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Kings and Queens Ch. 05


This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sitcom series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Kings & Queens – Chapter 5

Doug and Carrie and Jeff and Katie

Doug sat at the table, finishing up the eggs and sausages as Carrie busied herself preparing for another day at the office. Doug laughed and picked up a sausage link. "Hey Carrie, ever wonder what it would feel like to have one of these up your butt?"

Carrie looked at him and gave him a weak smile. "Uh... in a word... no." she replied.

"Careful there wifey." he cautioned her. "You might end up wearing one of these to work."

"What... in my ass?" Carrie laughed.

"Sure, why not?" Doug replied. "It's nice and greasy, it'll slip right in there." he told her, reaching over to grab her rear. Carrie slapped his hand away and instantly knew that was a mistake.

"WhoaWhoaWHOA" Doug growled as he took a swing, landing the palm of his hand square across her butt. "I do NOT think that was appropriate bitch." he barked at her. "Tonight Dougie gets a little somethin' extra." he told her. "Come home on time and get your ass in the shower." he told her.

"Um... okay Doug." Carrie said softly. "Whatever you want." she added, grabbing her purse and heading for the bus stop on her way to the train. She didn't want to guess what Doug's 'a little somethin' extra' might mean; but she needed a plan to disarm whatever he might have up his sleeve.

Doug put on his IBS uniform and headed into the office. Gotta think up something good for Carrie tonight! he thought as he rolled up to the warehouse. Deacon was just arriving as well, giving Doug a high five as he stepped out of the Jeep. "How you doin', bro?" Deac asked. "Things doing good with that wife of yours these days?" he asked.

Doug laughed. "Yeah man, and that is one tight ass on that girl, too."

"Tell me about it." Deac replied. "Oh, that's right, you don't need to tell me about that." he laughed.

"Yeah, yeah." Doug grumbled. "Hey, I did Kelly's ass too ya know."

"Oh I know brother. She told me about it." Deacon smiled. "Hey listen Doug, I don't mean to tease you about it. I'm just glad you got that shit squared away." he said. "No hard feelings man." he held out his hand, shaking Doug's when he took it.

"Yeah, I gotta come up with somethin' good tonight." Doug said. "She sassed me this morning just before she left."

"Aw, just rip off her fuckin' panties and fuck her up the ass on the kitchen table man." Deacon suggested. "Make it hurt, then make her suck you dry and clean." he added.

"Not a bad idea." Doug responded. "If it wasn't for Arthur. Oh man, I'll think of somethin', let's get in there." he added, locking the truck and heading inside.

Carrie was typing a report for Pruzan when Katie came over and sat down in her 'guest' chair. "Got a minute Carrie?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah Katie, what's up?" Carrie replied.

"Um... it's kinda personal" Katie responded. "But... well.. Jeff and I had a... group thing..." she stammered.

"What, like a party?" Carrie pursued.

"Um... yeah, kinda." Katie told her. "A sex party." she added, holding a finger to her lips. "A-and the couple b-backed out... and I was wondering... if maybe you and Doug.."

"A foursome?" Carrie whispered hoarsely. "Group sex with you and Jeff?"

"Um... yeah..." Katie replied.

A light went on in Carrie's head. "I think that might be fun. When?" she asked.

"This Friday." Katie replied. "I know it's short notice..." she apologized.

Carrie handed her a notepad and a pen. "Just write down your address and phone number, and when you'd like us to show up." Carrie said. Watching as the attractive redhead wrote the information on the pad and handed it back to her. "I have to confirm with Doug; but I'm sure he won't mind." Carrie told her with a smile. "Can I bring anything?" she asked.

"Just Doug." Katie replied, winking. "Oh... and some of whatever you guys want to drink I guess." she added.

"See you Friday Katie." Carrie said, looking at the pad. "Seven sharp." Alright... whatever Dougie has in mind, this will put him right on the floor. He LOVES Katie and her red hair. she thought, watching the young woman walk away. and a cute little heinie, too!...

The day went quickly and Carrie lost no time on her route home. She walked past the Jeep in the garage on her way in, so she knew Doug was home. "Hey baby." she called, dropping her purse on the counter before grabbing a beer.

"Hey Carrie." Doug responded, sprawled on the sofa.

Carrie went back to the fridge to grab a brew for Doug before she faced him. She went through the shutters to find him where she expected he would be. "Here ya go Dougie." she said sweetly, handing him the beer. She clinked her bottle to his. "Here's to playing with new friends." she said.

"Huh? What the fuck are you talkin' about Carrie?" Doug demanded.

"Well... you remember Katie from my office?" Carrie asked.

"Oh yeah... cute redhead with the tight ass?" Doug replied, licking his lips. "Man... would I love to..."

"Yeah, that's the one." Carrie acknowledged. "She and her guy Jeff have invited us to a private little party on Friday." Carrie told him.

"What... like to play cards or something lame like that?" Doug asked.

"No Doug. It's a sex party... just the four of us." Carrie told him. "As in... you get to fuck Katie." she added.

Doug looked at her, not believing what he'd just heard. "Are you serious?" he asked. "How do I know you're serious?"

Carrie pulled out the note and handed it to him. "That's Katie's handwriting, their address and phone number, and the time." Carrie told him.

"Holy crap." Doug exclaimed. "So... Jeff gets to fuck you, too, right?"

"Well yeah Doug, that's what a foursome is." Carrie replied.

"Alright, alright. I get it." Doug said. "Well that's two days away and I need a blow job." he told her, unzipping his pants. "Come on over and show Dougie some love" he ordered, pulling out his soft penis.

"Oh... alright..." Carrie responded, leaning across to take his unwashed cock into her mouth. He was hard in a few minutes, his hands pawing at her office attire. He shoved his hand into the back of her pants, his fingers groping at her buttocks as his other hand pushed her head down. "mmmGLLPHHHh" she squealed as he shoved a dry finger up her ass.

"That's it Carrie, suck Dougie's dick while he fingerfucks your tight ass." he taunted her. "Suck it nice and maybe I won't put it HERE" he barked, jamming his middle digit to the hilt in her butthole. Oh yeah, two days and I'll find out how tight that Katie butt is... he thought, grabbing Carrie's hair to force her lips up and down on his meat. Her muffled protestations only served to urge him on, and he yanked the finger from her ass, pushed it into her un-stimulated pussy, gathered whatever moisture he could, then pushed two fingers into her resisting asshole. He felt her teeth make contact and yanked on her hair to pull her off. "No fucking teeth bitch, unless you'd rather I shove that up HERE" he barked, roughly gouging at her rectum. "Now SUCK" he demanded, shoving her mouth back down on his throbbing cock. Doug fucked Carrie's mouth for fifteen minutes before he felt the sudden spasm and shoved her mouth down hard. "Oh yeah baby... drink it down... SUCK ITTTT" he growled, yanking his two digits from her butt so he could use both hands. He emptied his load in Carries gurgling throat, holding her head in place until his dick began to soften. Then he pulled her head up and tossed her aside. "Nice blowjob Carrie." he spat at her. "Now go clean yourself up." he ordered, grabbing his beer and the TV remote.

"You don't have to be so rough you know." Carrie said softly. "I-I know I've been..."

"What you've been is a shitty wife Carrie." Doug interrupted her. "Now you get to make up for that. Ten years of that." he told her, finishing the beer. "Now get me another beer and hit the showers." he ordered.

"O-okay." she stammered, taking his empty bottle and retrieving a fresh one to bring to him on her way upstairs. She handed him the bottle, getting a grumble and a sneer, then headed up to do as he demanded. Hopefully this party on Friday would give her some relief - but how would it be to fuck Jeff in front of her husband? she wondered. Will Katie let Doug do her in the ass, and would Jeff want her that way? Carrie was starting to get anxious as the water flowed down over her body. She soaped herself, making a special effort to clean thoroughly between her legs and buttocks - where Doug would surely want to go.

Doug had finished the beer and decided to go up to see what was taking Carrie so long. He enterred the bathroom quietly, watching Carrie through the glass shower door. "Yeah baby, get that ass nice and soapy." he said, pulling off his clothes.

"Is that you Doug?" Carrie asked, trying to rinse herself quickly. Then the shower door opened abruptly and he joined her, his hands groping at her breasts, then at her cunt, and finally at her still soapy ass. A thick finger was again thrust into her rear. "yiAHHH... take it easy dammit!" she barked, knowing instantly that was the wrong response as a second digit burrowed into her rear. At least there's soap for lube!

"I think I'll take it however I want to take it bitch. Now get down there and make it hard." Doug barked, yanking his digits from her butt to push her down by her shoulders. "SUCK" he ordered, pulling her face to his crotch. Doug felt her lips surrounding his meat and forced it into her mouth until her face was mashed into his pubes. "Yeah Carrie... that's right... get my dick nice and hard and wet for your ass.." he barked, feeling his organ growing as his wife sucked. He glanced down, watching his cock move in and out of her mouth. "Okay baby, when I pull out you're going to stand up, turn around, and bend over so I can slide this up your asshole." Doug told her. Then he pulled her head off his meat and reached down, hooking his fingers under her arms to yank her to a standing position. He turned her around, one hand going to her belly while the other pushed the back of her head. "Bend over and give me that ass, bitch." he demanded.

"Gawd Doug, alright, alright." Carrie said softly, letting him force her into position. She felt his fingers moving around her anus, then the head of his dick pressed against her niggardly brown hole. "yiiiAHHHHFUCK" she howled as her husband forced his penis halfway up her butt. At least he won't last long back there! she hoped.

Doug shoved his dong into Carries resisting ass, grinding his hips as he pushed all the way inside. "Fucking tight ass Carrie. Fucking tight. I hope Jeff fucks your ass on Friday." Doug spat at her, his hips pumping as he sodomized his wife. Yeah... I wonder if Katie is up for some butt sex... oh fuck yeah... he fantasized, looking down to watch his hard dick sliding in and out of Carrie's snug little pooper. She had loosened up a little since the first time he fucked her ass; but was still damn tight. He felt his cock twitch, grabbed her hips, and began pounding into her butthole. "Yeah baby... YEAH baby... TAKE IT UP YOUR TIGHT ASS!" he growled, ramming his semen-spurting meat into Carrie's snug rear. He pumped until his balls were empty, then simply yanked his organ out of her and spun her around. "Clean me off" he ordered, pushing at her shoulders again.

"Wha..." Carrie stammered, unable to resist the pressure of his hands. "N-no..." she cried as her husband forced his mucky dick into her mouth.

"That's right Carrie... clean your ass off my cock... suck it clean..." he growled, his hips writhing as she gurgled and choked. "Use your tongue, bitch." he ordered, easing up on his pressure as he felt her wet oral digit swirling around his meat. "Awwww that's a good girl Carrie... lick it clean..." Doug told her, releasing her head as he reached over to turn off the water. He pulled Carrie up and gave her a swat on her fleshy buttcheeks. "Come on wife, dry yourself off and go fix me some dinner." he barked, watching her cute round rearend as she walked away.

Carrie dried off while Doug leered at her naked body, then pulled on a sweatshirt and pants to head downstairs. I gotta find a way to please him so he isn't so rough! she thought, going straight to the downstairs bathroom to put some soothing balm on her tender anus. Back in the kitchen, she pulled some chicken and fixin's out knowing Doug would like it and got to work. She was right, he did, and then he headed out 'for a few beers with the guys', leaving her alone for the evening. Thank God!

The rest of the week went quickly, and Doug was getting antsy with his newfound 'sexual liberation'. And I'm gonna be doin' Katie in a few hours... he thought to himself, feeling especially good. He'd realized as he drove in to work this morning that he hadn't fucked Carrie at all the previous evening, letting her off the hook for the first day in more than a week. He was pissed at himself until he remembered about this evening's party. Five rolled around and he was out in the Jeep headed home.

Carrie walked in the back door. "Hey babe" she called, knowing he was home. Then she kept still and heard the shower upstairs. Heh... at least he's doing that without being reminded. Katie will appreciate that later.. she thought, chuckling to herself as she got out a frozen pizza. She was about to put it in the oven when Doug came down dressed only in his boxers. "Whataya doin' Carrie? I figured we'd grab some dinner on the way to Jeff and Katie's." he said, slapping her on the butt.

"Oh... okay, I didn't know." Carrie responded, putting the pizza back in the box and the box back in the freezer. "Where we goin'?" she asked.

"Oh I dunno, Cooper's?" Doug suggested. Carrie gave him the eye. "General Chang's?" she smiled. "Chinese it is then. Get your sweet ass up and hit the showers." he said, reaching into the fridge for a beer. Doug walked outside to drink his brew in the fresh air. He glanced at his watch. Yeah... some quick dinner and a short ride and we'll be havin' some fun with Katie and Jeff... and if Jeff wants Carrie's ass he can have it... Doug decided. I just wonder what that cute little butt looks like... he wondered, finishing the beer as Carrie emerged from the house. She tossed him his jeans and a shirt.

"For God's sake Doug... drinking beer in your boxers..." Carrie laughed.

Jeff Willson and Katie Iverson weren't married; but they'd lived together for almost four years in what they would both describe as an 'open' relationship. Jeff had taken a handful of other lovers during that time, and Katie had as well; but most of the 'openness' came in the form of group sex parties and several threesomes and foursomes. They both enjoyed the variety, and both got a thrill from watching their 'significant other' having sex with someone else. Jeff had even enjoyed a couple of threesomes with the third being a bi-sexual girl, and loved watching the two girls feast on each other. The two busied themselves with house preparations before taking a shower together. By the time the Heffernan's arrived they were ready.

"Carrie..." Katie smiled and gave her co-worker a hug. "This is my - uh - friend Jeff" Katie said.

"And this is my hubby Doug" Carrie offered.

Everyone greeted everyone else and Katie pointed out where everything was - munchies, drinks, bathrooms, etc. "Let's just relax for a bit and get to know each other - since we've never done this together before." Katie suggested. "Can I get you guys a drink?" she asked, taking their orders before going to the bar.

Katie was dressed in a very loose-fitting shirt and 'clingy-but-not-tight' pants. Doug could see no evidence of underwear - either top or bottom. Mmm... easy access... I like it! he thought, accepting the beer when she brought it. And she's even cuter without the makeup he observed, gazing at her rear through the thin fabric of her pants.

Jeff kept an eye on Carrie as she moved about. Cuter than I remember, and a nicely rounded bod too! he thought, chuckling to himself.

Carrie didn't remember much about Jeff; but he was definitely an attractive guy. Tall, well-built, and handsome in a rugged sort of way. I can do him she thought. Hell, I'll blow him right here if he wants! she grinned, wriggling her tush when she knew he was looking.

Doug is kinda cute; but I sure wouldn't want him on top! Katie thought. But it could still be fun! she put the bowl of munchies and dip on the table. "Come on everybody, find a seat." she said, sitting in her favorite spot. "Carrie over there, you know... boy-girl and so on." she added with a chuckle.

The three others sat down with their drinks, Doug's hand the first in the bowl as usual. They shared information as one might expect. Jeff was in high-finance, Katie worked with Carrie at the law firm, yadyadayada. Doug was the first to 'break the ice'. "So... let's get this party rollin'" he said with a laugh, his eyes squarely on the front of Katie's shirt. "Parrrtayyyy"

"Doug... sometimes you're just..." Carrie began.

"No no, he's right." Jeff stopped her, putting his hand atop Carrie's and flashing her a smile. "So... have you two ever been to a... gathering like this before?" Jeff asked.

"Uh... no... not exactly." Carrie responded.

"Well, now there was that fun we had with Deacon and Kelly." Doug offered.

"Okay, so at least you've swapped partners." Katie said, raising her eyebrows to her friend.

"Oh.... I don't know that I would call it a swap... exactly." Carrie said.

"Uh... Deac did you... I did Kelly... I'd call that a swap." Doug chimed in.

"Anyway... Katie and I have done this quite a bit, and... we have some ideas..." Jeff said.

"I'm all ears." Carrie said with a chuckle.

"Okay, well there are two ways we can do this. We can split up and go to separate rooms - we have a spare bedroom all set up - or we can do kind of a foursome thing." Jeff explained.

"Hey, that foursome thing sounds like fun." Doug said.

"Alright, we like that too actually." Katie responded. "I think it's more fun when we can watch if we want." she added with a smile.

"Definitely sounds like fun!" Doug replied.

"Okay, so one of the ways to really get things rolling is for the girls to... uh... go down under" Jeff suggested. "As in... under the table" he clarified.

"Yeah, and down on the dicks" Katie added with a giggle.

Carrie started to push her chair back, licking her lips.

"And.... there are options." Jeff said. "Partners or swaps"

"and naked or not" Katie said.

"Oooo... swaps" Carrie suggested.

"Yeah, and naked." Doug offered.

"Okay, works for me." Katie said, standing up as she pulled her shirt up and over her head. Doug had been right. She wore no bra. Her thumbs hooked into the waistband of her stretchpants and those were down and over her feet in seconds. No panties either. "I'm good." she said.

"WwwwwwwWhoa" Doug grunted, fumbling to get his shirt off as his gaze locked on Katie's naked body. Gawd she's hot! he thought, his fingers pulling at his jeans and shorts.

Carrie made quick work of her outfit, although she wasn't quite as outgoing as her friend. She sat down demurely once she was nude, noting that Jeff had been getting an eyeful. She gave him a smile as his shorts came down. Now we're talkin' baby... she thought as she saw his manhood partially erect.

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