A Bargain Ch. 01


I didn't want to frighten Jenn by going too fast, so I gently pushed us apart. We sat down, got our breathing under control, and returned to the problem. Interestingly, after her initial reluctance, she immediately accepted our nudity. I've always suspected that every woman is an exhibitionist at heart, but she had always suppressed this side of herself. I was surprised how quickly she got used to being naked with me.

After a few minutes I could reach over and cup one of her breasts, and she would smile and kiss me. She resisted when I tried putting my fingers between her legs, but she let me rub the fuzzy pubic hair above her crotch. She said it tickled, but she didn't stop me. Her tight, blonde curls were soft and felt wonderful against my fingers!

It took us another hour, but finally Jenn saw the secret to the solution, and she asked if she could leave so that she could write it up and finish the test before it was due. "Sure, Jenn. But I'm keeping your bra and panties. I want you to go back to your room without them."

"That's not fair!" She said. "What if somebody sees me?"

I smiled. "That's what makes it fun, Jenn!"

"You're really sick!" Jenn retorted. "But I'll do it anyway. I need time to get this done, so I don't have time to argue with you." She quickly pulled on her remaining clothes. I could easily see her breasts moving under her blouse, and when she looked at herself in my mirror, she blushed again. I remained naked and my cock was fully erect. I kissed her until her breathing got heavy again. Her face was dark red, and her nipples stuck out like sharp little sticks against her blouse.

Jenn clutched her book and notes against her breasts to hide them, and she almost ran from my room. As soon as she got back to her room, she called me, asking how soon she could get her underwear back. She said they had cost her a lot o money. "We'll talk about that after you turn in your test," I said. "In the meantime, just jiggle and bounce!" She hung up on me. I checked the label in her bra. It was 34B, about what I'd guessed.

The next day I waited for her outside our professor's office, and after she turned in her test, we walked together back to the dorm.

"Now will you please give me my underwear back?"

"Jenn, since I took them off you, it's only right I return them to you the correct way. I want to put them back on you."

Jenn took a quick, deep breath. "You're really sick. You know that?" She said. "Why don't you just give them to me? Do you have some kind of fetish about women's underwear?"

"I want to see you naked again, Jenn! And I want to touch you and kiss you! What's sick about that?"

Jenn muttered something under her breath. After a bit of argument, I prevailed. We went back to her room. Fortunately Dianne was not there. Even though I remained completely dressed, she stripped off all her clothes, blushing deeply. She had almost gotten used to being naked in front of me and she didn't try to cover herself. She was not yet an exhibitionist, but she was getting there!

I pulled Jenn's panties out of my pocket and got down on my knees in front of her. I held her panties open and looked up at her crotch. She stepped into her panties, but I left them around her ankles. I caught a brief glimpse of her pink labia as she moved. She reached down, and I said, "No, Jenn. I get to dress you!"

I kissed first one ankle, then the other, and gradually moved my kisses up Jenn's legs. As I did so I gently pulled her panties higher. She blushed and got more and more red. She nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

When I began to kiss above her knees, Jenn clamped her thighs together. "You'll have to move your legs apart or I won't be able to get your panties up, Jenn!" I mumbled from between her legs.

"Damn you! This is so perverted!" Jenn exclaimed. "And it tickles!" I doubted that. I looked up her body and I could see that her nipples and areolae were puffed out and swollen.

I began to lick as well as kiss her thighs, and I could hear her breathing change. My tongue left a wet trail on each leg as I gradually went higher. Finally my nose brushed lightly against her curly, blond pubic hair, and Jenn tried to pull away from me.

I had my hands behind her knees, and I pulled her firmly against my nose. I nuzzled against her pussy. I could feel moisture on my nose as I rubbed it from side to side, pressing harder against her pussy. "This may be perverse and it may tickle, but it also turns you on, doesn't it, Jenn?"

Jenn reached down and pushed my head back, sliding my nose out of her crotch. Her face was very red. "Dianne will be back any moment! Please don't embarrass me! Please!" She begged.

I decided Jenn had been stimulated and humiliated enough. I kissed and licked on the front of her hips right at the top of her pubic hair, and I pulled her panties all the way up. Then I pulled her bra out of my pocket and stood up. I kissed, sucked, and licked her nipples until they were dark red and stiff. Then I helped her get her bra back on. She quickly pulled her shorts and shirt back on. She tossed the bra and panties she had been wearing into the closet.

"I think I know where we can go this weekend," I said. "I'll call you later about it." I took Jenn in my arms, and she closed her eyes and leaned up to kiss me goodbye.

Suddenly Jenn wrinkled her nose and pulled away. She had smelled her own pussy juice on my nose! I held her face and planted a deep kiss on her anyway. "I think it smells wonderful, Jenn. It means your body is preparing itself to mate with me!"

Jenn looked really shocked. I kissed her again and left. I was so aroused I went to the bathroom and beat off into a wad of toilet paper as I inhaled the fresh scent of her pussy which still clung to my nose. I wondered what Jenn did to relieve her arousal. Did she masturbate? Or did she just endure the tension until it went away?


Money was extremely tight, and I had been trying to figure out how I could afford to take Jenn to someplace like a motel for the weekend. While I had been dressing her, I had remembered a fantastic place for us to go. The previous fall I had been invited to go hunting with a friend and his uncle. The uncle owned a cabin in the mountains about three hours from campus, and it would be perfect for what I had in mind for Jenn. After a couple of calls, I got permission from the uncle to borrow the cabin on the upcoming weekend for what I described as "outdoor relaxation away from civilization after two years in graduate school." Or so I claimed!

He lived about a half-hour away, so I drove over and he gave me a key, complete directions, and a list of the things I would need to take. He also noted that I would have plenty of privacy since there were no open hunting seasons at that time. He told me that I could mail the key back to him. Then he winked at me. "Have a good time! The fresh mountain air makes for great sex! I know!" So much for fooling him about the reason I wanted the cabin!

I called Jenn and told her that we were going to a mountain cabin, and that all she needed to pack was her clothes, toiletries, and similar stuff. I told her that I would take care of the sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, washcloths, etc. I reminded her that the temperatures were cooler in the mountains, particularly at night, and not nearly as warm as we were experiencing in early June.

We agreed to sneak away and leave just before noon on Friday when both of our roommates would be at lunch. Jenn asked about food, and I told her there was a store about a half-hour from the cabin where we could buy perishables on our way in. We agreed to split that expense.

Over the next two days Jenn slipped me several small plastic bags of clothes which I stashed in my VW Bug. She obviously didn't want anyone to see her carrying out a suitcase on Friday and then bringing it back on Sunday! I bought some sheets and a pillowcase on sale at the local K-Mart, and I added my camping blanket, a cooler, and some other supplies.

I made one decision that caused a chain of events that determined the rest of my life. I didn't pack any condoms. I told myself that I was worried Jenn might see them, and I didn't want her defenses to be any higher than normal. But the real reason was even more childish. She had teased me for two years, and I wanted her surrender to be absolutely complete.

I hadn't changed my basic plan. I wanted to arouse Jenn to the point where fucking me was more important to her than anything else, including the possibility of being impregnated during unprotected sex. I wanted to feel Jenn's pulsing cunt squeezing my cock as my cum made that intimate connection especially slippery. I wanted us both to watch as my cum seeped out of her pussy lips.

I withdrew all but a few dollars from my minuscule savings account. Since I knew Jenn's bra and panty sizes, I was able to buy a really sexy black negligee top with really tiny bikini-panty bottoms for her to wear at the cabin. Of course she expected to be wearing other things, but I decided I would surprise her. I fully expected to talk her - well, arouse her, actually - away from her no-intercourse stance. I fully expected to get laid no matter what her plans were.

I had to study for two more final exams. I managed somehow, in spite of being almost constantly hard thinking about Jenn's sweet-smelling pussy covered with those tight little blonde curls. I kept thinking about how my penis would look, wet and slippery, sliding in and out of her through that thicket of soft, blonde fur. I could imagine her moaning with each in-and-out thrust. Would she really moan? Would she scream? Would she tremble and shake? How wildly would she climax? How would her pussy feel as it gripped my organ?


Finally it was Friday, exams were over, and everything was stashed in the Bug. I drove to the spot we'd selected for Jenn to join me. I was afraid that she might not show up, but she appeared right on time, tossed another small package of clothes into the back seat, and climbed into the car. She looked apprehensive, and she whispered, "Let's get out of here! I don't want anyone to remember seeing us together!"

Jenn was wearing sandals, white short-shorts, and a T-shirt through which I could clearly see the outline of her bra. She looked delicious, and she had obviously just bathed because she smelled fresh and feminine. As soon as we got onto the main highway, I explained the route we were going to take, and handed her the directions to the cabin.

I decided to begin getting Jenn sexually aroused, still hoping that she would eventually become so excited that she would lose control and beg me to fuck her. At least that was my plan! First, I needed to crush her dignity. "There's not much traffic, Jenn," I said. "Take off all of your clothes!"

"Whaaaaaaat?" Jenn asked. "Wh . . . Why . . . Why do you want me to do that?"

"Frankly I want to look at your naked body while I drive. I want to see if your nipples will get hard, and I want to see if riding naked will make your labia wet and puffy and show through your blonde pussy hair."

Jenn shook her head from side to side and said, "You really are some kind of immature sex fiend, aren't you? I made a deal with a true pervert! I really don't want to do that!"

"C'mon, Jenn! You made this deal! Let's see your hard nipples and fuzzy pussy! Are you going to strip slowly to tease me? Or are you going to just take everything off all at once? I can't wait to see your body again!"

Jenn muttered something else about perverts and sex fiends, and she tried to get undressed quickly. Unfortunately, from her point of view, even with her shoulder belt unfastened, it was difficult for her to remove her clothing in the front seat of a VW Bug. She gave me a reasonably good strip show, even though she didn't intend to!

There's not much room in the front of a VW, so I told her to put all her clothes, including her sandals, on the back seat. With nothing covering her except her seat belt and shoulder harness, Jenn was really naked, and as that realization struck her, I could see her nipples getting red and stiff.

Watching Jenn strip and then move around to get the shoulder harness comfortable between her breasts had given me a huge boner in my pants. I pointed to it, and said, "Jenn, that was really good! See what you did?"

I could tell from the expression on Jenn's face that she was trying to decide what to express to me, disgust or interest. She didn't want to admit to either of us that she would like to see me naked again, and she also didn't want to admit that she liked causing me to become erect. I could see by the expressions on her face that she was struggling with herself, and it was both interesting and amusing to me. I was making progress!

I was really uncomfortable, and I decided to have more fun with Jenn. "Jenn, you know how these shorts fasten. Please undo them and pull them off for me."

After about ten seconds, Jenn leaned over and, using both hands, undid my shorts. Then she lowered my zipper - and she jumped back! "You're not wearing underwear!" she exclaimed as she stared at my pubic hair, balls, and most of my penis.

"Neither are you!" I retorted, and Jenn blushed. "I'll lift my behind off the seat, and you push my shorts down."

Of course the cramped space in the VW meant that Jenn touched my penis several times while she was working my pants down my legs. I lifted my left leg off the floor, and she pulled my shorts off it, then I drove left-footed while she pulled my shorts off my right leg. Finally I had her pull my shirt off me, leaving us both naked, rolling along the highway.

"What if somebody sees us?" Jenn asked. "We could be arrested!"

"I'll keep an eye out for cops, and if I see any, you can get dressed and you can cover me up. I'll risk it! By the way, my penis is kind of in the way of the steering wheel. Would you hold it, please?"

Jenn gave me a look of disgust, but she reached her left hand over and held my erection carefully between her thumb and fingers, just touching her fingertips against me. I pumped it a couple of times by squeezing my sphincter, and she jumped when my penis moved under her fingers.

"Jenn, are you a virgin? Haven't you ever held a man's penis before?"

"No, I'm not a virgin, and no, I've never touched a penis before!"

"Let me show you how to hold one," I said. I gripped my pole with my right hand, and when I moved my hand away, Jenn wrapped her hand around my penis as far as she could. The warmth and pressure from her hand felt wonderful!

"Can you feel this?" I asked as I pumped again.

Jenn exclaimed, "You made it bigger! It pushed against my hand! Can you do that on purpose?"

I began to pump in time with the song on the radio, and Jenn started to laugh. "I can't believe this!" she cried. "I'm riding naked in a car, I'm probably going to get arrested for indecent exposure, and I'm holding a penis that's beating time to music!"

"And you're starting to have fun, aren't you?" I teased. Jenn didn't answer, but she grinned at me and gave my cock a firm squeeze.

"Okay! Answer time! How come a non-virgin has never held a man's erection before? Did you just have sex without all the fun of foreplay?"

Jenn frowned. She stared out the windshield for a couple of minutes before she answered. "I've had sex twice. The first time after my Senior Prom and the second time with him the next weekend. Both times it hurt a lot. We did it in his car. We never even got undressed. It was messy, too."

"That's it?" I asked. "How come?"

"I got really scared that second time when his . . . stuff ran out of me later when I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep. I didn't want to get pregnant and ruin my chances of having a career. So I broke up with him."

"That's why you don't want us to have sex, right? Getting pregnant and ruining your career?" I asked, and Jenn nodded.

"Besides, what's the point? It was just an awful experience, so why do it again, anyway? It's not something I have any desire to do again! Maybe someday if I'm married I'll have to, but not now."

"Jenn, let me ask you something. When we undressed each other, when we held our bodies together, when I kissed your breasts, and now when you're holding my penis - are those awful experiences?"

Jenn thought for a moment, then said. "No, once I get past being embarrassed, it feels really strange inside, but good, here." She pointed to her abdomen. "It kind of tingles inside."

I reached over and before Jenn could stop me, I slipped my hand between her legs and pressed them firmly against her crotch. She clamped her legs together and flinched when I pressed my fingers against her furry slit. When I pulled my fingers out, they were slightly moist. I sniffed them, then held them under Jenn's nose.

Jenn wrinkled her face and pulled away. "No, Jenn! Smell my fingers! Your body is preparing you for sex, and it smells wonderful! If your prom date had taken the time to get you prepared, maybe you would have enjoyed his wham-bam-thank-you- ma'am fucking - at least a little!"

"That's an awfully crude way to put it!" Jenn exclaimed, but she did sniff my fingers. "I guess it doesn't smell all that bad, but it's still not something I like. It's sort of like . . . the way my dirty panties smell."

I began to lick her juice off my fingers. "How can you possibly DO that!" Jenn exclaimed. "That's from my . . . between my legs!"

"And a pretty, furry, blond crotch it is, my dear!" I said in my best W.C. Fields voice.

In spite of her obvious disgust, Jenn giggled. Then she surprised me. She touched herself between her legs, then sniffed her fingers. She smiled and stared out the windshield again. I was making progress!

We drove another few miles in silence. Jenn was still holding my erection. I reached over with my right hand and fingered her nipples, and she blushed and squirmed in the seat. Obviously there was nothing wrong with her reflexes! She was just inexperienced. Well, that was something I could fix - and I intended to!

"Obviously I'm more experienced than you, Jenn," I said. "Do you have any questions of this naked guy whose throbbing dong you're clutching?"

Jenn truly surprised me. She released my penis, dug around in the back seat, giving me a wonderful view of her naked backside, and pulled something out of one of her packages. She had brought along an old-fashioned "purity test." "Yes, I do have some questions!" She said. "Let's do this together!"

We both promised to be completely truthful, and we took turns answering the questions while Jenn kept score. She looked really disgusted when I admitted that I had engaged in sex in a room full of other people also doing it. I was certainly not a virgin, but I didn't tell her about all of my exploits - including some with women she knew from our classes together!

In spite of the various things I'd forced Jenn to do, her purity score was astronomically high compared to mine. I pressed her for more details about her first lover. He had apparently been a typical high-school stud, and had jumped on her in the back seat of his car, pulled her panties down, and pushed himself in. I told her again that sex was much better than that! And I promised again that I wouldn't have intercourse with her unless she changed her mind and asked me to.

Jenn just laughed at that. "I may be naked, but now I know I'm safe!" she said. "There's no way I'm going to ask you to do THAT!" There was no hint in her voice that she suspected my real intentions.

Jenn put the purity test away and took hold of my penis again without being asked. I watched her nipples bounce as her chest moved up and down with her breathing and with the motion of the VW. When she saw where I was looking she got very red. But she kept holding my penis and she didn't try to cover herself at all. I could see her nipples turning dark red and getting hard.

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