tagSci-Fi & Fantasy"60" Percent

"60" Percent


"I didn't mean for it to happen, it's just that... I mean look at her, her arm there, you see it. I thought she was... a... fembot." I looked up at the holocop, his image flickering slightly in the rain. "If I knew she was... I wouldn't have..."

"So you claim you thought she was a manufactured..."

"I swear it officer, I mean look at her arm and there her thigh too."

"I've asked for an analyst, but you need to wait here."

"For sure," I knew there was no escaping a holocop, I mean those bastards were fast and they walked through walls. It all had to do with bent light or something.

"While we wait for the analyst to arrive I'll need you to tell me what happened. Now I've graphed the scene and if you just look toward the light and speak, I will record you. You understand I will be recording this?"

"Yes, yes of course, you are recording," as if he hadn't already recorded everything that happened since he arrived. Fortunately he arrived too... no, no you don't need to know that.

"What was that? I didn't get that," he wavering form said sternly.

"No, no, it was nothing. Just talking to myself."

"Well, speak up, that is admissible."

"Of course," I replied, yeah, yeah everything is admissible.

"Are you speaking yet?"

"Sorry, sorry, now what exactly..."

"Just tell me what happened after you met this woman..."

"But it's not..."

"Okay, okay, alleged woman. What happened after you met this alleged woman in the bar."

"Okay," I started, "she was drinking and it wasn't no frosty. From what I could smell on her breath it seemed hydraulic instead of hallucinogenic, so I immediately figured, "Oh yeah, got me a fembot." She was obviously freeform the way she wore her hair. Anyway, I sat down beside her... that's when I saw her arm," I nodded down at the arm oddly twisted behind her back.

I wiped the water that had dripped down my face and then asked, "Where was I?"

"You saw her arm."

"Yes, yes her arm. Well I kind of figured so I turned my barstool and faced her straight away. I took my hand and slid it under her skirt and found more metal, warm metal, transistor driven I imagine. Now I figure if she is anything but fembot well she'll strike back. No this one just smiled and asked if I did that to everyone I met.

"I explained that I only did that to the sixty percenters."

"How did you know she was sixty percent construct?"

"Well I figured, I mean an arm and a leg that's an easy forty, and with her sucking down hydraulic fluid she was an easy sixty. So anyway, with my hand still up her dress with a firm hold of her platinum thigh she asked me, 'Are you invoking?'

"I told her, 'Of course I'm invoking,' I mean do you blame me?" I paused, looking over the officer's image to see if he was leaning my way. His expressionless gaze led me to continue, "I mean it's my right as a human citizen... any bot without security attachment was subject to the law."

"Your speaking of Asimov's."

"Exactly. It had been a while since I had any sex and well, after getting worked up I was sure to experience harm unless she intervened."


"Blueballs and all," I replied, motioning to my crotch.

"Yes and since a robot must not through any action or inaction bring harm to a human, she must act to prevent blueballs," he said, while jotting something down outside the holoimage.

"That's it. I'm glad you're finally seeing it my way. Anyway, once I invoked all we needed to decide was where to do the deed. Now I'd have liked to take her uptown, you know... a nice hotel, but well, I'm kind of banned from there."


"East fifteenth to seventeen," I replied, unbuttoning my collar and showing him my necklace.


"I brought her back here."


"Hey, we all got to live and shit it wasn't like she was a tender virgin. She's full on bot and I invoked. I should have done her right there in the bar."

"So instead...,"

"So I brought her back here. She leaned back against the wall and I lifted her skirt. Red diodes flickered up her thigh so I kneeled down to take a taste. I mean bots are okay, a little metallic flavored, but as I pulled her panties aside and pushed my tongue in I tasted woman, pure woman. Well not so pure but it was woman.

"Now she didn't stop me so I continued working her pussy and then went up to her clit. Yeah even I like to please them, even if they are bot."

"But you said you tasted woman."

"Sixty percent rule... remember. Now while the pussy may take 80% of the attention, it's only say 10% of the woman, or bot in this case."

"Okay, okay, we'll figure that out for sure when the analyst arrives. So go on, you were about to please her?"

"Yes, you find that button and wow they respond. Yeah I could hear the hydraulics pumping, the transistors firing and the switches clicking as she pumped her hips back and forth, back and forth. When she finally came I heard her pleading, "Fuck me now, fuck me please."

"Fuck me please?"

"Those were her words, I swear it."

"So you..."

Nodding, I replied, "So I fucked her."


"Well, we were going at it and we got tangled up. I mean I was putting it to her and she was moving like a good whore when she made an odd move and she pinned my arms down with that bot hand of hers. I mean she had a good hold of me, which wasn't so bad, but then she grabs my balls with her other hand.

"Now I'm not slowing down thinking I might want to keep this bot when she squeezes, squeezes hard. Well I try to pull away, but that bot arm has such a hold. I figure I got one last chance here so I play my trick."


"I got this trick... from back in my younger days. I can snap my elbow out of place. Basically bend it all the way backwards. I'd show you now but it is hell getting back in place. So anyway, I snap my elbow and slip out of her hold. She keeps squeezing my balls and I feel a burning, so I grab that pipe there and hit her on the head.

"After the first hit she screamed and after the second hit she let go of my balls. I guess it was the third hit that did her."

"So you admit you killed her."

"Fuck man she had my balls, I feared for my life," I paused as a man in a white lab coat carrying a black bag whirred over. "You..."

"The analyst," he said opening his bag.

"But you're..."

"Ah, ah, forty percent," he replied.

"Okay then," I said as he moved over to the body. "How long..."

"I am done here. Officer," he paused, nodding his head toward the holo image, "here's my report." The man then grabbed his bag and whirred away.

"Okay sir," the officer began, "I thought this might be the case."

"What might be the case?"

"We'd had several reports in the area. You are a very lucky man."

"Lucky, I damn near had by balls yanked off."

"Well, that last three men your lady friend there met did have theirs yanked off. Yanked off just before she killed them."


"Yes she did."

"But she was a bot, what about the law, I didn't think she could..."

"I never said she was a bot."

"But her arm... and her thigh..."

"Her hand too. That hand tugging your testicles was also robotic."

"So she was a fembot, how could she..."

"No, no, the analyst confirmed it. One hand, three fourths of an arm and part of her thigh and a bit of her left breast. All in all it added up to fifty nine percent."

"Fifty nine percent?'

"That's right, just under sixty percent robotic making her a legal human."

"So why did she let me invoke?"

"That was her ploy, just like with the other men. She cons then into thinking she was a fembot and when they invoke, she leads them straight to their death."

"But why?"

"I got to figure she was so close to being bot that she had some sympathy for them. Guess she figured she was standing up for the fembots who couldn't fight back, who had to accept an invocation. I have to wonder if there are anymore out there like her. The thought is really a bit frightening considering how many men feel free to invoke."

"Fuck, the robots are fighting back."

"No, not the robots, the fifty nine percenters."

"Damn, what's a guy to do?"

"Why not try asking a woman instead of invoking?"

"What, that's crazy, why would a woman..."

"You'll never know until you try."

"I guess so. What do I do now?"

"Well, our cleanup crews will arrive soon. Once they arrive you'll be free to go. I recommend you head straight home, without invoking on the way."

"Yeah, I think you're right."

"Be careful out there," the officer said before the image twinkled out.

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