tagBDSMA Bad Day at Work

A Bad Day at Work


Whoosh - Thwapp. Supple leather whisks through the air and meets pale skin. Whoosh-Thwapp -- the sting is felt again. Brian is feeling extraordinarily lucky.

Another Whoosh-Thwapp and for the ninth time this evening cowhide connects with a well- rounded ass. For the ninth time a human 'uumph' is shouted into the sheets muffling the cry. One more swat of the leather is expected and then he can go on to other punishments. One more is needed. Desired.

The air is quiet. Brian tries to see what is going on behind him. His wrists are bound to the bed posts. There is about 50 centimeters of rope leading from each wrist to the posts. This allows his body to be pulled down toward the bottom of the bed. His face and chest are lying down on aqua colored sheets. Saliva has stained the satin sheets where he bit into them -- an expected reaction to the punishment. His hips are at the edge of the bed and his legs dangle down to the floor. Just a few minutes ago his feet had been firmly planted on the ground raising his ass as an offering. But now after nine licks of the cruel leather tongue his knees have given out. They dangle at the edge, limp and drained. The edge of the bed now supports his hips, still giving his torturer a ready target.

He raises his head and looks forward. He had installed a small mirror about 8 inches wide and 4 feet long to the headboard. It was about 40 centimeters above the mattress and was angled slightly downward. It was like an over-sized rear view mirror. He could catch glimpses of what was going on at the foot of the bed. It wasn't much more than a tease. He could catch parts of movements -- parts of bodies -- but never the entire picture. And of course he could see just the tantalizing outline of his prone body trapped on the bed

Reflected back in the glass was his tussled hair and the bluish white of his dress shirt, crumpled and yanked up above his waist revealing the base of his spine and beyond that was the pale horizon of his back and hips before they fell away at the foot of the bed. He raised his hips just a bit and he saw the hint of red blemishes. Blood had rushed to the skin in an effort to rejuvenate and repair the work done by the leather strap. He couldn't see much -- but his mind flashed with images of what his full ass must look like. The sting of the leather had now changed to a slow burning. His ass was on fire and he pictured the fiery red crisscross marks set against the pale hairless terrain that was his ass.

He felt like a lucky boy.

His cock twitched then surged at the thought of the scarlet design on his ass. Previously useless and limp his cock now sprung to life and he gained the strength to adjust his hips so his cock could expand more freely. It stiffened and sprung down between his spread legs and twitched its head against the side of the mattress. He purposely tightened his abdomen and forced more blood to his member. He felt it bounce against the mattress. He welcomed the control he had over his cock and the feel of the rough fabric brushing against his sensitive cock head.

Now in the reflection he saw fragments of her torso come into view. She was still wearing the dark blue business suit she had worn to work. She hadn't bothered with changing. And she didn't give Brian a chance either. When she arrived home -- late -- but only 10 minutes after he had arrived -- he recognized the look in her eyes. That morning her eyes were soft and full of joy. Her kiss goodbye lingered and was gentle. Now her look was angry and hot. In 12 hours she had turned into Ms. Hyde.

10 minutes ago when she arrived home she strode up to him and grabbed his hair with one hand and bent his wrist back behind his back with the other. She planted a deep hard kiss on his mouth and forced his lips open with her tongue. She was a few inches shorter than Brian but with heels she looked down into his eyes. Neither of them closed their eyes during the kiss. His were wide with surprise. Hers' where searching for signs of submission. She broke the kiss and he bowed his head.

"Bad day at work?" Brian attempted a joke while averting his glaze.

"You could say that honey," she whispered in reply while his head leaned in against her breastplate. He felt the smooth fabric of her lavender dress shirt. He smelled the mixed scents of perfume and sweat. "Men are assholes Brian," she continued. "But you already know that. Well I think you know what I'm in the mood for."

With that she turned Brian around. She regained a grip on his hair and pulled back so his head faced the ceiling. She roughly yanked his arm behind his back and then began to move him toward the bedroom. She moved Brian to the foot of the bed facing the head board. Without warning she thrust her knee between his legs for a blow to his balls. He doubled over, falling hard on the bed. She was pissed.

She took advantage of his surprise to secure his wrists to the handcuffs attached to the head board -- something she made sure was at the ready every morning before she left for work. With Brian secured she could take her time -- but she didn't. She reached around his waist to find his belt buckle and roughly and quickly jerked them down to his knees. She worked her two thumbs under each side of his briefs and in one swift move pulled them down to his buckled knees. Then Brian felt her bare hand come swiftly down on his pale ass. Thwaak! The slap echoed in the room. Brian knew this was a command and he gained his footing and raised his ass high in the air. A hand -- now caressing -- patted the welted ass in approval just as a high heeled shoe slipped between his legs. They tapped each of Brian's loafers -- indicating that he needed to spread. He complied.

Now Brian was in position. He felt bad that her work environment was toxic. That chauvinism and egos drove her to feel such anger. But he also felt -- he knew -- he was a lucky boy. Whoosh-Thwapp. He felt the first of the leather love slaps.

Now he was waiting -- still waiting -- for the 10th whoosh and the 10th thwaap from the worn in leather paddle.

He saw a fragment of her presence move into the rearview mirror and then almost immediately felt painfully cold pressure being applied to his burning ass. She had applied some type of cold pack. The frozen ice shot through both cheeks. He felt her moving it down to his puckered asshole, and then lower to cover the delicious space between his shaven balls and rectum, and then back up again. His balls and cock immediately contracted. The fire on his ass turned to a thousand icy pin needles penetrating the skin. She continued to massage the pack up and down his backside. Slowly the pain subsided. Numbness followed. His cock shriveled and he imagined what it must look like to her -- dark pink skin, shriveled and useless. He took in a deep breath and began to calm his racing heart.

Then it came -- the 10th whoosh; the 10th contact of leather. And it felt like his ass had been shattered into a million pieces. The cold skin had taken on the fragility of ice and the rough leather swat had the same effect of dropping an icicle from a rooftop. The pain shot though his entire body and he dug his entire head into the satin sheets. He screamed out in a muffled cry. His backside went into spasms as his feet gained purchase and then lost it. His ass heaved up and down and sideways as if he could somehow hurl the pain off of him like a bucking bronco.

Seconds passed. It was close to minute before his bucking stopped and he let the bed catch his weight. He turned his head to the side, drool dribbling from his mouth, and gasped for some air to fill his lungs.

After 3 deep breaths he felt his neck being pushed down into the mattress. He could still breathe and with one eye he could see her arm and head looming over his head in the shadows. Her hand was at the base of his skull and wrapped around the back of his neck. Her thumb sat on his carotid artery threatening unconsciousness.

She leaned in. He could smell the perfume. He could smell the wine. He could smell her anger.

"You are a most unfortunate fuck today," she hissed into his ear. "Ready or not, here it comes." With that, she plunged a finger into his ass. He winced under the pressure of her choke hold. Her thumb put pressure on his carotid. He felt a little light headed. She worked her finger as deep into his ass as it would go. Her fist was now putting pressure on his asshole and his scrotum. She held him there for a minute, perhaps two. She undulated between heavy and moderate pressure. And just as Brian began to get used to the waves of pressure she withdrew.

For a few moments he just caught his breath. His heartbeat slowed. He looked around and saw nothing but he heard some rustling in the closet.

Now she came up to him on the side of the bed. She was all business. Her blouse and suit coat were still on -- hiding her C-cup breasts and athletic frame. The string of pearls still hung tantalizing around her neck and slightly exposed bosom. But her skirt was gone -- and likely her panties -- though Brian's view was obstructed. Where her panties should be there now hung a big black dildo attached to furry fabric straps that ran around her waist, legs and through her crotch.

She grabbed a handful of his hair with one hand and the closest arm with the other. She pulled hard to move his head and upper body to her side of the bed. His opposite shoulder felt shearing pain as his arm pulled against the rope. She raised his head to rest on the closest arm. Then released his hair and slapped him hard on the cheek.

"Fuck," Brian exhaled.

"Hey shut the fuck up," she yelled back at him. "You talk when I ask you a question." Brian said nothing but looked up at her with apprehension.

"Do you know what this is for?" she asked as she swatted the big black dildo on his exposed cheek.

"To Fuck," he said hoarsely.

"No, you idiot," she replied. "It's to humiliate. You know humiliation don't you?" she taunted.

"Yes." The response drooled from his mouth.

"Of course you do. You practice it every day. Those not so stolen glances at Jenelle's breasts. Oogling that bio-chemists ass," she rattled off his sins. "And shutting down their ideas, stealing their contributions as your own, sucking the life out of them."

Brian didn't know what she was talking about. He didn't know Jenelle -- though he certainly wasn't an innocent when it came to a wandering eye. But he quickly realized he was paying for someone elses' sins.

"And that shit is going to stop," she spit out the words. Then she spit in her other hand and rubbed it into the thick black appendage. "Suck it asshole," and she raised Brian's head by the hair, positioned the dark spear in front of his more than wanting mouth and thrust forward.

Brian opened his jaw but still felt his gag reflex kick in. She withdrew for a moment and he adjusted his mouth even wider. She forced it in between his thin lips again and again withdrew. Each time Brian gagged a little and adjusted his jaw and mouth. Eventually the gag reflex stopped.

Brian now closed his lips around the shaft. His mouth filled with saliva. She pulled out, slower now. He took a breath and opened his eyes. She pushed forward in a smooth stroke lubricated by Brian's own spit. Again she withdrew and his lips suctioned around the vacating cock. He swallowed hard to remove the growing amount of saliva and imagined it was a mouthful of man cum. He opened his eyes wide and tried to catch her own gaze but her hair had now fallen over her face. Again she pressed forward in a smooth stroke and his lips formed a perfect 'O' to accept the blackness. In and out she offered and then retracted the appendage. He would use his tongue to push the black cock to the roof of his mouth and it tickled his soft palette. He moaned slightly as she withdrew the instrument. And this continued for several strokes. More groans. He saw her hand disappear behind the thick black dick and then felt vibrations. Now she was moaning. With wide eyes he observed her as she swayed back and forth. Her breathing became slow and heavy. Her moans increased. Meanwhile the vibrating cock in Brian's mouth added to an increase in saliva. Drool flowed out the sides of his mouth. The lubricant made it easier for Brian as she picked up the speed and depth of her plunges. The cock tickled the back of his throat. He relaxed as she pushed all 9 inches down his throat and held it there. Both of her hands grasped the back of his head and held it in place. Moments passed. She stiffened. The black cock jerked in his mouth as she uncontrollably pushed forward. He somehow managed a gasp of air. Then there was a third a fourth then a fifth thrust before she relaxed and pulled the cock out a couple of inches.

"Bitch," she said. "I think you enjoyed that too much." Brian knew she was right. His cock had swelled up again and felt as if it would burst. But she didn't need to see his engorged dick to know. His eyes betrayed his excitement. Thwapp! Her hand forcefully found his cheek again and she pulled out of him and stepped backward.

She stood there for a few moments breathing heavy. He swallowed hard but still more saliva spilt onto the sheets. He felt like his head was in a pool of water. He arranged his head and arms to remove some of the strain and then sought out her eyes. She glared back at him. But then her features softened ever so slightly. A wicked smile broke on her lips. She looked him over, from his shackled wrists down to his exposed ass. Then she looked him in the eye again. Brian saw more mischief than anger. He smiled back and nodded a "yes" in her direction.

"Fuck you, you ass loving whore" she said with a wink. She removed her blue suit coat and then began to unbutton her blouse. Her tits where held back by a beige and lacy bra. She cupped them in both hands and massaged the firm orbs through the lace. In a moment the front latch of the bra was undone and the garment was on the floor next to the blouse. She pinched one of her nipples and cupped it as if to offer it to Brian. Then she reached down to the nightstand. Now she was bent over and her profile was clearly visible to Brian. Her breasts reached downward -- nipples hard and erect. Her abdomen shimmered from the sweat of her previous exertion. He could just make out the top part of the cock that was attached to her hips and the straps that were tightly wrapped around her hips and buttocks.

She stood up and approached Brian.

"Well perv, you just love to stare at women don't you? Strangers, co-workers, friends -- it doesn't matter does it?" Brian was now soaking in the beautiful body before him. He didn't notice the items in her left hand.

"You fantasize about them. You want to feel them. Squeeze them. You want to own them like property, don't you?" Her voice became a bit more urgent. "Well fuck that shit," and with that she slid a black band over Brian's eyes. He was plunged in darkness. It blocked out all the light -- all the color -- it blocked out her dark brown nipples, and tan breasts and the way the light danced off her glistening skin.

Then he felt his head being raised and something was inserted into his mouth. A strap tightened around his scalp. His tongue explored the intruder in his mouth. A small thick dildo now occupied his oral cavity. It was held in place securely by the belt around his head. It was small enough to allow him to breathe, but large enough to keep his lips from moving too much.

Now the room fell silent. And it was dark. And Brian tried to slow his own breathing and heart rate and he tried to listen for any clues about what was going to happen next.

He heard something like a 'slurp' and then felt a cold slippery sensation on his asshole. Then a finger inserted itself into the hole. It worked itself around in slow circles. It withdrew a bit then entered more forcefully. It traced the inside of his rectum like an alien probe seeking some discovery. It made larger circles, attempting to stretch the protective sphincter. It withdrew only to be joined by a second finger also probing and circling and discovering his tight asshole. Back and forth the two fingers moved as they stretched and made Brian ready. Brian felt a body move between his legs forcing them forward. The figure knelt and warm moist air blew on his butt cheeks. Then two lips and a tongue forming soft, wet and warm circles landed on the fleshy part of his ass. He relaxed and gave into the sensation as fingers and tongue made circles on his body and in his body. Then another hand brushed across his 8 inch shaft and caressed its way up and down. One finger made circles around the head, matching the speed and motion of tongue and fingers. Tension mounted in Brian but he held any thought of climax at bay. In his darkness he only felt the circles. His own tongue began to circle the cock obstruction in his mouth. It matched her movement. He began slow moans with each circle and felt waves rocking him back and forth.

It wasn't meant to last. Fingers suddenly plunged deep into his intestine and a third finger joined the other two. The tongue was replaced with teeth that bit down hard on his ass flesh and re-ignited the burning from the paddle. A hand grasped and crushed his ball sack. White lights suddenly flooded his eyes. His own teeth clenched down on the rubber penis in his mouth. A cry started deep down in his belly and rolled through his chest until squelched by the rubber dildo.

And then she backed away and the sharp pain gave way to dull reminders. His ass hurt so bad. He wondered if her bite had drawn blood. His nuts ached and caused his whole body to throb. His jaw relaxed and he swallowed. He tasted blood and realized he must have bit himself.

Now he felt her hands under his hips. She was trying to lift his ass up off the bed. He was too weak to help or fight. She continued to wrestle with his hips seeking to get a specific type of hold and then suddenly he felt his body lifted off the mattress and turned before falling back down. His arms were now crossed above his head and his shoulders felt a dull pain as they were stretched in opposite directions. His back was arched as it lay on the mattress and his legs were like dead weights swinging over the foot of the bed. His cock lay half swollen to one side, dripping a bit with precum.

His dress shirt was now crumpled and twisted around his midsection. His loosened necktie was trapped under his shoulder and almost strangled him. He felt her pull the necktie out from under him, but only to have her tighten the knot to his Adam's apple. Then in three motions, she tore at his buttoned shirt. He heard fabric ripping and one or two small buttons rattle on the floor. His chest was now exposed up to his collar. He gasped as two hands rudely pinched his nipples and turned them brutally between fingers.

He regained some composure and shifted his position in slight motions to relieve some of the stress. He lifted his feet so they sat on the bed allowing his back to press down on the bed -- but resulting in exposing his stretched asshole.

The hands stopped torturing his nipples and he exhaled sharply. Then out of nowhere one hand swiftly made hard contact with his cheek and jerked his head to the side. The other squeezed his balls once again with intense pressure. He raised his knees to his chest as a reflex to the crushing pain in his groin exposing his puckered hole.

An arm slipped under one of his knees, pinning it to his chest. Then he felt the other hand guiding the big black cock to his asshole. The stretching helped. The big cockhead found it's target and was already an inch inside Brian before he felt the real pressure and plunge. The cock was now three inches deep before it withdrew a bit. Then another plunge and another invading inch. Then another. And in one more stoke the 9 inch dong found its way entirely into Brian's stomach.

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