when you asked for dinner?"

"She said she'd make it. When I told her I was sleeping in the bedroom tonight she said she couldn't sleep on the couch. I saw she was bating me to give her the bed, by herself. So, I told her she could sleep with me. I said I liked having her in bed with me. She said she was still upset about what I said about her Momma."


"I said she was welcome to sleep wherever she wanted and I was sleeping in the bed. She accused me of not loving her! I said, "If you believe I don't love you then move out. You shouldn't live with a man who you believe doesn't love you."

"Damn! What was her reaction to that?"

"I don't know. My other phone rang. I said I had to take that call and I ended the call with Emily."

"Are you gonna call her back?" I asked.

"Nope. Let her spend some time thinking about her choices. She can call anyone she wants to work through her thinking. I'll be home at my usual time."

"You're doing well. Hang in there, Brad. Call me anytime you need to. You can call anyone in the family."


The rest of the afternoon was all business. At five minutes to five my phone rang and the ID said "INTERNAL". The call was from inside the company. I answered professionally.

Beth giggled and responded, "It is five minutes until five o'clock. Quitting time. This time announcement was brought to you by three pussies at your mercy in our new play room... hopefully tonight." The line went dead.

For the first time in our lives we had a dedicated exercise and play room. I could experiment with water! My mind wandered as I walked out to the truck. I was halfway home before I said anything to Beth.

I said, "I think it may be wise to go easy on dinner tonight."

She looked down and said, "As you wish, Master."

As soon as we were home and in the house "E" looked at me and asked, "When would you like dinner, Master?"

"In half an hour. Until then I will be in the playroom, do not interrupt me unless it's an emergency. Half an hour from now knock on the door. All three of you will be freshly showered, shaved and nude."

"E" said, "As you wish, Master."

I left "E" and Liz in the kitchen and went to the playroom. On the way, I got the toy box and dragged it into the playroom. For the half hour I made the playroom ready for our first playtime together. That included three trips to the garage.

A single loud knock came on the playroom door. I was ready. I was nude. The room was ready. Before I opened the door I shut all the lights off in the playroom. Then I said, "Face away from the playroom door."

I opened the door, stepped out, slapped three beautiful asses and closed the door. "What is for dinner tonight, Sweethearts?"

"A tostada salad, Master. Light, filling and healthy. The meat is turkey." "E" said.

We sat and ate. I asked Beth to tell about the lunch conversation. Liz told about two of her co-workers noticing her ring and asking questions. She said that having to answer their questions forced her to think even more about our family and what the ring she had on means to her.

I turned to "E" and asked, "What about your day, Love?"

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