tagLoving WivesA Bad Part Of The City

A Bad Part Of The City

byEnglish Bob©

It was becoming dusk when my car slowed to an inevitable standstill. The air around us was muggy and warm, the faint sound of Reggae music drifting down from some tower block party. We had, ourselves, been heading for a party of certainly more salubrious design than the one that we could currently hear, but a wrong turn somewhere in the city had brought us to this part of town and our current engine problems - whatever they were - seemed to ensure that we were to stay here for some time. I closed my eyes and awaited my wife's verbal onslaught. When it came it was no less vitriolic than I had expected.

"What the fuck's wrong now?" she almost shouted at me, her eyes full of anger and scorn, "can't you do anything right?" It had been the same for years: whenever anything went wrong it was always my fault. Having said that, it usually was. I can be rather inept and clumsy and the more nervous I get the worse my ineptitude becomes and Samantha, my bitch of a wife, never misses an opportunity to belittle or humiliate me. She usually waits until we are in company to ensure that my humiliation is at a maximum. Over the years, however, I have become used to these verbal and occasionally physical assaults and, strangely, can now take a certain pleasure from my degradation.

"Sorry, dear. I think it might be the fuel pump or something. I did ask the garage to fix it earlier this week, but I guess they just forgot." I sighed, "I suppose I'd better call the rescue service."

"Damn right you'd better call! Christ! You are completely useless! Now I'm stuck here in this godforsaken part of town when I could be enjoying drinks with my friends." Samantha lapsed into a sulky silence.

I looked out of the window. She was right about one thing, this part of the city was not at all familiar to me and did indeed look a little insecure. The streets were virtually empty and now almost dark. All the stores were closed and further illegal admittance was barred by heavy metal grates that covered their frontage. I pulled my cell phone from my inside pocket and looked at the display. Damn. I closed my eyes again and sighed.

"I..I..I'm sorry dear, but there does not seem to be a signal here." Sam's eyes turned heavenward in an exasperated expression but kept her sullen silence. Her arms were folded under her large chest in a defiant manner, pushing her breasts up into the low cut top of her cocktail dress and thus forming a deep, inviting cleavage. I could feel my small penis developing into an erection and shifted awkwardly in my seat. I found myself half wishing we were back home where she could take out her frustrations on me properly and humiliate me further. I made ready to leave the car in an attempt to find a call box when a large dark car pulled up behind us. For a fleeting, hopeful moment I thought it might be the cops, but as the seconds ticked by and there seemed no movement from behind us, I realised that it was unlikely that the police patrolled this area more than once or twice a day.

The lack of activity from behind us was becoming increasingly more concerning and as I kept an eye on the rear mirror, I flicked the central locking button for the doors. As I watched behind us, something started to happen. The car pulled out and the unseen driver tooled the vehicle slowly alongside us. My eyes left the rear mirror and looked over at the car as it drew level. It's windows were open, this time Rap music blared from the interior and drowned out the earlier Reggae that we had heard. The three black occupants all wore their usual baseball caps and, despite the fading light, their eyes were hidden by dark glasses. The front seat passenger was mouthing something to me. With some reluctance, but not wishing to antagonise these men, I pressed the button to operate my window. The music from the other car increased in volume as the window slid smoothly down.

"You got a problem, man?" the passenger shouted above the din.

"Tell him what's wrong" hissed the bitch, breaking her earlier silence, "then, maybe we can get the fuck out of here!"

As the occupants of the car seemed reluctant to moderate the volume of their music, it took me several seconds of yelling and expansive arm gestures to convey to them our current dilemma. Eventually they seemed to understand and as the back seat passenger climbed out of the car and retrieved a rope from the trunk, I soon realised that they were going to tow us away, hopefully to the comparative safety of the nearest gas station. Within a few minutes the large coloured man had secured the rope to our car and looped the other end around the rear towing hitch of his friend's vehicle. He climbed into the rear seat of our car.

"It's okay, man" he said with a wide grin, "Danny's a good driver and John's a mechanic. We'll tow you to a place where he can have a look at the engine for you. By the way, my name's Paul."

"Thank's Paul" I said now feeling slightly less worried, "I'm Dave and this is The Bit- er..this is my wife, Samantha"

The introductions complete, I released the hand brake and we moved off. Paul was sitting directly behind Sam and chatting to her idly. I glanced over a few times to look at her. The contemptuous expression had left her face and had been replaced by an apprehensive smile. Her head was turned sideways to look at our companion, her long, brown hair falling about her shoulders and partly obscuring her profile. Her whole demeanour had changed since Paul's arrival; her body language spoke of desire and her eyes twinkled with what I can only describe as unbridled lust.

I had long since accepted Sam's infidelities and affairs but this open flirting, right in front of me was something quite different. My mind began to wander as we drove. Sam had never bothered to lie to me about her lovers and often I had returned home unexpectedly to find her either being fucked over the back of the sofa in our den, on her knees with a large cock buried in her throat or in any other amount of sexual positions with other men. She had never apologised for her lewd behaviour and if she did comment, it was usually to say something about the fact that she needed more of a man than I was, to satisfy her. For my part, I have never been jealous and recently I have found myself becoming more and more aroused by seeing her with other men. I knew well her penchant for coloured and well endowed men and, therefore was not in the least surprised that she was coming on to Paul so strongly. She probably wanted to ensure that the evening was not a complete waste of time!

Danny drove his car at almost break neck speed, turning corner after corner and losing us completely in the labyrinth of narrow back streets. I struggled to control my own car and, when ten minutes later, he pulled into a small dark courtyard and suddenly stopped, I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid a collision. My brow was damp with cold sweat as I applied the hand brake and, opening the driver's door, climbed out into the still night air.

Everyone now exited their respective vehicles, and John and Danny pushed my car over towards a run down looking work shop. They popped the hood and I wandered over to join them as their heads disappeared into the darkness of the engine compartment. Samantha, resplendent in her white satin evening dress, stood, bored looking, to one side. The three coloured men and I all looked at her. The white dress shone beautifully in the half light of the courtyard and the tantalizing split in the side now revealed a generous proportion of Sam's creamy white thigh. She had omitted to wear stockings or tights, claiming that it was way too warm this evening and her naked leg protruded from the silky material sexily. Her arms still folded under her ample chest accentuated her deep cleavage further and it was obvious that our team of rescuers could hardly take their eyes off her.

The whole outfit was finished off with high heeled silver coloured shoes that increased her hight to nearly six feet. Her expression of boredom faded as Paul joined her once again and they started to talk. I was too far away to hear what was being said, but from the way that Sam constantly touched the black man's arm and then laid her open palm flat on his chest, laughing out loud, I knew that their conversation had turned intimate.

"Yup! Definitely the fuel pump." said John suddenly, breaking my reverie. I turned and looked helplessly under the hood.

"I can fix it, but it's gonna take at least an hour."

"Okay...if you wouldn't mind John. That'd be wonderful."

"Take the lady in the office." John called over to Paul, almost ignoring my presence now. John waved his agreement back and I saw the two of them disappear into a doorway.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked, now alone with John. I realised that Danny must have joined his friend and Samantha in the office. John looked up at me. He seemed to be trying to judge my reaction.

"I think Danny and Paul are getting paid right now, don't you?" he said with a lopsided grin. "Your wife's been coming on to us since we picked you up, you can't deny it."

The words failed me. My head fell and my eyes stared at the floor.

"What's wrong, man? Can't satisfy the bitch anymore, is that it?" John didn't wait for an answer before continuing. "She sure is a hot looking number, man! Why don't you go watch? As soon as I'm finished here I'll be along for my own payment!"

Without knowing it, this large black man had hit the nail on the head; I did want to watch. I wanted to see what was happening in that office. I wanted to witness all the details: to hear the bitch scream with joy, see her writhe under them and to watch them cum and cum. John could see the need in my eyes. Averting my gaze, I turned and walked quickly towards the doorway I had seen them go through a few minutes earlier.

It was not difficult to find the offices - I just had to follow the voices.

"You want it don't you, bitch? You want my black meat in your white, upper-class pussy don't you?

"Yes...yes...I want it. I want YOU, you big bastard!....do me like my husband can't....PLEASE!"

Their voices were enough to bring on a return of my earlier erection and I decided it would probably be better to wait outside the door. As I looked through the dirty, grease stained window, Danny caught sight of me.

"So you wanna watch, do you?" he called at me, his voice full of scorn. "Get your ass in here then, you wimp, come and watch your wife get fucked good!"

The office door opened and Paul dragged me inside. I was pushed down into a chair.

"Do we need to tie him up?" asked Paul of his friend.

"Nah, look at him! He's no problem, when John comes in, he can have some fun as well!"

Danny's last cryptic comment made me wonder for a brief moment, but my attention was quickly drawn towards Sam who was lying back on a table placed in the centre of the small room. She was propped up slightly and resting on her elbows as the two men approached her. Designer jackets and jeans were quickly discarded as she and I watched the two black men undress. Paul was naked first and I gasped slightly as I mentally compared the huge appendage that swung menacingly between his legs with my own rather pathetic specimen. He stood by Sam's head and pulled her face towards his semi-erect cock. She licked the end and I saw it twitch into further life. Danny joined them almost immediately and roughly shoved his hand down the front of her dress. I could see the muscles in his arm bulge as he massaged a large breast and squeezed the nipple under the fabric.

I looked back at Paul. He was now fully erect and groaning quietly as he began to work the head of his huge manhood between Sam's painted lips. She had stretched her mouth as wide as she could but was still having difficulty getting the whole of the wide head inside. Danny suddenly pulled the front of her dress right down, exposing both of her braless breasts.

"Hey, nice tits you got, baby!" he said as he once again began to pinch and squeeze the hard, red nipples roughly. I heard Sam moan as her buds were manipulated and this gave Paul the perfect opportunity to shove his cock firmly into her mouth.

"Mmmmm" he moaned as he began to slowly pump my wife's mouth full of his black meat, "C'mon Danny, lets get a look at her cunt!"

Danny, obviously tiring of Sam's tits, thought this a wonderful idea and quickly moved to the other end of the table. Encouraged by the knowledge that she obviously liked it a little rough, his hands went into the split in the side of her dress. The material rent easily as her pulled his hands apart. The tearing noise resonated around the small room. The fabric split in an upwards direction as Danny continued to pull, exposing more and more of her long, slender legs until the tiny, white bikini panties that she had put on earlier were completely visible. Danny laughed as he looked at her covered mound.

"Ha! Look! The bitch is already wet. I can see it on her pants, man. Looks like she's really enjoying sucking your big cock, Paul!"

Paul moaned as he continued to thrust his engorged weapon in and out of Sam's mouth, smearing her lipstick. "Oh yeah, man. She fuckin' loves it! Mmmmm....I bet she'll love my cum as well!....mmmmmmm...gonna get it soon, bitch...just be patient!"

My cock was aching painfully in my underwear as the "rape" of my wife continued. I could see Paul's face begin to contort as he ploughed his cock further and further into Sam's throat. I hoped he would cum on her face - I love to see that! Danny, meanwhile, was tugging her panties roughly down her legs, the brown thatch of her pubic region now fully exposed.

He was right. She was already wet down there; the moisture glistened in the overhead light. Danny saw this as well and smiled. In a flash he had two fingers buried deep in Sam's pussy and was twisting them cruelly, widening her and grazing over her clearly visible clitoris. Suddenly Sam arched her back, her hips lifting a full twelve inches from the grimy table. Paul held her head as she moaned onto his cock. Her body shook uncontrollably her ass bucking up and down as Danny drilled her with his fingers. As she reached the height of her orgasm, Paul groaned deep in his throat and pulled his cock from between her lips as I hoped he might. With one hand he held her head steady while with the other he pulled his foreskin right back along his slick, black shaft.

The first jet hit my wife on the forehead. He quickly adjusted his aim and the second, third and forth emission coated her mouth and tongue. Still bucking her hips as her orgasm continued, Sam swallowed as much of Paul's sticky seed as she could, but inevitably, as he kept splashing on to her face, the semen began to trickle down over her chin. As he eventually finished cumming, Paul wiped his slippery cock off on her breasts and nipples. Immediately Sam felt the hard buds come into contact with his cock, they visibly stiffened and swelled. She gasped and spluttered, more semen seeping from her mouth, and lurched into yet another orgasm.

Danny was now ready. He had moved my wife in a more suitable position: on her back with her long legs splayed open and hanging from the edge of the table. He quickly moved between the spread limbs and began to massage his slightly smaller cock up and down her open and wet labia. I could see his black, oil-stained hands contrast with the lily white flesh of Sam's thighs as he gripped them and thrust his member into her pussy with a powerful lunge. She screamed with the full force of penetration. Danny moaned deep in his throat. She was wet but tight.

Sam has incredible control over her internal muscles (or so I am told by her lovers) and I could see Danny's face contort as she gripped his tool in a vice-like lock. Despite the tightness he began to fuck her with long, practised strokes. He started slowly, moaning deeply, and then quickly became faster. He leaned forward over her prone body. His hands went to her tits. She gasped as he squeezed the nipples leaving oily residue on her skin. Harder and harder he thrust his cock into her body. The table began to move and Paul had to assist by gripping her shoulders to stop the whole thing from sliding across the room. Six, seven then ten minutes passed with Sam enduring one of the most frantic fucks I had ever seen her take. It was only after fifteen minutes that I saw Danny show signs that he was cumming.

His body began to tremble. His eyes closed tight. He groaned deep in his throat. He stopped. For a second all was still and silent. Then, with a cry of triumph, he pulled his cock clear of Sam's abused cunt just as the first jet of his cum departed his large, black cock. He came as hard and as plentifully as his friend, spraying his seed between my wife's legs and up onto her belly. Jet after jet coursed from his apparently full balls and shot from his cock head. By the time he had finished, Sam was virtually covered in jism and as happy as I had seen her since her last session with a coloured man.

"Well, it looks like you fucked her good!" said a voice from behind me. I turned and saw John wiping his greasy hands on an equally greasy rag. "The car's finished, so I think its about time I was paid!"

I looked at Samantha and half wondered if she could take any more of these big-cocked bastards. She was sitting, propped up on her elbows again and smiling at me. Actually, as I looked around the room, everyone was looking at me.

"What?" I heard myself say, in a quaky sort of voice, "What's going on?" I think I almost guessed what was going to happen even before Danny and Paul grabbed me.

"They don't call him "Jessy" John for nothing," said Paul laughing, "You work it out for yourself!"

I had now definitely worked it out! I admit, it would not be the first time that this had happened; only a month ago, Sam had made me kneel in front of one of her lovers just after he had fucked her in the ass and instructed me to suck his cock clean. It wasn't all that bad either. Actually the taste of his cum mixed with her musky aroma was very pleasant.

At this moment, Sam was laughing along with the others as I was firmly pulled towards the table. I watched her climb down, her legs shaking slightly and her cum-stained breasts swinging in front of her as she moved. The table was now clear and I was pushed roughly forward by Danny and Paul. They were both still naked and I noted that even slack, both of their cocks were much larger than my own. I couldn't help wondering if John would be the same sort of size. I tried to turn around to kneel in front of the big man as he undressed, but was stopped by his friends. I looked up at them inquiringly. They remained silent and suddenly I was turned and pushed face down on the table. For a moment I panicked. Blow jobs were one thing, but it looked like I was expected to let this man fuck me in the ass! Whether or not I was to let him didn't seem to matter. He was going to do me with my permission or not. I had watched Sam do this countless times - she always seemed to enjoy it. I decided the best course of action was just to let it happen.

Mr trousers were quickly unfastened and, together with my underwear, jerked roughly down to my ankles. John was now naked and approached me from behind. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him pick up a small tin of engine oil. I heard him open it and then felt the cool viscous liquid being poured between my buttocks. I tried to struggle a little as the fluid tickled my skin, but the two men held me firmly in position. I could see Samantha sit in a chair on the opposite side of the table. Her dress was in tatters and her panties long since discarded. She sat open legged and looked at me. Her fingers began to play with her clit and she raised her bent legs onto her tiptoes as she started to masturbate.

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