tagBDSMA Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 15

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 15


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All the actors in this script are of legal age, but may portray maturing young adults. This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you're under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it's entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy my story!


Literotica.com issued a challenge to its volunteer writer's to create stories for as many categories as possible. The following chapter is part of a novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a number of people. For your entertainment, and mine, I'll be submitting chapters into at least 17 different story categories. I don't believe anything like this has been tried here before.

New chapter(s) will be submitted almost daily. By clicking on a blue Wm_Sexspear, you'll be taken to my Profile; at the bottom of the page you'll find a list of all the currently available chapters. THIS SHOULD MAKE IT EASY TO READ THEM ALL, IN SEQUENCE, WHICH IS HEARTILY SUGGESTED so the reader can follow the story line, character development, and catch the inside jokes.

I can promise those readers who are familiar with my work that you'll find a ton of very erotic reading that will appeal a wide variety of tastes, even though I intentionally attempted to have at least one turn on for anyone visiting Literotica. This saga features mostly caring, even romantic sex, but it'll occasionally flirt mildly with a "fetish" so a given chapter will genuinely qualify for that category. Many of these chapters could go into many different categories.

For example, in Chapter 1 there's a small amount of male-male sex because a number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1's purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I'd expect a totally hetero reader to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Chapters 2~4 features voyeurism by 2 inexperienced young males and exhibitionism by a female, but also includes experimental lesbianism between sister's. So, don't judge my book by its multitude of covers. If you enjoy sex, there should be something [actually a lot of somethings] in it for everyone. LOL

Final example, Chapter 50 will be under Mind Control. Unlike many entries in this category, it fits in there because circumstances allow a female to have her every sexual whim acted out by 4 other people.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied. Hate mail is now instantly deleted without being read, so why waste your time and mine - life is too short.

Thank you. W_S

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Chapter 15 - Slaves Must Earn Sisters Forgiveness

We toweled off before heading back into Jim's room.

"OK guys, that was a good. We've voted to accept that as your first penance. For your second punishment, we want you to sit down on the floor facing us so we can see your boners."

We sat as instructed, but both our erections were wilting a bit from embarrassment.

"For your next assignment we want to see you come. Not hiding behind a wall like you did when you spied on us, but where we get to see you shoot your stuff." said Beth.

While masturbating is normally fun, this was not going to be so easy. I'd jacked off thinking about both Beth and Lynn plenty of times, having them sitting there waiting for me to perform on cue was a whole other ballgame.

Jim and I didn't look at each other; we just started pulling on our puds. Initially I tried looking at the girls, then tried closing my eyes, picturing them feasting on each other's pussy. I even tried imagining what Carly's body might look like. I was staying firm, but getting nowhere near popping my cork.

After a few minutes Lynn apparently guessed my difficulty. She said, "Boys, I think maybe you need a little help" Her voice was soft, there was tenderness in it that reached directly into my brain.

Lynn stood, I looked up to her face; she was staring directly into my eyes. Seductively she slipped out of her robe, letting it puddle onto the floor behind her. Standing there, towering above me, God she looked incredible! Sternly enough to remind me the girls were in total control, Lynn resolutely stated, "Remember, you're our slaves, you're being punished, you are NOT allowed to touch us!"

Keeping her eyes fixed on me, Lynn said "Maybe I'll sit down there, where I can see the action a little better." Her voice sounded like a sexy purr, which managed to keep me totally off balance.

Sitting only a couple feet away, Lynn bent her knees up, then slid her legs just across my shins so we each had an unobstructed view of the other's genitals. The effect upon me was immediate, and obvious. Promptly me penis inflated like a balloon on a helium tank, clear seminal fluid soon oozed from my slit.

Taking Lynn's cue, Beth stood to remove her robe. She made a exaggerated turn, bent at the waist, made a production of folding and smoothing her robe, all the while giving Jimmy and me a perfect view of her butt and pussy. Beth turned back to us grinning.

"Guess my brother could use a little incentive also." She proceeded to position herself in front of Jim, giving him the same unhampered view of her sweet pussy that Lynn afforded me.

I'd certainly been distracted by Beth bending over, she was even more glorious than Jimmy had described to me. Her ass was so firm! Her pussy looked so soft, wet, and inviting. Seeing her breasts swaying beneath her sucked the air right out of my lungs.

Divine as Beth looked, my gaze soon returned to Lynn. I now wanted to give her a good show. I wanted her to see how her body effected me. Most of all, I wanted to study the beautiful girl sitting an arm length away. To me, her body was the most perfect thing in the universe. I stared at her pussy, but my eyes kept being drawn to her breasts and the mesmerizing puffy areolas that capped them. Now thicker and longer than when she first sat down, her nipples were coming alive too.

Despite having come several earlier, the short rest had been enough. Lynn's body was definitely going to make me come again. I could feel the gathering momentum, this time from far, far away. I knew I had time, there was nothing to worry about. I was going to come. I was going to come for Lynn.

Showing so many curves, I couldn't imagine how Lynn could ever be any sexier. Amazingly she'd probably get even sexier looking over the next couple years. But at that moment, I knew I was staring at near perfection.

Looking back towards her pussy, it seemed to me her slit was more open, she appeared wetter. I didn't know any more about female anatomy than what I'd gotten from pictures in my few Playboys or watching our cattle during the Spring. I didn't know much about what part was what, but I knew I wanted to learn everything there was to know about Lynn's pussy.

A thousand times I'd talked trash with Jimmy, saying stuff like "Man I'd like to eat that." Sitting there, absorbing every detail between Lynn's legs, I finally understood what I'd been saying. Desperately, painfully, I wanted to bury my head between her legs. My tongue begged to be turned loose to explore her every nook and cranny. My lips longed to kiss those puffy, furry lips. I'd kill to feel the fine hairs adorning her crotch tickle my face. My breathing became very deep and labored. Vaguely I was aware that Jimmy sounded as if he was getting close himself.

My eyes darted again to Lynn's unbelievably soft looking breasts. I made eye contact with her staring nipples. Unconsciously I was leaning forward to suck on them, I wanted to feel those nipples in my mouth. Her hands quickly rose. I stopped myself before she had to. I looked at her face. Using a stern tone Lynn whispered to me, "Follow your orders. Just come for me." Lynn leaned a little closer then added very softly, "Tell me when you're almost there, OK?" I nodded, lowering my gaze to her puffy tipped breasts.

Tingles and twinges signaled me that sperm would soon be shooting out of me. Staring at her pussy, I uttered a very breathy; "I'm almost there..."

Lynn, God bless that incredible girl, slid her hips a little closer to me, at the same time her hands pulled her vaginal lips apart, revealing her hole and all her intoxicating pink flesh. Seeing Lynn like that was just like pulling a trigger. I started shooting modest gobs of sperm onto her breasts and belly. One of my last spurts landed directly on what I know now was her clit. Upon seeing my semen on her body, I almost passed out. Once I was kicked square in the chest while milking a cow, it felt about the same as I came.

About ready to topple over, Lynn slid beside me, then put an arm around me. My head lolled onto her shoulder. There wasn't enough air in the room somehow. She began to stroke my hair. Lynn whispered into my ear, "That was amazing, thank you."

It'd been a long time since I could remember feeling as content as I did while she held me.

Jim was no longer having trouble following his "orders" either; by now he was living a dream come true. His sisters had fascinated him for a long time. Here was Beth sitting naked maybe 2' away, knees up, parted wide so he could stare at her slippery looking pussy. Or his eyes could travel over her firm belly, on up to her soft swaying breasts. Beth's breathing caused her breasts to move seductively, firing up Jimmy all the more. The real torture was from being able to see the 'promised land', but like Moses, not being allowed to go there.

Jim couldn't help glancing at Lynn at times, her breasts in profile were surely a sight to behold; but Beth was closer, affording a better view. So he concentrated on her body. Beth's body was awesome. Long, shapely legs, hips and a belly that seemed custom-designed to have a penis buried in it.

And those breasts! He tried to put into words the way they looked, but found it difficult. They weren't pointy, they didn't sag. They were a little fuller than the so-called champagne glass breasts he'd seen in Playboy. They weren't huge, they weren't small; they were two magnificent handfuls. They were Beth; he could've stared at them for hours on ends. Jim couldn't tell which was exciting him more, Beth's chest or pussy. His eyes just kept touring her face and body, she was about to make him come yet again today.

The closer to climax Jim got, the more excited Beth became. Never witnessing an ejaculation, she was becoming highly aroused as the moment neared. As much as Jim loved looking at her body, Beth loved looking at his. Beth drank in the shape and textures of Jim's penis.

It wasn't quite as impressive as her father's had been, but this penis was an arm's length away. Plus it was under her total control for a while; Beth couldn't help thinking that cock looked like it'd fit wonderfully into her pussy. Shuddering visibly as she vividly pictured that penis aimed at her opening, Beth imagined it trying to worm its way into her body. Beth's pussy was primed, absolutely ready to go off.

As Jimmy stared between her wide-open legs, he saw everything his instincts were programmed to look for. [Brain to balls: it's time for sex!] With a warning groan and staccato expelling of air, Jimmy shot any sperm left in his body onto Beth.

Beth was enthralled with the whole thing. She'd seen me shoot my sperm onto her sister, now Jimmy had ejaculated onto her. She'd thought there'd be more sperm from Jimmy, but Beth had no clue how much we'd pumped out earlier that night.

Moving behind Jim, Beth sat down. Putting her arms around him, she pulled him towards her until he ended up leaning back against her. Beth ran her hands across Jimmy's chest. She kissed his checks a few times and played with his hair a bit. She'd really enjoyed the show.

We four sat around for a few minutes. The girls were really sweet the way they held us as we got our strength back somewhat.

Lynn kissed me on my check, stood up, then announced. "You both get A's for those performances. That penance is accepted. OK. We want you sitting on the edge of the bed."

I don't know about Jim, but it wasn't all that easy for me to stand at that point. Not knowing what was next, I was a little worried that I might look totally lame if I couldn't "perform" their next task.

Jim and I sat on the nearest side of the bed, basically occupying the spots the girls had recently vacated. Lynn and Beth waited for us to sit.

Beth said. "OK, boys spread your legs wide, we want to be able to get a good peek at your pooped little penises."

We complied. I felt pretty embarrassed now that I was indeed hanging limp, especially now that my hormones weren't running things for the moment. With the girls so clearly in control, I started to hang my head until I remembered there were two sexy, naked girls I could be watching. My head popped up, even if nothing else could at the moment.

Lynn stepped between my legs until her sweet breasts were right in my face. Beth's nipples were similarly waving in front of Jim's mouth. Beth continued, "Well guys, you both just got off. Now it's our turn. This is your last penance for tonight. Our breasts need a lot of special attention, but you can't touch us with anything but your mouths for the rest of the evening."

As much as I wanted to look at Beth's face when I turned my head her way, I could help staring at her nipples. They looked so long and delicious. Then I remembered why I'd turned her way. "Last one TONIGHT?" I said, half whining.

Lynn took my chin and redirected my gaze into her eyes, her pretty face crinkled into a mischievous smile. "Our folks will be getting home sometime tonight. You two weaklings look pretty pooped out to us, so we don't think you'll be very good slaves any more tonight anyway. Next weekend our folks are leaving Friday morning for some Grange convention thing, they won't be back until late Sunday. You both had better be here Friday night or else!" Lynn said, here voice sounding stern at the end.

Jim looked concerned that this penance business might go on forever. Lynn's voice seemed gentler as she guessed, then addressed our fears.

"No, it'll be over soon. We meant it about fair is fair. We gave this a lot of thought. If you trust us, and do as we ask, when this is over I think you'll agree we were fair. I believe we'll all be a lot closer as well."

Captivated by her voice, I instantly decided I'd do almost anything to be closer to this young woman. A protracted silence ensued while the girls just looked at us. I broke it by dropping my head submissively and saying "Command me mistress." Jimmy laughed. "OK, my mouth is your plaything, instruct me."

"So like I was saying," Beth continued "Our breasts need very special attention. We want you to kiss them all over, we want our tips and nipples licked and sucked. If you don't do us just the way we like it, we'll correct you, and you WILL follow our instruction without a single comment. Now start making us feel good boys!"

Immediately Jim commenced sucking Beth's right nipple; she told him to stop, to kiss her breasts for a while as she'd instructed. I turned my undivided attention to the most beautiful pair of breasts God ever put on a woman, Lynn's. Not too large, not too small I thought as I leaned forward to begin kissing the first breast since my mother's.

As my lips touched her left breast, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and softness I discovered. I was in heaven as I kissed a ring around her teat. My hands moved, reaching for her. I was overcome by the desire to fondle her amazing flesh. Catching myself; my cupped hands froze inches from her chest just as Lynn uttered a soft, but firm "No."

I looked into Lynn's eyes as I reluctantly let my hands fall back to my sides. Lynn gave me a truly heart melting smile as she whispered "Good boy."

I loved looking into her twinkling eyes. I whispered for her ears only "You are so much more beautiful than I'd even dreamed." Closing my eyes, I resumed kissing her breasts. Using the tip of my tongue, I trailed kisses from one breast to the other. Lynn put a hand behind my neck, mostly resting it there, but occasionally using it to issue silent instructions. Her other hand she ran through my hair, which made me feel somehow warm and special in spite of my submissive role.

Sensing that Lynn seemed to enjoy being kissed in her cleavage, I lingered there. Opening my eyes periodically, I'd look at her puffy areolas and wonderful wide nipples. They swelled and changed color as my kissing drew closer, ever closer to my goal. Her reddish brown caps struck me as being like a special treat you've been saving because its going to taste so good when you finally eat it.

"Suck them!"

My body trembled as I approached the moment when I'd take the end of her teat into my mouth. Opening wide, my lips engulfed her, my tongue joyously swirled over her entire red peak. Lynn must have shared my anticipation. As my mouth closed around her, I heard a very deep sigh.

Both hands lightly pulled my head into her breast; she bent forward to kiss my forehead. I was delirious. I started avidly sucking her nipple, its warmth and feel to my lips and tongue was pure bliss. I must've gotten carried away. Lynn softly whispered gentle directions; lick a little more there, nurse a bit more gently now, suck her entire tip in for a while, move to my other breast.

I have absolutely no concept of how long I nursed on Lynn. Her breathing had become very pronounced; even I understood she'd become quite aroused. Like I'd just awakened from a very deep sleep, it was hard to concentrate. I was in a near dream state.

I dimly grew aware that next to me Beth had her head back, eyes closed, breathing like Lynn. I glanced sideways, but continued suckling Lynn. Jimmy's mouth would suck on Beth's right nipple, slide down to cover the entire end of the firm breast, then leave a wet residue as he sucked upwards to just the nipple again.

Lynn spoke to Beth using short breathy words. "Are you ready? I for damned sure am." Beth nodded yes; it appeared her nod took great effort. "OK guys, I want you to lay on your backs there and there."

Jim and I were a little slow about releasing our twin treats, but soon understood where we were being told to lay; each on our backs, lying on a pillow like we were going to sleep.

Apparently Beth had left the room, she'd returned with two towels and something behind her back. She had us rise far enough for her to cover our respective pillows with a towel. Though pretty curious, I was totally distracted by her lovely breasts waving around above my face as she bent to her task.

"OK slaves, sit on your hands and keep them there. Still no touching except with your mouth." Said Lynn with some difficulty. As ordered, we slid our hands under our butts.

"Good." Lynn continued. "Beth tie 'em up. Help them remember we are the masters of their fate."

From behind her back, Beth produced two lengths of rope. Jim and my ankles were bound likes cows in a rodeo, and about as quickly. God, I felt embarrassed.

"Now you're going to eat us until we get off or tell you to stop. If you don't get us off, the way we feel, we may have to kill you." I couldn't help but smile; I detected a note of desperation in Lynn's voice.

As soon as it sunk in that I was about to have my mouth filled with Lynn's pussy, my heart started beating a mile a minute. The girls crawled on hands and knees beside us, then swung their legs over our heads. My eyes nearly tore out of their sockets as they tried to take in both sister's breasts swinging beneath them as they crawled around; or Beth's ass as she positioned herself over Jim's face; or the sight of Lynn looking at me between her swaying teats once she'd gotten into a 69 position; or looking up into Lynn's soaked, aroused slit.

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