tagBDSMA Bad Boy Pays Up

A Bad Boy Pays Up


We had things too great. I never knew a more special feeling in my life and now I only know sorry for the loss of that feeling. I let my own insecurities and fears take that from me. How could I deserve such a special person and how could she really love me. Those were the thoughts that lead to the problems we have now. Together we are trying to work through them though only time will heal the pain caused with my hurt and anger. I still struggle with the feelings that she could not love the real me: the real me that no one has ever really loved. No one has ever wanted me unless they were getting something out of me. What a God awful mistake: now that feeling is so broken I doubt that it will ever come back. If she only knew how sorry I was for falling apart and hurting her maybe things would be different maybe they will be again someday.

Sometimes it gets so frustrating that everything is just how she wants it with no compromise. What to do about that I don't know. I know I am not allowed to make demands or stand up to her. I just hope that things will improve but she is ok with things are they are or so I thought.

How I miss those mornings where I touched her and felt my heart skip a beat and now I touch her and she runs from the bed. Trouble between us started with me being loud and angry. I stood up and that was not allowed. Now I am left with my memories. Now I am being punished for that outburst. I live with my memories of slow passionate love making; memories of heat and sweat and breathless abandon. How I miss those moments but they live in my heart and mind. She surprises me though this morning. She stays and kisses my arm as I stroke her supple breasts.

My arms wrapped around her and my body pressed to her I kiss her neck as I stroke her nipples. Silently we both slept in that position: memories of an earlier night play in my mind and I feel my excitement grow. I stoke her softly and feel her start to stir. I kiss her neck down her shoulder: her eyes flutter as her lips part. I kiss them gently. She begins to wake and kiss me back. I take her in my arms and kiss her again and she wraps her arms around me taking my hair in her fisted hand.

"You are being a bad boy and playing unfair." She whispers then kisses my arm again.

She then kisses me back passionately.

'Morning love.' I say with a deep rasp in my voice.

You mumble 'Morning, now slow down boy' and kiss me again.

We hug each other kissing deeper and with more heat each time. My lips part and I slide my tongue between her lips and feel meet tongue meet mine. I moan softly as our tongues dance a seductive dance around each other.

She then pulls back and looks at me laughing softly.

"Is someone horny?" she asked lifting one brow.

"I love you." I whisper.

"And that means you start this without asking." She says.

I know where this is leading and I get more aroused. My hand slides up her side again to her breasts and cups one in the palm. My fingers seek her nipple and tenderly roll it between them. I hear her moan and kiss her lips again, taking her moan within me. I move my hand to the other breast and move my head down to take her nipple into my mouth. My tongue playfully flicks the nipple nestled in my mouth. Her skin tastes like honey as I lick the nipple in a slow concentric motion.

I hold her close to me and feel her arch slightly to my body. She moves her hips to mine in a slow steady motion back and forth.

"You know what I like." She says. "You better be a good boy and make me happy."

I slide my hand down her side and cup her labia in my hand feeling the heat of her on my fingers. I slide my finger to her pussy feeling the wetness. I feel a pulsing in my body as I become harder pressing against her leg. I moan again deeper and louder. I want her so bad but I take my time. My finger slowly moves through her wetness to your clit and strokes it. I feel her shiver in my arms as I again swallow her moan with a slow passionate kiss. My breath comes faster as I kiss her. I kiss you lightly as I stroke her clit and kiss her neck and your chest and then your breasts. I slowly move down her body steadily stroking your clit.

She arches towards me and moans knowingly. I kiss her tummy and move to her labia. Her hands move to my head and guide me to her. I hear her moan and move my fingers to her pussy as my tongue parts hers. She pushes her hips to my mouth. My tongue slides over her hot pulsing clit. My tongue begins to move in a slow circular motion around the head, flicking it from time to time as I feel her jump ever so slightly as I do.

My fingers move in and out of her pussy as I lick your clit. I take one wet finger and move it to her ass and feel it tighten noticeably. Her hands grab my hair tightly forcing my face against her hot pulsing clit. I move my fingers rhythmically in and out of her putting more pressure on your ass as I do. She relaxes letting my finger in.

She pushes her hips to me hungrily. She grows wetter as she cries out pulling my hair in her clenched fists. I suck her clit and feel her shiver again as I take her pussy and ass with my fingers. I know her movements and know she has peaked twice now. She is hard and throbbing under my lips as I suck harder on her clit. She cries out calling my name. I feel her shudder again and pull my hair pulling my face away from her. I am pulsing hard now feeling my cock grow rigid wanting her. Her hands pull me up next to her and she orders me to take her.

I turn her and move behind her sliding my cock between her legs stroking her ass and moving to her pussy. I pause there kissing her neck. She moves your hips back to mine and forces me inside of her. I feel her pussy pulse on my cock and begin a slow steady movement in and out letting my shaft stroke her ass as I do. She tightens and loosens on me. I grow harder in her wetness moving the full length in and out of her pussy. I reach around and stroke her clit and she lets out a cry. I feel her tighten on my cock and know she has climaxed again. I move faster now moving my head all the way out and stroke her ass. She begins to move lower and slower forcing my head harder against her ass. I keep teasing her taking her pussy hard and stroking her ass with each thrust. She reaches her arm around and grabs the cheek of my ass and in a low sensual voice she orders me to take it. She moves making it harder not to be in her ass. I tease almost entering but sliding the shaft past it into her pussy again and again. She digs her nails into me and demands that I take it now. I press the head of my cock to her ass.

'Fuck it NOW.' She says as she painfully digs her nails into me.

It makes me more excited feeling she claws at me. I thrust into her ass as she pushes back on me at the same moment. I let out at gasp and she cries out as my cock goes deep inside of her. She grabs me harder feeling her nails dig into me. I move with her not coming in or out while she gasps with the pleasure of the pain of final penetration. I start to move in and out thrusting deep and hard. I feel her so tight on my cock. She tightens her ass as I pull out and drive in harder each time. The friction increases as I take your ass faster and faster. My back arches as I drive in hard as I can. Her hand still holds my ass tight digging her nails in. I get unusually aroused feeling that: the pain heightens my arousal. She tightens her ass making it harder and harder to penetrate and she moans with each thrust. I drive in deep and the throbbing begins. I know the end is near.

'Cum baby.' She cries out.

I hold it feeling the throbbing increase with each thrust. I start to shake and drive deep exploding deep in her ass. I hold my hips to hers as my body shudders. I push deeper as a second shudder takes over. I cum deep inside her with a gasp: I feel a third shudder take over and hold onto her tightly with a deep moan. I hold her to me neither of us moving.

I whisper 'I love you.'

I begin to relax next to her. I hold on to her feeling my heart still racing. I kiss her neck telling her again how much I love her.

This is how she lets me know the argument is over and this is how we love each other.

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