tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 27

36+1 Ep. 27


Mike's shave and shower went pretty fast. He wanted to get back downstairs quickly so he could be with Tammy when the Main Computer finished processing her data. He toweled himself off and got into some jeans, a T-shirt and a sweater. When He got back down the stairs, he heard Anya and Tammy talking.

Tammy sounded happier. That was a relief to Mike. As he thought about her situation he heard what sounded like an electronic bark. He got down the stairs and saw the shiney white plastic pet crawling curiously around on the kitchen table. His lovers sat there watching it and interacting with it.

"What's with the dog?" Mike asked as he entered and sat down at the table. "I thought you two were headed outside?"

"Anya got him for me." Tammy said proudly. "His name is ERS-7."

"Okay." Mike said as he watched the electronic puppy move around. It had noticed him and was now moving in his direction. "It's kinda cute." he said.

"It looks like all of your new stuff is here too." Anya said to Mike.

"Cool." he said as he picked the dog up and turned it around to face Tammy. "Can you play with this thing on the floor? I've got to have my breakfast now."

She petted the AIBO and looked at him. "You should be a little nicer to him, he's just trying to make friends with you."

He looked at her and thought for a moment. "Well, I prefer my dogs real and my robots woman-shaped."

Tammy looked back at the dog again. "Don't worry," she said to it, "you'll win his heart soon enough."

The AIBO barked again and flashed a coloured pattern of lights. One of the loudly whirring and beeping maidbots came in carrying a laptop computer at that time.

"Now that's the kind of robot that can really win my heart." he said to his woman.

"Let's go play with the dog in the living room." Anya suggested to Tammy.

Tammy looked at Anya then picked up the AIBO and carried it in her arms to the other room. Anya followed and flicked at its wagging rubber tail with her finger.

Once the table had been cleared, Mike got up and sat down in his usual spot at the breakfast table. He poured out some cereal while the maidbot clunkily set down the laptop and turned it on. Mike brought it close to him while the unrealistic looking woman got some milk and orange juice out of the fridge.

Mike brought up some news to read on the internet while he started to sip from his tea. It was only warm, so he downed it and asked the pretty mechanical lady behind him for another cup.

She put the milk and juice down on the table and took the empty cup from him. He was enjoying the sights and sounds she offered, and asked her "Is it normal to be this horny all the time?"

Her eyes stayed unmoving and aimed his way for a while. With the help of her wireless link to the Main Computer, her limited processing power determined that his question wasn't a request or a command. She whirred loud and walked in her beautiful overly stiff and mechanical way to again fill up and plug in the kettle.

Mike had his breakfast and read the news while Anya and Tammy played around with the AIBO. It was comforting for Mike to hear Tammy laughing, and he was able to forget for a while that the basement supercomputer still hadn't made its judgement on her little episode.

When his tea was ready, the maid set it down on the table and stood at attention next to him.

"Thanks." he said. He looked up at her and felt another boner grow below. "You're much cuter than some mechanical dog." he told her.

She of course said nothing. He liked having her nearby in the morning while he ate. Her artificialness inspired his imagination, and he was soon making plans in his head for the morning's activities.

He would definitely get around to a threesome with both maidbots today. He hadn't been with one at all yesterday, so a double shot of maidbot would fix that. Then there were the perfectly emotionless technicians in the basement. He had the idea of bringing them out of their usual setting and putting clothes and makeup on them. That was always nice because they acted no different, and were still just as soulless and stiff as always.

Mike hurried his breakfast now that he was getting aroused again. He decided that right after this, he would go down to the basement and 'window shop' while Anya and Tammy were playing around. He also wanted to try out his new instruments in the garage, but he would have to get his rocks off first.

After rushing down the rest of his cereal, juice and very hot tea, he went to go brush his teeth. On his way, he saw that Tammy and Anya were both sitting on the floor with one very active mechanical dog between them. They didn't even turn their attention to the human as he passed and stepped quickly to the washroom.

"So what kind of changes do you want me to make to him?" Anya said.

"Nothing too drastic."Tammy said. "I like him the way he is."

Anya reached out to get the AIBO's attention. "I think I can make a few improvements that no human would have ever thought of."

"No hardware changes, just software." Tammy said as she watched the dog move.

Mike finished up in the washroom and came back down the staircase. "I'm gonna go play with some of those cute toys in the basement." he said to the women.

"Ask Maria how the scan went." Tammy said, looking now concerned.

"Will do." Mike said. "I'll be back soon."

He walked through the kitchen and down the stairs to the scanner. Once he was past that he entered the lab full of fembots and immediately got fully aroused. He also noticed all the many boxes that Bonnie had brought. He would check that stuff out later.

"Hi Maria." he said as he walked up to that particular unit. "What's the progress on Tammy's data?"

She took a while before she turned her body to face him. When she did, she said "Hello Mike. The Main Computer is still processing data from Tammy's scan."

"Can you phone upstairs when it's done?"

She looked at him with those cold glass eyes and said "Yes Mike."

"Thank you, Beautiful." he said.

He looked around him again. Even though Susan hadn't been one of his favourites, he started to miss her now. He thought that was a little selfish though, as there were still 35 sexy female androids to use in this house. He told himself to get over it and walked over to one of the side walls.

He glanced at the 15 glass booths lined up and tried to decide which woman he would activate. His gaze stayed on Melli's face again for a while. That face was just so irresistible that he wanted to get her out and operational again. But then he thought of another idea.

He looked to the tube right next to Melli's. Inside that one was a series 542 named Crissy. He continued looking until he was looking at the 542 next to her. That one was another unimaginably beautiful female robot named Jesse. He had long thought that these two fembots must have been constructed to operate as models. Their faces and complexions were certainly stunning enough, and their bodies were of the slim but well endowed build that most girls like that had.

It was even more probable that the "A" units for which these two served as backup were models, considering the lower computational power of the 542 series - compared to a 558. Such a device could easily cope with whatever a real fashion model would daily need to face.

Staring at those two mindless beauties gave him more ideas, but he kept on searching. Standing next to Melli on the left hand side was another advanced and expensive 558. Her name was Tarlia, and she was a brown-haired beauty with a fit, somewhat petite build and girl-next-door good looks.

He walked near and entered a code on the keypad attached to the glass booth. The curved front split and separated. He beheld Tarlia's charming face for a while. Her eyes were already wide open, as were every pair down their thanks to another one of Mike's requests.

Her eyelashes were 'naturally' long and thick, and framed a very inviting set of hazel-brown glass eyes. Her brows were clearly defined and arched, giving her face an almost mischievous look. That look was complimented by the shape of her mouth, which was slightly upturned on both sides.

Mike had to make some room in his pants as he looked at the pretty robot. Then he reached out and opened her chest panel. With the push of a button, she was activated. She made her startup sequence of beeps and tones while the lights visible in her chest flashed in various ways.

She looked out straight ahead and said "Tarlia Robot number 7838711B activated."

"Hello Tarlia." Mike said grinning.

She looked at him and said "Hello Mike."

He offered his hand to her. She had enough basic programming to compute that she should take it. When he pulled on her hand, she calculated correctly that she should step down and out of the charging booth.

Mike heard the booth's charging arm disconnect and recede into the back of the cavity. He waited for Tarlia to make a few more forward steps then closed her recharge port. He smiled at her and closed the panel cover above her nicely shaped B-cup breasts too. Then he felt up those warm round masses and the hardening nipples attached to them.

He looked at her unchanging face while he did that. He thought about the programming and the mechanisms that made her nipples get bigger and harder while the sensors in her skin detected his touch.

"Are you ready to have some fun?" he asked.

"Fun does not compute." she told him.

He just smiled in expectation and continued to stroke her breasts.

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