20th Anniversary Surprise


"Then I climbed onto Pauls lap and did the same thing except whereas Ben got the gentle teasing treatment, Paul got it rough. I mashed my tits into his face and ground my pussy on his chest. We were both really turned on and I couldn't wait any longer. I crouched between his legs and pulled down his underwear - I couldn't even wait to take them off properly - I just had to suck on his cock!

"Well - you know how I am once I get going with cock. I completely lost myself - I was rubbing him all over my face, hair, in my mouth, and all of a sudden I feel him coming. It caught both of us by surprise, it was so quick and powerful. I managed to swallow the first shot and stroked him by hand for the rest - the come was flying everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if it hit the ceiling! After things calmed down a little Ben shouted out, 'Thar she blows!' and we all laughed.

"I was just getting started so I left Paul to clean himself up and climbed on Ben and planted my cunt on his mouth. We were both really turned on so there wasn't a lot of subtle technique - I just rubbed my pussy all over his face and mouth and he fought to probe his tongue deep inside me. When I finally slid off his face was covered with my juices.

"I put my nose against his and said with as slutty a voice as I could muster, 'Soldier - I'm going to fuck you now.' He was surprised at my boldness and managed to squeak out an "Ok" before I slid down his body until I felt the tip of his cock rub up against my ass. I had spent so much time paying attention to Pauls cock that I hadn't noticed Bens. As I slid further back and let it slide up the crack of my ass I was shocked to find out how big it was!"

She paused and breathed gently into my ear, "If this bothers you I don't have to tell you this part."

I swallowed hard and said, "No, it's ok. Go on."

"Well - I've only handled a few cocks in my time but this was definitely the biggest. It reached all the way up past the crack of my ass to the bottom of my back. I reached back to investigate further and my hand could barely fit around it. I looked at Ben and said, 'Jesus Ben - you could have warned me.' He said, 'Yeah - I've gotten my share of comments over the years. I guess I didn't want to scare you off or sound boastful.'"

"I said, 'Scare me off?!? Are you kidding? I take this as a challenge.' I went to my bag and got out some lube and put it on the bedside table. Ben said,'I'm don't think you are going to need that - you are really wet.' I said, "I know but I want to have it handy just in case.

"I positioned myself over his cock and rubbed the head all over my pussy getting him good and wet. Then slowly I lowered myself onto him. It was really slow going - I haven't felt that stretched since childbirth. After what seemed like forever I felt his pubic hair touch my pussy and he was all the way in. It was an incredible sensation - I felt totally stuffed. I gradually started moving up and down as my pussy got used to this massive intruder. Ben was really breathing hard and seemed frustrated that he couldn't do any thrusting himself. I didn't want him to some too soon so I slowed down a little and lay on his bare chest.

"That's when I remembered Paul. I looked over to see him standing next to the bed stroking his semi-erect cock. I said, 'Did you know about this monstrosity between Ben's legs?'" He said, 'Well, yeah. I heard rumors from girls in high school.' He looked down at his half-hardness and laughed, 'I guess you won't be needing much of this anymore tonite after Ben stretches you out.'

"I laughed and said, 'Aw - that doesn't seem fair does it?' Then I got an inspiration and said, 'I've had a fantasy for a long time that I never thought I'd fulfill but somehow this seems like the perfect opportunity - if you guys are game, that is.' They cast each other a cautious glance wondering what I had in mind. I leaned over Ben and grabbed the lube off the nighstand and held it out for Paul. 'Can you think of something useful to do with this?' I felt Ben's cock spasm inside me as he put two and two together. Paul took it from my hand with a smile and I returned my attention to Ben with shallow strokes. I rose a little on my knees so just the head was inside me and I felt Pauls finger, cold with lube, gently slide down the crack of my ass. I kept up the slow shallow strokes on Ben's cock as Paul gradually worked his slick finger into my ass. Wow - what a feeling! I was definitely ready so I told Paul, 'Quit fooling around back there and give a girl what she wants.'

"Paul repositioned himself and I heard him apply some lube to his cock. Finally I felt him pressing at the entrance to my ass - gently at first then more insistently, and I panicked. 'Wait!', I said and everything stopped. What was I thinking - I've got the biggest cock I've ever seen in my pussy and I choose now to fulfill this fantasy? Maybe starting with two normal sized guys would be smarter. But then I thought, when will this opportunity ever arise again? Oh hell - in for a penny, in for a pound. I said, 'Don't move, let me do it.'

"Slowly very slowly I curved my back so that Ben's cock stayed at about the same depth but I was able to gradually inch myself onto Paul's. Finally he got past my sphincter with a pop which elicited a simultaneous surprised 'oh' from each of us. We were all connected - any movement by one of us would be felt by each of the others. I'm not entirely clear on what happened next - the feeling of fullness completely enveloped me. I remember expermenting with different motions and angles as I got used to having two cocks inside me at the same time. Paul and Ben were really patient - letting me experiment with sensations and listening to me moan. Finally I told Paul, 'Move with me,' as I sat down on my haunches and fully engulfed Ben. Paul slowly buried himself to the hilt and we all just stayed like that for a minute. As erotic as it was it was also very tender. Ben and I were cheek to cheek and Paul was curved over my back in a three-way hug. I could feel Ben's cock pulsing in time with his heartbeat inside me and wondered if Paul could feel it through the thin layer of skin that separated their cocks.

"The physical and sexual heat of the moment soon took over and Paul and I began moving together. I got into a good rhythm with long strokes on Ben's cock. Once Paul caught onto the rhythm he started sliding in and out of my ass. The synchronization wasn't perfect so sometimes I'd find myself fully impaled on Ben with Paul mostly withdrawn. Occasionally our rhythms would line up and I'd find myself bottoming out on Ben's cock at the same time Paul was fully penetrating my tightly stretched ass.

"I had had several small orgasms since climbing on Ben but now I could feel the crest of a really big wave rolling over me. It started as a tightening in my belly and I lost all control. I was moaning loudly and Ben seemed to be feeling the same. Suddenly I felt him swell even more and I knew he was coming deep inside me. I swear I could feel each spurt as he slammed into my cervix and filled my pussy with his come. A few seconds later Paul grunted and deposited his load deep in my bowels.

"We were an exhausted, sweaty, sticky mess and it was a long time before we found the energy to untangle ourselves. We all lay back on the bed and listened to each others breathing slowly return to normal. I laid there for a few minutes while we chatted and said our goodbyes. Then I got dressed and drove home. And here I am."

"And here you are. Wow - that's an amazing story."

"Are you ok with everything?"

"Yes - it's not what I expected but... I guess I don't know what I expected." I wanted to reach out and embrace her but my hands were still tied above my head and, frankly, my arms were getting a little tired. "What's with the handcuffs?"

"Ah - that's for my last surprise." With that she stood up and slipped off her panties and immediately I knew what was coming. She climbed on the bed, straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my waiting lips. She just sat there for a while and let me probe her swollen and soaking cunt with my tongue and lips. She was so slippery and full of what I knew had to be Ben's come. It dribbled out of her and into my mouth and I lapped at it like a newborn puppy. She seemed to be enjoying my ministrations because she started rubbing herself all over my face, pushing her clit against my nose and chin. My face was covered with the mixture of her own juices and that of her lovers and the salty, spunky smell was overpowering. Occasionally my view was sufficiently unobstructed for me to see her tits in her hands as she alternated between squeezing them hard and pinching her nipples.

Suddenly she slid off my face and plunged her cunt down onto my raging hard-on. What a sensation! Hot and wet and indescribably slick. She was stretched pretty wide open and I could barely feel any friction but that didn't seem to make much difference since we were both so turned on. We were moaning loudly and I could feel her juices running down the inside of my thighs. My orgasm caught me totally by surprise as I shot stream after stream of hot come into her. I'm not sure she could even feel it because she kept thrusting until her wave finally peaked and she slowly came to rest on my chest, her sweat-soaked hair tickling both of our faces.


Over the following days Kathy and I were on tiptoes around one another, each being careful to look for signs of disapproval or lingering regret. We didn't talk about that night directly but referred to it occasionally as "the other night." As promised Kathy did not contact either Paul or Ben and our lives gradually returned to normal.

I often think back on that night and the many days leading up to it and instantly my pulse rate increases and my blood pressure rises. I think the memory of the anticipation is more powerful than the memory of the event itself. Would I do it again? Maybe. Considering all the things that could have gone wrong I think I should count my blessings and be happy with our once-in-a-lifetime adventure. On the other hand I'm reminded of the Chinese proverb, "Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think."

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