tagNonHuman60 AD Ch. 05

60 AD Ch. 05


Denua was worried. Utta had gone out armed with only a dagger and although she was adept at using it even she would be no match for the Roman Army. She was sure her friend and commander was dead by now.

Making her way into the cave she found Zelda "I doubt you slept well sister" she said with a concerned tone "but I hope you are rested enough to join us in what could be one last battle."

Zelda stood up and said firmly "O I'm ready, I know this is probably my last day alive but I AM ready" she said with emphasise. Turning to Denua she said "She won't be dead yet. You know it and I know it."

"O she will be dead" said Denua, "She would have taken that bastard with her."

Zelda shook her head "It doesn't work like that" she said placing a hand on Denua's shoulder "He won't fight her, and if she kills him in cold blood then every prisoner they can find, men, women children; everyone will be crucified." Seeing Denua's concern Zelda continued "They will have made that plain to her and then demanded her immediate surrender. By next year she will have been fucked by a hundred Roman cocks. A trophy for Rome and more humiliation for us."

Meanwhile the laughing Roman soldiers pushed Utta before them until they reached the large tent where several women were either lying around or preparing for duty to please their Roman Masters. One woman, Avellana, was known to Utta as she had been one of the elder's wives in Regulbium. Now well into her late fifties she was still upright and refined despite her being a slave for several years. Too old to please the legions sexually she now prepared other bed slaves for their duties.

"This is the stinking Briton known as Utta" the centurion announced "The Commander wants her prepared for deflowering tonight. You have three hours to wash, shave, dress and prepare her."

Avellana nodded and then called two other girls to follow her. Looking at Utta she remarked "I never thought they would ever capture you. You were our last hope. Now they have you we have no chance."

"They didn't actually capture me" Utta corrected her "I had Jonas at my mercy. But I realised that if I killed him all the slaves would have been crucified."

Pulling Utta towards her and removing the leather top that held her breasts in place Alizah shook her head "Whichever way you look at it your belly will be swollen with Roman child in just a few months. Have you ever ... you know ... have you ..?"

Before Alizah could finish the embarrassing question Utta blushed and interrupted her "Never ... I never ... I was never that kind of girl. I don't know what to expect."

"We all knew you were more boyish than girlie, but really, you have no idea?" asked Alizah "You haven't even 'fingered yourself?'"

"NEVER!" Utta retorted with indignation. "I've heard tale ... in the village and I remember when girls got married how they would ask their friends or older sisters for advice." Utta shook her head "But that was never me ... I did see the animals ... the sheep and cows do ... do ... it ...but ..." her voice trailed off.

Removing the rest of Utta's clothes Alizah took a towel and wrapped it round her. Instructing two slaves to prepare a hot bath she said "So, the rumours were true. You were the virgin warrior the Romans feared so much. If you only knew ..."

"What?" Utta asked "If I only knew what?"

"How many of these girls were instructed to pretend to be you when the soldiers took them. Every man had this vision of being the one to destroy your innocence. Now Jonas is to be that man." She moved Utta towards the bath and helped her sit in the warm water. "I wish I could help you. But the only advice I can give you is to relax, try to respond and allow your body to accept what is happening. If you try to enjoy it you won't feel too much pain."

Two of the girls organised the bathing and then prepared to lather Utta's legs and mound. Gently one of them shaved her legs before moving to the area around her sex. After the shaving was completed Utta was removed from that bath and then placed in another which had been scented with rose petals and other flowers.

Pulling her out Alizah again wrapped her in a towel before instructing other girls to dry her. "I've found the virginal dress used on nights like this. It is pure white and will hang over you with the tapes at the front. That makes it easy for your conqueror to undress you when he is ready before beginning the assault on your maidenhead."

Utta blushed again as Alizah continued "He might want you to suck him before he takes you, or most likely the next day. I know it sounds repulsive but he will have washed as well. Take it slowly and try not to gag. Whatever you do don't bite him even though you are tempted to. Every girl in this tent will be on a cross if you do."

A noise was heard outside and the women stopped talking. A soldier entered the tent and announced "The commander is ready for his prize" he said with an authoritative voice. Utta looked at Alizah who nodded and handed her to the soldier. Looking round the tent she sensed every eye on her and the looks of sympathy from the women.

Utta was taken to the command tent and told to wait outside while the soldier entered. Returning he opened the flap and beckoned Utta to enter. Inside she saw Jonas dressed in his finest toga, washed, brushed and very relaxed. "Enter, enter and approach." As Jonas stood up Utta was sure she noticed a bulge in his crotch that indicated he was already anticipating the events that were to follow.

Back in the women's camp Denua was busy counting out the slings, stones, arrows and spears. Every woman would be armed with either a sword or a dagger which would allow them to fight in close proximity to her enemy if that was required.

Calling Zelda to her she asked "How many men do you think Jonas has?"

Zelda shrugged before saying "I would say around three hundred, maybe three hundred and fifty."

Denua thought for a moment "So we will have surprise on our side. If the sling throwers can take out about fifty and the archers can fill the sky with arrows we could maybe half that amount in the first exchange." Turning to the other women she said "We need to make every sling shot, every arrow and spear count. Our priority is the release of the hostages. But let's take as many Romans as we can".

The women held their swords aloft and again gave a war cry

Denua then gave the order to sleep before thinking to herself that Utta was almost certainly dead by now. Mentally she was prepared to join her in the afterlife the next night.

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