tagLoving WivesA Bad Influence

A Bad Influence


It was a very long day when I got home after the taxi ride. Work was terrible, and more work was piling up on my desk by the hour. I have owned my own business for the last ten years. I met my wife Suzie about 6 years ago and we have been married for the last 5 years. My accountant told me of a major money problem, and I instructed him to quietly hire a forensic accountant to examine all my books. He was to tell no one about the problem and work at night after hours. To add insult to injury, my car broke on the highway and had to be towed. This was only the start of a bad day as you will see.

My wife of five years should have been home to greet me and make me feel better, but was not there. A note was left on the kitchen table, saying she would be out with her friend Donna until 9:00pm. I didn't really like Donna that much, as she just finished her divorce with her husband Tom. He was a great guy, and never expected Donna to cheat on him. I once overheard her talking to Suzie about how much money Tom had to fork over in the settlement. "Now he can pay for me fucking around, and he'll get none of the benefits." said Donna with a laughed. I was hoping this attitude would not rub off on Suzie.

I made a microwave dinner and started watching the early news in the den. This room was hardly used by Suzie, and was mainly my room. I quickly fell asleep, and started to dream about the crappy day I just had. After about a half hour into my dream, it became a nightmare. I had images of Tom asking me advice about divorcing Suzie, with Donna in the background laughing the entire time. Waking up with a start, I realized it was a dream and relaxed a little. That is when I noticed some voices coming from the other side of the house.

Donna was talking to Suzie and they were laughing. "Hurry, they won't wait forever." Donna said.

Suzie replied "I'm just not too sure about this, what if Ron finds out?"

"Don't worry, after all this is your fifth time anyway." said Donna. She laughed again and said she had the new camera (from Tom's money) and just needed a new tape. "What ever you do, don't grab one of the used ones, they are great to watch!" said Donna. This left me very curious, and I keep very quiet listening. Suzie made her way upstairs with Donna and I followed with out being seen.

My wife went to the guest room and came out after just a minute with a digital tape in her hand. "Where are you hiding everything?" Donna asked.

My wife said "under the bottom dresser drawer, Ron never looks in there!" I went downstairs quickly and hid back in the den. The front door closed, and the two left. I was wondering why she didn't notice I was home, and then remembered my car being at the repair shop. Well my curiosity was getting bigger, and I started to go upstairs to the guest bed room.

I entered the guest room and went straight for the large dresser. I pulled out the bottom drawer, and found six tapes in the bottom underneath. Two were still wrapped in plastic, but four tapes were there with some writing on them. I picked them up, and my stomach started to flip a little. I looked down and saw the titles hand written on the tape cases. They were dated going back three months. Seeing the titles, I ran to the bathroom to get sick. When I finally calmed down, I went to the den and got my digital camera and hooked it to the large LCD screen.

The first tape was titled 'Suzie and Donna –The Club' and was not rewound. I put it in my camera and hit rewind. After it stopped, I hit the play button. The screen lighted up, and I could tell it was the bar my wife normally hangs out at. The camera was going to the back of the bar and into the back room. I had never been back there, and the room was large with cases and bottles of inventory for the bar.

The camera was picking up Donna's laugh, and it made me mad for some reason. Donna was following two men to another room off the back room. It looked like a lounge for employees, with a small stove, fridge, and a large couch. The men walked in and told Donna to come in. Donna could be seen in a mirror on the far wall, and to my surprise, Suzie was right behind her. "I don't know Donna, I feel really funny about this." said Suzie.

Donna quickly countered saying "You'll have a great feeling if you would only relax." The two men laughed, and joined Donna and my wife. One of the men was the owner Paul. The other guy I had only seen in the bar a couple of times before. Paul went over to the couch and pulled out the fold out bed. Donna told Suzie to sit down and watch. Donna then started to kiss and fondle the two men. She had given Suzie the camera and you could hear her breathing hard near the camera microphone. The two men started to undress Donna and feel up her tits and pussy. Donna was a brunet with a great figure. She had 34D chest and a great ass. She was also a slut from what her ex husband told me.

Paul the owner left in mid-grope and returned with two bottles of champagne. He told the girls it was the good stuff, not the regular stuff for the customers. He got some glasses from the cupboard, and poured a round for everyone. Donna then took the camera from Suzie and aimed it at her. Suzie looked drunk, and she could never handle her booze. Donna did the toast. "Here is to my divorce, freedom, and hard cock!" Donna said, as Suzie giggled and drank it down in one gulp. The men started to undress, and turned their attention to my wife. You could tell she was unsure, but once again Donna pushed her over the edge by telling the guys to help her get undressed. Suzie just sat there, and let these men pull her blouse and bra off. Donna on the camera got a close up shot of my wife's nipples and they were every hard. Suzie is a true blond and had a great figure with big 36DD tits. Her ass was her best asset (no pun intended) and it was still in great shape. Paul feeling the last resistance falling from my wife, pushed her back on the bed and started to remove her shorts and panties. The video really started to heat up.

Both men were on top of Suzie in no time, and they were doing things to her that made me mad. They both took a breast and sucked on the nipples. All this time, Donna was aiming the camera at Suzie's face showing her in rapture. Their hands started to finger her pussy and grab her ass. Suzie's breath was getting faster and shorter. Paul was wiggling his finger over her clit and made her cum in record time. "I'm Cumming" shouted Suzie and she went limp just after that. I could hear Donna's laugh and I was getting more pissed off. Donna then gave the camera to the other guy (Donna called him Bill), and said she needed some attention. Well Paul told her to kneel on the bed and put his cock into Donna's mouth.

Donna started to suck Paul's cock and motioned Bill to get over there. Bill aimed the camera and shot Donna giving them both head. Suzie started to recover and was pulled over on the bed and put on her hands and knees. Paul poured champagne on his cock and stuffed it into Suzie's mouth. "Drink it all down" Paul said, and proceeded to fuck her mouth as he grabbed her hair on the top.

Bill wasted no time and poured champagne on his cock before putting it in my wife's pussy. He rammed it all the way in her, and she let out a muffled yell with Paul's cock still her mouth. Both men started to abuse my wife's body as they both fucked her like they never did it before. They high fived each other and Paul could be heard encouraging his friend. "Fuck her hard Fielder, really give it to her" Paul said. Donna was also encouraging the trio. She aimed her camera up at Suzie's pussy and then at her mouth. Their cocks were wet and ramming in and out of my wife's pussy and her mouth with super speed. Both men were on a mission, and Suzie was the prize. Paul speed up and blew his load right down into her throat. He held her by the hair until she swallowed it all and his cock pulled out of her mouth. Bill was right behind, and got on his feet and did it true doggie style with him over her ass pounding his cock until he shouted for her to take it all, and came in her pussy very deep. The rest of the tape was the four of them doing it all over again. The first tape lasted about 90 minutes.

The second tape was titled 'Donna' House' and was dated about 2 months ago. This had Suzie doing some young guy, with Bill and Paul watching and shouting encouragement. Donna was running the camera again, and told the young stud to fuck her silly. Donna got in front of Suzie, and got a close-up of her face. She had her 'O' face on.

Soon the guy was cumming, when I noticed it was up my wife's ass and not her pussy. This was too much!

The phone rang and it made me jump. I looked at the time and it was almost 8:30pm.

Suzie said she would be home at 9:00pm so I looked at the caller I.D. and answered the phone. It was Donna, and she was on the phone. She told me that she and Suzie had one too many at the club after shopping that day. I knew she was full of shit but didn't give anything away with my voice. I told her I would have picked her up, but my car was in the shop after breaking down tonight. She said not to worry, and she would bring her home tomorrow morning. The first thing I did was worry.

I stopped the second tape, ejected it, and rewound the first one. I hooked it up to my DVD burner and pushed play on the camera and record on the DVD. I knew I had all night to copy the tapes, and also knew I wouldn't be sleeping much. I checked the video set up and got dressed to go on my motorcycle. I thought about Donna and Suzie having the whole night off together. I looked at the screen and could see Suzie giving this Bill Fielder and Paul the bar owner free reign over my wife's body.

The ride was nice, and it allowed me to clear my head a little. I got to Donnas' place in about 10 minutes. The house was very big; Tom her ex husband designed it all himself. Donna got the entire house in the settlement (what a bitch!). I thought Tom should have burned it down before handing over the keys to her. It was all ancient history now.

I parked a half block down street, and pulled out the gear for my helmet camera. My camera was being used back at the house, so I used this one that I bought for the fun of it. I put my helmet back on and hit record on the small mini DV recorder.

What ever I was looking at would be the focus of the camera. Being in jeans, black leather jacket, and a black helmet, I was not noticeable in the dark. Quietly I went around to the back of the house. The house was secluded in the back, and the large glass doors gave a good view of the bottom living room and game room. I looked in and couldn't believe what I saw.

Donna was taking on three guys as my wife video taped and shouted encouragement. I thought in the back of my mind that Suzie made a mistake and was being blackmailed. After seeing the events in front of me, I knew better. I just had to keep looking as they grabbed Suzie's naked body and started to bring her into the mass of other bodies.

To look away would get my camera angle looking away also. So I had to watch and not move. This was killing me, because I thought my wife and I were doing good, and had a happy marriage. I watched as Bill Fielder, Paul the bar owner, and a bartender I recognized from the club started to use Suzie and Donna in any position or hole they wanted. I also noticed that like the first video, they did not use any protection. As Bill took Donnas' ass and Paul took Suzie's, I just about got sick again. She never ever let me have anal sex, and would almost never swallow my cum, if I was in her mouth. She was now doing all that and more it seemed. For the next 30 minutes I quietly watched and started to form a plan in my mind.

Just before I was about to leave (I had enough) the front doorbell rang and Donna went upstairs to answer it. I was shocked to see Sarah from my office coming down the stairs. She was recommended by Suzie a few months ago, and I did not do the proper background check I normally do. I hired her on the spot with her resume and Suzie's recommendation. I tried to remember her last name, and then it hit me, it was Fielder. Well I stayed around and watched like a fly on the wall. Sarah went over to Bill and kissed him with passion. It was her husband! She quickly got undressed and started to join the orgy in front of my eyes. I video taped about another hour until they were all spent. Quietly I left the back yard and headed for my bike.

I wanted to drive out of town and not come back but knew my business would suffer. Heading home my plan was getting clearer. Back at the ranch, I put in the tape I just recorded to check it out, and the images were not much better the second time. I recorded this tape next as I felt it was the most important. I grabbed a beer and made a list of things that needed to be done. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

Before I tried to lay down, I started to record and watch the rest of the tapes. I still could not believe it was my Suzie on the tapes. All the signs told me we were finished. She was letting Bill on one of the tapes titty fuck her, and blow his load all over my wife's face. She licked it up and started to ask for more. Paul could be seen putting the camera down on a table, and the two men took her over and over in every hole. They even doubled teamed her in the ass and pussy. The third tape was about two hours long, and was more of the same. Sometimes Donna was nowhere to be found, and I realized Suzie was doing it all on her own. I finally finished all the tapes, even the fourth. This was the worst yet. Suzie was on our bed at home, and she was double teaming some new guys that Donna had meet. Again she was not using any protection. Donna would tell them what to do, and they would obey (even Suzie).

The two guys would call her names like "bitch, whore, slut and cunt." Suzie seemed to love it and got more excited. She had become some super slut, no thanks to Donna. Oh Donna, if you only knew what was coming.

The next day I was gone before Suzie came home. I wanted it that way. The first thing I did was see my friend and company lawyer, Tory. I told him of the situation, and asked if I was OK. I told him I would be in time, but for now I had to keep my eye on my business and my money. He said he would start the divorce paperwork but would not submit it until I gave the go ahead. He told me my business was started before I married Suzie, and that it was in my name only. He was pretty sure it would stay in my hands.

He told me the money in our joint accounts, if any (he then gave me a wink) would be split 50/50, as would the house. I could care less about the house as it didn't feel like a home anymore. The money however I worked very hard for and I was damned if I would give it up as easily as Tom Thomas did for Donna.

I called into work and spoke to my accountant. He said the examiner he hired found something going on with a Donna Thomas, Paul Greely, Bill Fielder, and my new hire Sarah Fielder. He told me it looked like Sarah was the inside person who opened up false accounts and was sending bogus checks to the above names. I asked the question I was dreading. Did my wife get any checks or deposits? He hesitated and said that as of last week, she started to get $50 thousand dollars a week. At that rate, I would be broke in a half year. I told my accountant to talk only to me and report as soon as the auditor was finished. I also said there was a huge bonus if he kept his mouth shut. He said that it wasn't necessary, but I told him loyalty meant a lot to me. He thanked me and said the report should be done by the end of the week at the latest.

I then saw my bank officer who helped me when I was starting out. Kevin could be trusted, and I told him of my situation. He recommended that I take small amounts from our joint account over the next week but leave a little in it so Suzie would not know. I just got a statement last week so I knew it would be another month before she read the next statement. Lately, she had been interested in our finances, and I chalked it up to her wanting to help with the business and at home. Boy was I wrong. Normally, I was the only one who took care of all the bills.

Next I got a recommendation from my lawyer for a good discrete private eye. I stopped by his office and told him what I wanted. He said it would be no problem, and I paid him an extra one thousand dollars to make sure he was not caught. He started surveillance on my wife at once. I told him I needed pictures and any video of whom she meets and where she goes. I also told him that if he got caught, his even bigger bonus would be forfeit. He told me he would handle it personally. With most of my bases covered, I went to the last stop on my list.

Dr. Evans was my family doctor since college. He welcomed me and told me the tests for STD would normally be about two weeks. I told him I would pay extra to get the results back quicker. I also told him I would tell Suzie that I had a groin injury and that I saw the doctor today when I get home. He thought this was a smart way of getting out of sex with Suzie until all the tests came back. He said they should be back within 48 hours if I rushed them.

He also told me to tell her to come in when the time was right, but he would say nothing for the moment until the results came back. He wished me the best, and I left the office feeling a little better. He would call my cell phone when the results got back. I felt it was better to know if there was a problem, and the doctor said medications could help if needed.

Finally, I went home after a long day, and I didn't even get back to the office. I rode my motorcycle instead of renting a car. It felt great to have the wind in my face. I walked in and Suzie was not there (some big surprise). The note on the table said she had gone to Donna' and would be back at dinner time. I had replaced the tapes and sent all the DVD copies to my lawyer. I also made an extra copy of the fourth tape, and watched it in the den. For some reason this tape made me the maddest. The thought of her bringing strangers into our bed was getting to me. She fucked these guys like there was no tomorrow. There was also no guilt on her face, only lust. One of the guys told her to take all his cum after he pulled out of her ass. He shoved it in her mouth and let loose. The cum was dripping out her mouth as he told her to clean him off real good. The other guy was not much nicer. After hiding the DVD copy, I tried to relax but was very nervous. Finally I heard a car door and Suzie came inside the kitchen.

I told her about seeing the doctor about the groin injury; I said I got it from the bike. I tried to smile and told her the doctor said fooling around was off the menu. She just hugged me and asked if there was anything she could do. I held my tongue, and just said it was great to have her as my wife. Her smile faded a little but I pretended not to notice.

I suggested we forget about cooking, and order some Chinese food. She said it was a good idea and ordered for me. I acted stiff, and went to the front of the house. Two houses down a dark colored van parked on the street. My detectives were hard on the case.

Suzie went out later to run some errands, but I think she was meeting Donna or one of her fuck buddies. I told her to be safe, and told her to wake me if she gets back late. I told her I was tired and wanted to sleep. She left, and the dark van followed her as she got in Donna' car. I would find out about her exploits from the P.I. reports. I tried to sleep but it was no use. I watched the backyard tape again I made at Donna' house last night. The scene should have been very sexy, but all it did was make me loose my dinner. I knew this had to end soon.

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