tagRomanceA Bed Time Story Ch. 02

A Bed Time Story Ch. 02


They arose, still groggy from their love making of the night before. He leaned over, kissed her forehead and slipped his hand down to cup her hind cheek.

"Awake my lady, tis time for us to break camp and continue our journey."

She rolled her head out from the covers while pressing her ass harder into his hand. "As you wish, but I require some food to break my fast good sir."

"And you shall have it Lady, I have to go for water and fetch some dry wood for the fire." He arose and she looked long at his form, a proven warrior and certainly not a young man, still he was well knit and pleasing to the eye. She was surprised that his cock was so small when not aroused. Reaching up she ran her hand down his belly and lingered on his manhood.

"Can this be the same staff that pounded my depths, Sir Knight?"

He looked down at her hand, even as his cock began to fill with desire from the warmth of her touch. "Aye Lady, tis a tiny mushroom until it is loved, that's for certain."

"Well, sir let me love it... and see if you are true or a false knight."

"As you wish, my Lady...I'm sure it will be a stout Oak staff in no time under your wonderful touch."

True to his word, his shaft grew and stiffened in her grasp. It became ridged and was capped by a velvet head. The soft ridge around this head flared and pulsed with the squeezing of her hand.

"Lady," He said through slightly ragged gasps of breath. "I cannot go to prepare your meal while you treat my cock so."

"Then I shall stop, since it seems to displace your duties." She said as she slid her hand down his shaft and gave one last soft squeeze to his full and wonderfully shaped bollocks. "Go now...I'm hungry." She laughed and rolled over in the bower, stretching and letting one leg rise up to her belly exposing her rear cleavage and the clef between her legs. He cast long looks at her as he dressed and slipped out of the pavilion to get breakfast started. She lounged a bit longer in the bed before rising and dressing.

Breakfast was soon made, and they ate sitting close to each other while talking about the remainder of the trip and the fair itself. It would take another day and a half to cover the miles yet to go. That left a day at the city before the fair and the tournament started. In quick order the camp was broken down, packed up, and they resumed their trip. They rode at an easy pace, stopping only to water the horses and to eat a light mid day meal. After the storms of the night before the weather was clear and warm. The trail was smooth and well maintained allowing them to make good progress despite their gentle pace.

The setting sun brought them to a sheltered glen just off the main trail where they would camp for the second night. Here the forest opened up and the dense pines were replaced by the noble Rowan and Oak trees. The late afternoon sun filtered down on the clearing, near by, a small stream chattered away as it wandered through the trees. After picketing the horses down stream from the camp site, they set the pavilion up and gathered wood for the fire. Leaving her to see to the varied small tasks that needed to be attended to, he went to procure some game for their dinner.

She watched him break out a small bow, string it, gather some arrows and start down the side of the stream. She called to him before he had gone far.

"My knight...fair well and good luck in your hunt."

"My thanks, Lady...Trust I will be back to you as soon as possible."

While he was gone she busied herself with making up the bower, cutting arm loads of fresh rushes that grew next to the stream, to lay in the frame and she cover it with a down quilt, and blankets for the evening chill. Moving outside she rolled some rocks together for the fire pit and found two "Y" sticks to act as supports for the cooking pots and spits. She also filled the water containers and started the fire to heat the water, for washing and cleaning whatever game he returned with. Looking around she felt a certain pride in her ability to set the camp and make it more relaxed then a war camp, which he was what he was use to.

He returned after an hour or so, over his shoulder was a brace of rabbits as well as a Pheasant for their dinner. He was both surprised and thankful for her work while he was hunting. "Lady...Many thanks for you hard work with the camp, you are certainly a resourceful woman, as well as a wonderful bed partner." He said before he kissed her long and softly on her open mouth, their tongues meeting and playing, sending sparks up and down her spine. While they kissed her hands slipped down on their own accord to hold his firm male rump, encased in his leather riding pants. She squeezed them and felt them flex in response, she could feel the dents in the sides of his ass cheeks become more pronounced under her hands, and her nipples stiffened as if connected to that feeling.

Slowly and reluctantly they ended their kiss, and stood looking at each other. The feelings between them precluded a smile, it was too basic and consuming to be amusing and in truth...It frightened her. She felt like a moth that is drawn to a flame knowing its peril, yet powerless in its ability to resist.

With the sun setting they turned to preparing their evening meal, from his hunter's game pouch he produced some wild onions and hard balled potatoes. These he added to the rabbit that he had cleaned and diced for stew, the bird he spitted, whole and he rubbed it with rare eastern spices that he kept in small containers. She watched him reduce the fire to coals for cooking and set the pot on to boil. Moving to him she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder, he responded by reclining his head on hers as they looked into the coals. The sun sent a few parting shafts of light down on them as the shadows grew longer.

Their dinner was enjoyed with playful conversations and touches. Feeding each other with food from their plates and sharing their wine from a single cup. Hands roamed over accessible body parts, and soft brush of an erect nipple, or a leather restricted cock, brought sighs and soulful kisses to each other. The wine served to warm their already willing bodies and send their heads soaring, and unlike the last night there were no pretenses to allow for. It was simply... a man and a woman in lust.

The sun was well down and the songs of the woods at night filled the air. Throwing the last of the wood on the fire their faces reflected the light and the heat that it produced. They sat now in silence transfixed by the flames that licked and jumped in the night's dark. She broke away for a moment and stole into the tent to light the tallow candles that she had set about the space. She enhanced her scent with spice oil, dabbing it behind her ears and on the space below her belly button as well as between her pert, upright breasts. She removed her loose riding shift and slid down a tighter fitting sleeping shirt that showed off her curves. Letting the shirt fall down, it came to a point mid thigh and clung to her legs and ass. She went to the tent flap and looked at him still absorbed, and looking at the fire.

"My Lord, I think it may be time to join me in the shelter and think of being abed, we still have a ways to travel on the morrow." His face turned and took in the sight of her standing in the glow of the fire and the back lighting of the candles in the tent which turned the linen sleeping shirt opaque in the light. It showed her legs, full, firm and highlighted the gap at the top of her thighs.

"As you wish my lady, just let me douse the fire pit area with some water, I would hate to have a fire wake us." He arose and poured the remaining water in the pots around the fire pit and pushed the coals into a pile to save the spark for the morning fire. He turned and went to the tent flap, peering in he saw her standing next to the bower; a wild flower was tucked behind her ear and a sly smile that played around her full lips.

He came to her in a rush of passion, and folded her into his frame. Lifting her up, she molded to his shape with her feet off the ground and her mouth to his. His hands went to hold her ass and brought her closer to him, as her legs circled his hips. She leaned back away from his mouth and his head went to her chest, he burrowed his face in her cleavage, trying to part her sleeping shirt with his teeth to gain access to her breasts and nipples, which judging by their hardness, clearly needed attention. She scrambled to get the shirt off, hampered by it being trapped by his body against hers. Finally it came free and was thrown off into the shadows of the candle light. Naked now, she wrapped around him in lust, abandon and desire.

He nuzzled her, finding the soft hollow right above her collar bone where it joined her neck, as his mouth fell on it he felt her shiver in response. Turning now he set her down on the edge of the bower and stood up before her. Her hands went to free him from his vestments; she untied the laces that held the front of his leather pants together. Slowly she pulled and loosened them to slip over his hips. Pulling them down to his knees with his under garment his erect cock bobbed up and down when freed from the confinement. She caught it with her mouth and relished in its silky texture as she sucked on it, running her tongue around the ridge of the head. She found his secret place; just under the gland, a small wrinkle of skin that when she licked it his cock jerked, swelled and noises escaped his lips unbidden.

Still filling her mouth with his cock, her hands grasped and fondled his ass cheeks. Squeezing them and pulling them apart she swept a finger down across his anus, pausing there to push against this delicate place. She was startled by his reaction, he pushed against her finger and it slipped into him causing an almost animal noise to escape his lips.

"Yes...yes...oh...push harder love, push your finger into me." He moaned as his legs began to shake. Her finger slid in to him up to her knuckle and she started to flex her finger back and forth. He coached her to bend her finger and find the acorn shaped gland that when fondled provided intense pleasure. She found it and rubbed it through the wall of his anus. She was amazed at how it effected him, he almost lost his ability to stand as his legs trembled and his cock now free of her mouth pulsed and jerked up and down, its head flaring in time to her finger strokes. Holding the finger in him still, she licked the drop of liquid from the tip of his cock, and savored his taste. Her other hand lifted and massaged his heavy sack, stretching them down and between his legs it pulled his cock level with her lips and mouth. Using just the tip of her tongue, she ran it up and down his shaft, tracing its outline with her eyes closed. She moved her finger slowly in and out of his ass hearing him moan in response. She now leaned back just to look at how she had driven him right to the edge of climax. His legs trembled and sheen of sweat covered his body, his eyes were half closed and soft noises escaped his mouth which was half open as he gasped for breath.

"Are you feeling pleasure My Lord?" She asked in jest. His only answer was a long drawn out exhaled "Oh". A smile crossed her face as she looked at his desire. "Shall I give you your release Sir Knight?" She whispered up to him. "No... I truly think you need a little more milking for your cock and balls." She said as she pushed her finger all the way in to his ass and moved it around to the sounds of his moaning. She now swiftly removed her finger from him and he shook as it came free. "Pray Sir, remove your shirt and the rest of you clothes and place yourself on you hands and knees on the bower, so I may milk you properly."

He quickly deposed of his vestments and knelt on the bed as she requested. Rising up she washed her hands and retrieved a small pot of soft tallow to use as a lubricant. She lied down with her face under his, so she could look into his eyes as she milked him. Taking a scoop of tallow in her hand she spread it on his cock, sliding her hand up and down the length of his shaft. His head hung down close to her face and she could hear his breath and feel it on her. Slowly she ran her hand up and down his cock, stopping at the top to slide her thumb over the crown of his cock head. Her strokes varied from slow to fast as she worked him up to the point of release. When she felt he was at the brink she stopped and let his cock bounce and swing free. While he gasped and wheezed in his desire, as she knelt next to his side. Reaching down between his ass cheeks to grab his balls, pulling them back towards her she formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger at the base of his ball sack, and tugged. He bucked and moaned as she stretched his sack out and with her other hand began to slap them, gently at first and working up in speed and strength of the slaps, as he groaned and jerked in response. Then she would go back to milking his cock with varied strokes and squeezes, building him up to just before his release and then letting his throbbing member hang free, untouched and wanting.

Soon he began to moan in the constant desire to empty his seed, she still kept him close to the edge and started to whisper in his ear asking him how much he needed to come, asking him to beg her to end his desire. Soon he was unashamed of his need and begged her to finish him. Rising from the bed she fetched a warm cloth and having him roll over she cleaned the tallow from his cock. Lying down by his side she positioned herself to not only swallow his cock and seed when he came, but for him to view and fondle her wet and wanting parts as she finished him. Her own desire and excitement were evident by the sheen of wetness that covered her thighs and ass cheeks.

Taking his cock in her mouth she began to slide it all the way in and then out to the very tip, then down to the base. While she did this she felt his fingers softly running up and down the lips of her slit and this feeling spurred her to throat him even faster. It didn't take long to bring him to the point of no return, she felt his body stiffen and a long moan escaped his lips as she cupped his sack and gently squeezed. Then she felt the first massive contraction of his cock, sending a thick jet of semen in her mouth and down her throat. Again and again his member jerked in her mouth, filling her with his thick milk. As fast as she tried to swallow, some leaked out the side of her mouth to drip down on his belly. She continued to suck on it, extracting as much of him as possible. Releasing him from her mouth she started to stroke his cock, forcing the remaining drops of his seed to the tip. She also licked up the drops that had escaped her mouth and pooled on his stomach. Each firm handed stroke forced a thick drop to form on his crown and she gladly tongued it off and continued to force his seed out. First a drop came on each stroke, and then a drop every few strokes as his staff remained hard to her pumping and squeezing. She heard his voice and noises but she was so engrossed in milking him dry for her own pleasure that it was faint and distant to her ears. Still stroking him she used the pad of her thumb on the underside of his shaft to help push the rest of his cum to the tip of his cock. Her tongue licked the opening in his gland and her other hand came up to help, using two fingers she squeezed the head to turn the narrow slit into a round hole and was rewarded by a huge drop forming for her mouth to fall on and taste. Soon she needed three or four strokes to collect a drop and she knew he was dry; she took him in the mouth one last time to savor his feeling and taste before releasing his cock to let it relax.

She curled up next to him and he covered them both with a blanket, her needs were building but she was content for now with what she had done to his body and the feeling of his release inside her. His hand slid down to hold her ass, as she settled even closer to him as he recovered from his spending. His mouth started to kiss her and it wandered all over. He started on her face leaving small kisses on her nose and eye lids, moving down he found the hollows of her neck and nipped her ear lobes. She had shivers go through her body as he ran his tongue around the inside of her ear as she hoped he would. Kissing her chest he ringed her breasts with his tongue and mouth, crossing them to excite her nipples that stood up needing the attention. He settled on them, sucking them into his mouth and scraping his teeth on them as he released his hold on them. Her nipples grew even harder and her breasts felt like they grew and swelled under his touches. He buried his face in her belly sliding down the line that led to her secret places. He slid his mouth and tongue down to her pubic mound and let his breath tickle the hood that surrounded her clit.

He was in no hurry to bring her to orgasm since she made him wait for his own release. As he moved down her body she guided him with her hands on ether side of his head. He nuzzled her inner thighs, savoring their firm yet soft touch, she giggled as his close cropped beard tickled her on her sensitive parts. Kneeling up he took one leg in his hand and kissed his way down to her knee, her foot draped over his shoulder as he kissed the back of her knee sending her into shivers of desire of his tongue...and what it would do.

He place one delicate foot into his hands and ran his tongue up and down the sole, causing her to laugh and twist with the tickling sensation. His mouth began to suck gently on her toes, each in its turn, from the biggest to the little piggy and back again. He traded off between her feet and worked his way back up her other leg to her thigh. Using his hands he slowly pushed her legs apart, and up so that her pubic mons were exposed and wide open to him. He moved her hands from his arms to the back of her knees and had her hold them, up further exposing her. Settling down between her legs he started on her curving ass cheeks, running his tongue up and down them and where they met at her delicate anus which he tongued, driving soft mewing sound from her mouth.

Her nether lip were engorged and open, the hood over her clit was pulled back and exposed the center of her lust, erect and waiting for stimulation. His mouth and tongue needed no direction as he lapped at her, extracting her clear juices that covered his mouth and chin. He avoided direct contact with her clit, only breathing on it but when he did, her ass wiggled and her moans filled his ears.

Up and down he licked her; sometimes he went in circles, or side to side. Then finally he allowed his soft supple tongue to flick over her clit. Electric shocks shot through her as he centered his attention on her button. She pulled her legs even higher on her chest and as wide as possible giving him the most access to her needs as possible. His mouth closed on her clit as his lips sucked and pulled on it, drawing it out even more erect as he mouthed it. Between sucking it and lashing his tongue over and around it she soon felt the climax building in her belly. Ripples of emotion ran up and down her spine and he loved the tremors that shot through her body. Licking his finger he pushed it up against her anus and it slipped in, she whelped and shook, his other fingers found lodging in her moist clef and he slid them in and out as he licked her. Faster he licked as she bounced her ass up and down in time with his finger strokes. Leaving her legs, her hands flew to her breasts and she pulled and pinched her own nipples as her orgasm came closer, and closer. His mouth closed over her clit and he sucked it, driving her over the edge, a slow molten wave of consuming pleasure washed down her spine and centered on her pubic mound then exploded outward through her clit, anus and up to her breasts and nipples and out into the candle lit night.

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