tagSci-Fi & Fantasy31st Century Warrior's Woman Ch. 01

31st Century Warrior's Woman Ch. 01


Okay so it's been some time since I last submitted a story but I have been dealing with University applications and such and such so here we go, this is a story I wrote about two years ago and there have been many changes, for example it was originally a historical romance, now I've made it into a Sci-Fi story, my first attempt at writing one, can you tell? Anywho Kiddywinks I hope you enjoy!


Maggie was late. Really late, so late that if she didn't leave the house in exactly 30 seconds she would be fired. Tugging her brush through deep auburn hair and running her palm down her voluptuously endowed figure Maggie fled out of the door.

Fortunately she lived a few doors away from Pluto Aridos's home and business empire StarBuckle Fleet Ship agency. It was a large business the biggest in the whole of the third sector, StarBuckle Fleet Ship agency was named after a ranch from one thousand years ago, StarBuckle ranch had been famous during the late 19th century but Pluto Aridos one of the main bosses of the fleet federation had pulled down the remains of the old building and created this outstanding 31st century company. Maggie had to take the elevator to the top floor of the StarBuckle building this area of the building was where Aridos Senior and his family lived. There, Davies Senior pounded a slab of steak energetically.

Aridos Senior was a traditional man and preferred old Earth food instead of the synthetic kind that had been invented five hundred years ago to stop the extinction of livestock.

"Where is that girl!" She seethed, pounding it once more. Maggie gulped and cleared her throat. Aunt Jude looked up at the flushed face of her twenty three year old niece. Once again she hadn't bothered to comb her hair, steam her suit or polish her boots.

Luckily she was a very comely girl. Men were queuing outside the door, waiting for her to grant them their wish of a beautiful wife. She had sparkling blue eyes, and a body many woman would have killed for.

"I'm ever so sorry Aunt Jude." Maggie sidled by her aunt and guardian, Aunt Jude eyed the cuffs of her space suit disdainfully, noticing the tear.

Just last week Jude had repaired it, their Clothing System 400 was an old machine so to stop it from packing up all together they only used it for emergencies.

Aunt Jude continued to beat the meat with a vengeance, Maggie backed away slowly, straight into Donald Aridos, the owners son. Sandy blond hair curled around his neck and ears, thin lips morphed into a salacious smile. Ever since her aunt had acquired a job as a cook for Pluto Aridos, Donald had made increasingly obvious advances towards her. One's she did not appreciate.

"Why Maggie Junior, aren't we late this afternoon." His fourth sector drawl was rich and vibrated through Maggie as he held onto her arms.

Before Maggie could wrench them away, George Pittel, Pluto Aridos's grandson ran into the kitchen a blood stain on his left arm.

"Combators!" He yelled.

Maggie was pushed backwards, and held onto the side of the kitchen counter as Donald thrust the plasma gun into her aunt's hand. Remnants of his day as a Galactic soldier still lingered as he saluted before sprinting outside. Maggie was quivering, the prospect of Combators in the building were daunting, she had witnessed a Combator raid only once in her lifetime, and that was when her parents had been brutally murdered.

Combators were notorious traditionalists who sought to destroy anything the New Agers preserved, since the Fourth Revolution many of the earth's population had split into two groups, those who welcomed science and those who abhorred it.

Combators continued to live of the earth using its depleting resources, whereas those like Maggie, New Agers, found ways to replace and better natural resources that were extinct. Jude also appeared to be replaying the attack in her mind, when her sister-in-law and herself had been raped by the Combators, if not for her husband, Jude, herself would be dead.

"Aunt Jude we have to help them." Jude shook her head, her hands trembled as Maggie pried the gun from her hands.

Maggie crept out of the kitchen door and along side the corridor. She peered around the corner and had to bite her tongue. Two yards away was a Combatant, bald headed, and holding Taylor Mason's head, his body lay a few feet away.

"Spirit Bear! Spirit Bear!" Maggie turned slowly and saw a Combatant woman in a short red dress, and painfully tight corset, running towards another Combatant.

She was no younger than fifteen. Maggie felt a pang of guilt, seeing that the clothing she was wearing was the apparel of a woman who worked in as a whore. The man swooped down and hugged the young girl.

"Shoot him!" Aunt Jude hissed. Maggie nodded aimed and fired, she watched as the ray of light sailed through his leg and he crumpled to the ground.

The Combatant who had been holding the severed head turned, let out a cry and rushed towards the two women, the last thing Maggie saw was a blood stained club.


Spirit Bear, knew he was dying. Why else could he not move, talk or even open his eyes. He could hear everything going on around him, but yet he didn't know what was happening.

All he remembered was Spirit Fawn and Black Spirit Rabbit helping him onto his horse, then nothing. The fiery New Ager woman had shot him, he knew that much. He had heard his people talk of a death penalty, and all Spirit Bear thought was good riddance.

He had found his sister, who they had deflowered and made into a whore. Their punishment would be the death of their own kind. However the trial could not continue until Spirit Bear was able to say 'Guilty.' Like that could happen with him so close to death.

"How are you today brother?" Spirit Fawn dabbed his head affectionately with a damp cloth.

The nylon tent was lowly lit, and the flap was left open to flutter in the breeze, a single tear ran down the girls face when her brother moaned in agony as she forced a concoction down his throat. The woman was tied to a tree outside and Spirit Fawn would have taken great pleasure in throwing stones at her, if only her conscious would let her. She had heard about the Davies family, who had lost everything. Especially 'Sweet' Maggie, who's parents had been killed by Second Grid Combators.

Spirit Fawn knew how she felt, Second Grid Combators had also pilfered and killed most of the people of her village.

"Brother Bear, when you get up and you will get up, do not allow this death sentence to go through. Maggie has lost her family to Combators, she has every right to feel hatred towards us. I beg of you do not let her die. Prove to her that we are not bad people."

Spirit Bear heard his sister's pleas, the desperation in her voice and silently vowed that he would comply, he would do anything for Spirit Fawn. Even let his enemy live. Night had fallen and Maggie was released into the care of Spirit Fawn. She could feel the girls hatred engulf her like a blazing inferno. She tried making light conversation but to no avail.

The river Spirit Fawn had led her to was surprisingly warm and Maggie relished the feel of water as she cleaned herself. Spirit Fawn stood by the waters edge, skimming stones across the surface.

Maggie did not know how the Combatant faired and in all honesty she didn't care. It was common knowledge that Combatants were nothing but savages, they insisted on living of the land but pilfered New Age towns when all else failed. If they embraced the New Ager way of life there would be no need for such brutality, but it was useless reasoning with savages!

Maggie ignored the hatred burning in the girls eyes as they walked back to the tree, day after day she had been insulted by the village people, from rock throwing to youths pissing on her legs. She knew she would die. In every culture one faced the death penalty when a warrior was injured. She wanted to know when.

She had seen the skulls hanging from the poles when she had been kidnapped. Seen the skeletons. She had also seen the people's compassion, when they eased the warrior down from the pure white horse, with a shocking black mane and tail, it had surprised Maggie that there were even horse left. Maggie growled as Spirit Fawn replaced the electric cord around her neck tying her back to the tree.

"Tomorrow shall be the day you get your punishment." Spirit Fawn said in stilted English.

"Spirit Bear is well again."


Maggie sat cross-legged before the Jarl, a Jarl was the name for the leader of any Combatant community from her history books Maggie could tell that these were Ninth Grid Combatants.

Their ethnicity was mostly that of Old Earth Native Americans and Africans, the Jarl before her had greying hair adorned with a large head piece, cockerel feathers and that of an eagle, graced his stern, weathered face.

Muscles rippled as he swept his hand over the people around him. Maggie glanced upwards and was quickly knocked around the head by a wooden cane. A woman stood beside her, jade and onyx, graced her slender neck and surprisingly slender body, though Maggie could tell she was well over fifty.

"So this is the New Ager, who almost killed the son of Jarl Spirit Hawk."

Maggie gulped. The Jarl's son?! Oh no, I'm in big trouble, she cursed herself silently.

"Spirit Bear what do you have to say?" The people hushed quickly, their eyes adorned the fearless warrior.

Maggie once again tried to steal a glance but was rewarded with a knock on the head. Spirit Bear cleared his throat and started speaking in Old English, unfortunately for Maggie she didn't understand a word of it, as New Agers only spoke Universal English.

"It has come to my attention, that the New Age woman was wronged by our brothers... the Second Grid Combatants."

That was the only word Maggie understood, and from the gasps and obvious curses, it would appear these people, feared to be the most brutal hated them. Just as Maggie hated them and all Combatants.

"Then what, Spirit Bear is her punishment?"

"She should live among us as a Combatant."


"She is the enemy!" All around her people stood up, in out rage.

"Silence!" The Jarl yelled, banging his staff onto the ground. He looked at his son and shook his head.

"The penalty is death." Spirit Hawk sat down as did everyone else. Except Spirit Bear.

He stood above his father, his arms folded defiantly across his chest. There was a hushed silence of disbelief.

"I will not have it."

For a moment it looked like Spirit Hawk was about to lay a blow upon his son, instead with a sly grin he said.

"So be it. My son shall marry the New Age woman." Spirit Bear looked shocked, but hid it quickly; he would not have his people think he was a coward.


"So I won't die then?"

Maggie asked carefully as Spirit Fawn picked at the wedding dress, Maggie cringed at the Old Earth monstrosity, body suits were far more practical than a piece of cloth.

"Instead I shall marry a savage!" Maggie clamped her lips shut as Spirit Fawn sent her a cold look. "I didn't..."

"My brother is no savage, he rescued me from your peoples savagery."

Spirit Fawn seethed, throwing the dress at Maggie, she would not have her people belittled by an emotionless shell as this New Ager who nothing of their ways.

As gracefully as any princess she stormed out of the hut. When will I learn to shut my mouth? She asked herself wistfully.

She was to be married to a man she hardly knew, whom she was destined to hate for the rest of her life. Although she had only heard good things about Spirit Bear, he was a savage, for only a savage would allow his fellow man to kill someone so ruthlessly. A wailing erupted into the serene ambient of the village. Maggie abandoned the dress and peeked out of the hut. There she saw the bald headed Combatant who had killed Taylor.

Behind him stood the Jarl and a few other men. A noose swung from a branch and a woman who appeared to be his wife cried with anguish.

"You should go inside, he will be punished for the death of the New Ager." Came a voice, but Maggie didn't know what it meant, for it was Old English, the voice of the Combatant prince. Spirit Bear had never seen anything as beautiful as the New Ager woman, who's name was Maggie. Her hair was as red as the setting sun and her eyes were as blue as the depths of the healing pool.

Maggie turned afraid of what she would see. He smiled grimly. Her legs wobbled and she grasped onto the wooden door of the hut.

He was tall, taller than most, defined pecks and strong arms, he had powerful thighs clad in jeans. Straight coal black hair reached his waist, plumb lips thinned into a frown as her eyes roved over his body, finally they settled on his eyes. Grey, like the sky after a storm. Not brown not black, but grey.

He was beautiful, his dark skin was taunt over his muscles and strong hands pushed her into the small building. He stood by the doorway, watching as she slumped onto the floor. Looking again at her fiancé she thought maybe marriage to him wouldn't be so bad.


The day started of sunny and the Witch Doctor insisted that it was a good thing. Ha, Spirit Bear once again fiddled with his shirt. He never usually wore one. He preferred the sun beating down on his naked torso, but today he had to appear less like an animal.

"Here son." Said his mother Spirit Wren, a small black woman with braided hair that met her shoulders and the same stormy eyes as his, she placed a gold pendant, a ring, arm band and head dress into his large palms.

Jades and rubies were encrusted into the fine jewelery. Spirit Bear could feel his heart hammering against his chest as she had just given him her bridal jewels. There was a small procession waiting outside, laden with gifts for the future Jarl. Spirit Fawn peered through the flap, her own heart constricted as she saw her brother, his lean body clad in martial attire, she never thought her brother would marry, but there he was. She turned towards Maggie Davies.

A band of jasmine graced her head, she wore a traditional white wedding dress that swept her ankles.

"You look beautiful sister." Spirit Fawn, wiped the tear that escaped her lids. "My brother will protect you." Maggie nodded, as she walked to the people awaiting her, Maggie said goodbye to her freedom.

That night everyone cursed the Witch Doctor, for a thunder storm had rolled in. Usually she was the one to tell them of the weather approaching. It would appear she was in too much of a festive mood to tap into her power of prediction.

"The horses will get away!" Black Spirit Rabbit boomed.

The women and children ran into their huts and bungalow's. Maggie was happy for the distraction. Was she expected to give her body to the Combatant. For one they hadn't run any test to see if they were sexually compatible, who knew what kind of diseases he had.

She didn't know how long she had huddled in front of the rusting heater, but the next flash of lightning revealed a menacing figure. Before she could scream, Spirit Bear shook himself spraying water everywhere, Maggie was about to laugh when she realised he was the enemy.

He caught her eye and smiled, she flinched away from him as he came closer. He picked her up and pressed her towards his rock hard chest. Maggie flailed kicking and screaming obscenities.

"Get away you beast!" Spirit Bear looked into her distressed eyes and laid her onto the cot, and brought a blanket around her shivering body. Carefully he settled on a mattress that he had placed by the door.

It took Maggie a while to realise that he was sleeping. A swell of indignation burst through her. How dare he! How dare he not consummate their marriage! Maggie sighed deeply. Was she that unappealing? Her own husband wouldn't touch her. Husband.

The word seemed so right in her mind, but that couldn't be. It couldn't. Maggie slept repeating the words 'Spirit Bear is my husband' over and over again in her head.

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