tagMind ControlA Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 50

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 50


A thousand "Thanks!" to Bob from Illinois for his valuable help.


The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a small group of people.

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Chapter 50: Stripping Away The Layers

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We dug out all the fun food we could find, then made extra ice cubes since we were having company. Munchkin outlined the plan the three girls had worked out for the evening. It was pretty wild; the idea was for Carly to lose her virginity a second time.

They'd intentionally kept Jimmy in the dark about Carly and me. He knew nothing about Carly's previous plans to seduce me, or how badly I had wanted her to. So why not keep Carly's DD-Day plan a secret from Jim in case it went SNAFU?

Seems the girls were going to "talk" poor, shy, Carly into playing a 'strip poker' type game. Once everyone was naked, they had another much better game in mind...a rigged game. The game within the game was to let Jimmy think he was getting Munchkin's cherry.

If we did it right, and kept our mouth's shut, it would be just as exciting for everyone as if he really did. Especially for Jimmy, who would love it!

Carly said she was dying to see his penis, not to mention feeling a second boy come inside her. As a bonus, all five of us would get an evening of stripping, groping, and great sex. Only Beth and Lynn really knew all the "details," so even Carly got excited wondering what lay ahead; no pun intended.

Our "company" arrived about 15 minutes later. Everyone looked nice. They'd dressed up just a little bit. We carried our treats into the Living Room, there were enough food items that it took several trips to haul everything out, we had enough food for twice our number. While I poured beverages, Carly put on some bouncy country music. Soon we had a nice little party underway.

Maybe 20 minutes later, we'd eaten everything in sight, except for some peanuts and popcorn. The girls took our empty dishes to the kitchen in one trip.

Coming back into the room, Lynn was saying, "Carly...you were so blushing! I bet you're the shyest girl in the whole school."

"No way, I was just red from some water that was too hot when I showered tonight, I'm honestly not that bad." Carly rejoined defensively.

Apparently they'd agreed in the kitchen that it was time for the curtain to go up on their little show. After a bit of "Are not!" "Are to!" type banter between Carly and Lynn, Beth tossed out "So, let her prove she's not the shyest girl in the county, there must be some way."

"Larry, find me a deck of cards." Lynn asked.

No sooner said, than done; I only had to open an end table drawer beside me to fetch a pack, which I tossed to her.

"OK, Carly. We're all good friends here; we've known each other a long time. If you really aren't painfully shy let's play strip poker."

Doing a nice little staged gasp, Carly feigned shock rather nicely I thought.

Lynn looked at all of us. "Anyone here afraid to play strip poker? I'd like to see you boys lose your clothes; I'm betting you little shits would like to see us lose ours. Is everyone willing to play?"

In turn, Lynn looked at Beth, Jimmy, then me. Naturally Beth and I each nodded yes, just not too quickly, as if we had to think a moment before deciding. Not surprisingly Jim took the longest because he was genuinely stunned by the turn of events. Finally, Lynn stared in Carly's direction.

Munchkin stared back, then convincingly said "Deal the cards."

I side-glanced in Jimmy's direction; I could almost see him drooling. He never said as much, being my best friend and all, but I knew he'd been dying to check out Carly's body for a few years now. Lord knows he'd pestered me enough times to know if I'd ever caught sight of Carly naked.

As we gathered in a circle, Lynn put on one of her great, warm smiles.

"OK, everyone relax and let's have a little fun. The game is 'Five Card Stud;' all cards face up. Lowest hand has to take off a piece of clothing, no rings or junk like that. If a player loses who has already lost all their clothes, the high hand gets a 'wish' from the loser. The objective of this game is to enjoy ourselves, and to see people we've known a long time get naked."

Jimmy lost the first hand and a shirt. Beth lost the second and a shoe. Carly lost the third. There were enough shoes and socks so things were fun, but not very interesting for nearly 10 minutes.

When a barefoot Carly lost a hand, she held her head high, stared Lynn in the eye, then removed her blouse.

I lost my shirt; then Carly lost again. Carly stood, did a twirl that made her skirt flair, then stopped to stare at Beth as she slowly undid, then removed her skirt.

Munchkin was wearing a very form fitting pair of elegant panties with little roses on them. From my vantagepoint across from her, I could clearly see the bulge of her vaginal lips. Dear God she looked sexy. When Carly sat down, it was cross-legged; she didn't make any special attempt to hide her crotch. Slyly, she smiled at Beth who grinned back.

"Nicely done, Carly." Beth offered. Fact was, there were smiles all around our circle.

Lynn lost three of the next five hands. Her losing streak took her from a "most dressed" standing to only panties and bra...just like my sister. Jimmy lost again, leaving him wearing only his jockey shorts. I lost next leaving me with only my pants. Beth lost; her skirt came off. Not to be outdone by "innocent, little" Carly, Beth removed her garment with considerable sensuality and flair.

Things were about heat up...Lynn lost. The plain white bra she was wearing was nothing special, but what was inside certainly was. Holding a cup in each hand, Lynn turned her back, silently asking Carly to unclasp her. After Carly undid the hooks, Lynn slowly lowered the bra by performing a mini-strip tease. As her magnificent bouncy breasts came into view, Lynn gave them a little wiggle. A quite sincere, "WOW" came from Jim and me simultaneously.

Losing a hand left me in my briefs. An outline of my semi-erection was easy enough to see. Briefly (pun intended), I faced each girl, before I sat down to a round of applause.

The five pathetic cards dealt to Jimmy in the following round determined that that he was about to be the first of us to be totally nude. I think his dick had been rather firm, but probably being the first of us to totally strip had left his wiener thick, but dangling.

Amused, I noticed Munchkin was watching Jim's penis as it bounced while he disrobed, I could tell she was becoming fairly excited. What thoughts were going through her head? Was she thinking, "So that's the penis I'm going to have inside my pussy tonight?"

Little Munchkin lost the next hand. Standing slowly, she made a good show of acting as if she was putting on a brave front.

"OK, boys. I'm guessing you've both wondered about these haven't you?" Facing Jimmy, who had adopted a somewhat sheepish grin, Carly locked eyes with him as she asked Lynn to unhook her. Once free, Carly got directly in front of Jim, lowered her cups so he got an eyeful, then raised them back.

Jimmy exhaled loudly enough for us all to hear him clearly. His dick firmed up noticeably.

Turning to face me, Carly again coyly lowered then raised her cups. Although it wasn't really my first look, it was easy to say "You are so beautiful Munchkin; your breasts are amazing." and sound totally convincing.

Smiling, Carly faced the girls, threw off her bra, then intentionally wiggled her teats at them. The girls applauded her as the three of them giggled uncontrollably.

As Lynn picked up the cards and dealt. "I want to see another cock." was directed my way.

Damned if she didn't get her wish. My underwear hit the floor. I stuck out bit, but I wasn't fully erect yet. All three girls hooted and hollered! I must've blushed beet red; my face sure felt extra warm.

Losing the next hand, Lynn stood up proudly. Pausing a few moments for dramatic effect, Lynn worked her panties down until they hit the floor. I didn't say a word; my penis spoke for me. By the time her panties fell off, I was sticking out for all the world to see.

"Carly, I think your brother is happy to see me."

Beth and Carly laughed their tails off, at my expense. Teasing me further, Lynn made an eye contact that didn't help my situation any. If I read her expression correctly, her look promised that my erection would find it's way inside her body before the night was over. It was all I could do to keep from jumping her that very moment.

Jimmy's penis perked up a bit as well, but not quite as much. Despite Lynn's show, I kept seeing his eyes dart to the dark area just visible between Carly's partially parted legs.

On my deal, Carly finally lost her panties. Standing, she gave the same slow, teasing, disrobing ceremony that Lynn had. Jimmy not only got hard as steel, his penis began show clear droplets.

"Lynn, I think YOUR brother is pretty happy to see me too." Carly teased.

Jimmy blushed, but his erection still waved unabashedly. "Jesus, Carly, you have a fantastic body." Jimmy rasped.

"I'll second that vote." I added.

Carly made a little bow from the waist, which made her teats swing and jiggle seductively before she sat again.

"Thank you boys, I'd say your 'hardware' is mighty nice as well."

Finally, Beth lost her bra on the next hand. Cheering and applause greeted her unveiling. Her long nipples stuck way out, yummm! Pretending this was my first look, I said what was honestly on my mind.

"Beth your nipples are absolutely amazing, they're incredibly sexy."

Once the cards were dealt yet again, Beth won with the highest hand, while my so-called hand was the worst of the bunch. With me being naked already, Beth got a 'wish'.

"Larry, I want a sexy kiss from you for the nice thing you said about my nipples."

Boy was I happy to comply. Reaching her in a flash, I avidly kissed her.

"No, no, no. That was nice, but I want some tongue with my kiss." she demanded.

Leaning back in to give Beth a polite kiss, she threw her arms around my back, pulling me against her. My body felt warm breasts and those wonderful nipples push into my chest. Her body felt my hot shaft pulsing against her belly. Apparently Beth and I got into it pretty good. We when broke our kiss, the group was howling and cheering.

Trying to appear nonchalant, I sat back in my place, but my penis was now drooling, and bouncing to my heart beat. The look I caught from Carly sent shivers down my spine. I swore I heard her thinking, "Just wait until later!"

Carly had the next high hand; I had low hand again!

Looking like the cat that ate the canary, Carly remarked, "Well, well, well. Now I get to say something I've wanted to on more than one occasion." Amid a circle of puzzled expressions, Munchkin got on all fours then turned her butt around until I had a perfect view of her buns and pink slit. "Dear big brother, please kiss my ass!"

Her timing and delivery were perfect! We all burst out laughing. It was a full minute before the howling even began to subside. Lynn had tears streaming down her face. Beth, Jim, and I were gasping for breath.

When I was finally subdued enough to do it, I crawled forward towards Carly's luscious butt. Leaning in, I kissed one cheek, then the other, back and forth. I worked my way from the top of her cheeks downward. Under the heading of 'the devil made me do it,' (and Lord knows I wanted to), I pulled back a couple inches. Sticking my tongue all the way out, I flattened it. The other's could see what was coming, but not Carly. Diving in, I gave Carly's vaginal slit a big "slurp" the length of her gash.

Taken completely by surprise, Carly let out a shriek. More laughter ensued.

"I'd be ticked at you big brother, if it hadn't felt so damned good." a slightly shaken Carly demurred.

What she said was funny as hell, however, our group was getting incredibly turned on, so the laughter was short lived.

"Deal the cards. I want to see Beth's pussy." I said sincerely as I was becoming increasingly aroused.

Damn if Beth didn't escape again, but Lynn's 'win' and Carly's 'loss' promised to be an interesting alternative!

"Carly, you can say no if you'd prefer, and no one will tease you. Honest. I'd like you to kiss me the way your brother just kissed my sister. "Momentarily Carly froze, but finally stood facing Lynn. Slowly, sensuously, Lynn rose to her feet. Reaching out, they hugged.

It looked so sexy seeing their breasts meet, then bulge at the sides as the girls pressed together. We observers could see their mouths open; their faces gradually draw together.

When Lynn's tongue snaked into Carly's mouth, it began to swirl and probe. With their fronts pressed together as tightly as possible, the kiss continued. Five people were panting when the kiss finally ended a minute later.

Carly looked a bit wobbly to me when she finally sat down.

Lynn turned to her sister.

"Beth, stand up, take off your panties and show your pretty pussy to the boys." I have another game we can play, and I'm starting to think you'll never lose them at the rate we're going.

My favorite exhibitionist needed no further prompting; happily Beth stood. Turning so her pussy was square in my face, Beth eagerly lowered her panties until her exposed shaved slit was no more than three inches from my mouth.

"Too bad I don't get a wish Larry, or I'd have you kiss my ass EXACTLY the way you did for your sister."

"Oooooooohhh, damn!" I groaned. My dick was whipping around like a puppy's tail.

Suddenly, Beth spun, pushing her pussy close to Jim's face. "Did you want a good look little brother?" she asked coyly.

Jimmy groaned; his penis waved around like a 4th of July sparkler in a kid's hand. Certainly, I liked the view I now had of her bare behind. Yummmm! Eventually I thought to look towards Carly. Yep! Her eyes were drinking in Jim's proudly prancing penis.

Completely unaware that Lynn had left the circle, I at least noticed she was coming back from the Dining Room with a brown paper bag, plus a spiral notepad. Rejoining our circle, she furiously scribbled away in the note pad while the rest of us quenched our thirst. It seemed that by having so much wonderful bare flesh to ogle, no one got impatient while Lynn pretended to add to her list.

When the busy pencil at last stopped writing, Lynn had our undivided attention.

"All right gang...I'd hoped our little party might lead us to where we are, but if anyone feels they don't want to go any further, speak now or forever hold your own piece." A couple of nervous chuckles acknowledged Lynn's 'punny' remark, yet no one moved.

"Here I have a bag with 75 Bingo balls from the game closet. I have a numbered list of challenges; one list for the boys and one for the girls. We'll deal the cards same as before, but the low hand has to take a number, then complete their challenge. Anyone chickening out of a task will never be able to 'play cards' with the rest of us again. Some of the assignments are pretty 'advanced'. So, LAST chance to dress and leave." Lynn is so totally cool I thought to myself. Of us five, only Jimmy didn't know that Carly was staying for sure.

After an appropriate pause, Lynn handed the cards to Carly, saying, "Deal 'em former shy girl."

Flashing a big grin, Carly proceeded to shuffle and deal.

What Jimmy didn't know was the game was rigged. Lynn did have a notepad. The pad did list a lot of sexy ideas she'd come up with. However, Lynn and Beth figured Jim would be too busy lusting after Carly to notice that Lynn would be just telling people to do whatever she wanted them to. Since this entire "game" was her idea, she got to be the Puppet Master. For the rest of this scam, Lynn could instantly compel us to perform any erotic whim she had. We were about to become her personal, romantic robots.

As if sitting naked in a circle with my sister and all my childhood friends wasn't erotic enough, knowing we were all about to be Lynn's private players in her real-time fantasy had my pulse pounding like a kettledrum.

Lynn lost the first hand. "I drew I-23" she announced.

Following a show of consulting her notepad, "I have to play with the boy on my right for thirty seconds." Lynn flashed a lusty grin in my direction.

Inside, I was smiling big time. If I was her first victim, it was because she WANTED to get her hands on me.

[God I love this girl!] For sure brain, for absolutely sure.

Darting to Carly's face, my eyes tried to gauge her reaction as Lynn reached into my lap. Oh, God! Having Lynn's fingers grip my erection was so very welcome. My penis bounced each time she touched me. Seconds ticked by; her hand ran all around my equipment. She lifted my testicles, felt my sac, then ran her fingertips up and down my throbbing shaft.

"Time." called out Beth.

[Damn!] Yeah brain, got that right.

To my great relief, Carly appeared fascinated, but not jealous, just very interested. It seemed to me that she was feeling the same awe I'd felt that first time Beth and Jim had engaged in foreplay while I observed.

Jim was 'the loser' next. He drew G-56. "Play with the breasts of the girl on your right - 30 seconds." Lynn 'read' from her book. Like a drunken sailor, Jim beamed. Reaching for Munchkin's chest, he suddenly stopped.

"Are you OK with this?"

Taking Jim's suspended hand, Carly placed it onto her left breast. They both sighed. Jim fondled her sexy, fleshy cone. After a few solid caresses, his hand moved onto Carly's right teat. Poor guy was just getting a good fondle going when Beth called "Time."

Jim got in a few extra seconds before Beth pinched his butt for cheating. Carly truly did look a little shy at that point, her head was slightly lowered, her face was flushed, but she was still glancing often at Jim's erection. I felt flattered that she didn't completely ignore my boner, which was usually pointed straight at her.

As the next 'low' man "I-18" got me. "Play with the first two girls on your right at the same time - 45 seconds."

I motioned for Carly to sit beside me. Smiling broadly, Munchkin sat close enough to assure me easy access to her puffy vulva. Happy as clam, I reached between both Beth's and Carly's legs at the same time. Keeping my fingers close together, I massaged their engorged lips with a gentle circular motion. Both girls were a tiny bit damp when I began; both were far moister when Lynn called time.

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