tagHumor & Satire365 Days Ch. 06

365 Days Ch. 06


365 Days

Cyndi – Day One (Dinner and Beyond)

By the time Cyndi had reviewed our lessons the third time, and we had answered all the questions in the back, I suddenly found that I was tired and hungry again. I glanced at the clock, and realized that we had been "studying" for over four hours.

We were busy with yet another trip down the Grand Canyon when we were both startled by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

"Dinner's here!" squealed Cyndi, as she jumped up and pulled on her t-shirt, leaving me behind with my tongue hanging out. And not for food, either.

Oblivious to her rather exposed condition, Cyndi ran to answer the door, as I struggled to pull myself together enough to get dressed. I could hear a little discussion in the living room, and some metallic and mechanical noises, but before I could get my act together enough to get out there, our visitors were gone.

In their place, however, was a feast spread out onto my dining room table. There was a big crystal bowl full of tossed salad, a steaming platter of glazed baked ham with sweet potatoes, a heaping bowl of mashed potatoes with a tureen of gravy, two big bowls of vegetables, hot rolls and butter, a choice of drinks in a cooler as well as two thermoses of coffee, and pie for dessert. Cyndi said there was also ice cream in the freezer.

I have to admit, I was ravenous. We had had quite a workout that day, and now that the food was here, my mind shifted away from sex for the first time in hours, and I realized that my stomach was growling with hunger.

When I was a kid, I saw an old movie entitled "Tom Jones." The highlight of the movie was a scene in which two lovers devoured a feast, becoming more and more sensuous and sexual about it as they went along, making thinly disguised love to their food while looking leeringly at each other and drooling. Cyndi and I put that movie to shame.

By the time we were done, we had made some serious inroads into the food that had been left, but I doubt we had eaten even half of it. I started to get up to put the left-overs away and clean the dishes, when Cyndi said, "Oh, don't bother with that! The caterer'll clean it all up tomorrow!" She was back in exclamation-point mode again.

"I'll save some of it for lunch tomorrow," I said. I'm afraid my sanitation bar concerning leaving out food and dirty dishes was still as high as it had ever been, and I took the time to put the food away and to put the used dishes in the dish-washer. After I turned the dishwasher on, I turned back to talk to Cyndi, and she was gone!

I assumed she had gone back into the bedroom, but when I walked into the living room, I saw her there, sound asleep in the sofa, with her t-shirt charmingly rumpled up, exposing her cute, round butt to the world. I grabbed the comforter off the back of the sofa, and covered her up (as much as I hated to hide that beautiful butt), then I went over to the recliner and slumped back into a deep sleep myself.

When we woke up, the house was dark and silent. My first thought was that I had had the best dream of my life, and I could die now as far as I was concerned. Then, as my eyes adjusted, I could see in the dim light cast by the l.e.d.'s on my DVD player (which told me that it 2 a.m. Sunday morning), a little mound of something on the sofa. The mound was topped by a tousle of blond hair, and it was moving slightly and making little "mmm" sounds.

So, it hadn't been a dream after all! I got up and went out into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I turned on the light there, and it threw a dim glow out into the dining room and living room. I went back out, and sat on the sofa next to Cyndi, and gently shook her shoulder.

"Cyndi," I whispered, "Cyndi, wake up!"

"Huh?" Cyndi said. "Wha's going on?"

"Cyndi, it's me, Dale. We've been sleeping for hours!"

"I know. Let me sleep, Dale!"

"No, Cyndi! Pretty soon, the next girl will come in the morning, and I still want to fuck you a couple more times!"

Cyndi looked more alert, now. "Really?" she asked, "There's a new girl coming in a couple of hours but you want to fuck ME some more?"

"Yes, of course!" I said, now in exclamation-point mode myself.

"Well, I'm flattered, Dale! Hell, I can sleep any time," she said as she quickly skinned her t-shirt up and off of her beautiful little body, and pulled me down on top of her. "Fuck me hard, Big Boy!"

I had awakened with a slightly-reduced erection, the effects of the blue pill wearing off a bit after several hours, but now that I was pressed against Cyndi's sleep-warmed and sleep-relaxed body, my prick was all stiff and pokey again.

I felt down between her legs, and realized that although I may have been ready to go, Cyndi might still need some warm-up time. Remembering my lessons from earlier in the day, I slid myself down and applied my new and improved foreign-tongue techniques to her smooth lower lips, with never a single thought about hygiene or lowered bars.

Soon enough, Cyndi was sopping wet down there, and I could tell by taste that not all of it was from me slobbering all over her. Although, a good bit of it was. I knew I had accomplished my mission when Cyndi reached down, and pulled me up to where my face was level with hers, and licked my entire face, cleaning up all the juices I had just accumulated. Then, she gave me another one of those tongue-penetrating kisses that I had learned to love so much, and said, "you're such a good student!"

Cyndi scooted out from under me, and stood up, and I thought she was going away, but she just stood at the end of the couch and leaned over, resting her crossed arms on the arms of the sofa, with her butt pointed at the dining room. In this position, she was a delight to behold: her big breasts hung down almost to the sofa cushion below, and her golden hair cascaded down over her face and shoulders.

I slid along the couch next to where she was standing, and ran my hands under her pendulous breasts, lightly tweaking her erect nipples. "C'mon, Dale," she said, "time for another lesson."

"Get up, and walk around behind me, honey," Cyndi said, and I assumed she meant me. So I walked over to where, in the low light flooding out of the kitchen, I could see her lovely rear end and shapely legs. The arch of her back bent down to the arm of the sofa, resulting in the lips of her slit being very prominently displayed from behind. She was looking back at me over her shoulder, but even without additional tutoring from Cyndi, I got the general idea.

I took off my pajamas and stepped up until I cast my shadow over her, and I finally felt my protruding cock touch something warm and soft. I felt around with my hands, and I could identify the landscape I was feeling with a pretty high degree of confidence: legs, butt halves, Grand Canyon, taint, gooey slot. Ah, there it was! I stuck a finger in to hold my place, and with my other hand, I took hold of myself and guided the two towards one another. Without further ado, I successfully aligned my cock with her cunt, and slid right in.

I was delighted to discover that, in this position, three things were possible, or better, than I had experienced before.

One, I was able to push myself really deeply into Cyndi's hot slit; deeper, perhaps than I had been before.

Two, I was able to bend over, reach around to her chest, and feel her luscious big tits hanging down and swinging free, where I could push them around, pinch their nipples, flap them together, or even, eventually, slap at them.

Three, I was standing on my own two feet, so I was able to thrust much more strongly than I had when I was kneeling, and certainly much more than when I had been on my back with Cyndi riding above me (which I also liked, though, because I liked to watch her tits bounce!)

So, all in all, I fucked Cyndi a little more aggressively in this position than I had heretofore.

Well, a lot more aggressively. Cyndi yelped out encouragements to let me know everything was okay with her, and I started to feel a different feeling than I had before. Sexual excitement, to be sure, but also a feeling of power and domination. I thrust myself into her body as hard as I could, almost wanting to hurt her as well as wanting to make her feel good. I slapped her in the ass, first one cheek, then the other. I leaned forward, and grabbed at her tits, pinching her nipples with my fingernails, then slapping them one at a time, hard ... as hard as I could.

Through all of this, Cyndi seemed to grow more and more excited. I thought she might get mad or pull away from me, but instead, she reached back with her arms and grabbed me by the legs to pull me into her even harder and deeper. It seemed to me that she stiffened several times and arched her back, her nipples growing even larger briefly, and she moaned out her pleasure, "Oh, God, yes, Dale! You are one fucking fast learner! Harder! Go harder!"

I was pumping my hips so fast that my cock plopped out of her a couple of times, and when it did, she cried out, "God, no! Stick it back in! Never stop fucking me, damn it! Stick it in!" Which I did. I began to become aware of my scrotum (Cyndi had taught me that word!) flopping back and forth as I thrust into her, and I knew from that tightening in my crotch that I was about to erupt into her.

In the dim light, I gave one final violent shove and held myself embedded as far into Cyndi's cunt as I could possibly go as I began a series (8!) of fantastic spasms, shooting something hot deep into her body. Cyndi tensed up, too, and shouted out in a wordless exclamation, pushing herself up against me with her hands on the arm of the sofa straining to fulfill her own orgasm at the same time.

After I was finished pulsing into her, and as she was beginning to relax, I kept myself embedded and bent over and kissed her back. "I'm going to be real sorry when you leave in the morning!" I said.

"I'm going to be real sorry, too, Dale. But, trust me, you'll forget all about me pretty soon. The girls who are going to come here will keep your mind occupied plenty for the next year. I'm you're first, I know, but I certainly won't be your last, and from what you've done so far, I'm betting you will be real popular even after your year is over."

... to be continued in "Rachel – Day Two"

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