tagInterracial LoveA Beautiful Thing Ch. 02

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 02


Mark had just hung up the phone with his beautiful wife Angie. He had been married to that beautiful woman for awhile now and yet he was on his way to betraying her. Mark was a cold calculating businessman and today's actions had a lot to do with business as he pulled into the hotel parking lot.

Mark calmly walked in and checked himself at the front office. He opened his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He walked outside the lobby and looked around as he made the call to his associate for the day.

"Yeah you there?" Mark asked the mystery caller.

"I'm checked in, like I told you. Room 450, complete with hot tub. I'll show you some better stuff than I did at that party baby. Then we can discuss bigger and better things."

Mark chuckled to himself as he closed his cell phone. Mark made his way to the elevator with a little air under his step. He loved business as much as sex and combining the two just might be the pinnacle of his life. He stepped into the elevator with a ton of confidence. He was as brazen as to blatantly look up and down a shapely woman who was holding hands with a man in the elevator. Mark could do no wrong tonight.

Mark walked into the room, leaving the door slightly ajar, he looked around to make sure things were right. He started the warm water into the hot tub and loosened his tie.


"C'mon on in."

In walked an amazing caramel princess who looked much like his neighbor Shauna. In fact, it was Shauna. She was wearing a black blouse, gray jacket and skirt. Her straight hair was up in a bun. She walked in and put her briefcase down against the wall. She reached back and undid the bun in her hair.

There were no words about to be spoken. They were business people who knew what both wanted. She walked forward with her black hair falling down around her face. She eased her jacket back off her shoulders as did Mark. They both unbuttoned their own shirts. Shauna, her blouse and Mark his Pierre Cardin shirt. Mark stood in his under shirt and Shauna in her bra as they came close enough to grab one another and begin to french-kiss passionately.

Mark reached around her to undo the clip on her bra. His hands then reached down to her skirt as he lowered the zipper on her skirt. At the same time she reached for his belt and undid his pants. They both separated long enough to drop their bottoms and socks. Shauna shook off her bra showing off her large breasts which hung off her frame nicely with large dark nipples. They rolled around on the bed kissing and grabbing one another when they heard water splashing.

The hot tub was overflowing. They looked at each other with evil grins and jumped off the bed. They dropped their underwear and got into the hot tub, sending more water spilling onto the floor. They turn the jets on and began to furiously grab at each other and kiss more. Mark sat her on the edge of the hot tub and took her left breasts into his mouth. He grabbed her breasts with his hands and squeezed them together, taking both nipples into his mouth.

"Oh you bad boy," she squealed.

He grinned mischievously and lowered himself in the tub, bringing him fact to face with her hairless sex. He looked upon a smooth see of caramel skin and buried his face into her waiting pussy. Her outer lips were thick as he worked his mouth and tongue on her innermost being.

"bbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaadd booooyyyyy!!" she again squealed

She began to grind her pussy into his face….."Yeah keep going, keep going" she said as she put her foot up on the edge of the tub to better grind her pussy into his face. He put his hands on her thick ass as she brought it off the edge and helped her grind against his face.

She sat back down and put both of her strong, shapely legs on his shoulders and squeezed his head as her hands ran through his hair.

"OOOOOOohhhhhhhh fuck babbbbbbbbyy, come here to momma." She said as she motioned for him to stand up.

"Now give me some dick."

Mark then stood up and knew what she wanted. Hell, she told him what she wanted. They both sat into the tub and Shauna reached beneath the water. She took a hold of his cock and guided into her cunt. Her cunt easily accepted him and felt like two velvet pillows were squeezing his penis.

Mark looked up at the ceiling as he groaned. Shauna began working on him so hard the water was splashing onto the floor. Mark then began to pump up into Shauna as the water began to fly out of the tub. They were fucking like rabbits as both wanted to come and were going to get there one way or another. Finally Mark let out a loud groan and shot his seed into Shauna. She gently cooed as she grinded her pelvis against his, holding his deflating penis in her soft pussy.

She released his cock and sat next to him in the hot tub. They turned the water back on to fill the tub since a lot of the water had been sent to the hotel room floor.

They both began to talk business. Shauna had represented several clients Mark was interested in and the positioning battles began.

After a half hour in the tub they walked out and began toweling themselves. They continued to talk until the jiggling of Shauna's breasts inspired another erection in Mark. She quickly noticed and laid back on the bed. She began to rub her gleaming lips and Mark took position between her chocolate legs.

Mark began to pound away the best way he knew how, hard and fast. Shauna loved to fuck quick and hard too. She would frown and grit her teeth as she fucked back. They were both enjoying the feeling of Mark's circumcised cock sliding fully in and out of her pussy. His cock would completely exit and easily slid into her wet cunt. They both wear screaming and soon Shauna was digging her nails into Mark's back. Mark tensed up one last time and filled her with all that he had left.

Mark fell down next to her and gasped for air. "Now about that second contract…….."

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