tagNonHuman60 AD Ch. 06

60 AD Ch. 06


Back in Jonas' tent the commander chuckled "You know you fell for it. Just as I expected. I don't have many hostages here. They're on their way to Rome. You have been captured because of a false rumour."

Utta felt her anger rising and she instinctively reached down for her dagger. But she had forgotten she was no longer dressed for battle but for mating and she cursed under her breath. She felt her legs begin to tremble but was disgusted with herself when she realised it wasn't only because of fear.

Laughing Jonas mocked her "It's too late! You are mine now and I am going to enjoy you."

"You won't enjoy it!" Utta retorted "I'll see you don't enjoy it any more than you would if you were having a wank!" She stood tall with her defiant look.

Jonas laughed again "Not enjoy it? You have so much to learn about men. Any man prizes the prospect of taking a woman's innocence. More so when it's a warrior like you." He continued laughing.

Utta stared at him, tears beginning to fill her eyes as she felt the anger rising in her body. Alizah's words came back to her "...the only advice I can give you is to relax, try to respond and allow your body to accept what is happening. If you try to enjoy it you won't feel too much pain."

Jonas interrupted Utta's thoughts as he said "Now, I'm going to give you a warning about your fellow slaves. If you harm me in any way, bite, scratch, unless in passion," he laughed "the slave Alizah will be put to the cross and the other girls lashed until they curse their mothers for giving them birth. Do you understand?"

Struggling to hold the tears back Utta swallowed hard and nodded. Jonas continued "Then approach, come to me and let me see my reward."

Feeling her legs tremble to almost jelly Utta approached the commander until they were in touching distance. The slaves had brought Utta's hair into a bun tied with white ribbon. Jonas reached behind and undid it sending her red locks cascading down.

"P ... p ... please d ... don't d ... do this" Utta stammered out "I beg you ... d ... don't do this t ... to me ..." Her voice trailed off and she felt her heart pounding as she held his gaze.

Jonas stared back and said slowly "You beg me for mercy? What mercy did you ever show us your conquerors?"

Utta laughed sarcastically "US? US show YOU mercy?" She regained some composure and said defiantly "Just remember who the invaders are Roman!"

Jonas ran out of patience "Enough of this! ON YOUR KNEES!" Utta hesitated as Jonas continued "Kneel before your conqueror." Utta looked at him, stared him in the face and seeing any defiance was hopeless she knelt in front of Jonas. Rearranging the folds of his toga Jonas allowed his hard aroused manhood to protrude outwards until it was almost touching Utta's face. "Kiss it!" He said slowly watching Utta's reaction. Seeing her hesitate he repeated louder "KISS IT! And remember Alizah. DO NOT BITE!"

Utta started crying and tried to object but Jonas grabbed her hair and forced Utta's mouth onto his cock. "Kiss it gently, softly." Utta gave a tiny peck kiss onto the uncircumcised head and felt Jonas twitch as he softly groaned. "Now a full kiss ... mmmmmmmmm!" He responded as Utta finally gave a proper kiss.

Utta sensed the second twitch and felt a little fluid escape from the tip. Not knowing how to respond she allowed it to drip onto her lower lip. "That's better" said Jonas "And that fluid? That contains the seed that will this night flood your womb. The very thought excited Jonas and he commanded "Now gently suck on it. Taste me, know me mmmmmmmmmmm!"

Utta remembered the advice she had received and although she was tempted to gag she took him into her mouth. Nursing Jonas' member in the folds of her tongue she felt a strange excitement rage through her body and hated herself for it.

Jonas found himself losing control and was worried he would explode prematurely. "S ... Stop!" He said as he sought to maintain his dignity. Withdrawing his shaft from Utta's mouth he reached out and pulled her up towards him. Untying the tapes that held the front to Utta's virginal white dress he released her breasts and with one movement his own toga was on the floor.

Her naked breasts pressing against the warmth of Jonas' hairy chest Utta felt a strange warmth as her nipples became hard like beads she found herself losing the battle with her own body. Turning her round Jonas positioned her so her back was to the bed as he pulled her into a kiss that caused Utta to shut her eyes in passion.

Utta moaned as Jonas' right hand explored her left breast and she felt strange warmth invading her most private area. Gently feeling Jonas pushing her down onto the bed Utta found her body caressed by the furs that covered it. Lowering himself down next to her Jonas again claimed her mouth as he removed the lower coverings of her dress. Leaving her mouth his lips claimed her right nipple and Utta moaned and groaned as first his tongue danced with it and then his teeth gently nibbled it.

Struggling to both enjoy and resist at the same time Utta found herself in unfamiliar territory but she managed to attempt one last appeal to her conqueror. "No ... please ... st ... stop ... don't ... don't force me. Stop it ..." But by now she knew all resistance was futile not only was her enemy overpowering her but her body was fighting her will and she showed her surrender by initiating a long passionate groan as she arched against her enemy trying to encourage him to penetrate her.

Moving his hands down to her mound Jonas used his left middle finger to judge the state of play. Feeling Utta's warm wetness he tore his mouth away from her aching breast and whispered passionately "My, I'm expected aren't I?"

To his surprise Utta nodded and said in a whisper "Only my body wants you to take me, make love to me. Make me a woman. My mind says 'no'" Jonas covered her mouth with his as manoeuvred himself so his urgent manhood was just above her entrance. Allowing it to tease the smooth shaved opening he began to lower himself on to her and gently pushed in about a quarter of an inch. Feeling Utta arch again and moan into his mouth he moved a little further gradually claiming her most sacred treasure.

Utta was in a frenzy of lust and confusion now. This Roman's cock was invading her, exploring sites nothing, not even her own hand, had explored before and creating a storm of desire and passion on a level she believed was not humanly possible. Utta the tomboy warrior was embracing her femininity and enjoying it. When she felt the tip of his manhood come up against her barrier she panicked, opening her eyes in shock she cried out "No, NO! ... Please DON'T!" Her words were silenced by his mouth as he again claimed it and began to slowly push forward while his right hand claimed her left breast.

Breaking from her mouth he said breathlessly "It is true. You are a virgin warrior." With those words he reclaimed her mouth and pushed forward. At first he encountered resistance but drawing back slightly he rammed forward ripping through Utta's hymen and changing her for ever from a girl into a woman.

Utta could feel the pressure and panicked as Jonas whispered his words of lust. Utta felt a sharp searing pain rip through her and cried out in agony. But any cry was dampened by her rapist's mouth. Feeling warm blood seep out of her womanhood she trembled as Jonas removed his mouth and whispered "You WERE a virgin warrior!"

Panic set in as Utta realised what was finally happening to her. Within minutes Jonas would have deposited his seed and Utta could even be pregnant with his child. But, instead of just emptying himself inside her, Jonas appeared to be considerate. He seemed to be allowing her time to get used to the feel of him invading her most precious space.

Soon Utta was aware that the sharp pain had mellowed into a dull ache and at the same time Jonas began moving slowly up and down, in and out like a human piston. At first the movements refreshed the pain in Utta's torn hymen but soon it faded to be replaced by other sensations. Desire, then lust followed by the beginning of pleasure ending with undiluted passion. To her surprise, shock and disgust Utta found her body moving with Jonas. Little murmurs, groans and whimpers began escaping her mouth as her body arched giving Jonas greater access.

The sounds Utta gave off began working on Jonas' self-control and his lust fuelled by the desire of this wild creature that no man had ever tamed melting to his manhood began to envelope him.

Then nature took over and the muscles in Utta's channel clamped onto Jonas' shaft holding it in place yet stimulating the release of his seed. The primitive make up of Utta's body sought fulfilment. A fulfilment that both disgusted her but excited her. One that would result in both participants surrendering to their most basic needs.

The pace became faster and urgent until Utta threw her head back, opened her mouth and released a cry of pure animal lust and passion. She surrendered to her first ever orgasm and a sensation of warmth and fulfilment erupted through her body as her channel released a flood of passion juice that bathed Jonas' manhood as she came violently on the head.

Jonas, aroused by Utta's passion, surrendered to his own desires and called out to his gods as he exploded deep inside her forcing wave after wave of his seed into Utta's virgin womb as it convulsed against the onrush of her love fluid.

Feeling Jonas seed violate her innocence caused Utta to soar to even greater heights of passion as her nails tore into his back and every part of her body became engulfed in the flames of desire.

How long this continued Utta had no idea but it seemed an eternity. It was only as the lust finally began to subside that she became aware of the magnitude of what had taken place. "No, no, NO!" She yelled as she felt violated and unclean. As tears flowed from her eyes she knew she had at last surrendered to the feminine side of her nature and had in every sense become a woman.

Jonas came to a halt and rolled off his conquest holding her in his arms. Placing a finger to her mouth he tried to silence her and whispered "You surprised even yourself by enjoying that didn't you?" Seeing Utta trying to protest he kissed her cheek "I'm honoured. Just make sure you take care of my baby."

The old Utta was beginning to return as she protested "Don't flatter yourself Roman! That was rape, you raped me and you know it!"

Chuckling Jonas whispered "You can deceive yourself if you wish, but you and I know that that was anything but rape!" Moving from her he sat up in the bed. "I know you will be sore" he looked at the blood and semen on the furs "so I will allow you to rest and clean yourself up. Then we can explore something else tomorrow night."

Moving her legs Utta felt the pain of her ruptured barrier give her a deep jolt while remnants of Jonas' seed trickled from her womanhood. Turning her face to the pillows she sobbed herself to sleep.

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