9 Stone Cum Queen Rides the Train


He sees swinging back and forth. My skirt is short enough that he can see my panties.

He can see my long power full legs. My long black smooth knee socks. My high heels.

Listen, here's an idea, why don't you buy your wife some high heels. Take a pair of her shoes into a shop and buy something expensive. The girl in the shop will help you buy the right size. Give them to her and say that they aren't for a birthday, they are because you love her but you want to fuck her in high heels.

Why won't your wife let you fuck her in high heels? It isn't fair? I'd let you.

Ask her. It can't hurt. Next time you're pounding her pussy, whisper in her ear, "I want to fuck you in six inch stilettos."

Let me know how it goes.

I go through the ticket barrier. He follows.

I walk out the station. I head north. He follows.

This is a nice area of London. There are offices and old pubs and wine bars.

There is always somewhere to fuck.

I turn left then right, and so on and so forth. We are behind a pub. It is a quiet alley. There are some beer barrels.

We are alone but we must be quick.

I turn around and face him.

He can barely walk because of his big hard erection.

How is your erection? Hold on love, we are near the end now.

"How would you like to fuck me?" I ask. "I could get down on my back and pull my legs wide apart. I don't mind lying on the cold hard concrete. You could fuck me like that. I could put my hands on that wall. I could spread my hands wide apart. I could stretch my legs wide apart. With my six-inch heels I reckon my cunt would be just the right height for your cock. I could get on my knees like a dog. I could get on my knees like a slut. The concrete would be hard on my knees. I would probably put a hole in my sexy knee socks. My high heels would be splayed out behind me. You would fuck me hard with your cock. I have a tight cunt. If you have a small cock I can close my cunt walls around it and make it feel tight. If you have a medium size cunt, it will be a nice tight fit. If you have a big cock it will feel fantastic. You will stretch my cunt and it will hurt a little but it will be gorgeous."

Dave starts taking his cock out. He says, "I have a bigger than an average cock. I will fuck you on all fours. Get down, you slut."

I turn around. I place my purse in front of me. I get on my knees. I put my hands out in front of me.

I'm on all fours like a dog. Like whore.

The ground is hard, cold and uncomfortable.

Like a slutty, whore in high heels who would let just about anybody fuck her hard in a back alley.

My tits feel like they are going to explode. My nipples are so hard. My shaven cunt is dripping with pussy juice.

I turn around. He has his shaft out. He has a big hard dick. He is right, he has a bigger than average cock. This cock will fill me up. He has a huge bell end.

I say, "Just pull my panties to one side, don't bother taken them off. Just pull them to one side."

Here's the thing...

In my first story for Literotica a stranger came in my face but I didn't take my stockings off, or my black satin dress.

In my second story three men came in my mouth. I kept on my tight shorts and my black tights and heels.

In my third story I slipped my expensive lilac panties down my legs so that my girlfriend could lick out my ass and cunt. However the knickers were still round my knees when I wanked her husband off into her face.

In this story this man will pull my knickers to one side and fuck the living daylights out of me.

In four stories I have not taken an item of clothing off. In my fifth story I will finally take my top off. I will undo my bra and release my tits. Four men will take their turns covering my tits with cum. It will be so fucking messy.

He gets down. He pushes my tiny skirt over my ass. He must be surprised to see such a big white ass sticking out high like that. My ass cheeks are smooth white and round. He can't stop himself from stroking my ass.

It's nice but not what I want. I say, "Pull my panties to one side and fuck my cunt."

He pulls my panties to one side. I get my legs wide apart. He positions himself. I feel the tip of his cock at the lips of my pussy.

I am so ready.

I've waited so long.

My cunt, my gorgeous cunt is wet and ready for cock.

Oh please let him fuck me hard.

I move back towards his cock.

His mighty bell end parts my lips.

This is my favourite part. When the widest part of the cock, parts me and goes inside. The rim of his helmet is inside my cunt.

I say, "I shaved my cunt this morning just for you. I don't know who you are but I made sure you got a freshly shaven cunt."

Dave ploughed forward. Half his cock is in. It feels magnificent.

"All the way." I say and rock back onto his shaft.

He pulls back and then rams his complete length into my sweet, sweet pussy. I take his whole cock in my tight cunt. He is pulling me apart. I love his sweet cock.

I love any cock.


He pulls back. He thrusts forward.

He pulls back. He thrusts forward.

I rock with him. I match his rhythm. He is the fourth person in my literotica stories to see my cunt. He is the first to fuck it.

I am being fucked in my six-inch heels on my hands knees in a back alley in the centre of London by a complete stranger.

It feels so good.

I say, "Fuck my cunt."

He says. "Fuck, fuck, it feels so good."

I say, "Fuck this big titted whore. I'm on my knees for you, fuck me hard and quick."

He goes in and out. He is fucking me good.

I feel it start from my tight cunt walls. An orgasm spreads through my cunt and then spreads over my whole body. I always feel the orgasm in my tits. My tits feel like they are filled with electricity.

I come.

I come hard.

I go, "Grrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnaaaahhhh!"

You know what I wish? I wish you could be here. It would be so nice to slip an extra cock in my mouth. You could try and shoot over my face whilst he fills up my cunt.

That's what's going to happen next.

He is fucking me really hard and fast. He is fucking his long legged tart in her high heels and knees sock. He is going to give me so much cum.

I deserve a lot of cum.

I have earned this today.

I am the 9 Stone Cum Queen.

I turn around. I look him straight in the eye.

He looks at my beautiful sweet face, my gorgeous red lips and my smooth white ass.

I murmer, "It's OK honey, let go."

He shoots cum into my throbbing, aching pussy.

He pumps his junk into my beautiful cunt.

He pumps and pumps.

He pumps some more.

My cunt is full of his cum.

It's oozing out of my pussy lips as he continues to pound my glorious little fuck hole.

He pushes one last time and throws a last spurt of jizz up my cunt.

I come again.

My beautiful cunt.

He pulls out.

I fall to one side.

I am an absolutely beautiful little slut. I am dressed in six inch heels, black knee socks, short black skirt and tight white t-shirt. I am lying on the floor of a London back alley.

Cum is oozing out of my pussy.

Here I am.

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