tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Beavis and Butthead Kind of Night

A Beavis and Butthead Kind of Night

byAwful Arthur©



It was getting late and Trudy Kendlin's doorbell hadn't rung in over forty minutes, the parade of goblins, monsters, superheroes and other assorted characters apparently ended for another year. It left her a little depressed. Halloween was one of her favorite nights and she hated for it to end.

She was a teacher, a high school teacher, who enjoyed the young trick-or-treaters all dressed up, having fun, and she particularly liked having some of her students drop by. They all knew how much she enjoyed Halloween–how she liked to decorate her house and yard all spookily, get dressed up, often a little sexily, and have a few glasses of wine, a rarity. She was one of the students' favorites and they got a kick out of seeing her a little drunk in a sexy costume. It was something they laughed about behind her back.

She usually dressed her body down, wore very little makeup, and comported herself very primly, concealing her sexuality as much as possible. The last thing she wanted was for a student to come on to her with the dire consequences it could bring, besides, teachers couldn't be too careful anymore. She had been so successful at playing the prim schoolmarm that she was thought of as a prude by the students–they even called her 'Prudy' behind her back.

Just as she was pouring her fifth glass of Pinot Noir, the doorbell rang. She took one large gulp, set the glass on the kitchen table and went to see if it was merely a late goblin calling or if, perhaps by some remote chance, that good looking guy she had noticed checking her out at the gym had just maybe found out her address and decided to stop by. She needed a man–it had been six weeks. To her surprise, two of her students, Russell Farlow and Frank Simpson, stood there grinning at her.

Russell and Frank were constant companions, known around school as 'Beavis and Butthead.' Other than Russell being a towhead and Frank having dark brown hair, they looked nothing like the cartoon characters, but they did engage in foolhardy pranks. A few teachers actually thought them dangerous, but Trudy just thought them mischievous and daring, very daring, especially Russell.

They were dressed as Beavis and Butthead, in the appropriate clothing and colors, including 'Metallica' and 'AC/DC' logos. Their only concession to the chilly temperature was wearing hoodies instead of t-shirts. Frank also wore a backpack carrying god knows what, Trudy hesitated to even guess.

"Trick or treat," they said, laughing as Russell drew a pistol and shot a stream of water to the right of her head just as Frank pulled the strings on a fireworks popper, making a loud bang.

She jumped back, causing her boobs to bounce like an over endowed cheer leader's, and squealed like a little girl. The prank was no doubt Russell's idea that Frank went along with as usual. "My goodness, that was wicked. But you shouldn't trick your teacher like that. Don't you boys know that?"

"We thought you'd like to be tricked," said Russell, then laughed like Beavis, "Heh, heh, heh."

"Trick, heh, heh, heh," said Frank. "He said trick, heh, heh, heh."

"You almost gave me a heart attack. Is that what you were trying to do?"

"No, Miss K, we don't want anything to happen to you. You're our favorite teacher. Our very favorite of all time. And prettiest too," Russell said.

Russell was brash and a little fresh. Trudy liked him and was actually attracted to him–not to the point she might act on it, but attracted nevertheless. She didn't know exactly why–he was adopted, like her, and she felt a little kinship toward him, but that wasn't it. He wasn't particularly good looking or sexy, either, still there was something about him that she found terribly appealing–it made her a little uncomfortable.

"Yeah, you're cool," said Frank.

"Although I know you don't mean it, that's a nice sentiment. You're such flatterers."

"I mean it," said Russell. "And that outfit is awesome–sexx-eee." She was dressed as an English school girl in a short plaid skirt, white blouse revealing cleavage, and knee length socks, with her hair in pig tails tied with bows.

"Yeah, awesome," Frank said, then mimicked Butthead. "Uhhh, heh, heh, heh, he said sexy."

Trudy blushed as she laughed. "Oh, my. Now I know you're fibbing. "

"No we're not. There was this girl in a movie wearing an outfit just like yours," said Russell, "only she wasn't as pretty as you, even when she took it off, heh, heh, heh." It earned him a quick look from Frank.

Trudy laughed, then said, "I won't even ask what kind of movie you were watching. You know, I'm surprised you fellows are out trick-or-treating? I'd have thought you had other things to do tonight."

"Nah, we went to a party, but it was boring, so we watched a movie, then we decided to come see you," Frank said.

"If we'd known you had on that outfit, we'd have come earlier," said Russell.

"Well, it really is nice of you guys to come see me. Want some candy?" she asked only half joking.

"How about a beer?" said Russell.

Trudy giggled. "You guys aren't old enough to drink."

"We're twenty-one," deadpanned Russell.

"You are not." She giggled again. "You're both eighteen. You're in my class, remember. I've seen your records."

"Well, we're old enough to join the Army, we ought to be old enough to drink beer. Besides we do it all the time. It's Halloween, Miss K, come on, give us a beer." Russell said.

"Yeah, trick-or-treat," said Frank.

"I don't have any beer, guys. I really don't."

"Well, I guess we'll have to furnish our own," Russell laughed, pointing to Frank's backpack. "Have a drink with us, Miss K. What do you say?"

"Guys, it wouldn't look right. I'm your teacher, you know." She laughed. "I could get fired."

"We ain't gonna tell nobody, Miss K. No one's gonna know. Come on. Have a drink with us, it'll be fun. It's Halloween," Russell said.

"Guys..." she said, dragging the word out as if begging them not to press her and make her actually say the words, turning them down.

"Come on, Miss K, it'll be fun. It's Halloween," Russell persisted.

"Yeah, come on, it's Halloween," Frank parroted.

"Yeah, but," she said, regretful.

"She said butt, heh, heh, heh," Frank mimicked Butthead.

"It'll be fun. Come on, Miss K, one beer ain't gonna hurt anything." Russell kept after her.

"Yeah, come on, Miss K, one beer. No one's gonna know," Frank chimed in.

"Oh, for goodness sake. Come on in. I'm drinking wine. Just know that you better not tell anyone." She knew they would be fun, probably fill her in on all the latest gossip at school. She didn't look forward to spending the rest of the evening alone and besides, it was Halloween.

"We won't tell a soul. Promise," said Russell.

"Promise," said Frank.

"Okay, but you better not. I could get into trouble."

"What happens in this house...staaays in this house," Russell said, mocking the catchphrase, and they laughed.

"You have no idea how true that is," Trudy said.

They sat at the kitchen table, laughing and talking. Being with the youngsters cheered her up.

"How old are you, Miss K, thirty?" Russell asked.

"I'm ancient," Trudy said, laughing. "But don't you know you shouldn't ask a woman her age?"

"Well, you're so much younger than all the other teachers at school, I just wondered," said Russell.

"They're all such fuddy-duddies that it makes me feel young when I'm around them. How old do you think I am?"

"I don't know, maybe thirty, but you don't look it. Me and Frank are told we act thirty. Ain't that right, Frank?" said Russell.

"Yeah, we're pretty old for our age, heh, heh, heh," replied Frank, mimicking Butthead again.

Trudy laughed. "In that case, I don't feel like I'm corrupting you by having a drink with you."

"Cool," said Frank.

"That outfit's hot," said Russell, "Model it for us. Walk like one of those models does."

"No way, Jose," she said, giggling.

Russell refilled her glass and they all continued to talk and joke, the guys occasionally teasing her. She hadn't felt this young in ages and even began to flirt with them a little. It was really innocent she figured, and she liked them thinking her sexy.

"Do you like being single?" Russell asked.

"Well, it's an adjustment," she replied.

"When did it happen?" Frank asked.

"September twenty-second. Ed disappeared on September twenty-second, the asshole."

"How long were you married?" Russell asked.

"Oh, not long–just a few months."

"All I got to say is, Ed is stupid," said Frank. "Why did he leave?"

"He just split. Let's leave it at that. It's for the best–I never should have married the asshole. Gonna hurt a little financially, but otherwise I'm okay. I'd really rather not talk about it," She sounded a little pensive.

"Yeah, that's bad. I'm sorry I brought it up, I shouldn't have done that," said Russell. He got up, stepped behind her and began gently massaging her neck.

"It's okay," she said and closed her eyes.

"Refill her glass, Frank. She's empty," Russell said working his thumbs gently into her shoulders.

"I think I've had enough. I'm pretty tipsy," she said.

"Aw, have another wine, Miss K. You're tight, I can feel it," said Russell.

Frank refilled her glass and she took two large swallows before setting it on the table.

"This really is relaxing," she said, "You're pretty good. Where did you learn to do this?"

"My aunt taught me. I used to do her a lot," Russell said and Frank snickered.

"I see," said Trudy, a slight blush creeping into her cheeks and neck.

"You're pretty," Russell said. "Ain't she pretty, Frank?"

"Definitely. Prettiest teacher we ever had," said Frank.

"Uh, huh," Trudy murmured. "Flattery, flattery. Flattery."

"I mean it, you're hot. And I don't care what they say, you're not a prude, you're too hot," said Russell.

"I act like a prude. You don't think I'm a prude, Russell?" she asked.

"No way. You're too hot, way too hot," Russell said and grabbed her breasts. They were firm and even larger than he had imagined.

"Russell! What are you doing?" She practically yelled as she twisted sideways trying to get away. But he held her firmly.

"Damn, they're awesome," he said, pinning her to the chair while running his hands over her tits, kneading and squeezing them.

"Stop it, Russell. Stop it right now, damn it," she said, struggling, but he held her firm.

"Huh uh," he said. He had her by the tits and they felt good–he wasn't about to stop. He leaned down to kiss her but she shook her head and put her hand in front of his lips preventing him from making contact.

"I mean it, Russell. Stop it right now," she said, continuing to struggle.

"You like it, I know you do. Quit acting like you don't."

"You're about to cause more trouble that you can imagine, Russell, more than you ever dreamed of. You better stop. Stop it right now and leave. I mean it, Russell, you better stop and get the hell out of here."

"You don't really want me to stop. I know you," Russell insisted.

"If you don't stop, I'm gonna tell. So help me God, I'm gonna tell."

"Yeah, well we'll tell too. We'll tell that you gave us beer. That's what we'll do. We'll say that you gave us beer and got us drunk and you were drunk too. That's what we'll tell," said Russell.

"Yeah, and you were dressed all sexy and invited us in to drink and shit," said Frank.

"Stop it Russell. Please stop. Don't do this." she quit struggling and begged. Maybe he would stop if she begged. She didn't know what else to do. His hands felt good on her tits and she was getting aroused–she had to get him to stop before it was too late. If he went much further, she would give in like she always did and she couldn't let herself do that, not with these boys. The thought of getting fucked, getting fucked right then and there, however, buzzed her mind–everything got fuzzy. God she wanted to fuck, it had been almost six weeks.

Her nipples were erect, Russell could feel them through her blouse. He squeezed her tits and whispered into her ear, smiling at Frank, "Damn, your tits are big. You like it too, don't you. Damn."

Russell was right. His reasons were simplistic and wrong, probably based on projection, stereotypes or some misunderstood observation, but he had stumbled upon the absolutely right conclusion. He really did have her figured out. All a man had to do was touch her breasts, especially her nipples, and her resistance dissolved. If a man went further, she would get out-of-her-mind hot, often becoming so disoriented that she lost track of time and didn't even know where she was. She would fuck for hours or even days, having orgasm after orgasm, she couldn't help it. Sometimes she even blacked out.

Now, a student had her by the tits and she was getting aroused–something she had always feared might happen. Unless she stopped him immediately, he was going to fuck her and all hell was going to break loose.

'Oh God,' she thought, 'I can't do a student. Not a student.'

"Stop it!" she screamed and began to struggle hard once more. She was close to giving in and it panicked her. Russell continued to knead her tits sending little jolts of pleasure from her nipples down to her clit and the sensations were growing stronger by the second.

"Hold still," Russell said and looked at Frank.

Frank dropped to his knees in front of her, reached up under her skirt, yanked her panties down, causing her shoes to also come off, then ran his hands up between and under her legs, spreading them with his arms, cupped her ass, and buried his face in her pussy.

It took her breath. She began to twist and whimper, "No...no...no...no." But they had her. She knew they had her. Beavis and Butthead had her. One had her by the ass, his tongue flicking over her clit, tantalizing her pussy, and the other had her by the tits, his thumbs tantalizing her nipples. Her head began to spin. She was losing control and even they knew it. She imagined hearing them laugh, 'heh, heh, heh.'

"No," she screamed, twisting and turning frantically. "Stop it."

A few seconds later she stopped fighting, she was theirs. She spread her legs wider and gave in–she couldn't help herself. She quit whimpering and began moaning loudly, "Oh, god. Oh, my god. Come on, come on," So much for her not wanting to do a student.

Russell removed her blouse, then struggled with her bra, finally getting it off, baring her torso. Her tits stood out like a couple of small cantaloupes and he immediately began to hungrily suck one nipple while roughly squeezing and kneading her breasts with both hands.

"Do you like that? Are you getting hot?" Russell mumbled.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," she whined, seeing flashes of bright white light as she clasped Frank's head.

"Damn, she's hot, man," Russell said.

When the first spasm hit, she began to buck and squeal loudly, her legs jerking uncontrollably, then a larger spasm took her breath and she almost passed out. Her body shook and jerked for what seemed like a whole minute, leaving her in a stupor.

"Oh. Oh god, oh god," she cried.

"Switch," Russell said to Frank, "I'm hitting that first."

Frank swapped places with Russell who got down between her legs, hurriedly trying to get his dick into her pussy as she moaned and squirmed, out of control. After fumbling a couple of tries, he finally succeeded and began to fuck her hard and fast, grunting, animal like, with every stroke. Within a minute he came, straining to get every last bit of his dick into her, groaning loudly as he spurted ropes of cum deep inside her.

His cock was big, bigger than any she had ever felt, and it took her breath when he entered her. She cried out and immediately began building toward another orgasm. It felt like he was going to split her in two, stretching her entire bottom from her clit to her asshole, pressing her hips apart and filling her. She didn't care that he was a student or that he was raping her–she was out of her mind hot and she wanted a cock, any cock, especially his cock. She wanted to fuck forever, never stop. She wanted to taste him, suck him dry. When she felt him shudder and come, she came again also, trilling loudly, then began to toss and grind on his dick–she wanted more, more cock, more cum.

"Oh god," she babbled, "Oh god, yes. Oh, god. Give it to me. Give me that cock. So good. So fucking good. Oh, god. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Even though he had come, his dick was still hard and he kept fucking her, rapidly pounding her pussy like a virgin bull rabbit on a squealing doe until he came again. It felt like the veins in his neck were going to burst as he stiffened and shuddered, lost in the primal urge to impregnate the gorgeous creature bucking and squealing beneath him as he brought her to orgasm the third time.

Russell was surprised at how hot she had gotten and how hot she remained. Her eyes were glazed and fluttering. In a daze, she jerked and wriggled, trying to hump his dick some more. Like always, he had to press his luck and push things further. He pulled her skirt off and stood her up.

"Holy shit," Frank said at the sight of her standing there dizzy and wobbly, wearing nothing but knee high socks, her breasts rising and falling with each labored breath. She was even more beautiful than the hot chick in the porno flick they had been watching earlier.

"Let's go to the bedroom, baby," Russell said and started walking her toward the hall, guiding her with his hand on her bare ass. Addled, she looked around puzzled.

"Wha, what?" she said.

"Get your ass to the bedroom," Russell said and gave her rump a sharp smack, just like the guy in the porno flick had done.

"Unh," she yelped, and hopped a step, tucking her ass forward.

"You better mind me, girl," Russell laughed, proud of himself. "I'll spank that ass."

"Uh-huh," she mumbled.

They laid her on the bed and took turns kissing her tits and playing with her pussy while they undressed. Still in an arousal fog, she squirmed and moaned loudly each time one of them touched her clit.

"She likes it, Russell. She really likes it," Frank said, surprised.

"I told you she would, dumb ass. I told you and you didn't believe me."

"How did you know?"

"Women with big tits are like that–they get hot when you grab their tits. I almost nailed her back when school started, but her asshole husband showed up."

"No shit?" Frank asked.

"Hell yeah. Didn't I tell you about that?"

"Shit no, you didn't tell me. What happened?"

"I was helping decorate the gym for that stupid pep rally the night before the first game and she was there. You had a date or something. I told her I wanted her to read some shit I had written on the computer. I was gonna get her up there in the computer lab and fuck her. I was gonna tie her ass to a desk if I had to, even had some cable ties, but I figured all I had to do was play with these big ol' tits and she'd fuck." He squeezed her breast. "She was getting ready to go up there with me, too, when her goddamn fart-face husband showed up."

"Come on," she begged.

"Ain't that right, Prudy? You wouldda given me that pussy up there in the computer lab, wouldn't you?"

"Whatever. Now come on, fuck me."

"Say, 'please,'" Russell teased, and began fingering her slowly.

"Oh god, please," she said.

Russell laughed and teased her further, "Trick or treat?"

"Come on, Russell," she begged.

"Say, 'Trick or treat,'" he ordered.

"Trick or treat," she said.

Russell chuckled. "Prudy wants a treat. I think she wants to fuck some more. You want to fuck some more, Prudy?"

"Yes. Come on."

"My turn. My fucking turn," Frank said, his mouth drooling as he pushed Russell out of the way and got between her legs.

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