tagRomanceA Beginning

A Beginning


Lyn felt the vibrations of the engines traveling through the deck, into the pit of her stomach. At least that was what she was trying to tell herself. She couldn’t be nervous could she?

The night was still and the moon was full. They were sitting at table for two, lit only by candles, on the top deck. When he offered to take her out, it was not dinner on a ship that she expected.

He was dressed in a suit and tie, she in a long black dress and heels. He was tall dark and handsome. He showed up at her house with a pink rose in hand and a smile on her face. It reminded her of the tales the girls used to dream, where they would meet a stranger in an unexpected locale, then be swept off their feet in romance. Lyn had not been swept, but the ambiance was certainly having its effect on her.

The moon lit the way for the ship to follow, casting a silver glow on the river. Its bow broke through the glistening stillness, leaving a wake of moonlight behind it. Over the lapping of the waves and the sound of the engine, barely a sound could be heard, except for the soft chatter of the two on the deck.

They talk of everything, but talk about nothing. The wine soothes their nerves and they find themselves more at ease. The wine warms her, and she can feel her tension melt away. She watches the reflection of the flickering flame in his eyes. It looked like the moon dancing on the ship’s wake.

Lyn felt a surge of electricity as his hand gently brushed hers. Normally shyness would cause her to pull away, but she felt strangely comfortable with this man. She could feel his spell taking hold of her. She was intoxicated, but not wholly from the wine.

Washed in the moonlight, a gentle warm breeze caressing her skin. Soft music began playing from the lower deck. It slowly got closer and she realized that it was a violinist. He rose from his chair, and offered his hand to her, as he helped her rise from her chair.

She stood before him, looking up to him as he placed his hands on her back. She relaxed her head against his shoulder as they danced to the slow music of the lone violinist. They floated through the silvery moonlight, the music guiding their motions and their bodies moved together.

The sounds of his music echoed off the riverbanks. Her black dress swayed with the movement of her body. They fell into a rhythm together moving with one another as their feet slid over the deck. The wine had made her slightly unstable on her feet, but being held by him was a steadying force.

He held her close, and though she barely knew him, it felt right. Their bodies touched and she could feel his warmth through their clothes. She blushed as she realized that she was also feeling warmth in places where they were not touching.

The violinist had put away his instrument. They leaned against the railing and watched the stars reflected in the water, disturbed only by the wakes from the bow. He held his arm around her waist. She felt the firm pressure of his hand on her. She slid a little closer to him as they watched the world go by.

All too soon the ship reached the dock. The crew tied it fast and rigged the gang plank to the shore. They left the ship, arm in arm, and it was then that she realized that they ship had been full of other passengers.

He opened the car door for her, and gave her a little kiss before she slid in. She felt his lips, warm and soft against hers, chills ran down her spine. They drove off into the night, the moon following them with each turn. It cast its light upon them.

They reached his home and she went with him inside. He put on some soft music and lit a fire in the fireplace. The warm light bathed the room. They lay on the couch, the fire warding off the chill of the early morning. Her head rested on his chest, and moved with the rhythms of his breathing.

Lyn woke to the dawn filtering through the shades. She was not sure of the time, but she still lay beside him. A quilt covered them; he must have pulled it over them in the night.

Lyn slipped from her dress and slid her naked body under the quilt next to him. She slowly stroked back his hair, hoping it would not take long for him to wake.

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