tagLetters & TranscriptsA Belated Valentine

A Belated Valentine


Part Two of the "Love Letters to my War Hero" series.©

My darling lucille,

It, too, saddened Me to be apart on Lover's Day. This was the first one where W/we were not together. But, at least, your letter did put a smile on My face. Such a good whore you are to Me, darling dear! As always, thank you.

If I could be with you right now, I would reward your thoughtfulness. First, and foremost, I'd have you put on the lingerie I bought you last year. you looked so stunning in that sheer white baby doll with the red ribbon bows over your nipples, the red satin crotchless panties, and those sheer white stockings with the red lace tops and red line going down the back of your legs.

Even though I know you prefer the rougher treatment, you know this is a day of sensual romance. That being said, I would slide a red satin blindfold over your lovely brown eyes. I would guide you to O/our king sized bed and gently, but firmly guide you down in the center. Today I would use the satin red straps to bind your delicate wrists together. you know the straps would be secured to the wrought iron headboard, of course.

My lips would hover barely over your face. you wouldn't be able to feel Me, but I know you would sense that I was there... Small hairs upon your body would stand on end in anticipation of Me tasting your flesh! My lips would hover as they moved down your check and over your chin. Finally you would feel them plant upon your collarbone. Like a Vampyre claiming His prize, My teeth would sink into you.

Just as quickly as My mouth found you, it would leave. My lips would hover over your body, sending the same sensations as before through the very core of you, as I made My way down to your delicate ankles. How cute that they are together, darling dear. But not for long!

I would push your legs apart at the ankles. Ah, what is this? Another satin strap! Can you feel it as I secure it to your right ankle? I'm sure you'd feel the tautness of your leg as the strap is secured to the corner of the footboard. As you know, I would do the same to your left ankle.

Such a vision you are, darling dear, laying their blindfolded, exposed and vulnerable! I would sit in a chair at the foot of the bed, taking in the sight of you. you're so ready for play, aren't you? Every inch of your being screaming with desire.

Do you wonder where I have gone yet? Do you think I have left the room or do you hear Me breathing? My cock grows stiff as I watch you. you've started to struggle against the binds. Testing to see if I've tied them looser than usual on this sensual day? Naughty, naughty little subbie. you deserve to be punished. Ah, I think I'll sit here a while longer and watch you. Not being touched should be punishment enough for a naughty little masochist subbie!

I clear my throat and you freeze. you've been "caught"! I'm sure your heart is thundering in your chest now. you know that you've been caught straining against your binds, but what you don't know is that I've been watching the whole time.

"What is this?" I ask.

you say nothing, too afraid to speak.

"Answer Me!" I demand.

As if that was all the permission you needed, a floodgate erupts from your mouth! "Uh, um, n-n-nothing Sir," you stammer.

"What I see," I go on, "is a disobedient sub!"

"N-n-no Sir!" you cry out.

"Silence!" I demand. Instantly you grow quiet, admitting defeat. "Now, what should I do with such a bad little subbie?" you know this is a rhetorical question and know better than to answer.

I get up from the chair. I walk over to a night stand on the side of the bed. you hear the cabinet door built into the table open. you know what that means. That's right. The gear collection. I pull a long, braided leather riding crop from the table and close the door. you hear a 'whoosh' as I test the crop in the air. Yes, this will do nicely.

you jump against the bonds when you feel the smooth leather of the crop's tip. I slide it up your leg, starting just above the satin bond, and stopping at your inner thigh were your panty protects its treasure. Well, the true treasure is exposed, isn't it? I mean, after all, these are crotchless panties. Only your cunt mound is covered. Those delicious, swollen lips, and that big, fat and juicy clit are open for My taking!

Quickly, I release the crop! It strikes down on your thigh, leaving a stabbing sting in its wake. you cry out. I strike you again! This time the crop lands on your other thigh. A red welt is already forming on your pale flesh.

I strike you four more times, two on each thigh, and you cry out again. you do not cry because the pain is unbearable, but you cry because the crop will not land where you want it to. The center of your red and flesh target is slick with anticipation. I can almost see your heart beat from within your clit.

you need release. you cry for it... Beg for it...

If you want that release, darling dear, you must write to Me and describe how you touched yourself while reading this letter. Prove to Me your worth for the release you know only I can give...

With Love Always,

Sir James

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