tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Bargain Ch. 01

A Bargain Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Foreplay

Author's Note: The word "bargain" has more than one meaning, but in this story it's used as a somewhat colloquial synonym for a transaction, or for a contract, or for a deal, or perhaps even better, for a concord. As will soon be revealed, the "bargain" will be an agreement of harmonious, mutual understanding between the parties, involving both an exchange as well as a course of action. Of course when the parties to any agreement delude themselves into believing they both have the same understanding concerning what the agreement requires, the results are likely to be almost anything except predictable.


Jenn and I were both second-year graduate students in the same department. I had spent four years in the Army immediately after highschool, so I was both older and more experienced. She had bright blond hair, rather small but perky breasts, and pouty lips that cried out to be kissed. Frankly she was gorgeous, intelligent, personable, and friendly - a combination I had not previously encountered in a woman.

We both lived in the same huge graduate dormitory, apparently designed to minimize heterosexual interactions. The men's and women's complexes were joined only in the basement and on the first floor. Located on the former were a gigantic cafeteria and dining hall, and on the latter were mostly dorm rooms, but also an administration area, a large formal living room, and our mailboxes.

Sixteen hundred unmarried graduate students lived here, half of them male, half female. About half of the rooms were singles, but I lived in a double to save money. The dining hall was the best place to meet people, and after meals I often drank several cups of coffee as I amused myself by observing the mating rituals of my somewhat younger fellow graduate students. .

Jenn and I each taught one undergraduate class, for which we received free tuition and fees, and we each enrolled in three graduate classes. We had been in several classes together during our first year, and I had taken Jenn out for perhaps two dozen casual dates. We really seemed to hit it off except when it came to getting physical. Whenever I tried to get too "familiar" (as she called it) with her, Jenn would remove my hands from her body and tell me to calm down. This really puzzled me since this conduct invariably happened after we had been kissing and cuddling for quite a while. It was obvious that she was really turned on. She had even pressed her hips against my erections and rubbed back and forth, although only when we both were fully dressed and standing up.

Early in our second year I twice got to unfasten her bra and fondle her breasts, but she refused to let me lift up her top so that I could see or - even better, kiss - her breasts. Unexpectedly she had abruptly declared that we had to be "just friends" because sex before marriage was absolutely and completely wrong. I really liked her, and I occasionally dated her in spite of this pronouncement. We still kissed and petted through our clothes, but that was obviously as far as I was going to get with Jenn. Or so I thought! At any rate we remained friends as well as colleagues.

Jenn and I were in the same, difficult course during the spring semester of our second year, and she was really working hard on it. We often studied together, trying to master the material by sharing ideas. At the end of the course we had a take-home final exam. The rules were clear: no collaboration, and neither help nor hints from anyone. We had five days to complete the exam before handing it in on Tuesday. Of course we also had to study for - and take - other finals, too. Fortunately for me this exam was due before my other two were scheduled, and I was able to devote most of my time to it.

I ran into Jenn in the graduate dining hall one evening after I had been working on the exam for almost three days. When I told her that I had finished it, Jenn frowned and got a strangely serious look on her pretty face. Being careful that nobody overhead her, she whispered, "Can you come up to my room for a couple of minutes?" Of course I agreed.


When we got there, Jenn confided in me the reason she was trying so hard to get an A. Unknown to me she was on probation because she had received one too many grades of C, and unless she got at least two B's and an A that semester, she was going to be dismissed from graduate school without receiving her Master's Degree. Her other two courses were solid B's, and if she could complete the take-home final, she would get an A in the course we were taking together. She begged me to show her how to work the one problem she still couldn't figure out.

"Jenn, if anyone turned us in, we'd BOTH be dismissed!"

"Please, Don, you've got to help me!" Jenn pleaded.

"Jenn, you've always had incredibly high standards regarding your personal integrity. This is really out of character for you!"

"But this is my last chance! If you don't help me, I'm through! I don't know what I'll do if that happens!"

"So you're asking me to risk my own career for you? But we're not even going together, so why should I take such a big chance?" I didn't really expect an answer. I stared at Jenn, and she just stood there with her arms wrapped tightly around herself. She had clearly hoped that her request would have been enough to get me to help her. Because I'd turned her down, she decided to try something else.

Tears began running down her cheeks. Then she coughed, cleared her throat, and spoke. "You've been trying to feel me up ever since we first met. So I'll make a deal with you. You help me complete the test, and after our finals are done, I'll spend next weekend with you. Alone. Somewhere away from campus. Before I fly home to visit my folks. You only have to agree to two conditions. First, I don't want anybody to find out that we've gone away together, so you've gotta keep it secret. And second, we will not have intercourse. Anything else is fine, but not that."

Now that was a pleasant surprise - and temptation! I thought about Jenn's offer for a moment. "How about I pick the place, too? And you'll do anything except fuck, right?"

Jenn blushed. "I don't like that word! But that's right. I won't fuck you, as you so crudely put it! And yes, I'll do anything else you want. And you can pick the place. But everything has to remain our secret!"

I stood there, staring at her face. Jenn had stopped crying and she was looking at me with both hope and desperation in her eyes. I saw something else that I didn't like, and I thought about it for a moment. Behind her tears I noted that a haughty, confident look in her eyes. Hmmmm.

"OK, it's a deal, provided you agree to two clarifications: One, since we're both done with finals on Thursday, our weekend will run from noon Friday until Sunday evening when we get back." She nodded in agreement, so I went on. "Number two. The 'anything except fuck' part begins when I start helping you. That means we'll strip each other naked. And then we'll take lots of breaks to kiss, touch, and hold each other while I explain the solution to problem to you."

Jenn got bright red and shook her head. "Nobody but my gynecologist has seen me without my clothes on, and I'm CERTAINLY not going to let you undress me!"

I gave Jenn my best intense, angry stare until she looked away. "So you figured that 'anything except fuck' meant that you could parade around in your bra and panties and that I couldn't do anything about it without getting violent? And you know I'd never do that to you? Because we're friends?" The look of anguish on her face told me that I was right on the mark. "I figured that you didn't mean what you were saying, Jenn. Well, if you aren't willing to give me a completely naked down-payment on the weekend, there's no deal."

Jenn began to cry, and I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. "Will you let me strip you naked? And will you do the same with me?" I asked, and Jenn shook her head as a waterfall of tears flowed down her face.

"Maybe somebody else will give you a better deal. Heck, you've still got another day-and-a-half, so maybe you can figure it out on your own. But you almost had me fooled. I guess once you sacrificed your high principles and decided to cheat on the exam, then cheating me out of our deal wasn't much worse. Well, good luck."

I kissed Jenn's forehead and went back to my room. She was still sobbing when I left. Since I was the only one she really knew in our class, I was almost certain that she would be calling me again to make a deal. Of course there was also a chance that she would figure out the problem on her own, but that seemed unlikely, particularly given her state of mind.

I amused myself by imagining what her next offer would be, assuming she called. Topless but not bottomless? Naked but no touching? I knew the shape and size of her breasts because I'd touched them. But what did they look like? How would she respond when I sucked her nipples? I was getting hard. I stopped daydreaming and returned to studying for my other finals.


Jenn telephoned me about noon the following day. She had less than twenty- four hours to finish the test, and she still couldn't do that last problem. "Will you PLEASE help me?" she begged.

"Are you offering me your deal, including my clarifications? Next weekend naked and alone with me without fucking? Starting noon Friday? And naked kissing and touching while I explain the problem to you?" Just thinking about this possibility was getting me hard.

There was about five seconds of silence, then Jenn sighed and said, "Yes, damn you! You make me feel like a whore!"

"Well, since you're not going to fuck me, and since there's no money involved, I don't think you're down to that level, yet. You ARE using your body to get something from me, but women do that all the time with men. So, do you want me to come over to your room right now and show you how to do the problem?"

"NO! Dianne will be back any time now!" Dianne was her roommate, and since coming to graduate school almost two years earlier, her best friend. If I hadn't been interested in Jenn, I would have made a play for Dianne. She was a sultry, sexy brunette who radiated sexual confidence - so much confidence that I wondered if I would be man enough to satisfy her in bed. I assumed she was older than Jenn, probably around my own age, but I really didn't know much about her past.

"Well, that shouldn't be a problem unless she objects to seeing us both undressed," I teased.

"Are you crazy? I don't want anyone else to find out about this!" Jenn hissed angrily into the phone.

"Hey, I was just kidding, Jenn!" I replied. "My roommate is studying in the library until dinner time, so come on over here."

"Are you really going to take off my clothes?" Jenn asked in a subdued voice.

"That's the deal, right? Of course I will! Give me a half hour to clean up, and I'll be waiting for you. Wear stuff you don't mind showing me!" Jenn called me a pervert and hung up on me, but thirty minutes later she knocked on my door. She was wearing sandals, shorts, and a white blouse. She blushed as I ran my eyes up and down her body.


As soon as Jenn was inside my room, I got down on my hands and knees and took off her sandals. She blushed even deeper as I did so. I kissed her for a couple of minutes. When our tongues began to rub and play, I began to slowly unbutton her blouse. She got extremely tense. I gently removed her blouse and hung it over a chair. Then I got her to pull off my T-shirt. I kissed her with her bra-covered breasts pressing against my bare chest. Jenn's kissing alternated between passion and shame. I could feel the heat coming from her face as she blushed.

Of course I had every intention of seducing Jenn! My plan was to overwhelm her with passion until she wanted to fuck me. But first I had to get past her stuffy dignity. Obviously getting her completely undressed would help, and I could afford to take my time. As nervous as she appeared to be, I knew it would be counterproductive to go too fast.

I used my left hand to unsnap Jenn's bra, a skill I had mastered several years before. She was trembling. I ran my hands gently up and down her bare back. Very slowly I slipped my hands underneath the straps of her dangling bra. I moved my hands forward inside her cups and carefully covered her breasts with my hands. Her nipples became stiff and hard as I caressed them. After a couple of minutes her kisses became more passionate, and I slipped her white bra off her shoulders. I draped it over her blouse.

Jenn's face turned completely crimson, and she covered her breasts with her arms. I held her face and kissed her, then pulled her arms down and around my back. Salty-tasting ears were streaming down her face. I pulled her against me. Her breasts were not particularly large, perhaps B-cup, but they were firm and nicely shaped. They felt really sexy against me. I felt her nipples grow hard again as they rubbed against the hair on my chest.

After several kisses I felt the tension in Jenn's arms begin to abate. I gently pushed us apart so that I could look at her. She was still crying. Her areolae were dark and about the size of quarters. Her tiny nipples were pointing straight out, each just under a quarter-inch in length. As I leaned down and started to kiss her breasts, she stopped me. "You didn't say anything about kissing me there!" She said, almost sobbing.

"Jenn, I intend to fondle and kiss you from the top of your head to your toes. If you can't handle that, get dressed and leave. That will mean the deal's off. Hell, the way you're behaving, I wouldn't be surprised if you stiffed me on the weekend. This may be all I ever get!"

Jenn hesitated, then her face turned angry. "You really are a bastard! Go ahead and kiss my tits, but don't think for a minute that I'm going to enjoy it!"

"Let's get something straight right up front. You think I'm a bastard for following through on the terms YOU made? You made a deal with me. I didn't ask you to do that. Is there ANYTHING I'm asking you to do that wasn't part of the deal you willingly made with me - of your own choice? Hell, at your own instigation? If so, explain it to me right now!"

Jenn shook her head. She turned her tear-streaked face toward mine. "No, I agreed to all of this. I just didn't . . . I thought . . . I don't know . . . This sounded fine in the abstract, but now that I'm exposing myself, it's different! I feel . . . I'm not sure . . ."

I picked up her bra and blouse and held them out to her. "Your choice, Jenn. You offered to sacrifice your dignity if I would help you with this test. As you said before, I've wanted to feel you up since we first met. Well, I'm going to do exactly that unless you put these on and leave. You decide. Right now. Are you desperate enough to live up to your own deal? Or not?"

Jenn took her clothes from my hands and stared at them. She looked up at me, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. "This is something I was saving for my marriage night," she blubbered. "I wanted my husband to be the first to see me . . . like this . . . Oh shit!" Then she carefully laid her blouse and bra back on the chair. "I've got to get an A in this course! I agreed to this arrangement, and I'm not going to back out. But it's a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm just . . . so . . . so darned inexperienced."

Some of her inexperience was soon going to be in the past! I spent several minutes kissing and sucking Jenn's breasts and nipples, then rubbing my fingers over them while I kissed her face and neck. She began to breathe faster and harder, and her areolae started to puff out. Her nipples stayed hard, she stopped crying, and it was plain that she was enjoying what we were doing - in spite of her intentions!

"Can't we start on the problem now?" Jenn gasped between kisses. I smiled and had her sit next to me at my desk. She was scared. She was topless. She was embarrassed. But she was also turned on!

I alternated showing her how to begin solving the problem, openly staring at her breasts, taking frequent breaks for kissing and caressing, and embracing her passionately. Jenn quickly grew accustomed to being topless around me. After about twenty minutes, I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. I immediately felt her nipples stiffen against my chest.

"We're overdressed!" I said. "You take off my shorts and I'll take off yours!"

Jenn started to resist and I felt her body stiffen, but she realized that she had no choice. Her face turned really red as she unfastened my shorts and pulled them down and off me. I was already semi-hard, and now my jockey shorts started tenting out. She tried to pretend that she didn't notice, but of course she did.

I dropped to my knees and slid Jenn's shorts slowly down her legs, leaving her in nothing but a pair of white bikini panties. Before she could react, I leaned forward and planted a wet-tongue kiss on her panties just at the bottom of her pubic bone. I could feel her pubic hair under her panties pressing back against my tongue. She jumped away from me. "That's completely disgusting!" she yelped.

I stood up and pulled her against me. I tried to kiss her, but she kept turning her head away from me, obviously avoiding my mouth since it had touched her panties. "Jenn, I'm not going to go back to the problem until you kiss me."

Jenn glared at me for several seconds, then let me kiss her. I thought she'd gag when I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I pulled her close against me, and my penis was stiff and hard between us, even through my undershorts. After a couple of minutes I could feel her arousal returning, and her tongue began to play with mine.

We were both breathing hard when I broke the clinch and returned to the problem. I worked with her for another fifteen minutes or so, then said, "It's show time, Jenn! Let's see that furry pussy that I felt with my tongue!" She got really red again. Her blush covered most of her body, even the tops of her legs.

We both stood up, and we kissed again. Jenn's body was rigid and trembling from embarrassment. Tears were welling in her eyes. I took hold of the waistband of her panties, and I slowly pulled them down her legs, turning them inside out. She was a natural blond! Her pubic hair was long and plentiful, but neatly trimmed along the sides. Tight blonde curls extended between her legs, concealing her slit from my view. I picked up her panties and sniffed them. I could smell the faint scent of her juice on them. She glared at me with a look of complete revulsion on her face

I stood up and kissed Jenn again, and I told her to remove my undershorts. As she bent down to do that, I gently cupped her breasts. Her body tensed, but her nipples remained stiff and rock-hard against my hands. She whimpered softly as she pulled my shorts down. First my pubic hair appeared, and then my erect penis. She stopped halfway down, trembling all over. Tears were again rolling down her cheeks.

"All the way off, Jenn!" I ordered. Jenn took a quick breath, then pulled my shorts down my legs. She flinched as my penis snapped up and pointed at her. I stepped out of my undershorts, and pulled her against me and kissed her. I licked up her salty tears.

Jenn tried to keep her hips away from mine, but I pulled her closer. I reached between us and pointed my erection toward the floor. My stiff cock pressed firmly between her tightly-clenched thighs. I kissed her and caressed her breasts for several minutes. Biology soon defeated embarrassment, and she began to become really aroused and responsive. Her crying stopped, and her tongue began to press hard against mine as we kissed. She made little moans as I caressed her nipples. I could feel her curly pubic hair rubbing against my penis as we rubbed against each other.

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