tagIncest/Taboo5th Anniversary to Remember

5th Anniversary to Remember


Sebastian and Olivia's fifth anniversary celebration had been spectacular so far. First, they had an amazing dinner at Nobu Fifty Seven. Followed by second row center seats to the Broadway hit, "The Book of Mormon". After the show, they took a romantic stroll to the W Hotel on Broadway. Their suite was waiting for them (along with Olivia's surprise).

As they walked from the theater to the W, Sebastian couldn't help but notice that every man within a 30 foot radius was locked onto his beautiful wife like moths to a flame. It gave him a sense of pride since they all had the same thought..., "how did that average-looking guy get that gorgeous woman? Was he a celebrity...or a millionaire?"

Sebastian was definitely not a millionaire or a celebrity. He did have a great job as a real-estate broker that he loved. His company recently transferred him from the Midwest to New York three weeks ago. Sebastian and Olivia found a small apartment in downtown Brooklyn that they loved. But that's not why Olivia married him though.


The reason that they were together was because they were always together. Olivia was literally the girl next door. Her family moved next door when they were four years old. They became best friends at first sight and were pretty much inseparable growing up.

She was a late bloomer and puberty hit Olivia with a vengeance. It started with a huge growth spurt that gave her a gangly, ugly-duckling appearance. Kids at school used to tease her mercilessly...that is, everyone except for Sebastian. He loved her before even realizing what love was. It took until the end of their senior year for puberty to finish the job. The rest of her body caught up with her growth spurt to coalesce into the vision that she is today. Olivia never forgot that Sebastian was alway there for her, even when her self-confidence was at it's lowest point.

Unfortunately for Sebastian, puberty only grazed him. He ended up with an average build and his hight topped off at 5'7". Luckily, the lion's share of his physical development went towards his cock. On the looks department, Sebastian could pull off a seven, maybe seven & a half if he was wearing a nice suit. (Olivia did love his mop of curly brown hair and kind, hazel eyes).

Olivia, on the other hand, was a hard ten. It wouldn't matter if she just woke up, had no makeup on and was wearing a burlap potato sack. She would still look amazing. Olivia was 5'8" with long and lustrous sable-black hair and piercing blue eyes. Sebastian even thought the way she sneezed was fucking adorable.

He proposed when they were both twenty, and were married a year later on September first. Even though it was their fifth anniversary, Sebastian and Olivia still acted like newlyweds. The credit for that, was their great sex life. That and the fact that they would check off wishes from their sexual bucket lists. For example, Sebastian worshipped his wife's fantastic ass for years and anal sex was high-up on his list. Due to his imposing member though, Olivia was fearful of granting that wish. She acquiesced on their third anniversary but it came at a high cost for Sebastian.

Olivia flippantly mentioned that the only way that she would agree to do it, was if she could do it to him first. Sebastian was so desperate to fuck her heart-shaped ass that he said Ok without hesitation. (He definitely did not think that one through).

She did him the courtesy of using a strap-on that was mercifully smaller than his member. Olivia positioned her husband on his back by the edge of their bed as she slowly pegged his virgin asshole. Even with the lube and his wife jerking him off simultaneously, Sebastian at that particular moment immediately regretted his decision. Luckily for him, he only had to do it once and the longterm benefits from that night paid off in spades. Olivia discovered that not only did she really love getting fucked in the ass, but she was one of the thirty percent of women that could orgasm from anal sex. It's still her favorite sexual position to this day.


As they waited by the row of elevators in the hotel lobby, Olivia typed a brief text message on her iPhone.

"Who did you text?" Sebastian asked.

"It's a surprise. I will tell you that it has something to do with one of the wishes on your bucket list." A sly grin appeared on his wife's face followed by a knowing wink.

As they walked arm-in-arm to their suite, Sebastian was mentally going through his bucket list to try to deduce which one she was going to help check off. Simultaneously, he was thinking about what to check off on her list tonight.

Sebastian flipped on the light switch to their suite, the only word that escaped both of their lips was, "Wow." They had reserved the 750 square foot penthouse which was aptly named, "The Extreme Wow Suite". Sebastian blurted:

"This room is amazing! It even has a billiards table outside on our private wrap-around terrace." As she grabbed her bag, Olivia replied with:

"I don't think we will be shooting pool tonight honey."

Olivia reached into her bag pulled out her enema kit. She preferred to clean herself out prior to anal sex. She actually grew to enjoy the sensation of warm water filling up all of her nooks and crannies. Sebastian would normally administer it, but she told him to sit on the bed and wait for her.

Olivia came out of the bathroom five minutes later. Sebastian swallowed hard when he saw what she was wearing. His wife was wearing a black corset with ornate red lace trim. She also wore a lace garter belt, silk stockings, high-heeled stilettos and a thong...all were black. For the second time tonight, the only word that her husband could utter was, "Wow!"

"Are you ready to scratch another thing off your bucket list baby?"

"I am extremely ready!" Sebastian replied.

Olivia turned back towards the bathroom and said, "come on out."

Sebastian was shocked when he saw another woman strut out of the bathroom towards his wife. Not because it was another woman...but because of who the woman was. It was Olivia's 18-year-old sister Miranda! Her outfit was nearly the same as Olivia's. The only difference was that her outfit was red instead of black. Sebastian was momentarily speechless. He recovered with:

"First of all, thank you! Second...how in the hell did you get Miranda to agree to this?"

"She was the only one in town that I completely trust for something like this. Since we're new to the city, we haven't had time to find new friends. I've only been working at my new job for a week. I considered asking Louise in accounting if she'd be up for a threesome, but that would have ended up with me in an awkward meeting with human resources. My next thought was an escort, but I don't want us to possibly catch something or get busted by the cops. And with Miranda, no condoms are necessary. I know she's clean and we're both on the pill."

"But that doesn't explain how you got your sister to agree to a threesome." he replied.

"I was getting there!" she shushed me.

"First, Miranda is nearby. She just started her freshman year at Juilliard on a dancing scholarship. Second, we have always been close and we talk to each other about our sex lives all the time. Third, Miranda only had one boyfriend and she broke up with him after high school graduation. Unfortunately for her, he was a terrible lover. He only wanted to have sex in the missionary position. He never went down on her and he would pop his cork in under a minute. Honestly, I was kinda surprised myself at how quickly she agreed. But the fact is that my sister has never been fucked to an orgasm. Miranda knows that our sex life is awesome. She wants to experience what it feels like for a man to properly fuck her. Are you having second thoughts?"

"Fuck No!" Sebastian emphatically replied.

"You took the number one thing on my bucket list and managed to make it even more awesome! The only thing that could have topped this is if you two were identical twins and I grew a second dick."

Olivia and Miranda giggled and revealed identical smiles. Miranda was just as beautiful as her sister even though they couldn't have looked more different. Olivia's little sister was two and a half inches taller and her years of dancing made her lean and muscular like a cheetah. She had a golden tan and blonde-dyed hair that was cut into a short and spiky, pixie-like hairdo. It made her neck appear longer and regal. Sebastian was reminded of a young Charlize Theron when he saw Miranda. Olivia on the other hand had beautiful alabaster skin and a curvier body. Even with their corsets on, Sebastian could tell that Miranda had a small bosom compared to his wife's full, teardrop breasts. He announced:

"First things first...I need to unwrap my presents."

Sebastian walked over to his wife and gave her a little butterfly kiss at the crook of her neck followed by a deep passionate kiss on the mouth. As their tongues attacked like sabers, Sebastian began unhooking the clasps on the front of his wife's corset. He couldn't help but smile as her beautiful breasts slowly escaped their lacy confinement. Olivia's unencumbered black corset dropped to the floor. Sebastian took his wife by the hand and led her until she was directly in front of her sister. Sebastian stood behind his wife to cup her substantial bosom as he whispered into her ear:

"Unbuckle your sister's corset slowly...very slowly."

Sebastian nibbled on Olivia's earlobe as he watched his wife unhook each clasp at what seemed like a glacial pace. Miranda observed her big sister's nipples stiffen and her areolae puff up with a bright pink hue that contrasted against her pale skin. Sebastian cupped his wife's teardrop breasts, he lightly pinched and twisted her nipples.

Miranda's corset eventually dropped as well, an erotic shiver ran down her spine at that same moment. She couldn't take her eyes off of Olivia's heaving bosom as it rose and fell. Olivia and Sebastian both admired Miranda's golden breasts. Even though they were noticeably smaller than her sister's, they were perfectly symmetrical and seemed to defy gravity.

Sebastian briefly licked and suckled on his sister-in-law's nipples, her chest heaved out as a hiss escaped her lips. Olivia noticed her little sister's strong abdominal muscles as they briefly came into view. He took both of their hands and guided them over to the side of their huge, kingsized bed. He looked towards Miranda and said:

"Get down on your knees gorgeous and slowly undo my belt buckle."

Sebastian then turned to his wife and told her to undo the buttons on his shirt as he removed his tie. As they were doing that, Miranda's eyes were glued to the large bulge that was growing even larger as she worked on his belt buckle. When they completed their tasks, he asked his wife to join her sister on the floor. He glanced down at Miranda and said:

"Miranda, I want you to unzip my pants and pull my cock out."

She briefly glanced at her big sister for approval which she received with a small nod. Miranda could feel the heat of Sebastian's manhood as she slowly unzipped his fly. Her hand slid inside and instantly noticed that he was not wearing any underwear. She wrapped her hand around his pulsing cock, and when her thumb and middle finger failed to meet, her imagination ran wild. As she freed her brother-in-law's member from his slacks, Miranda's eyes grew wide as she saw it in all of it's glory and said:


She was simultaneously amazed and transfixed. It was easily the thickest cock she had ever seen since her ex-boyfriend. Although, technically this was only the second penis that she's seen in real life. There was about a half inch gap between her thumb and middle finger. Miranda estimated that her brother-in-law's intimidating penis was approximately nine, maybe nine and a half inches long. What really stood out though was the head of his cock. It reminded her of a large, succulent plum...a plum that she wanted to devour.

Miranda, gently licked a drop of pre-cum at the tip of Sebastian's cock which caused his groin to reflexively tighten. She lavished kisses on it, starting from the tip and working her way down to the base of his cock. Sebastian signaled his wife with a glance to join her sister.

Sebastian relished this vantage point for five minutes or so. It looked like his wife and sister-in-law were simultaneously sharing a large corn on the cob. They voraciously nibbled on each side of his throbbing shaft. It looked like they were trying to passionately kiss but Sebastian's cock was in the way. A devilish thought popped into his head as he said:

"Olivia, there's something on your list that Miranda could help scratch off as well."

They both looked up at him and his wife's eyes went wide when she ascertained which one he was talking about. She replied with:

"I don't know if I'm ready for that Sebastian, especially with my sister."

The curiosity was killing Miranda. She had to ask:

"Oooh, what fantasy is it, and why can't I help?"

"Number one on your sister's bucket list is to make love to a beautiful, blonde woman." Sebastian answered. "Now technically, you're not a real blonde, but tomato/tomahto. My thoughts on this are that we are already naked and having a sexy good time so...whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

"First of all, we're over a thousand miles away from Vegas. Second, this isn't just any woman, it's my sister!" Olivia replied.

"Olivia, you said it yourself...you talk to your sister about our sex life all the time and she is the only one that you completely trusted for tonight's rendezvous. Miranda, what are your thoughts on this?" Sebastian asked.

"Honestly...being with a woman is number one on my bucket list too. I thought about trying to find a girl at school but they tend to gossip more than TMZ. So my answer is...I'm in if you're in."

Olivia watched as a massive smile instantly formed on her husband's face. It looked like his jaw would dislocate if his smile got any wider. A naughty grin formed as she whispered:

"Well...Vegas it is then."

Sebastian's gaze did not break from his wife and her little sister as they leaned in for that first forbidden kiss. Tentative at first, they quickly abandoned all pretenses of immorality. Their desires sprinted headlong into a passionate make out session. They shamelessly pawed and caressed at each others bodies. His wife began thrusting her fingers repeatedly between her sister's perfect camel toe. It was honestly one the sexiest things Sebastian had ever witnessed. He removed the rest of his clothing and sat down on the edge of the bed. Their incestuous private show continued to enthrall him for a few minutes more until they turned their attention back to his erect cock.

Miranda pushed her brother-in-law's legs apart and crawled between them. She began licking his testicles like an ice-cream cone on a hot, August day. His wife rose up, placed her hand against her husband's chest, and pushed him gently down onto the bed. Olivia redirected her focus to his throbbing penis. She knelt down beside him and began to suck the bulbous head of his penis as she slowly stroked his shaft. Sebastian's eyes rolled back into his head as these amazing sensations were ricocheting throughout his crotch.

"Ohhhh Shhhit...Don't ss-Stop!! Mmmm, best...Anniversary...EVER!!"

Miranda stole glances upwards to see her sister inhale the lion's share of her husband's cock. She was completely amazed at how effortless Olivia made it look. (She made a mental note to ask her big sister what her secret was). Miranda's tongue detoured away from her brother-in-law's balls to his asshole. Her tongue flicked persistently at it's task. Sebastian's body responded by clenching every muscle at the same instant as a sexual jolt radiated outwards from his nether region. He shouted:

"I don't think I can hold off much longer! Olivia get back down next to your sister."

She quickly knelt down next to Miranda as her husband hopped up to his feet. They took turns pleasuring him. One would ravenously suck on the head of Sebastian's cock as the other would slather their tongue back and forth along the shaft. Then they would switch with each other.

Sebastian was able to hold his orgasm back for a few more minutes until his cock finally erupted. Miranda was at the other end of his barrage as he launched multiple ribbons of cum down his sister-in-law's throat. Her eyes went wide as she tried to keep up. She managed to swallow the first four waves but the rest escaped down her chin. Olivia was there to help Miranda by licking the rest of her husband's cum off of her sister's face. They both began to suck on the head of his cock like a three-way kiss. As amazing as that felt, Sebastian's mushroom cap was overloading with sensitivity. He desperately wrangled his cock away from their beautiful faces and fell back onto the bed.

"Holy Shit! That was single-handedly, the most amazing blowjob I ever got!!" Sebastian gasped, his body glistening with a shiny patina of sweat. "Why don't you two enjoy each other on the bed for a bit while I take a couple minutes to recuperate.

Sebastian rolled over to the other side of the bed in order to give his wife and sister-in-law some room. Olivia removed her thong and then helped her sister out of hers as well. Miranda climbed onto the spacious bed first with Olivia quickly following. She mounted her athletic little sister and at a snail's pace, caressed Miranda's defined abdomen up to her small, tanned breasts. She loved how her sister's amber skin contrasted so much against her own.

Olivia leaned forward and placed her hands palms down on the bed for support. With purpose, Olivia began to grind her cleanly waxed pussy against her little sister's hairless mound. Their moans arrived soon after. Miranda began fondling her sister's dangling bosom as they began to kiss. Sebastian reveled in his wife's seduction of her little sister. It didn't take long for his penis to re-inflate. He suggested that it would be a good time for them to switch into the 69 position. His wife quickly rotated 180 degrees. They dove in, both famished for what they craved.

Sebastian crawled over towards his wife's beautiful behind. He glanced down between her legs to witness his sister-in-law's tongue flicking deeply into her sister's drenched pussy. Miranda was like a hungry cat with a saucer of cream. He gave his wife a slap across her flawless behind, a yelp temporarily stopped the tongue lashing that she was reciprocating. Sebastian began to push his thick cock slowly into his wife's tight pussy. Miranda had a front row seat as her tongue focused on her sister's clit, as well as the underside of her brother-in-law's shaft. Olivia's grunts and moaning grew exponentially the deeper her husband's dick penetrated.

"Ummph...ooooh baby! Just like that...fuck me deep and hard!"

Olivia's ass was slapping against her husband's loins over and over again. Sebastian could tell that she was getting close so he placed the tip of his thumb against her tight sphincter and pushed it in. It drove Olivia wild when he did that. She was on the verge.

"Ohhh...Fuck!! I'mmm CUMMINNGGG!!" Olivia screamed.

Miranda watched as Sebastian's long cock receded out of her sister's pussy. Miranda immediately latched onto her sister's clit like a lamprey as her sister's orgasm coursed through her body. Olivia's spasms eventually ebbed as her sister licked her vagina clean. Sebastian glanced at Miranda and said:

"It's your turn now. What position would you prefer?"

Miranda didn't hesitate with her response. She wanted to be on top, cowgirl style. Sebastian splayed across the center of the bed as Miranda got into position so she could slowly lower herself on to her brother-in-law's thick penis. Sebastian slowly rubbed the bulbous head of his cock back and forth against her camel toe. Miranda began moaning passionately. The anticipation of what was about to happen was driving Miranda crazy. She couldn't wait anymore and began to push her bodyweight down against Sebastian's large mushroom head.

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