tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 28

36+1 Ep. 28


Mike thought about how to set his latest plan into motion as he fondled Tarlia's soft and warm fembot titties. Then he leaned forward and whispered a series of carefully worded orders into one of her ears. He held her fragrant, dark auburn hair out of the way as he did.

She stared out at nothing in particular while her microphone sent the sound it received to her CPU. Mike's commands were usually straightforward and easy for a machine like her to understand, so his instructions were quickly verified for meaning. They were then kept in a memory buffer inside her chest until they were to be acted upon.

When Mike was finished whispering, Tarlia waited a while then said "Yes Mike."

He stood back and thought about all the carefully controlled pulses of electricity that shot through her body and made her move. These female androids never ceased to fascinate and stimulate him.

She turned around and walked over to the booth that contained Melli. Tarlia's lady-like hand punched the proper code into the keypad while her face stared out ahead. With a hydraulic swoosh sound, the booth opened up. When the sliding doors were split apart all the way, she opened Melli's chest panel and proceeded to press the red power button.

Mike's level of arousal grew as he listened to the familiar series of beeps and other sounds that came along with that process.

The woman in the booth announced "Melli robot number 7838812B activated."

The Tarlia unit stood aside and said "Melli, please step off the platform and exit the charging booth."

Melli computed the order and turned her head to aim it at the other fembot. "Yes Tarlia." she said.

Mike watched her walk out, wanting now to get intimate with one or both of these androids; but he let Tarlia finish what she had started. She reached up and closed Melli's chest panel, then reached behind and closed her recharge port. Melli didn't make any kind of movement while that went on.

Tarlia's CPU went to Mike's next command. "Melli," she said, "walk over to Laurie and command her to participate in a 69 with you on an examination table."

Melli processed that order and said "Yes Tarlia."

Mike stood back and watched the tall, slim 558 proposition the technician. He relished the cold look of her actions and the equally cold sound of her words. He became even more aroused at the sight of Laurie looking back at her, using the stereo microphones built into her ears to take in the verbal commands.

He watched as Laurie said yes and started to walk toward the table. Melli watched the series 032 technician, scanning and tracking her movements with the advanced video cameras built into her pretty eyes. As Laurie used her servos and flexors to climb upon the padded table, Melli's locomotion systems brought her own body to stand in wait beside her.

Mike went up behind Tarlia. She hadn't moved at all since executing her most recent function. She was just standing there naked and with the usual perfect posture of her kind. Mike put his hands on her shoulders and stroked the flipped up curls of her soft synthetic hair. While he did that he kept on watching the other two.

Laurie quickly got into position on her back, and after some in-chest computing, Melli used her mechanical strength to lift her plastic and metal body on to the table as well.

"Are you enjoying this?" Mike said into Tarlia's ear, even though he knew exactly what she'd say.

"I am not programmed to enjoy." she stated.

Mike put his arms under hers, and slowly slid his hands down the smooth skin of her torso. He lingered a while at her pelvis, enjoying the feminine shape of this particular machine as he watched Melli and Laurie. Those two were getting fast into the proper position.

Mike felt his groin area swell as he watched the fembot on fembot 69 begin. Synthetic tongue met synthetic vagina at both ends, while arousal programs booted up and ran. The Main Computer took care of Laurie's responses while Melli tended to her own. No emotion was involved - not even real lust. Mike was getting very horny just thinking about that.

His fingertips had reached Tarlia's pussy now. Thanks to her own rudimentary programming, it was getting very warm and wet. Mike spun her gently around to face him. He enjoyed the sight of her pretty face for a while - so blank and meaningless was her expression.

"Get on that table." he said while pointing. "Lay on your back."

She had no need to turn her head to see. Her processors used the images coming in through her cameras to follow the line he pointed to the vacant examination table at the edge of her field of vision. Once she had successfully computed his command, she replied in the usual way. "Yes Mike."

He watched her walk over and get on the table. By now Mike could hear the sound of liquid being slurped and sucked as the two other robots continued with their 69. He looked over and smiled as he undid his pants.

With another gentle tug, he spread Tarlia's legs. The servos in her hips and the flexors in her thighs carried her sexy legs apart, providing him with enhanced access to her fully functional electronic vagina.

He looked at her face again. She was pretty - android or not. He went near and bent over to kiss her. She responded by turning her head and activating her kissing software. For a while, he just enjoyed the sweet taste of her manufactured mouth as the fembot 69 on the next table over got more and more involved. Tarlia's tongue responded to the motion of his own, and slid around entwined with his. The whole time he got even more aroused by thinking about the electronics just inches away from him.

He made a final little suck on her delicate silicone lips and stood back again to look at her. She looked just as devoid of emotion as she was, and he loved it. His fingertips stroked the sides of her face for a while, then applied slight inward pressure to her cheeks. Her CPU knew just how to interpret that small amount of squeeze, and sent pulses of electricity back to that area in a flash. Those pulses got to the locking mechanism of her pretty face and instructed it to release - and so it did.

Mike felt the parts click free as he continued to hold on to the sides of her face. He then lifted it away from the rest of her head and laid it down beside her. Her gaze was now completely inhuman except for the two realistic eyeballs that continued to look straight at him. Everything else within that oval border of artificial flesh was completely electronic and mechanical. The complicated array of microchips, circuitry, coloured wires and flashing lights were just as beautiful to him as her plastic face had appeared.

He got on the table too then. Laurie and Melli kept right on with their mechanised sex act. They were plainly in sight, and provided stimulus for him on top of what Tarlia now gave him. He looked down at that pretty girl. She had turned her head to look at him now. With her facemask off, he could only think of one thing to do to her.

He got the fly of his pants out of the way and slipped his cock into the waiting and ready interface port between her legs. The smell of her creamy lubricant was getting stronger and stronger, and made him that much more willing to love the machine. The electrical current that powered her humanoid chassis seemed to radiate through the air now, passing into his heart as it pumped faster.

He looked down at the unthinking, unfeeling device as he pumped his living flesh into its fake point of entry. That computer controlled silicone orifice was just as wet and warm as the real thing could get, and it gripped him tightly enough to make the simulation even more perfect.

Since she was a series 558, her pussy had been constructed with as much individuality as her now detached facemask. The pink clit and labia were little and delicate, a lot like Melli's. There were more than enough sensors packed into those silicone lobes however. While he fucked her they sent back all kinds of information about the penis sliding repeatedly past them to the computer core inside her chest.

Due to her limited programming though, most of that data was only recorded in various log files. The most reaction the robot gave was a continued and more vigorous secretion of her imitation cum.

But that was all Mike needed from her right now. The electronics inside her head provided him with the rest. The enjoyment he got from staring at that unmistakably electronic display went right to the most primitive part of his brain. It sparked a raw, primal lust for him that filled him only with the desire for more.

He went on like that for a relatively short time, and shot out another load for the fembot underneath him. She stared back quietly, with only those glass eyes and round speaker to hint at her head's woman-emulating design. The sensors in her vagina had done their job without error. They had correctly read the motion, speed and pressure of his thrusts and relayed the information back to her processors. Her CPU in turn had instructed the fluid pumping mechanisms down there to release her love juice in amounts appropriate to match what the real thing would have done.

He thought about that while his senses came back to him. The evaporating sweat on his forehead felt cool as he took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment. Tarlia's vagina still held on to his penis now. It felt good. He supported himself with one hand while the other grabbed her facemask and reattached it. He pressed down along the edges and felt the device lock again into place.

After another moment or two, he got off the table and took Tarlia by the hand. He gave her arm a slight tug and watched as she sat up and got off the table.

"Can you clean me off please?" he asked while he pointed toward his crotch.

The fembot looked down and said "Yes Mike."

He raised his arms and stretched as Tarlia got on her knees and used her mouth to get the excess love juice off his penis. While she did that he returned his attention to Melli and Laurie. Their emotionless sex act was still in full swing.

Tarlia stood up after finishing her task between his legs. She stared blankly at him as he again leaned forward to whisper more commands into her ear.

"Yes Mike." she said after that.

He stood back and zipped up his pants as he watched Tarlia go over to the other two fembots. "Melli, please cease your current task and get off the table."

Melli raised her head from Laurie's glistening, wet crotch and said "Yes Tarlia." She deftly brought her legs over to one side and crawled off the table to stand in front of her fellow 558.

Tarlia immediately embraced Melli, and the two began to kiss. Mike had not given Tarlia any orders on what to do after that, so the two androids would stay locked in their mechanical kiss until ordered to stop.

The human walked over to Laurie after that, taking a little bit of time to stroke Tarlia and Melli from behind. There was always time to enjoy the feel of a fembot's silicone buns. He then walked around the table and stood there looking at Laurie. Her body hadn't changed positions since Melli had stopped the 69. The technician's arms were still bent at the elbow and pointing up as if still holding on to Melli's waist.

"You can get off that table too now Laurie." he said.

She correctly interpreted that as a command and very stiffly and rapidly sat up. "Yes Mike." she said.

He watched her get to her feet then moved in to hold her. "I'll clean Melli's juice off your mouth, if you don't mind." he said.

He leaned in and licked the realistic vaginal fluid from Laurie's lips and chin, then kissed her mouth as she ran her kissing programs on him. His hands went down behind her back - one hand feeling up her sexy round ass while the other felt around the edges of her square recharge port.

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