tagBDSMA Beauty Salon Tale Ch. 02

A Beauty Salon Tale Ch. 02


I can never decide which category to choose for my stories. All of my tales involve Dominance and Submission. Since there is no such category, I'm adding some whips and chains, maybe a pillory, to the end of this Tale.

* * * * *

I waited in the lobby area of the empty salon, chilly, nervous and a bit frightened. I glanced over at Natalie's work station, where just a month ago, I'd knelt and worshipped her beautiful bottom by kissing it reverently. I'd become so excited by this simple but arousing act that I shot my wad inside my pants simply by humping the air without any manipulation at all. I'd spent the past thirty days battling my mixed emotions of lust and humiliation.

Natalie was behaving as though nothing unusual had occurred. She was busy turning things on and preparing to wash and trim my long hair, all the while apologizing for being late for my appointment and also for the chilly air inside the beauty salon.

"I'm sorry that it's so cold in here, Carol left the thermostat down to fifty five degrees. It should warm up soon. Come on over to the sink and I'll wash your hair."

As she stood beside me and lathered my hair, I strained to see her from my awkward position, lying back in the chair with my head hanging over the sink. After the rinse, I started to rise, but she pushed me gently back into position on my back and began to remove my shoes and socks. She then unzipped my fly and slipped off my pants and boxers.

"We wouldn't want you to stain another pair of pants, would we? Sit up and let me wrap a towel around your hair."

I sat contritely as Natalie wrapped the towel around my damp hair. She had that same bemused smile as she helped me up and led me to her work station. The mirrored walls offered a myriad of angles as I climbed onto her chair, wearing nothing but my shirt and the plastic smock she'd fastened around my neck.

Other than stripping me naked from the waist down, and the little pat on my butt as I got into the chair, Natalie chatted as if this was nothing unusual. My eyes studied her as I watched her in the mirror. She was so beautiful, so confident. The memory of my last appointment still played in my thoughts so vividly that I couldn't help but touch my raging hard on under the cover of the apron. When I say raging, I should tell you that I am not overly endowed. I confess that I'm one of those guys who want to believe that "five inches is average...right?"

My left hand cupped my balls as my right hand tickled the head of my cock. I was shaken from my sexual fugue when she suddenly pulled the plastic apron away to reveal my covert action. Still speaking in her lilting, conversational tone, she watched me in the mirror and said:

"What are you doing, Ross? I don't recall giving you permission to play with yourself."

She sighed as she replaced the apron and sighed, "This changes everything," and resumed my haircut. When she finished blow drying my hair, she took off the apron and reached into a drawer and removed a matching hairbrush and hand held mirror.

"Wait for me in the lobby. I'll be with you in a moment."

I stood in the chilly waiting area in the front of the shop. I was acutely aware that anyone who chanced to look inside would see that I wore no pants and my penis had shriveled to a nub exposed to the cold air. I could see her talking on the phone as she cleaned her work area. "There's been a change in plans," she said. "Something has come up, so to speak. I'll call you this evening."

I was facing with my backside to the windows, casting furtive glances over my shoulder when she approached me with the hairbrush and mirror in her hands. Se set the brush and mirror on the tile floor and placed one of the small, decorative wrought iron chairs next to them and sat down.

"Come here, Ross; come and lay across my lap."

I followed her orders and soon found myself draped across her knees with my toes touching the floor and my hands supporting my weight. I was staring at my reflection in the hand held mirror when she picked up the hairbrush. As with the mirror, the hairbrush was made of solid oak and looked to be nearly an inch thick. It was wide; oval shaped and from my perspective, wicked.

The spanking seemed to take forever. Natalie was in no hurry as she lectured me. While she spoke, she methodically paddled me with the hairbrush. The blows came at random, but she was consistent with the force of her swats. She used the weight of the solid oak and simple gravity to create a swat that in itself was not overwhelmingly painful. Nevertheless, she was relentless and it wasn't long before I could barely hear her lecture as I struggled not to cry.

"I'd planned to have such fun with you today. It's a shame that you had to ruin it. After your last appointment, you should have realized that you must always wait for my instructions. Oh Ross, you haven't changed a bit, have you? You're still the little boy that likes to peek at pretty girls and play with his penis."

Her words struck me harder than the hairbrush she welded for my spanking. Had she known? Had they all known that I watched them as I hid and jerked off to the sight of all those gorgeous cheerleaders? As if reading my mind, she said;

"Oh, you didn't realize that we knew you were watching us? You didn't realize that our laughter was the result of knowing you were standing behind the curtains and playing with yourself? I'm surprised at you, Ross; we just assumed that you knew, we thought that was part of your fantasy."

While Natalie continued to spank me and taunt me, my face in the mirror grew as red as my flaming backside. This was due in part to my position over her knee with my head hanging down, but also from my shameful revelation. They knew, they all knew!

Natalie dropped the hairbrush next to the mirror. I thought my spanking was over. Instead she picked up the mirror. She brought the back of the mirror down on my ass using the same technique, but the size and weight of the mirror as it connected with my upturned bottom had me sobbing and pleading for mercy. Time and time again, the wide flat slab of oak landed on my butt cheeks with a loud "splat" that was nearly as humiliating as the pain it left on my naked bottom.

I was long past my breaking point when she set the mirror down next to the hairbrush. I saw in my reflection the face of a man who had just been put in his place. She allowed me to catch my breath before helping me off of her lap. She pointed to a corner and told me to go and stand with my face to the wall. Even though I faced the corner, I could see a dozen images of my bright red bottom reflected in the mirrored walls of the beauty salon. I listened quietly while Natalie applied her makeup and brushed her hair. I had my tears and sniffles under control when she walked over to the corner and stood very close behind me.

"I hope you've learned your lesson, Ross. We could have had such fun today, but that will have to wait for your next appointment. I have plans for you, Ross, but you must learn not to play with yourself without my permission. Honestly, Ross, I've never known a man who could reach an orgasm without any contact with his penis. That was amazing! When I saw the wet spot on the front of your pants, I knew that I could turn you into something special."

I shivered when she cupped my bottom and patted it gently. She began speaking softly next to my ear while she smiled at my face in the mirror.

"You liked that didn't you, Ross? You enjoyed being on your knees and kissing my ass while I did my makeup. You enjoyed it so much that you couldn't help yourself, could you? Look, your penis is growing hard. Are you thinking about kissing my ass, or is it the fact that I'm fondling your bottom that has you so aroused? I'm waiting for an answer, Ross." I gulped and told her the truth.

"It's both, Natalie; I get so horny every time I think about kissing your ass, but what you are doing to me today...what you are doing right now has me..."

"Tell me, Ross, are going to have an orgasm? Are you going to shoot your semen on your reflection in the mirror? Go ahead, Ross, I want you to cum without touching yourself. I'll even rub your naughty bottom until you do."

That did it. I began bucking my hips, humping the thin air between me and my reflection. I was fucking the air furiously as she caressed by butt and whispered in my ear.

"That's it, baby; keep fucking yourself, keep humping yourself. I want to see you splatter the wall with your naughty little boy's cum. Do it, Ross. Do it faster, little boy. Cum for me! Cum for me!" And with that, I shot several jets of semen on the mirror with a velocity I'd never experienced before. I continued humping the air until my cock was spent and my semen dripped slowly down the wall.

In an instant, her demeanor returned to that of a professional hairdresser. She turned from me and told me to clean up the mess I'd made. I dropped to my knees and reluctantly began my task when I heard her exclaim behind me, "Oh my God, Ross! What are you doing?" It was then that I noticed she'd brought me a towel to wipe the mirror.

"Oh my God, you were going to lick the mirror! You thought I wanted you to clean your mess with your tongue? You were willing to do that simply because you thought that's what I wanted? Oh, my God, this is too much!"

My humiliation was complete, or so I thought. I reached for the towel, but she wrenched it from my trembling hands.

"No, Ross, I have to see this now. You were willing to lick up your cum, so get to it. Lick that wall for me, lick up your mess!"

I was still licking my cum off of the glass long after she stopped laughing and went to answer the phone. I wondered if her caller heard her when she called to me.

"That's enough, Ross. You can put your pants on and leave. I'll see you next month."

I had to wait until the first Monday of the next month to find out what else Natalie had in store for me, but I knew who the caller was from the last words I heard as I let myself out.

"Jennifer, he did it again! He never laid a finger on it and neither did I! Yes, that's right; he shot his wad simply by fucking his reflection!"

The caller was Jennifer, my older sister.

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