tagGroup SexA Beautiful Beginning

A Beautiful Beginning


We'd been planning to go out for dinner. It was supposed to be a double date kind of thing, but at the last moment, Robert backed out, and wouldn't go. He said he had a headache. I think he wanted to watch tv, or something. Anyway, we went to a nice little restaurant near the river, Aaron, Janet, and I. We talked, and laughed through the meal, and kept each other very entertained. It was so obvious how in love the two of them were. She was gorgeous, in a black, dress, with her blond hair loose, around her shoulders, and tumbling down her back. I felt rather plain beside her tall, voluptuous beauty. Though I am not really terribly small, compared to her 5'11", and gorgeous curves, I felt tiny, and invisible.

Where she wore black, I wore red. The dress was meant to flatter, and it succeeded. It had built in cups, to support my breasts, a narrow waist, and a full skirt that flowed away to just above my knees. The neckline was low enough to invite attempts at peeping, but high enough that the peeps would be unsuccessful, unless some outright intervention occurred. Beneath it, I wore only a tiny pair of black, silk panties. I wore no stockings, and black heels that made my calves look fabulous.

The conversation took on more, and more sexual tendencies, as the evening progressed, and I felt myself growing wet. Knowing that if it continued, I would have a problem, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes on my ass until I turned the corner.

I took care of business, and spent a few moments rubbing my clit, before I went back out. The little hall where the bathrooms were located was dim, and I never saw the shadow separate from the wall. A hand grabbed my arm, and I was turned, to face him. His lips were on mine, and his hands pressed me close, one on my upper back, one against my bottom, pressing me against his erection. His scent told me immediately who was holding me, and I groaned into his kiss, and moved against him.

I was shocked to feel a second body press against me, from behind. I knew in an instant that it was Janet, also from her scent. She smelled heavenly. I felt her breasts pressed against me, and her hand slid around me, between us. She was touching me, her fingers on my breast, slipping inside the neckline to squeeze my nipple, and her other hand slid downward, and stroked his cock, and my clit with every motion. I whimpered, softly, into his kiss, and felt her lips glide down my neck in short nips, until she bit my shoulder. For a moment I was distracted from responding to his kiss. Thoughts fluttered through my head. She must not be too upset if she was here, touching and kissing me. But then . . . should I allow this? Should I encourage it? I really had no choice, because pleasure was coursing through me, as I shuddered between them.

He broke the kiss, and their lips met, over my shoulder. I felt small, and almost insignificant sandwiched between these two tall people. They parted for an instant, and I thought the moment was over, until I felt hands, turning me. Now he was behind me, and her lips were on mine. One of his hands was between my legs, rubbing at my clit through the material of my dress, and the other was around her back, pressing the two of us close.

Many, many thoughts raced through my mind, and I found myself moving back and forth between them. I could feel his erection against my backside, and the softness of her body against my own softness. I wrapped my arms around her, and pressed close. I returned her kiss, tentatively at first, but as my body made my mind go numb, I responded in kind.

"We better go," said a low, resonant voice behind me.

I groaned. My orgasm was so close, and I knew that if he'd kept going, I would have exploded right there in the tiny hallway.

We paid, and left the restaurant, acting as natural as if there had not nearly been a cataclysmic explosion in the bathroom hallway. As we walked to the car, she slid her arm around him, and one around me. She leaned down and whispered, "We're sitting in the back."

I looked up at her, and I know that my eyes were wide, and there must have been . . . something fearful in them, because she leaned down to kiss me. "It's okay. I'll be gentle." I squeezed her hand, and came closer against her side.

I wondered if this was some kind of joke. Would they strip me, and then turn me out? Would we get there, and I would be ready, and then . . . . . nothing? Would I be a laughing stock? And then my thoughts took a different turn. What if something happened that I didn't like? What if I was expected to lead? Could I do it? Would I be able to say no if I didn't like something? If I did say no, would they reject me? Or would they perhaps continue, just . . . differently? I had no choice, really. Curiosity had me firmly in tow. I would deal with consequences as they came.

When we got to the car, he got in the front, and she and I climbed into the back seat . I intended to put on my seat belt, but she stopped me. "Not now," she said. She tugged me until I came over, sitting in the middle of the back seat, close to her. Then she slid my dress aside, and her mouth found my nipple. I touched her hair, feeling its silkiness. I slid a hand down to cup hers, through her dress. Her nipples were hard, and I pinched gently, and felt her gasp, against my own breast. Then she bit me, ever so gently, barely closing her teeth, and I felt my hips raise off the seat.

Her hand slid down first, and then moved upward, beneath the dress, and between my thighs, which were tightly closed. She pushed gently, until I parted my thighs, and allowed her to touch my pussy, which was wet, and aching. I know she felt me jump when her fingers touched my clit through the fine black silk of my panties. I returned the favor, slipping my fingers up her dress, and rubbing her clit, gently, when I found it. I was somewhat surprised when my fingers encountered only soft, womanly flesh We were both moaning, groping, and kissing. I heard a sound from the front seat, and looked up to see him watching in the mirror, occasionally, as he drove. I smiled at him, somewhat dazed, until she pulled my face to hers again.

I wasn't aware of where we were when we stopped, only that we had stopped. We got out of the vehicle, and I was aware of going into a building, through a haze of arousal, and desire. My heart was pounding. I felt that once inside that door, I would have no choice but to continue. I walked inside, her hand still curled around mine. We stopped inside the door, and looked up at her. She was smiling, looking first at me, and then at him. They kissed, and his hands slid inside her dress. I watched, aroused, but feeling terribly jealous. I lifted my skirt, and stood, fingering myself, watching them make out.

He pulled away, gave her a look, and disappeared through a side door in the hall. She turned to me, and kissed me, and I could taste him on her, and her own taste as well.

"Come on," she said. I followed her, up the stairs, and into a bedroom that looked like it was out of a magazine. It was glorious. She reached for me again, and again began pushing my dress aside, freeing my breasts, which I felt looked terribly small, next to hers. I began tugging at her dress as well, until we were finally out of them entirely. I stood in only a pair of black, silk panties, and she stood there in a gorgeous black satin bra. She undid it, and slipped it off, and I stood there, looking at her breasts, full, and heavy, with large nipples that stood erect. We embraced, and feeling her skin against mine was astounding. She was so soft, and silky smooth. I felt her lips, and returned her kiss, standing on my tippy-toes, to deepen it.

We were standing, locked together like this, when he came into the room. I heard his intake of breath. He sat down in the chair across the room. I was disappointed, because I thought that he would join us again. I looked at him, knowing that reproach was in my eyes, but he just smiled and rolled his eyes at me, with a smile that told me a thousand words. He would watch, and be aroused. But I shouldn't be afraid.

Janet and I made our way to the bed, and sprawled out, our hands wandering. "Show me," I said. She took my hand, and led it down her body, to touch her pussy, which was as bare as mine. She showed me the rhythm, and pattern that gave her the most pleasure. And then she asked me to do the same for her. For a short time, we took our time, exploring our reactions, and our desires. Then our lips touched, and I slipped my fingers over one of her nipples, and pinched slightly. I pulled back to look her in the eye, and leaned down to suckle on it, gently, and then as she pressed my head to her breast, with more intensity. I felt a hand on my leg, and let go long enough to look up, and find him standing there. He grabbed the gusset of my panties, and slid them down my legs, and then, turning me, he coaxed me into position, so that she could suck on my breast as well. It was terribly erotic, feeling her nipple in my mouth, and feeling her tongue circling mine as well.

I don't know how it happened, but I felt fingers gently parting my labia, slipping inside of me, and my hips moved, frantically, seeking more. We shifted, Janet and I, both moving downward, and I laid my head on her inner thigh, and put out my tongue to taste her for the first time. She was sweet, and spicy, and I could feel her muscles clenching as I flicked my tongue over her clit. I inhaled her scent, slowly, and savored the sensations. Her flesh was so very soft, and velvety beneath my tongue.

I didn't know what I was doing, really, but I discovered that if I copied what she was doing, she seemed to like it better. I was so focused on her pleasure that my own faded. I knew that my orgasm wouldn't come, but I wasn't worried about it.

I kept moving, as I felt the muscles of her belly moving against my breasts. I knew from what Aaron had told me that it meant her orgasm was near. I kept up what I was doing, gliding my tongue in circles around her clit, and then taking long, slow strokes down to her entrance. Her thighs clenched hard around my head, as she came, and her mouth left me, as she gasped, and moaned through it.

Then I was pushed onto my back, my thighs were spread, and he was between them, licking me, sucking my labia, sliding his fingers inside. She lay beside me, sucking on my nipples. I gasped as I felt my orgasm building. It was as if it had merely been waiting in the wings, and now it was time. I arched hard, crying out, as the spasms flooded through me. I was lost to anything that was going on, at that point. I heard nothing, and saw nothing, only felt with deep intensity the sensations radiating between my thighs making my toes curl, and my abs tighten and roll.

He came onto the bed, and lay on his back. Janet and I lay beside him, she against his left side, me against his right. Our eyes met across his chest, and we shared a grin. It was packed full of knowledge, and passion. And a bit of mischief as well. We scooted down his body, kissing as we went, and both of and licked, and sucked his cock. We paused occasionally, grinning at each other, and kissing, and each time we did, he would put a hand on each of our heads, urging us back to business. We finally focused on making him come. Our tongues and lips working together, our fingers stroking and playing with his balls. And when he came, his cum slicked our faces, and his belly, and we cleaned each other up gently.

Then we both crawled back up, and snuggled against his sides. I reached out to touch her breast, and she touched mine, and we giggled. It was the beginning of a very long night.

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