tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 02-04

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 02-04



The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people. This story should read fairly well all alone, but...

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Many of these chapters could go into several different Literotica story categories. Many chapters could go into either First Time, Erotic Couplings, Lesbian, OR Incest, for example.

Specific example: in Chapter 1 there's a small amount of male-male sex. Yet the sex comes about in reaction to female induced arousal. A number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1's purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I'd hope a straight, bi, or gay reader could relate to and enjoy that chapter.

Chapters 2~4 features voyeurism by two inexperienced young males and exhibitionism by a female, but also includes experimental lesbianism between sister's. If you enjoy sex, there should be something [actually a lot of somethings] in it for almost everyone. LOL

Final example, Chapter 50 will be under Mind Control. Unlike many entries in this category, it fits in there because circumstances allow a female to have her every sexual whim acted out by 4 other people in a hopefully credible way.

Thank you. W_S

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* * * * *

Chapter 2 - Two Boys See A Lot Of Two Sisters

Even though we were finally Seniors, our love lives hadn't improved much. Still much desire, but little opportunity.

Our old two-room school was sold to Dean Anderson; he'd turned it into a decent little one-bedroom home. The county built a regional school a year earlier. Now all the kids in the county were bused to a single location. The county had even added a day/night college program so a country resident could earn their Freshman credits locally, then transfer as Sophomores to any state college.

Both of Jim's sister's had signed up for that program. His oldest sister Lynn had graduated two years ago, but didn't have the bucks for college then, so she'd worked to save up more money. Now she could complete her Freshman year, along with Beth, for practically a song. Lynn was one sharp cookie, for her the workload was easy enough for her to continue working as she schooled.

Our centralized school didn't really mean there were many more girls around. Yeah, there were a few more, but they all lived pretty far away. Only Diane Moravik from the closed Hamm Elementary school at the North end of the county ever captured my imagination.

The second Friday in May had been as ordinary as every other day until Jim pulled me aside at recess, obviously excited about something. Using his best conspiratorial tones he hissed, "Tell your folks you gotta stay at my house tonight and stay for the weekend! Tell 'em we're starting a science project, and...and...we need to talk a lot. What ever you do, JUST ARRIVE BY 6:30."

No matter how much I pleaded I couldn't get him to spill his secret, but his permanent shit-eating grin assured me I wanted to be there.

From our farm, it was about a mile and a half to Jim's house. Flying home, I raced through my chores. Luckily I had no problem getting the OK for my over-nighter. Since Jim had stayed at our place the last couple times, it wasn't at all unexpected that I was going to his house. My curiosity was killing. Determined to be there by 6, a half-hour early, I pedaled my ass off getting to Jim's.

At first I thought something had gone wrong, their station wagon was gone. Turned out Jim was there, but his folks had gone to his Mom's 20-year High School reunion in Iowa. Immediately Jim got the third degree from me. Finally, finally, he took me up to his bathroom.

"What do you see?" Jim asked.

His Dad had begun re-modeling their ancient plumbing. He'd ripped out some dumpy old cabinets, the tiny medicine chest, and a crappy old light. There was no mess; he'd cleaned up everything so they'd still be able to use the room. With the old-fashioned light gone, you had to use a very bright work light he'd hung in one corner. With the old towel rack gone, towels and toiletries were now stacked on a little table. Still, the room seemed perfectly usable to me, so what was the big deal?

Jim's grin widened if that's possible. "Come here", he giggled as he trotted back to his room. He slid open the wide door to his huge closet. "What do you see?"

"A closet." I replied sarcastically.

Stay there! Jim closed his blinds. Reaching for the light switch he said, "NOW what do you see!"

The moment his room darkened I understood his glee. With the cabinets removed, the only thing between his room and the bathroom was a wall of quarter inch thick tongue and groove cedar...and some of the knots had fallen out. Obviously we could see into the second floor bathroom through almost a dozen small holes.

As if that wasn't enough, having to use the work-light meant the room was lit as brightly as a movie set. There were clear views of the toilet, the shower, everywhere in the room in fact. The old shower had already been replaced with a clear glass enclosure. For the next few days we could see EVERYTHING that went on in the bathroom! Hot Damn!!

Jim was dancing! "Beth and Lynn are playing softball with a girl's team tonight. With my folks away all we gotta do is wait here till my dirty, sweaty sisters get home and need a..."

"Shower!!" we shouted in unison. Reading each other's mind, we started chanting "We're seeing pussy! We're seeing pussy!" Within a minute I had a big time boner from the anticipation.

Doing everything we could think of to be prepared, we quickly ate, pissed and grabbed some tissues. A space was cleared in the closet so we could move to any hole without tripping or making any noise hopefully. Then we silently waited, but not for long thank God.

About 6:45 we heard Lynn's old heap pull into the drive. Our hearts began pounding. Without me touching myself, my penis began to stir. Ever the optimists, Jim and I had stripped so we could jack off easily if things went as we hoped.

A minute later Beth popped into the bathroom; in a heartbeat her pants and panties were at her ankles as she sat peeing. Already I was in near shock; me...I had glimpsed Beth's pussy!

With Beth leaning forward; I could hear her pee hitting the water. Wistfully I stared at her long legs, excited more by knowing she was half-naked than by actually being able to see very much normally hidden flesh at that moment. Already fully erect, I slowly pumped my tingling erection.

Her water trickled to a stop; she had to reach to the table for toilet paper. As she did, her legs spread wide apart...I could see everything! My hand sped up. When she wiped herself, she opened her slit with one hand, then dabbed with the other. From actually seeing her pink flesh, I nearly came. Finished, Beth stood, giving me a perfect front view of her pussy. As she turned to flush, I saw her fantastic ass. Oh how my dick jumped.

I can only guess that she was a little tight from the game. Beth slowly bent over from the waist to touch her palms to the floor; for at least a minute she held them there as she stretched her leg muscles out. My brain was overloaded; I was staring directly into her wide open pussy. Equally visible was her anus; her cheeks were taut and spread. Like a bolt of lightning had struck me, I came hard, fast, and without warning.

My young brain and body had never been so stimulated, my head was spinning as if I'd fallen and hit a rock. My orgasm arrived so suddenly that I didn't have a tissue ready, so I cupped my free hand over the end of my cock. The warmth of my hand plus the heat and texture of my trapped sperm took me to even greater heights. Not falling was a struggle.

My orgasm was just starting to abate when Beth made one last stretching grunt, then slid her hands to her waistband to pull everything back into place. After rinsing her hands, Beth left the room. Slowly I stroked myself for the next couple minutes; the tingling and little shudders of pleasure that lingered were heavenly.

On our side of the wall it was do dark that I could barely make out Jim next to me. With his eyes shut, he was slowly stroking himself as well. Because his pole was still waving, I guessed he hadn't come. Locating tissues, I cleaned my hand. Listening carefully, I somewhat heard the girls speaking back and forth, but couldn't catch much of what was said.

No more than two minutes later, Lynn came into the room with an armful of her softball uniform. Most of a pair of panties and a bra cup dangled out of the pile. Knowing those items had just been touching her breasts and pussy caused me to groan inside as I had a split-second fantasy about being her underwear for a day.

Lynn dumped her clothes into a hamper that I couldn't see. There wasn't much else to see for the moment because she was wearing a big plush robe. Turning, Lynn left. Moments later, Beth strolled in with her soiled clothes. Dumping them off, she left. I did spot her sports bra, God it looked soft. The pervert in me decided it would be fun to steal it so I jerk off into one of her cups some time. My dick started to firm up just a little.

Still wearing their robes, Lynn and Beth both entered the room, still yaking up a storm. Apparently one of the girls on the team had a good looking brother at the game who was home from college for a short visit. They were moaning about how good-looking he was, and bemoaning the fact that the only few guys their age in our area were clods.

Hearing them talk about how much he turned them on was a revelation for me as I listened to them fantasizing about getting him alone somewhere. Just as they were starting to giggle about getting him naked, Lynn turned on the shower drowning out most of their conversation. Too bad, it was exciting the hell out of me.

Abruptly their chatter became the farthest thing from my mind; both girls slipped out of their robes. Suddenly I was seeing two dreamy, naked, young girls, both of whom had driven my hormones nuts for several years. Now they were just a couple feet away. Seeing his sisters stark naked was too much for Jim; I heard his breathing change. From the rustling sounds, I gathered he was coming hard into a tissue. Frankly, I was too busy taking in Lynn's body to pay much attention to Jim.

The two sisters looked so much alike it was uncanny, still, there were minor differences. Lynn's breasts were capped with puffy areolas and shorter, but thicker nipples. Her pussy hair was a little more blonde. Quickly kneeling, I peered through a waist height hole. God almighty, I was staring right into her slit as she did something involving a temporary mirror on the wall. Beth was moving around the small room also. Her pussy was suddenly so close I not only saw every detail, I even caught a whiff of her scent. My dick became 100% alive. No matter what the girls did, I had something wonderful to look at.

This part of the show only lasted a few minutes. Yet already I felt my sac getting tight; I'd have come hard in another minute, except they headed into the shower. Thanks to the enclosure having clear glass doors, I could still see a lot, but the transition distracted me enough that I calmed down somewhat. To be able to stroke my penis a little easier, I stood again.

Once they were in the shower, I couldn't hear a thing the girls said, but I sure could see several dreams come true...two girls taking a shower. They were certainly talking up a storm, plus giggling a lot while gesturing with their hands. Lynn turned away from Beth who began washing her back.

After a minute she'd worked down to Lynn's butt. Seeing how Lynn's flesh moved as it was being massaged was incredible. Finally, sporting a big grin, Beth slid a soapy hand down Lynn's crack, then continued on to between Lynn's leg. Lynn let out a squeal that I clearly heard. Spinning around, laughing, Lynn grabbed Beth's face, then gave her a quick kiss.

Even through the whole thing looked like pretty innocent play, it got my imagination racing. Clear seminal fluid was readily oozing from my slit. I Rubbing it the length of my shaft, I started to slide my cock through my fist instead of pumping it.

Still grinning, still jawing non-stop, Lynn turned Beth around to soap her back. Lynn performed a combination of washing and massage on Beth. After a couple minutes, Beth seemed to be relaxing, truly enjoying herself. It was an amazing sight seeing those beautiful girls in a private moment that a boy might never get to see. It was like the first time I stepped into a clearing only to realize I was just feet away from a doe with a couple of fawns at her side...one a life's perfect moments.

By this time Lynn had worked her hands onto Beth's molded ass. Lathering her hands up with soap once more, Lynn returned to Beth's fantastic butt. This time Lynn also worked soap into her crack, then down briefly between Beth's legs. Lynn kneaded Beth's butt all over; using her strong fingers and thumb to work deeply into her flesh. Oh how I wished, so hard, that it could be my hands on her ass.

So she could sit on the seat at the end of the fancy tub, Lynn traded places with Beth. Once seated, Lynn gave the back of Beth's long legs the same treatment; starting at the ankles, Lynn worked her way upwards. Beth parted her legs to give Lynn full access to her thighs. Eventually Lynn ended up with her hand in the gap between Beth's legs, damn that looked hot.

Finally Beth stood. Both girls lathered their hands until they were covered with soap. Presumably they were going to finish washing themselves. After putting down their bars of soap, Beth and Lynn ended up facing each other. However Beth grinned as she began half washing and half tickling Lynn's midriff. Smiling back, Lynn began lathering Beth's neck and face.

I had no way of knowing that the next few minutes would change my life forever.

Chapter 3

No longer tickling Lynn; Beth was she was lazily lathering Lynn's navel. Her hands next slowly worked from above Lynn's navel, down to just short of her pubic hair, then upwards over Lynn's tummy again and again. Lynn's hands had moved onto Beth's shoulders, massaging them all the way down to the muscles just above Beth's breasts. Both girls had stopped speaking shortly after Beth's tickle attack; they seemed to freeze for half a minute. Their soapy hands stopped moving.

The misty shower caused white lines of soap to stream down their bodies. Both girls appeared to be looking deeply into each other's eyes.

Like a deer caught in headlights, Beth stood frozen. My heart began hammering at my chest as it struck me that Lynn's hands were slowly sliding down onto Beth's breasts. Her movements seemed so cautious, it seemed as though Lynn was silently asking permission. Ever so gently, Lynn began to fondle Beth. Tenderly Lynn's hands lathered both of Beth's breasts completely, several times. Eventually Lynn ended up mostly working the area around Beth's nipples, nipples which clearly responded by growing long and thick.

Still frozen, eyes closed, Beth's hands had remained motionless just an inch below Lynn's beautiful bosom. Lynn's hands stopped their pretense of lathering in favor of cupping Beth's breasts with a nipple was pressed into each palm. Tentatively, halting several times, Lynn leaned toward Beth, holding a moment each time to allow Beth to protest; then finally kissing her ever so softly when she didn't.

Lynn kissed Beth again, then again, and again. Each kiss was delivered as softly as the first. As Beth began returning Lynn's kisses, each kiss became longer than the one before it. Soon Beth had opened her mouth, inviting Lynn to enter. Spellbound, I watched Lynn's tongue slither into Beth's mouth, then all around inside. Within a couple minutes the girls were taking turns exploring each other's mouth.

Leaning back, Lynn smiled an absolutely angelic smile at Beth. Reaching for Beth's hands, Lynn slid them down onto her breasts. Each girl started fondling her sister while staring into each other's eyes.

Their intimacy was simply too much for Jim and I, we both came the instant his sisters began fondling each other's teats. Not wanting to miss a moment, I planted my palm against the wall and my forehead against the back of that hand to steady myself at a peephole while my other hand made a tunnel for me to slide my erection through.

Sperm pumped through my penis, shooting onto the wall over and over. The feeling was magical. Yes it was only masturbating, but the live show had evoked a range of sensations that were both new and powerful. Overcome himself, Jim slid to his knees, groaning, sperm still oozing from the end of his dick.

The light spray having finally rinsed away all the soap, the girls were watching their hands on the breasts they were fondling. Beth held Lynn's breasts in such a way that her puffy areolas pointed up towards Beth's face. Beth looked into Lynn's eyes, then bent forward to nurse on Lynn's breasts. Tingling anew, I felt blood re-inflating my penis.

Lynn began stroking Beth's hair as her sister tenderly suckled her. Serenely closing her eyes, obviously Lynn was enthralled with the feeling of Beth's sweet mouth feeding upon her sensitive flesh. Utterly fascinated, I observed Lynn's chest rise and fall as she took in extra-deep breaths.

Minutes later, Lynn reached for Beth's face, which she turned up to give her the sexiest, most passionate kiss I'd even seen. That kiss lasted several minutes.

Maybe a minute into the kiss, Lynn's hand slid down Beth's right arm until she found Beth's hand. Opening her stance, Lynn slowly moved Beth's hand onto Lynn's pussy. Holding the back of Beth's hand, Lynn guided it in small circles, showing her sister how she wanted to be touched. The moment Beth got the proper rhythm, Lynn's hand went back to Beth's breasts. Moments later, Lynn's right hand slid across Beth's stomach until it latched securely on top of Beth's young pussy.

It was obvious that Lynn soon found the perfect rhythm to please Beth because Beth's knees nearly buckled. Lynn's other hand quickly slid around to Beth's ass to help support her sister.

To me it looked like a recovered Beth soon took the initiative in their protracted kiss. She seemed to drive her tongue into Lynn's mouth. From my line of sight, the girls were at a slight angle, so I could see much of Beth's ass, but not her pussy.

However, I could clearly see between Lynn's legs. Feeling tired from two powerful orgasms, I decided to kneel again so I could view Lynn's pussy better from the lower angle. Unblinking, I starred at her magnificent muff in fascination.

Without warning, Beth worked her middle finger between Lynn's vaginal lips. Pulling the lips around her middle finger somehow, Beth slid her trapped finger up and down Lynn's slit. My inner embers began smoldering yet again.

Just as I was absorbing this latest development, Beth clearly slid her finger inside of Lynn. My brain burst into flame, hormones coursed throughout my system.

Lynn reacted like a woman possessed. Still in the midst of their marathon kiss, Lynn tilted Beth backwards. I suspected she was trying to drive her tongue clear down Beth's throat. Lynn's free hand slid up from Beth's ass to the middle of her back, supporting her weight. The weight shift moved the pair until I was seeing my best view yet of Beth's sweet pussy. A lucky thing to, because I got to see Lynn slip her middle finger into Beth. If Lynn hadn't been holding her sister, I think she would've collapsed, I could tell Beth went nearly limp for a moment.

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