tagMatureA Barbarian Emerges

A Barbarian Emerges


I have often been asked what my first time I became a barbarian was like. So this is the experience, even though words will never do it justice.

When I was young (ask and I'll tell you how old), I worked in broadcasting. I was a tall, skinny, long haired, bearded wild ass cowboy in the manner of Waylon and Willie. I had a deep voice, piercing blue eyes and an attitude that was completely different than most in my rural community. I rode rough stock, ran around with a crazy crowd and jumped into life with no thought of consequences. I'd spent a few nights in jail for disorderly conduct, but I got along with most people pretty well.

I did the evening drive program on the big, old clear channel AM station. People liked me and I made damn good money. Really good, considering I was still in high school. Not many knew that though. My boss was a promoter. They pushed the idea that I was a hell raiser (actually true) and played up the long haired cowboy image. My promotional poster had a bottle of Jack Daniels on my desk and a hand rolled cigarette beside it. I supplied both.

My boss was going out of town for the week. His wife, Bonnie, was home alone with her new baby daughter. She was something. She was 32 and was quite the looker. Blond hair, hot body, about 5'2" tall, she was one of the sexiest women in our area and she knew it. People said she was a bitch and a tease. She had always been kind of aloof at station functions.

Well, the second day my boss was gone, I got a call toward the end of my show, asking if I could stop by for a moment after work. I finished the show and headed over to her house. I knocked on the door and she came to the door. She was frazzled. The baby had been crying and was all colicky. She had been by herself to two days and was going crazy. She was one the verge of tears. I walked in and she asked if I knew a girl for her to call to come and help with the baby. I just smiled and told her to go grab a shower and leave it to me.

Being the oldest in a large family, I took little Lindsay and got her fed and changed. I put her bassinet on top of the washing machine and put her in it. The motion (just as my mother said) soon had her comfortable and sleeping. I went in the kitchen and threw on a couple steaks and grabbed a bottle of wine and opened it. Then Bonnie came out of her bedroom dressed in a bathrobe after her shower. She was drying her hair and she looked around amazed. I told her to sit down and gave her a steak and salad and poured her a glass of wine. She looked wide eyed as I joined her. She started to protest that I shouldn't be drinking. I told her to just sit and eat, to quit worrying. We ate our steaks. The washing machine ended it cycle and I threw the diapers I'd washed into the dryer and moved little Lindsay and her bassinet over to the dryer. I turned it on and she kept right on sleeping (yes, this trick does work with colicky babies). I gathered up the dishes, put them in the sink and pulled Bonnie's chair out for her and steered her into the living room.

Bonnie sat on the couch and I filled her glass and sat beside her. I think the poor lady was still in shock. I put my arm around her and suddenly she came alive. She put her wine glass down and said, "Michael, thanks for the help, but you are getting a little too damn familiar." She stood up beside the couch and was going all bitchy on me. Something inside of me, snapped. I suddenly felt like I was totally alive. I could smell her skin, fresh from the shower, her damp hair with a scent of jasmine. I heard her lecturing me on acting my age and it seemed so ... unimportant. It was like I could feel her heart beating, each breath she was taking and how she moved. My nostrils flared and I moved.

I grabbed her and set her in my lap. I put my hand in her hair and pulled her lips to mine. I kissed her, hard. She bit my lip, the little bitch. I laughed and stood her up. I pulled the robe from her and turned her around, holding her arms behind her in one of my hands. Then I put her over my lap and slapped that gorgeous ass. No, she didn't scream, she squeaked. It was so funny. I felt so .. Alive. I proceeded to spank that lovely ass till it turned a lovely red. Then I pushed her on the floor and dropped behind her. I lifted her bottom up and stroked her lovely pussy.

Light blond hair covered it and I played with her lips. She was wet. The smell was so arousing. I stroked her pussy and then I dropped her arms and stood up. She scrambled to the couch and looked at me, like she was in shock. I undressed. She hit me. Damn, she was feisty. I grabbed her by the throat and pulled her to me. I lifted her off her feet and kissed her. She pushed, she struggled and then .. she moaned. She kissed me back, grabbing me and holding me close. I pulled her to the couch and laid her down. With one hand on her throat and the other playing with her breasts, I stopped to look at her. Eyes closed, body flushed, she looked so damn good. I pushed her legs apart and crawled between them. With one hand still on her throat, I took my cock and pushed it in her cunt. Wow, now she went crazy. Kissing my face all over, she wrapped her feet behind me and moaned in a sexy, low voice. We fucked. Hard, fast, like wild animals. She came, screaming. I came, feeling myself shoot deep inside of her. I pulled out and sat up. I grabbed her head and brought it to my cock. She licked me clean, and then I pulled her into my lap. I kissed her. She kissed me back.

Then little Lindsay decided to wake up. I stood up and placed Bonnie on her feet. I reached over and grabbed her robe and wrapped her in it. I marched in the other room and got Lindsay. With her in one arm, I went in and got Bonnie and we went into the kitchen. I set Bonnie at the table and gave her the baby. She rocked little Lindsay and I got a bottle ready. She fed the baby the bottle and the baby was happy as could be. She didn't say much. I got our wine glasses and we sipped some wine while the baby attacked the bottle. When Lindsay was done, I took her from Bonnie and burped her. I laid her across my lap (yea, I'd put my underwear back on) on a blanket and lightly bounced her while I rubbed her lower back. She burped a couple of times; I took her in the nursery and changed her. Bonnie followed, quietly, looking at me and the baby. I put the baby in her crib and stroked her cheek for a few minutes till she fell asleep again.

I walked over to Bonnie and hugged her. She looked up at me and started to talk. I put my finger on her lips in a shushing move and said, "not now". I picked her up and carried her to bed. There, I made love to her, slow and deliberate. She liked being held down. When I licked her cunt, she came so hard, her stomach muscles rippled. Then I slid up and made slow love to her. When she was very aroused, I put my hands around her throat and softly squeezed. She came and then I filled her up. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

That was the first time the barbarian came out. I've lived with him ever since.

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