tagBDSM2022 The Farm Ch. 02

2022 The Farm Ch. 02


"Time to rise and shine sleepy head! We'll be late if we're not careful" mused Greta.

It was Monday morning. Sam woke slowly, his eyes gradually adjusted to the cold winter morning sun, he glanced at the bedroom clock and immediately felt sick to his stomach. It was 8.30, in an hour he would be no longer with his beloved wife Greta.

He started to reminisce. His last weekend at the marital home had been wonderful. Greta had been so nice to him she had allowed him his favourite meal on Saturday evening, and had allowed him to sleep in her bed last night, the first time in 3 years. It was just her way of giving him a final, loving goodbye.

There had been no sexual contact, his penis had of course grown very large in the night, but he would never have been allowed to use it on her, it was forbidden by law for a male to engage in sexual intercourse with a female nowadays, unless a special licence was obtained. This was all designed to keep both males and females in strict check, and not to taint the population with any unwanted bastards. Babies resulting from natural childbirth were susceptible to all sorts of diseases and deformities that just didn't occur as a result of the revolutionary artificial methods.

A terrible system of penalties had been introduced which applied only to males as they were always assumed to be the perpetrators on account that they would have done the 'penetrating' so to speak. Any males discovered having had intercourse would be castrated that very day without appeal, and immediately sent to one of the huge GM food processing farms to labour until they died.

It was very cruel, but in 16 years amazingly only one instance of unlicensed intercourse had been recorded in the United Kingdom. The Government had realised very quickly that males needed severe deterrents if they were to be kept as the inferior sex.

The castration was a chemical one. A huge dose of Sodium Hypo chlorite (household bleach) was injected directly into the perineum this immediately caused sterility, and over the subsequent 7 days the testicles whitened, hardened and died, eventually turning to a white powder and crumbling to nothing.

Penalties were imposed on females that had conspired. But these took the form of financial ones in the most severe cases.

The thought of this had immediately filled Sam's head whenever he had thoughts of entering his wife.

His eyes had now adjusted to the light, his wife was naked, just out of the shower, pearls of water still adhered to her curvaceous body as she rubbed herself dry. She was humming a tune to herself, it was not distinguishable, but to Sam it was beautiful.

He gazed longingly at her and as she wiped her secret areas, his penis started to stir once more, ending up as a thumping erection, but still encased in his genital cover.

"Poor Sam..." chuckled Greta when she saw the state he was in "...all revved up with nowhere to go!" . He lowered his head in abject shame, yet again

"Maybe I should keep you after all?" she quipped. Sam looked up hopefully like a dog being promised a biscuit, but saw in her eyes that she was only teasing him. "Sam you silly billy, come here and show me your devoted love one last time" she purred.

Sam scuttled over to her on all fours and kissed her bare feet, smelling the sweet scented oils that she had trickled over them . He looked up "Please may I speak Mistress?" he asked

"You may" Greta replied.

"Is there any way I can stay here Mistress Greta, I am so frightened of what will become of me at The Farm, I have been sick to my stomach all weekend thinking about it."

Greta looked into Sam's eyes and smiled "You are being very silly again. I had decided to sell you well before those nice ladies inspected you. You are old and I want a better more athletic male to be my companion. The Farm is where you are going and when I leave you there It will not bother me one jot what they do to you, you are nothing but a £10,000 payday to me any more Sam, with the money you bring I will take a young male, probably a Negro, I hear they are the ultimate companion nowadays."

She continued "I do not know what goes on at The Farm. I, like you, have only heard rumours, I heard once that they let the males have proper sexual intercourse with paying women, surely that would be to your liking?

Anyway I will find out the various things that may happen to you on my tour today, Venetia and Cordelia were so kind to offer."

Sam reared up in a rage at the verbal assault, tears filling his eyes. "You bitch! I love you for God's sake!" he screamed.

Greta was too quick, she stepped back and simultaneously kicked out, catching Sam full between his legs, he went down to ground like a sack of potatoes, his stomach knotting up instantly. Greta followed up as she had been trained to, stamping hard on Sam's throat, crushing his airway. "You bastard! How dare you! You have spoiled our lovely final weekend, the sooner that you are gone the better"! She immediately collared him, and pulled hard using it as you would use the choke chain on a difficult dog.

Sam gagged and croaked begging her to stop, but she held firm.

"Right! We're going!" she snapped "before I get so vexed that I damage my investment". She ripped off his genital cover, exposing him completely. He was as naked as when he entered the world, as Greta opened the door and marched him out of the house.

A twenty minute brisk walk and they arrived at The Farm. It was very cold, Sam's knees were grazed, and he was out of breath. His scrotum had retreated well into his body for warmth, making him look boyish.

The tall green clad buildings reared up only too quickly. A large grey sign revealed "The Farm's" full official title "Government Facility No. XY0099".

Two female security guards a blonde and a redhead manned the only gated entrance. They were both over 6 feet tall, very muscular and carried a small arms and vicious looking dog whips.

"Good Morning, could we have your name please?" said the blonde. Her tone surprised Greta, she expected such an imposing woman to be very short . "Miss Greta Green" she replied "I have brought my male for sale as instructed".

The blonde looked down at Sam sneering at the seemingly pathetic specimen, she couldn't believe the company were actually buying this animal, he looked well past his sell by date.

"The blonde went quietly back to the security hut and picked up the phone, after about 30 seconds she returned smiling "Yes, Miss Green, they are expecting you and your animal. Follow the Orange line to the Reception Zone, Mistress Venetia will be there to meet you and start processing your male. Sam's ears burned in shame, he was terrified, 'processing'? what did it mean, it sounded very frightening indeed. He felt like it was his first day at school again.

They walked onward, all the time Greta was making Sam aware of the consequences of letting her down, she kept on at him terrified that he would make some faux pas that lost her the sale.

As they approached the building the Reception area came into view. It was an Orange fronted Building with two large glass sliding doors. Outside they were Orange marked spaces for visiting coaches and cars.

Venetia was just inside , and greeted them as they entered. "You're here! splendid, didn't change your mind then?"

"Definitely not! Especially after the morning I have had with him" Greta replied.

"Oh? Problems?" Venetia quizzed.

"Oh the usual bullshit, how he wants to stay with me, how he loves me, threatened me physically at one point, but I put paid to that, hence the choke chain...ha ha"

"Well greet the lady! Chop chop!" Greta commanded impatiently.

Venetia stopped her immediately explaining that males had no contact at all with females unless specifically commanded to do so, and charming as it was a greeting were an unnecessary waste of time. Sam waited to be commanded again.

Venetia came down to his level addressed him with the basic rules:

"Now you have impressed me with you talent so far even though you are an older male, so I'll give you the talk, listen and digest, there are a lot of very impatient ladies here, mostly we are fair, but if commands aren't followed then you will find yourself at a distinct disadvantage....and you will be punished....

1.Listen to and Obey all Female Facility Workers at all times 2.If you wish to speak raise your right hand until you are prompted 3.Contact with any Female Facility Worker if strictly forbidden

....Those are the basic rules for around the facility, mostly though you will be instructed what to do by your Handler who you will treat with the utmost respect, right lets get on, let's get him to the Reception desk and fill in the transfer papers."

With that Sam was lead to the desk where a very pretty young secretary waited with the papers, pen at the ready. She looked at Sam with utter disgust, almost grunting as he approached. "Madam please sign here and here" she said marking the form.

Greta looked down at Sam, nostalgia filled her head, all the nice times they had together as man and wife would be lost forever after she had made her mark.

"You can still change your mind" whispered Venetia.

"He's yours" Replied Greta "I hope you treat him well, he has been a very good male for me"

"Don't worry, if he continues to perform like he did the other day, he will be treated fairly , now here's the £10,000, I hope you spend it wisely, any thoughts on what you'll be doing with it?" Venetia inquired.

"Oh yes I hope to buy a Negro for my very own, they are all the fashion nowadays. I want one with a nice big dick and balls"

"A wise investment, £10,000 will buy you a bloody good one, in fact we have some fine Negroes here at The Farm, you can have a look at our extensive stock on your way round, they make fantastic bed servants, and they put on a fine show when entertaining" Venetia chuckled

Sam looked at his mistress one last time. She crouched to his level, and kissed his forehead "Goodbye Sam, show these ladies how good you can be, make me proud" she whispered.

Sam burst into tears, the young secretary sneered as Venetia took his leash, he kissed Greta's feet again and again, Venetia pulled him off sharply "Come now Sam, no more crying, you must act like a man, this behaviour will not be tolerated, it's time to get you assessed"

"Call Mistress Myrtle, let her know that her animal is ready for Phase 1".

The call was made, and within 5 minutes a an electronically locked steel security door opened.

"Another one for you Myrtle, take him away he's ours."

Sam looked up at the new figure in the room. She was short about 5' 3", with bright red hair, her face was very homely and had an experienced look about it, but she did have friendly eyes.

What surprised Sam was that she must have been in her late 50's or even early 60's. She wore a white Laboratory coat, pure white stockings and very sensible black shoes, as she approached he could smell the cheap perfume on her. He was just about to move forward to kiss her feet, when he remembered the basic rules, and held back.

Mistress Myrtle took hold of the leash, and commanded Sam to follow, they went through the door Sam looked back and took a last look and Greta. She didn't look back but stood counting her money.

The corridor was white, and brightly lit and very cold, Sam was naked and very frightened, it was fear of the unknown, after quite some time, winding up and down silent corridors, they eventually arrived at a door . It was labelled "Phase 1 Processing". They entered.

Inside against one wall, was a line of cubicles. Each had shower head in it and a porcelain shower tray in the bottom. A large inverted bottle was fixed to the wall and from it hung a rubber pipe which terminated in a ribbed stainless steel shaft.

Another very young girl sat at a desk the far end of the room, she was probably only a teenager, she was tapping studiously on a computer.

There were laboratory benches behind her, with all manner of glassware, sinks and even an oven.

"Come on Poppy time to do another one, he's just in. Venetia thinks he's a bit special, this one, but we'll see. "

"Cubicle No.3 is clean Mistress Myrtle, we can do him in there"

Sam was now frantic with worry, he raised his hand. "Yes?" said Myrtle.

"Please Mistress Myrtle, what is going to happen to me? Will it hurt?"

"Sam, you are to be 'processed'. I won't tell you it is going to be pleasant but it won't hurt. The first part of Phase 1 processing is to completely evacuate you. This will involve ensuring all your bodily fluids are removed, so that you are as cleansed inside and out as you could ever be. You will become a perfectly sterile male. Mistress Poppy here will assist with your evacuation, you will do exactly as she says.

Sam was lead into the cubicle. His leash was removed and put into a plastic bag. Mistress Poppy positioned him into the centre of the cubicle. At the four corners of the shower tray there were stainless steel wrist and ankle restraints. Sam was fixed in on all fours. He felt very exposed his legs were quite far apart exposing his anus. His big scrotum hung like an bag underneath him, and swung rhythmically with any movement he made.

"He's quite old isn't he?" said Poppy "and his balls are very big, I bet they contain a good load"

"I spoke to Cordelia yesterday, she assessed him at the owners home. She told me that he was one of the most voluminous cummers she had seen, apparently he soaked Venetia's legs with his sticky filth, what a sight that must have been.

"Well you won't be doing that to either of us Mister, all what we get out of you will go down the drain."

Myrlte approached Sam with a brown bag and suddenly threw white powder over him, in 3 or 4 four short bursts.

The de-lousing powder sting Sam's eyes., they reddened and tears streamed form the yet again.

Sam looked through his streaming eyes and raised his hand again.

"Yes!" said Myrtle.

"I need the toilet please Mistress Myrtle" Sam asked.

Myrtle and Poppy looked at each other and laughed out loud. "You silly man, just piss where you are, there are no toilets for males in this facility."

Sam was surprised, he didn't want to urinate in front of these two ladies, but he was desperate, as the cold weather had taken it's toll. Resigned to this he, started to relax his muscles. Along thick stream of urine gushed out into the shower tray, and flowed copiously down the drain. Sam grunted with each push of his bladder. "What a flow" said Poppy. "Yes, it's a shame that we're not interested in his piss, isn't it?" said Myrtle

Poppy agreed and went over to the bottle and apparatus that were fixed to the wall.

Poppy took the steel shaft from its bracket and unfurled the tube. Sam looked back over his shoulder. Poppy took a large pot from the shelf and dipped the shaft in it. As it emerged a long string of jelly hung and dripped off the end of it back into the pot

"Nooooo! Mistress Poppy, please don't!"

Myrtle sternly came toward him . "Now Sam let Poppy do her job, it's not a nice one at the best of times, so please don't make it any more difficult. Any more noise and we will be forced to gag you."

Her experienced, friendly voice and perfumed smell calmed him again, she stroked his head , running her fingers through his hair, she nodded to Poppy, who brought the shaft close to Sam's secret hole. It touched the sensitive skin around his entrance. He jerked as it touched, it was icy cold on his puckered skin.

"Push it in!" she commanded "Let's get on"

Myrtle held onto Sam's shoulders steadying him, preventing him moving forward and away from the vile intruder. With a final shove, Poppy broke Sam's anus apart and drove the jelly covered phallus inwards. As it entered the excess jelly collected and dripped with a loud splat onto the porcelain.

The steel intruder was now in position, about four inches deep.

"Ugh, disgusting, I always hate that bit" said Poppy "I wish there was an easier way to get those things in."

Myrtle retreated now that Sam had been primed. Poppy went over to the laboratory oven and returned seconds later with a large flask of thick liquid. She held it up to the light. There was about 2 litres of it and it looked very much like custard.

"Now Sam this is a special mixture of our very own, it will cleanse inside your bowels, and ensure we get rid of all that nastiness that has built up over the years inside you. If you are good and do not struggle, it will all be over soon. With that she nodded to Poppy, who started to pour the contents slowly into the inverted bottle, another 2 litres was obtained from the oven and then another 2. Sam was now very frightened. He had no idea how this might feel, and fretted constantly.

After emptying the last flask into the jar , she looked over to Myrtle. "Open the valve!" she commanded "fill him up!" Poppy did as she was told and Sam saw the liquid slowly flow down the clear tube. He felt the steel shaft first get quite warm then, he felt the 'custard' spill out of the tip, into his rectum, it was warm and felt very soothing.

The ladies retreated to the desk to fill out some paperwork.

Sam felt more violated than ever, they didn't see him as a human any more and decided this was the moment to exhibit one last act of defiance.

He contracted and relaxed his sphincter, and managed to gradually work it downwards and outwards, he got it to a position where it was only an inch inside him, then with a loud grunt and one monumental squeeze of his stomach muscles forced it clear from his body. It broke free, and dangled in the air. The tip was pointing downwards, all the time the 'custard' poured from it. It swung in the air, dripping the disgusting mixture all over Sam's legs, thighs and then dripped onto the floor with a series of loud splats.

Poppy looked over at him. "Fuck It! The little bastard has shat it out! Look!"

"Quick! Get over there! We're wasting all that stuff! Grab it and shove it back in, and make sure it stays in this time!" shouted Myrtle.

Poppy ran over grapping a dog whip off the table. She brought it down violently on Sam's back. He screamed out loudly "You bastard, how dare you waste our mixture, do you know how much it costs?" She caught hold of the slippery shaft, dipped it in the jelly pot again and unceremoniously jammed it back into Sam's leaking anus. Sam howled out again trying desperately to resist, but his sphincter was no match for Poppy's vicious shove.

"Shout all you want you fucker! You're getting the fucking lot now!"

"Poppy! We've never put 6 litres in a human before, he'll burst!" said Myrlte.

"Then we'll have to do it slowly and carefully, and take his mind of it somehow, these males always take a bit more when they are distracted"

Myrtle knew what she meant and went over to the door. She hung a sign "Testing in Progress" on the outside and locked it.

Myrtle moved over toward the cubicle. She positioned herself next to Poppy who had slowed the flow of custard down to a mere trickle.

Myrtle put on a latex glove and dipped her hand in the jelly pot. Then she brought it under the tube between Sam's legs touching his big ball-bag with her wrist on the way past.

She wrapped the slippery hand around his reproductive organ. She knew this was wrong but was intrigued, she never usually got to play with the animals in this way, but she justified this act in her mind as being a necessary means to an end, and no-one would ever know, he would be fully recovered and replenished by the time he was given to his Handler. And of course all the evidence will be going down the drain.

Sam's dick thickened to her touch and he started to shunt his pelvis backwards and forwards in her fist. "Good boy, clever boy, that's it forget about the nasty thing in your bottom, let Mistress Myrtle make you feel nice."

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