tagBDSM50 Beautiful Women

50 Beautiful Women


The semi's crate was full of women; fifty beautiful, drop dead gorgeous women to be precise. They all ranged between the ages of 18 and 35.

At this point in the journey, the beauties were disheveled, had torn clothes, smeared make up, and were spouting off angry comments due to the uncomfortable travelling conditions. Most people in the outside world would not have known what they were saying, since they came from all over the world and none of them spoke english very well. Mostly they were innocent girls from small towns and villages, carefully selected to be here. Yes, these women were beautiful. Some had long golden hair, others wore sleek, short modern european hair cuts. One thing they all had in common was that each possessed a slim sexy body and a willingness to please. A different girl to meet every desired taste and erotic fantasy, were the contents of the crate.

Suave, confident,clever and extremely handsome were the traits needed to pull off a venture like this. Geoff had it all. He was dripping with charasma and actually felt like he was doing the girls a favor by offering them a new life. Geoff even had investors and paid taxes. His store front was carefully fabricated to allude detection. His business had a highly paid front desk executive assistant, Karina, who was paid handsomely for diverting all questions and requests for information. He called her Anna like he did so many of his women. That way he didn't have to remember names.

Geoff had made a few assistants wealthy over the years. His hiring criteria was simple. He always looked for a woman wearing a short, very sexy dress that revealed deliciously sexy underwear, and who wore very low cut tops to show off ample cleavage. So far, Karina had not disappointed him.

"Can you take a memo," he called into the intercom.

"Coming," her peach like voice answered back.

Karina sat on the tip of the chair pushing her breasts forward while arching her back.

"You're gorgeous you know," he said smiling at her, applying his charm. "Do you mind if I call you Anna, you remind me of someone I admire."

"Sure, honey," she nodded smiling.

"Cmere," he motioned while undoing his belt. She put down her pad of paper and kneeled before him. Geoff quickly undid his pants sliding his hard cock into her eager mouth. Her hair was in in his hands now, the tip of his hardness enjoying the twirling and swirling of her long tongue as she explored every crevice and ripple of his rock hard massive cock. Roughly, he shoved himself in her mouth. After 50 strokes she felt her mouth start to go numb.

" Hum," he whispered as he started pumping her pretty little mouth faster.

The sounds of her humming as she sucked his cock to perfection began to fill the room. Karina's hand reached up to stroke the base of his cock. Her fist was lightly hitting her mouth every stroke as she devoured the tip of his cock and moved her mouth deeper. She made his cock slick with wetness and sucked him even more vigorously. Geoff pulled out so she could kiss and lick the crown of his big, hard, cock. His precum formed a long string as she licked it up. With pounding force he rammed her sexy mouth deep, pounding her relentlessly again. She relaxed her mouth to take him deeper until she was deep throating him. Geoff's head tipped back as he deposited his cum deep down her beautiful throat. Leaning down Geoff stroked her throat.

" Thank you Anna," he said with a dismissive wave as was his style, "that will be all."

When he was done he wanted not one more word from any woman. He just wanted them out. Karina didn't mind. She was in love with Geoff and would willingly do anything he asked.

Geoff smiled. His new Anna was submissive when it counted and gave an awesome blow job at whim. He liked her.

"Yes," Geoff smiled, "I have a great executive assistant." This was the comment that often escaped his lips when his investors commented on her beauty and skills.

Whenever Geoff felt like it he bent Karina over his desk, ripped her panties off, and plunged his big hard cock deep in her sweet, sexy pussy. He loved the way she moaned and swirled her ass while he fucked her. She was also very good at diverting inquiries and in this way she was aggressive instead of submissive. Yes, his kind of woman. She was willing to do anything to please him.

His investors were his clients and they had nothing to complain about. He smiled while thinking about how his investor's enjoyment of the ladies bought their silence and padded Geoff's lavish lifestyle. He looked good on paper and felt like he had it all. Anything and everything he wanted was in his mind, ripe for the taking.

The phone number of the company was unlisted and the name of the company was a long acronym. His company produced nothing and there was no one to answer to since he always paid his taxes.

Traveling all over the world was a perk of Geoff's creative corporation. Geoff knew that his charming attitude, brilliant blue eyes, and attention to detail made him very attractive to the ladies. He would find them mostly in bars in small towns in foreign countries. Usually, they were all alone, and desperate. He made sure he picked girls that were pretty and slim, with lots of sexual potential.

Geoff had so many favorites he couldn't picture them all, but one in particular always came to mind. The very first Anna was a petite Russian girl who wore short faux fur coats, had a contagious laugh and a strut she carried off very seductively in thigh high boots. Her perfect curves, slender waist and big breasts made her a lot of money. Most girls he recruited learned to enjoy the jobs, the clients, the perks and especially the money. Other women got "rescued" so to speak by rich investors who took them home with them to keep.

It was always an adventure sneaking the beautiful women across the border with their fake passports. They all wanted to sleep with him for offering them a new life and a new opportunity at happiness. Often, he would let them suck his cock or fuck them, but his gorgeous executive assistant Karina was hard to compete with. She was always so eager to please his every sexual whim. She knew how to suck his cock with two fists and a slippery mouth and she continually and rapidly made him come very hard. Geoff loved the way she would suck back every drop of hot cum pulling every drop from his hardness and how she could deep throat him to perfection. Geoff grabbed his crotch thinking of how good her mouth had felt on his cock earlier this morning.

He snapped himself out of his erotic thoughts and reminded himself to concentrate on the task at hand. 50 beautiful women. It was becoming such a routine now. Smuggle in as many as possible on the same flight paying off anyone whose silence needed to be bought in customs. The women would arrive in Los Angles and head towards the mansion on the outskirts of Kentucky in the back woods. They traveled by crate in a truck for 10 hours and when they arrived they were tired, cranky, uncomfortable and most of all bitchy. As they pulled up to the mansion the girls observed a large compound with beautiful house, elaborate gardens and lots of security guards.

The gate guard let them in asking Geoff if he had any good ones for him this trip.

" Take your pick my friend," Geoff offered with a sly smile.

One girl in particular was smiling at him. He smiled at the petite girl thinking of how tight she would feel with his big black cock pounding her tight little ass and wet pussy. He hoped she was a virgin. Thinking of puncturing the sheath of her possible virginity made his cock grow hard. He felt his hard cock grew even harder as he looked at her innocent asian face, almond eyes and beautiful long black hair. He walked over and smiled. She offered her hand and they quietly walked towards one of the many houses on the complex.

"Take off your clothes," he commanded as soon as the door was shut.

She stood in silence. He laughed, doing it for her, when remembering she didn't speak english.

"Your body is so petite," he said smiling.

She didn't resist, but accepted his advances as he stripped her down and them himself. He took her into the shower with him, washing her hair and washing every hole in her body. As he did this he kept thinking of his cock penetrating her forcefully. He made sure not to penetrate her too much with his fingers just in case she was a virgin. He enjoyed the feel of her young body so pure and untarnished. His hands began touching her everywhere enjoying the feeling of her tiny nipples that are so hard between his fingers. He laid her on the bed and started licking her sweet pussy. His tongue felt the sheath of her virginity. He kept sliding his tongue along it like an addict. The guard could barely contain his excitement. His cock was rock hard now and throbbing in front of him.

It was obvious the didn't know what to do. She just laid there with big eyes while involuntarily moaning and squirming as his strong tongue flickered across her clit. He decided to treat her gently. Soon he was kissing her lips and making his way down to the tender nibs on her delicate breasts. They grew hard at the feel of his tongue. While sliding his tongue down the length of her body, he watched her buck uncontrollably and knew he was giving her great pleasure. Licking and lapping her pussy brought spasms of wetness in no time. Sitting on the edge of the bed he introduced his massive hardness to her small virgin mouth. Guiding himself to her treasure, he urged her to use her tongue to lick and lap his precum as he felt his sexual urges become even more intense. He pumped her mouth softly and then more roughly as his animalistic nature and passion took over.

Now it was time to take her sweet virginity. He positioned her on all fours while pulling her towards the edge of the bed and licked her like a dog from one end of her clit to the top of her clean fragrant ass and back again, over and over again.

He guessed she was 20. He knew Geoff was careful. He considered himself lucky to get a 20 yr old virgin. He felt her quiver with anticipation. He kept licking enjoy the feel of her freshness. The urge was swift and wild and intense. He grabbed her sexy small ass and rammed his big hard cock deep into her hot wet pussy with intense force. She screamed. He pumped wildly. Each stroke deeper and more intense. He grabbed her breasts and twisted her nipples. The sound of her virginity leaving her body fueled his desire making him fuck her harder and harder. He kept penetrating her tightness with incredible force; stretching her tight little pussy. He came with a loud roar that echoed through every corner in the room. His orgasm so intense. The guard grabbed her and held her close while kissing her gently. Holding onto her tightly they fell asleep together. His arms wrapped around her and as they both drifted into sleep he dreamt of fucking her hot ass and how it would make her scream.

Once the rest of the girls saw the inside of the mansion with all it's corridors and rich elegance they began to forget the misery of the journey and became excited about the future. Looking at the wenches leaving the crate in such a disheveled state started to make Geoff horny. He was use to having his pick of the girls after they were cleaned up but today one in particular caught his eye. She was blonde, young, cute, stacked and very fuckable. Sweating and with smeared makeup, she was still extremely attractive. He played out a dominant male, submissive wench scene in his mind and felt his cock begin to stir. As the others left for the 75 room housing complex he called her back and motioned her to join him. She was Russian and just looked at him with big eyes. He knew she was 18 because he always checked ID first. She looked so innocent. She was so beautiful. His cock began to salute her. Geoff adjusted himself.

Pulling her into a vacant room he undid his pants and motioned for her to suck his cock. She tentatively went to the bed, got a pillow and kneeled on it in front of him. Her hand rose to meet his massive hard on.

" You're so gorgeous," he whispered pulling her chin up so she looked up into his eyes. He could see a mixture of emotions and sensed lust in the mix.

She traced the underside of his manhood with her finger and gingerly started to lick her way up. He grabbed her chin, startling her, and slapped her face with his cock with quick rapid motions over and over again. Then inside her hot wet mouth he went. His strokes were deep, hard and commanding. She eagerly accepted his hardness deep into her mouth while flicking her tongue wildly around him. She was amazed at how big he was and strained to take him all in. She gagged at times, as he hit the back of her throat over and over again. He could see how turned on she was by the hardness of her pert nipples. He started to fuck her mouth deeper and deeper. She looks so good sucking my cock he thought as he saw their image in the mirror in the room.

He kept fucking her mouth deeper and deeper.

" Anna, Anna, Anna," were the only words he said while ripping her mouth this way and that. The force of his hard cock was so strong as he churned and used her mouth as his cum receptable.

Finally he pulled out and sprayed hot cum all over her face with strong "Roarrr".

He made a gesture with his tongue to lick his cum from her lips and she did as asked, slowly and seductively. Geoff's mouth attached to her nipples and slide down her flat stomach to her sweet pussy. She was so wet and juicy. They both took off their clothes in a flurry. They admired each other's sexy bodies feeling stimulation in every sense. He laid her on the bed while standing. Her pussy inches from his hard cock. In one fluid motion he grabbed her buttocks and slammed his cock deep into her juicy pussy. He was so big and she was so small. She screamed. Geoff kept pounding his hard cock into her.

Soon they broke into a steady rhythm; a nice pounding force. He took a little black vibrator and shoved it deep up her ass turning it on max. She started to squirm and moaned louder and louder. Within minutes she gushed on his already wet cock, making him even hornier. He propped her up even higher and positioned the tip of his hardness at the entrance to her hot ass. Geoff then slowly started penetrating her sexy ass. His cock was so wet from her cum. She moaned softly taking his girth with acceptance, as he penetrated deeper and deeper. He rimmed her for a while then broke through with a pop that almost made him come instantly. Geoff looked at this beautiful wench's sexy ass and watched it rebound into his big cock. Soon it was 10 , 20 30 100 reps. He grabbed her ass and filled it with a moan. His hard cock was now squirting hot cum deep into her sexy round ass. Geoff's echoing arousal loamed loud and powerful to match the intensity of the orgasmic pleasure he felt as he poured into her. Geoff pulled out, squeezed her cheeks and watched his cum slide out of her sexy toned ass.

"Clean up wench," he said pushing her towards the door.

She looked at him sadly. Did she not satisfy him? Did he not like her? Why was he yelling at her? All these thoughts repeatedly traveled through her mind as she gathered her clothes and made her way out the door. She gave him one last pleading look as if begging for kindness, as his cum dripped from her ass down her legs. He was looking away and smiling. Obviously he had dismissed her. Angrily, she stormed out of the room feeling used and unappreciated.

This one is going to fun Geoff decided with a smirk. He thought about whether to save her for himself or to let her be part of the party he liked to throw for his investors once a week. Yes, everyone thought of him highly and adored Geoff, except the poor wench he had just deposited his hot cum into who walked away crest fallen towards the mansion, after being thrown out by the man who used her so roughly without a kind word spoken. She started to feel anger and resentment towards him although she could still feel the ache of his manhood making her clit throb. Her feelings were torn between anger and adoration.

The day before the party the seamstresses were putting the finishing touches on the elegant dresses the girls were to wear for the party. Each girl was to receive at stunningly beautiful dress to accent her curves and features. Each dress was tailored specifically for each girl. You could hear the ohh's and ahh's as the girls tried on their new dresses. The girls were told to bathe in elegant scents and put on creams and perfumes making sure they were squeaky clean and smelling fragrant. Finally 8:00 pm came and the party was about to begin.

Men flew in from all over the country. Some arrived in private jets while others flew first class. Everyone of them was looking forward to the adventure before them. The women scattered among the elegant furniture in the mansion. Some were sitting on overstuffed chairs, or on long plush sofas that were placed strategically around the room. Sex chairs were in abundance. Beautiful sexy women were posed on them in many different positions. Every man's most intimate desires would be satisfied. Geoff was sure of it.

Geoff laughed at how silly the women were. When they did leave they always thought he was allowing them to, or that they were escaping, when in reality he made arrangements with rich kinky men to take home the wench of their choosing. The men often take them away from all of this and set them up in an apartment close to work, but far away from the family home. They become mistresses and satisfy every whim and sexual fantasy of their rescuer. The men always looked forward to his parties. They never know who they might find. Geoff knew many of the girls would be happy and gladly suck cock three times a day to get a nice apartment and furniture. It was a win win situation and of course Geoff got a percentage. He had enough to money to buy his own frickin island by now he realized, but he still kept doing it for the thrill and because he could.

More and more men arrived at the party. Many arrived in fancy cars parked by valets while others appeared in limos. They all dressed elegantl. Some were men of power and influence, and were happy that the women didn't speak english. They were very eager to satisfy all their fetishes and wild sexual fantasies with these women. As the men arrived they were looking forward to helping themselves to the beautiful appetizers sitting on the sofas in the main hallway. Some men already had their cocks in the mouthes of some of the elegantly dressed girls while other men watched them while getting hard with anticipation. The night was already in full swing when George arrived with his friend.

Ahh so many women to choose from George thought. It's so intoxicating. He finished watching his new friend spray the face of the woman sucking his cock and felt the familiar stirings of what beauty did for his cock. What these men were doing was not right he thought. He liked one woman and one position. That was sex to him. It was about love, not lust. It had taken two months to win the confidence of a known investor and get an invite to one of these parties. It was very secretive operation.

George looked around realizing his suspicions had paid off. Geoff's company wasn't real. George knew he had to make it look good. He never told his friend Steve he was a tax auditor. He had lied and told him he was in investments. Karina had never given him any information and constantly ignored his requests so this was his only way to see the inner workings of what was really happening.

George looked around. Some men had joined women on the various sex chairs. They were lifting their fancy dresses and shoving their cocks where they wanted to.

The smell of sex was thick in the air. The screams of virgins being plucked and tight asses being fucked, filled the air. Looking over at one chair he saw a woman sucking a man's cock while another fucked her ass and pussy back and forth. On another chair a woman with a very sexy round ass was pushing back into the pounding force of one cock after another as they lined up to fuck her. The moans, groans and grunts that filled the hallways would make even the mildest man turn wild with pure animal lust.

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