tagBDSM5000 Words Ch. 01

5000 Words Ch. 01


All right, gentle readers, after ten years of reading the stories on this lovely site I have decided to pop my cherry and submit something. Please be gentle *head back, back of my wrist to my forehead*.

I welcome, crave, desire, want and need feedback BUT please be constructive at least. Constructive: did you know you changed that character's name from *** to ####. Not Constructive: I hated that character's name. Pick your box wisely.


Recently told a Dom, i had been having fantasies about him, when he asked what they were, i wrote it up and sent it to him in a serialized form over the course of a week

With his permission and encouragement, i am reprinting them here...



I arrive at your apartment and you answer the door with a mysterious grin. I walk inside wondering at the unusual expression and what it might mean. You close the door behind me and grab my arm pushing me softly back against the wooden surface. You lean down and I tilt my head back for our customary kiss when your mouth veers off and you whisper softly in my ear, "Do you trust me?"

I drop the toy bag, I lean back and look deep into your blue eyes. My gut instinct was to spout out a carefree 'yes' but something about the way you were asking me this right then made me take a minute. Even then, my answer was a soft 'yes, of course I do."

Your grin grows broader and you lean down and give me a deep kiss. We stand there for a moment locked onto each other's mouths before you pull away. Ours eyes meet again. Your hand cups my cheek and you say "Good girl." I feel my usual frisson of pleasure at pleasing you even though I wasn't sure yet what I was being praised for.

Your hand moves slowly down my face to caress my throat, your smooth fingertips lightly massaging my flesh. I drop my eyes suddenly feeling vulnerable. Your hand stills and you say "Eyes" in a firm voice. I reluctantly return my eyes to yours and wonder again at the pure pretty color. I wish I could describe the color accurately, somewhere between the blue of an Alaskan husky and the blue of a spring sky but neither is entirely correct.

I feel myself slowly relax under your massaging fingers as your hand descends in increments until your palm rests on my chest over my heart. My heart rate which had accelerated at the unusual way our time together was going began to slow under the familiar touch.

You finally step away removing your hands from me and my flesh feels cool from the loss of contact. I automatically begin to remove my clothes but this too is different. You stand there watching me, your eyes thoughtful. I feel a slight frown form between my brows and my hands slow.

My undressing had become a non-event, it was just the way things were. Suddenly, it felt strange again, as if I was doing this for the first time. However, no matter how slowly I move soon I stand there before you nude. I fight the urge to cover myself with my hands but something about the way you look at me feels almost predatory.

You give me a long perusal before turning and grabbing the cuffs off the table. My nipples already tight in the cooler air have become taut nubs under your gaze. You walk back over to me and say "Hands," in a presumptive tone. I gaze deep into your cool eyes before slowly offering you my hands wrists exposed. This cooler side of you has me slightly off balance and I suddenly feel nervous about what had become usual.

You fasten the cuffs around my wrists firmly but comfortably. When they are in place, you rub a thumb against the rapid pulse showing on my wrist. "Relax," you say in that same cool voice I am learning to hate, "You trust me remember," To my ears, your tone seems slightly mocking. I feel my pulse give another up tick in rate.

You grip my cuffed wrists and walk me across the floor to the door to the bedroom. I come face to face with the thing that has become my nemesis, the hook. The hours I have spent attached to this thing flash briefly though my mind as I face it for another go round.

You raise my cuffed hands and attach them to the hook leaving my back facing the room. Once my hands are immobilized to your liking you release them and run your hands down my arms to my shoulders. You briefly massage them until they relax.

You run your hands down to my shoulder blades and around to cup my breasts. You hold their weight in your broad palms and toy with my erect nipples. I sigh at your touch and the feeling of you full length against my back. I feel your warm breath tickle my ear as you lean close.

"I think its time we got out of the shallow end of the pool, don't you," you murmur before taking my ear firmly between your teeth. I gasp at the sharp nip you give me and then I moan as your fingers tighten on my nipples. I rub my thighs together to contain my excitement. My upper thighs are slippery with my juices.

One of your hands releases my breast and slips between my thighs. You give a mutter of approval at my obvious excitement. I can't believe how eager I am and we haven't really done anything yet. The fingers on my nipple give an especially vicious twist and my yoni gives another gush coating your fingers.

We spend several minutes like that your fingers playing in my wetness and the ones on the other hand toying with my nipples. I sway against you, rubbing my ass against you as I feel an orgasm start to creep up on me when you suddenly stop and step away. I continue to twist for a minute my yoni seeking your hand.

You give me a negligent slap on the ass and say 'not quite yet' before walking away to the table you have prepared. I move my legs back together and rub my thighs against each other hoping to finish what your fingers have begun. I feel you walk up behind me, slip off my glasses and something glide over my eyes. I stop in shock, a blindfold. This was new. I open my mouth to question you and a ball gag slides into my mouth.

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