7:17 pm Ch. 2


Allan mumbled his halfhearted agreement, and clambered after her. I could hear them chatting over at the fridge, quite animatedly, and figured the night of story telling was being brought to an end. But when they returned, Dave pounced.

"You are not going to tell me that was it?"

Bess drew a long breath.

"No. I didn't have a clue what was going to happen next. The truth is, I didn't know what I wanted to happen next. Then the footsteps moved away, really slowly, and I thought it was over. But then I heard the rustling of clothes, a zipper, and the groan of the bed as someone lay on it. I began to feel really drained, and slid to the floor. I desperately wanted to sleep, there and then, and would have, except I heard the most unexpected sound."

'What was it?" Dave asked.



"Whoever was in my room had my comfortable bed and was sound asleep. I thought, 'Well fuck you! I'm not going to lay here and be uncomfortable.' So I sneaked over and climbed into the bed as delicately as I could, making sure I didn't touch or disturb whoever it was. I reckon I must have fell asleep in seconds."

"So, who was it?" Allan asked.

"Let her finish!" Dave and I interjected in unison. Bess ignored the question, instead laughing at the irony of two people so un-alike thinking as one.

"I don't know when it was, but sometime while it was still really dark, I woke up. I was still laying flat on my back, as I like to do when I sleep. I figured it must have been some movement in the bed that disturbed me, because everything was still deathly silent. I could hear breathing beside me, and for an instant thought about pretending to toss and turn, so I could roll over onto my stomach. Then I heard a new sound, something familiar but elusive, accompanied by more movement in the bed. I was thinking, 'It sounds like....it sounds like.... foil tearing.' Then I heard the faint ping of rubber and a shiver racked my body as I realised- a condom!"

"Oh my God!" Dave screamed.

Bess continued. "My heart began pounding with fear confused with excitement. All the time I'd been thinking, 'No noise. Don't make a noise'. And now someone beside me was getting a condom ready. I lay frozen, my legs squeezed tightly together, waiting for whatever was next to happen; hoping nothing would. Then with a laboured groan, the bed protested as the body beside me rolled over, and further, almost crushing the breath out of me as all of the giant frame was lowered onto me. My legs felt like they would break under the weight, and I had to relent, wiggling them apart so the huge hips could slip between them and onto the bed. It was still uncomfortable, with my legs spread flat out, but there was no way I was going to lift them up. He lunged forward, and the bed banged against the wall. 'Ssshhh!' I uttered impulsively, reaching behind me to brace against the wall. He seemed to stall, before grabbing my wrists and resuming with a single determined effort that jammed a cock-head that felt the size of an apple between my pussy lips. I raised my knees a little, and the pain momentarily eased into a strange pressure, before returning, and I lifted my legs a little higher. The pressure returned, pleasurable compared to anything before it, and I spread higher and wider, until suddenly, the head slid inside me."

"What the fuck were you thinking?" stormed Allan. I couldn't believe I was hearing this from a bloke who had earlier in the night seen his girlfriend do his best mate; all because of a ridiculous bet.

But Bess wasn't about to be distracted now. It was as if she wanted to get this story out; get it behind them, and deal with the consequences later.

"The truth is, I was thinking, 'This feels good. And he has a condom on.' Just then, he let go of my arms, and the bed lurched, quietly this time, as he raised himself onto his elbows and eased his weight off me. My next surprise was when he withdrew his cock, until it just brushed my lips, before very slowly sneaking the head back in. I was turning into a confused mess, not helped when his warm breath was at my ear, and he whispered, 'Your move.' I was taking forever to answer, trying to make sense of the voice, and he started to pull out again. I took one hand off the wall, and placed it on his back, stopping him. 'Not good enough,' he murmured, dragging his mouth across my ear and onto my cheek. I began to slide my hand up his back in response, and his mouth poised over mine, a decision about a kiss now more significant than the fact the head of his black cock was already in me. I slid my hand higher, up his neck until.....until....."

"Fuck, Bess! Don't do this to us. Until what?" I asked.

"Dreadlocks! I could feel these dreadlocks. It was as if a huge bolt of lightning went through my body. I'm not sure what happened to time, but when it returned, my hand was still on the back of his head. I pulled him to me and we kissed ever so lightly. All the time he was gently rocking, the head of his cock barely moving, yet my pussy started to seep uncontrollably. I drew my knees back towards me- they must have been past the vertical by now- and his cock slipped out with an audible pop! 'Ssshh!' we said together."

"That started me giggling. It must have released some kind of emotional pressure valve, because I couldn't stop. I tried smothering any sound I was making, but that just set Ken off, and soon the bed was rocking to our muffled hearty laughter. It sounded just like we were getting it off, which made us laugh even more. Eventually sanity returned. I lay there quietly contemplating what had happened; knowing whatever happened next would now be the result of a conscious decision. Then Ken whispered, 'I think it's still your move.' I nodded- as if he could see in the dark!- and slid my hand under him, finding his now semi-deflated cock, the wet condom untidily gathered towards the head. I held his cock briefly, and remember thinking, 'I can't get my hand around this.' It began to feel even softer, and so I eventually said something like, 'I think this means we are all agreed. You won't be needing this any more.' I started to roll off the condom, but he stopped me, and whispered into my ear, 'Are you sure about that?'
'I'm sure,' I croaked, and continued until it was off. I reached over, and tossed the condom on the floor beside the bed. Then, on impulse, I kissed him and said breathily, 'Thanks for understanding.' He kissed me back, his tongue in my mouth, somehow, very suggestively, licking the inside of my lips."
'My pleasure,' he mouthed. 'Besides, what's there to understand about a white girl that wants their black man to do them bareback?'


That's when all hell broke loose in the fishing hut.

Allan jumped to his feet, and screamed, "I don't want to hear any more of this crap!"

"Oh! Shut the fuck up!" bellowed Dave, fearing he was about to be denied the climax. I know how he felt. "It's up to Bess. Besides, you don't know what happened."

"I can have a pretty good guess though. Jesus, Dave, think about it. She let you blow in her tonight." Allan turned and sneered towards me. "That's right, Charlie! Your precious Bess fucked Dave tonight. It could have been you, but you were too fuckin' useless to find this place in time-"

"Allan!" interjected Bess. "Get a grip! Besides, whose idea was it? Eh? Tell him, Allan! Whose fucking idea was it?"
"It's none of my business," I replied, before he could. "It's just a game, right! Bess could be making it up, for all we know. And what if it is true? What if she said no? Worse still, what if she said no, but he did it anyway. Christ Allan, wouldn't you rather hear she wanted it."

To give him his credit; he sobered up immediately.

"Sorry, Bessy" he said quietly. "I've loved your story so far. And I'd like you to continue if you want to."

"Me too," Dave added.

Bess turned to me.

"Hey. It goes without saying."

Gradually, we all made our way back to the floor of the fishing hut in the middle of the mudflats. Outside, a chorus of birds broke into a magnificent song. On any other night, I would have called it incomparable. But it was competing with the seductive tone of Bess, saying-

"Now, boys, where was I up to?"

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