The bell finally rang after 9th period. It was a long agonizing day and English class took forever. I had exactly an hour and a half before cross country practice and I was not feeling up to waiting and going, unfortunately as captain I did not have a choice. I was sitting in the hall staying away from the team when my phone buzzed. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was him. Damien was my fuck buddy. He called when he wanted to have sex and I listened. At this point in my life I did not realize I was a submissive. But what Damien wanted he got and let me tell you why. He stood 6'1, beautiful dark muscular body, and his skin so soft. He was from the next town over and I only met him because he was a lifeguard at the pool I worked at that summer. Well Damien took an interest and I was not going to let him down. Being seen with him made you go from "cute" to "hot" over night. I quickly answered "Hey"

"I am outside, lets go." He said. His voice was very deep and sent an instant chill down my spine. He then hung up the phone. I ran quickly to the side of the building where he usually met me, saw his black truck outside and hopped right in. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. My heart melted every time. I had obvious feelings for him but he was not the monogamous type. "How was your day?"

"It was rather long, I do not know why but I felt like all my classes were doubled in length. Where are we going?" I asked shyly. I always got shy when I was around him. Any wrong move and I would lose the best sex of my life. Granted he was only my second sexual partner, but damn he was good.

"Chris's dad is not home and said I could use his basement if I needed it. My parents are home this afternoon." His brown eyes gazed over my body "And I have been craving you since I woke up." He always had that charm, anything sweet he said made me blush. My body started to get tense, I imagined him entering me slowly, and his strong body forcing me down so I couldn't move. I felt a tingle in my pussy. I knew what that meant, I wanted him, and I needed him now. My mind was drifting away as I spent the five minute car ride fantasizing on how he was going to use me today. The car stopped in Chris's driveway. His car was there as it always was. I liked Chris. He was not as good looking as Damien, but had one of the largest cocks I have ever seen. Damien shared me with him. I did not mind. Being with Damien gave me a rank I would not ever have had. All the seniors in my high school envied me. I went to open the door and he stopped me and kissed me hard on the lips. He whispered "Are you ok beautiful?" All I could do is nod.

I got out of the car and followed him in the house. I looked to my left to say hi to Chris, he was always standing there, waiting for me. He was not there. "Where is Chris, I thought he would be here." I asked. At this point I got suspicious. We are in Chris's house and he is no where to be found. Why? I let it slip out of my mind.

"He will I am sure, he knew you were coming." Damien opened the door to the basement, turned on the light and walked downstairs. I followed, as I always do. I looked around and it was empty. He took me in his arms and kissed me, passionately. I just melted in his arms, I always did. His hand slipped around my body and up my back under my shirt and with his one hand he unclasped my bra. I loved being undressed and he knew it, but he liked seeing me with a shirt on and no bra. He whispered again "take it off." And quickly using the talent ever girl has, I removed my bra without taking off my shirt. Our kiss became harder, tongues exploring each others mouths, his hands exploring my body. He then undid the button and zipper to my pants and pushed them off. Back in high school I didn't wear panties. The low rise jeans were in and I didn't want to sit down and the panties stick out, would much rather a guy see my ass then a pair of panties. The cool basement air hit against my pubic mound and sent an instant rush into my body. I wanted to suck him, badly and he knew it. I undid his pants as I got on my knees and revealed his large male member. It looked as if it had been hard all day; I grabbed it and squeezed the shaft slightly as I took the head into my mouth. Licking it and teasing it, at that moment I heard the basement door open and foot steps walking down the wooden stairs. I took Damien's cock into my mouth, every inch and started enjoying it. It was so large it barely fit but I took as much as I could. It was then that I felt someone behind me lifting my shirt and playing with my small tender breast. His fingers pinched and twisted my nipples; I let out a soft moan. Chris knew I liked when he played with my breast, I had no doubt in my mind it was him. He took off my shirt and Damien removed himself from my mouth. "Get on the couch Roxy, on all fours."

I followed his instructions. This is how they liked me, all exposed. So they can play with both ends at once. He turned the light off and it was dark. I heard the condom wrapper open and felt a cock in front of me. I opened my mouth and the cock entered it. I heard a voice say "hold still." I looked up and saw a man I did not recognize. I couldn't see his face but I could tell he had dread locks. Who is this man I thought. I pushed my head back and said "Damien?"

"Roxy" he said "just relax baby, enjoy it." His voice came from behind me. I listened to him as the guy took my head and forced his cock into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and he started to slowly fuck my face. All I could think was who is this man as Damien pressed his cock onto my opening, and slowly slipped it in. I moaned with great pleasure. My pussy as wet as can be, I felt used and oddly enough, I liked it. My mind lost in a trance as both holes were being pleased, then suddenly my trance was broken as I heard the basement door open and two sets of footsteps on the basement steps. My head jerked back, and refused to let this cock in my mouth again. Damien knew I was trying to disobey this man and he slammed his cock deep and hard into my tightness, I couldn't help but moan. As my mouth opened, this strange mans cock entered and started fucking my face again, both holes being fucked with force. My hand slipped underneath my body and started rubbing my clit. I feel a man next to me and he whispered in my ear "I am here Roxy; let me do that for you." It was Chris and as he said that I felt slightly better that it was not 2 more strangers, I at least knew one of them. He then slipped his fingers underneath me and rubbed my clit for me. I felt comfortable and relieved as I was being used. The man in my mouth fucked my face harder, I was tired and my mouth ached. It stopped bothering me though once Chris moved his fingers faster and I began to cum, my moans loud and my body shaking uncontrollably. At that point I just sat there, on my knees, letting my holes be violated. Then finally, Damien moaned loudly and came hard. I could tell because he thrusted so hard into me it nearly came out my mouth. He pulled out as did the guy in my mouth.

I lay on my stomach for a minute, and then I heard the tear of another condom wrapper. I knew at that point it was not over. Chris kneeled in front of me, his face in front of mine. "Flip over" and he kissed me softly. I did as I was told as always, laid flat on my back my legs closed. A second later, there was a guy in between them, the man who was in my mouth. He didn't give me a second to think as he rammed his cock into my dripping wet pussy. My thighs were soaked from the juices. Then Chris straddled my face and slowly slipped his cock into my mouth. At this point I was tired, my mouth hurt and my pussy was starting to. This guy as well as Apollo had a large cock. I sucked gently on Chris, as he moved in and out of my mouth my hands were pinned to my sides though so I could not jerk the shaft as I sucked his head. The guy between my legs was fucking my pussy hard and fast. It felt as amazing as my body began to loosen up and enjoy the situation. This continued for a few moments and then I felt the orgasm start to build as I started to moan and I was going to cum, Chris shoved his cock down my throat and choked me with it. My orgasm began and was so intense tears started to leak from my eyes. My bottom half started to twitch and I tried to scream but I couldn't. The electricity flowed through my body as Chris pulled out of my mouth, I screamed as I caught my breath. My body completely lifeless as the guy between my legs still rammed his cock inside of me. My pussy so sensitive I twitched every time he hit my g-spot. It took a minute or two before the sensitivity subsided.

Chris was still deep throating my mouth. My pussy started to ache and my throat was sore, but I didn't complain, I lay there, still, waiting for them to finish. Finally Chris pulled his cock out of my mouth, I knew it was coming, and I hated this part. I closed my mouth, shut my eyes and waited for the warm spurt of cum on my face. A second later I felt it; the few squirts of warm thick goo hit my lips. All I thought was disgusting. Just as Chris came, the guy between my legs came as well. They both got off me, Damien threw me a towel and I wiped the cum off my face.

I suddenly remembered there was one more. I shut my eyes, was very quiet as I waited in anticipation for the last and final cock. Maybe he didn't want to use my holes, maybe he wanted to watch. I looked at the time, I had a half an hour left. I stood up and grabbed my jeans and went to put them on. I was approached by a white man; maybe 6 feet tall, he didn't speak to me. Put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around. He pushed me over onto the couch so my ass was facing him. How embarrassing? Without skipping a beat, he rammed his cock into me. When did he put the condom on, why didn't I hear it. These are thoughts that ran through my mind as I felt the burning of my pussy. I was tired and this was not pleasurable anymore. I was in pain; he was slamming into me so hard that my head kept hitting the back of the couch. I just lay there, trying to enjoy it, rubbing my clit softly. Fortunately, he could not hold his load and came 3 minutes later. I collapsed, tired and in agony. His cock was so big it hit things it was not supposed to. The three left and Damien came to my side. He smiled at me. "Are you ready to leave?" I just nodded. I got up, dressed quickly and ran to the car. I was embarrassed, humiliated and pleased. He drove me back to school and before I got out of the car he looked at me, kissed my lips and handed me a disk. "You handled that well see you soon I hope." I nodded and got out of the car, looked at the disk and it said, "You handled it like a champ." At that moment it dawned on me, I was video taped.

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