A Best Friend's Wish


I wrapped on arm around her as I stood up just enough to give us enough room to put our knees on the seat we had just been sitting on. My dick never left the warmth and embrace of her pussy while we did this. I put her on her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks so I could see my dick sliding in and out of her pussy as I fucked her doggy style. Our pace increased rapidly and we both started to moan at the top of our lungs, both of us talking dirty to each other like experienced pros. I then felt her pussy grip tight around my dick as she started to shake once again. She screamed at the top of her lungs, "Oh fuck yes, I'm cccuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg!"

This was too much for me as I could feel my own orgasm building deep in my balls. I managed to hold out until she had come down from her orgasm, not wanting to leave her pussy's grip until she loosened her hold on my cock. After she had calmed down I gave a few final thrusts and then pulled out quickly. I then ripped the condom off just in time to have my hot load spew forth from my dick and onto her back in long white strands. She then reached back and grabbed my cock and milked every last drop of semen out of it and onto her sexy little ass.

We then composed ourselves, cleaned up, and got dressed. We got into the front of the car once again and headed for her house. I pulled up her driveway to her front door. As we said our good byes we shared one last passionate kiss which afterwards she looked deep into my eyes while she reached over and placed her hand on my crotch and said, "I hope that all of our adventures are like that!" and then got out of the car and headed for the front door of her house.

I quickly got out of the car, stood up, and said, "Lindsey, I promise you hunny, they will be! I promise!"

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