A Bet is Maid


Well let me begin, by starting to tell you on how I got myself into the mess that really changed up my marriage. I was doing nothing really, just playing some video games and lounging around. As my wife Angie was buzzing around the house, I could tell she was getting a little fed up with me just laying around. Our playful relationship has always been great and she often would play against me. The real reason she would play against me was usually to settle a small bet. Although she never won against me she would always take the challenge. The small bet's would usually end with me getting my dick sucked or us heading up to the bedroom for a little role playing. Today being no different than any other I invited her into the game.

"Well what's in it for me?" She asked.

"I dunno, but if I win you'll have to do the rest of your running around in the house in that sexy little maid's outfit I got you last year," I bargained.

"OK, that's alright. But if I win you'll be doing the running around later and taking care of me and my girlfriends when they get here," she agreed with a wicked grin.

Knowing that she would never win, I had no problem agreeing to the terms. Ang sat down beside me and picked up the controller. She was still smiling as I started setting up the game. It almost seemed as if she had something up her sleeve. But without any hesitations we started into the game. She was really doing good today and was actually giving me a bit of a challenge. She could tell that I was struggling a bit and began to poke a little fun at me. She knew that she could get under my skin a little more. As she did this the phone rang beside me. I can usually talk and play with no problems. But as I picked up the phone and began to talk I started to get even more flustered with the insistent salesperson on the other end. My game was falling apart right in front of me. I very rudely said goodbye and threw down the phone to try to make my comeback. As I was slowly starting into my comeback my controller began to lose it's charge. My character on the screen was not doing half of the things I was telling him to. Ang was really starting to take me to school. Before I knew it Ang had actually beat me. This was the first time she had ever beat me.

"Wait a sec," I said. "It's not fair. My controller died, and the phone..."

I tried feverishly to spit out. But it was no use, I knew myself, I had been beat.

"A win is a win," Ang giggled.

I was still trying to make my point that is was unfair.

"Well I'll tell you what," Ang started. "Since I'm such a fair person, I will call it a tie. But on the condition that we both honour side of the bet."

With a bit of hesitation, I finally agreed. I figured really how hard could it be waiting on a couple housewives for an afternoon. It didn't take long after that Ang took off to our room and returned back changed into the maid outfit that was agreed upon. Never a disappointment to see her dressed in anything like this, I just took a sec and looked her over. She was even wearing some high black heels to complete the look.

"Wow you look hot," I said.

She just smiled and went on about her work around the house. My attention kept turning to her as she passed by me. I think she could tell this because she was really lingering around where ever I was. I was really checking her out when she began to dust the one shelf. She bent over and her skirt slid up enough to show me her sexy thong underneath. I was really getting in to this now and my tent that was starting in my pants was sure proof. Ang must have noticed this too and she began to play around with me some. She began to kiss me as she was running her hands down to my hard on. While her hands were exploring my body I did the same with mine on hers. It felt amazing, my hands slid across the satin maids outfit.

Before long we made our way back to the bedroom and began undressing each other. With the maid's outfit off and just the lingerie underneath, Ang looked even better. It was so sexy that my hard on was almost busting through the front of my boxers. Ang pushed me onto the bed and began to free my cock. She buried her face into my crotch and began sliding her mouth up and down my pole. She was giving me a great blow job before she spun herself around and planted her wet waiting hole right on my mouth. We kept at this for only a short time before spinning back around and planting her crotch onto my shiny knob. We both didn't last long before we were bucking to climax. When we had finished we both cleaned up and left the house to do some running around. When I returned home, Lexi, Kate and Dayna were already there. At this point I didn't realize that when Ang had said about the bet, that she had actually meant today. The girls were just sitting around chatting having a few drinks.

"Oh good your home," Ang acknowledged as I came in the door. "Now you can hold up your end of the deal and get us our drinks for us."

They all chimed out a drink and I headed to the kitchen to get it ready. It didn't take long and they had they're drinks in front of them. It also didn't take them long to polish them off either. Back to the kitchen I went for another different round of drinks for them. I was starting to get a little sick of this running back and forth every couple minutes. I think the girls could tell too, because they just had me do more stuff. As I was getting to my boiling point finally Lexi said to me,

"Hey, your not really enjoying this hunh? Well I'll tell you what. We'll make a deal with ya. Double or nothing. By that I mean you win your off Scott free. I win you have to do whatever we say....All of us."

I hardly even thought about it, "Sure, you got a deal."

With that said we headed right over to the game and started it up. The other girls moved over to watch. Now that they were out of they're seats I couldn't believe how sexy they looked. Specially to be just sitting around having a few drinks. But I didn't pay to much attention to that and was concentrating on the game. As I was getting it all ready, Dayna decided to sit down next to the TV. Although it didn't really strike me as odd I just sort of thought there were better places to sit. With the game set up Lexi and I began. She was actually really good. All the girls were really in to the game with some whooping and hollering. Dayna was actually almost jumping out of her chair. And as the corner of my eye seen this, it also picked up that I could see right up her skirt. Well my attention turned toward this and game took a back seat. I could see right up her skirt and there was no panties.

She was clean shaved and bare for all the world to see. She turned toward me and caught me staring. She only gave a little grin and sat back in her chair. She then began to move her hands down to the side of her skirt and pull it up just slightly. The light touched her crotch and very much put it on display. She then began to rub her hands all around her pubic area. Well I just sat and stared at the show she was putting on. The game wasn't even the smallest thought on my mind. Dayna was now beginning to slide a finger up and down her slit. I could see the glimmer of the lights off her wet lips, knowing that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. The other girls were now quiet and must have been watching the show as well. But as the room was silent I heard the final words of the game. I turned back to see that Lexi had continued to play and had just beat me. I knew it was over and there would be no backing out of this one. But I just sat there for another moment with my mouth still hanging open in awe.

"Well looks like your our personal maid servant for the rest of the day," Lexi exclaimed.

I just looked to them all, still not quite sure on what just happened.

"Well where do you ladies want to start with him?" Ang asked.

"Well let's start with getting him into what he made you wear before," Dayna suggested.

The other girls all agreed with her and before I knew it Ang was taking my hand and leading me up the the bedroom. When we got inside my mind was still spinning and so was I, as Ang fluttered around me and stripped me down to nothing. She then took my hand and led me into the bathroom where she plunked me in the tub. Although it smelt of flowers, it was exactly what I needed. The water brought me back to my senses and I snapped out of the daze I seemed to be in.

"What are you doing?" I asked Ang.

"Just getting some more stuff ready," she replied as she moved around the bedroom. "You just sit there for a couple more minutes and then I'll get you ready."

I just sat there in the water smelling the flowery scent. Ang came walking in the door and told me to stand. As I did I could feel my skin all over giving a strange tingling. Not really paying too much attention to it I stepped out and began to dry off in a towel. My skin felt very different against the towel. I looked down into the towel only to see my body completely hairless. Not even any in my pubic area. Ang picked up on my discovery and said.

"Don't worry, it'll grow back in time. Besides the girls asked that I clean you up a bit so that you can really play the part."

"What part?" I asked

"You know. Our personal maid. And since our wearing the outfit you had me in earlier the girls asked that I transform you in to a sexy maid. And since you agreed to do whatever they ask. Here you are."

I again went back into shock about the whole scenario. But I knew right well there was not a thing I could do about it. Ang proceeded to powder my body in another girly smelling substance, before leading me back out to the bedroom. As we came into the bedroom I could see the entire maid outfit laid out on the bed. I knew that there would be no problem with the fit because quite often Ang wears some of my t-shirts around the house and they fit her just fine. Although she fills the chest a lot more than I do. Ang took the towel from me and began to grab the thong off the bed.

"Let's start with this," as Ang handed it to me.

I began to slide the satin stretch thong up my legs. It felt cool and slick as it glided up my now bare legs. For the first time since this whole thing started my cock began to stir. Next was some stockings and a garter belt. All being the same satin material with the same little white fringe. I wrapped the belt around my waist first, then began to work the stockings up my legs. It sent shivers right through me with the sexy soft feel of them sliding up my legs. I worked them up until they were snug and adjusted them before fastening them to the belt. Next was the bra, I began to wrap it around my chest and put my arms through the openings before Ang walked over to me with something in her hands.

"Here we'll put these in to help you fill that out a little better." She began to drop two large silicone forms down into the bra.

"We thought you may need these to get your chest out a little closer to mine." She just gave a wicked smile as she worked them into place.

Next was the actual maid costume. It too was a stretchy satin material and hugged very close to the body. I began to slip into it working it over my sexy lingerie. The skirt was short and didn't even make it to the tops of the stockings. The body of it hugged my new found curves and made my chest look amazing. Ang was approaching me again with a pair of sexy black heels and a short brown haired wig. She told me to put on the heels and that's exactly what I did. As I was bending over to work my feet into the heels I could feel Ang's hands working all over my ass. I didn't stop what I was doing, I just carried on with the heels. When I was finished I stood upright with a little guidance of Ang's arm. She went to work on fastening the wig to my head before leading me over to her makeup stand. She dolled my face up with countless different things before finally tying a little frilly maid headpiece to my head.

"There come look for yourself," Ang said almost excited about what she had done.

She guided me to the upright mirror where I finally seen my reflection for the first time. I was HOT. I mean I've seen Ang rock this costume before but wow. I was totally in shock that I could look this good in it too. Ang didn't let me just stand there admiring myself for too long before taking my hand and beginning to lead me back to the other ladies. I was off balance on the heels for a few steps before getting to learn how to manoeuvre myself with them on. By the time I took my last few steps into the room with the other ladies I was walking as if I'd worn them for years. The girls were still at the table having some drinks. They began to whistle and coo as I walked in the room. It felt kinda good that they were complimenting me on my looks. But they didn't let the good feeling last too long before ordering me to get another round of drinks. I got the drinks for the girls and handed them out to them. Lexi, who was quiet for most of the evening was starting to get a little louder. I knew the drinks were starting to work on the girls. Not only were the girls getting louder but they were also making some fairly dirty comments to each other. By that I don't mean rude at all, I mean a sexy type of dirty. I liked it. But with the girls and they're new expressions they were also getting a bit more touchy feely with me. Most of them had to touch me as they talked to me. Or as I was handing them they're drinks they had to thank me with a pat on the ass. Although when I was giving Lexi her drink her hand did more than just a tap on the ass. She left it there and began to run her hand all over my cheeks. She also began to head south with it too a bit and managed to end up with her hand squeezing my cheeks from underneath my skirt. The girls were beginning to get up and move around a little more now too. Some were headed into the living room while some stayed at the table. They were all feeling the effects of the booze.

"Come on in here," I heard Lexi call me from the living room.

As I went into the room my heart almost stopped in my chest. There was Lexi and Dayna some what making out while both straddling a sybian. Although I had never seen one in person before, I knew exactly what it was. They both still had they're skirts on, but had them pulled up just enough to get close enough to feel the effects of the powerful machine. As I approached Lexi she pulled me right tight to her and began to really fondle my body in it's satiny confines. I couldn't help it, but my dick immediately began to come to life again and with as close as I was to Lexi, it was actually right against her face. She could feel it too, but did nothing to draw any attention to it. Dayna by this point was now beginning to pull the back of my skirt up a little for a better view.

"Wow, I can't believe how sexy you are in all this," she cooed still riding the machine.

She fondled my ass a little while before pulling my thong to the side. She then took me by surprise and began to lick at my corn hole. I couldn't believe this was happening. There was really nothing I could do, with Lexi's holding me tight to her. I could only turn to see a grin on Dayna's face as she got her fingers into the situation as well. I could feel her begin to work a finger into my hole. My eye's lit right up I'm sure.

"I think your right, I think he does like it," Ang said as her and Kate walked into the room.

As I noticed Ang, I couldn't help but notice Kate too. Not just because she had just walked in too, but because what she had in her hand. There I was dressed and being probed and Kate walks in with a video camera in her hand.

"Looks like you may have to play along with us a little more now hunh?" Kate said to me.

"What?" I answered dumbfounded.

"Well I'm sure I don't have to tell you, that you now have to do what we say a lot more than just today, or this video may get out into the town. Besides we wouldn't want you to tell anyone about our little secret either, now would we?" Kate explained to me.

"Why else do you think we get together so often but never really go anywhere," Ang filled me in. "It's not that your not enough for me. It's just I like a little more....spice, should I say, in my life. Besides I didn't think you would mind if I brought you into our little group here either," Ang finished with a smile.

While this information was being told to me I had almost completely forgot about what the other two girls were doing with me. But that really change when I felt Dayna's hands and tongue replaced with a cool object. I spun my head right around to see a small vibrator being shoved into my once virgin hole. Lexi on the front was really feeling me up now with a hand under my skirt massaging my balls and cock, while the other was still holding me tight.

"I think he's ready," Dayna exclaimed.

All the girls came closer together now. Lexi let me go and stood up. Dayna also stood up, but not before she shoved the little toy into my ass and pulled my thong back over it. Ang went to work fastening something to the sybian. Lexi pulled me around to face the rest of the room, while Kate was attaching her camera to a stand. When Ang stepped out from behind me Lexi led me back slowly while Dayna moved my thong again and pulled out the toy. They began to push me down to sit on the sybian. As they did Dayna guided the new toy they had attached to the sybian into my now lubed hole. They gently let me down until I was sitting on the sybian with it's little toy buried in my ass. They all came in front of me and began to check me out.

"Well let's get him started shall we," Lexi reached for the remote and the machine came to life.

Right away my hard on shot to life and pressed even harder at the confines of my satin thong. Lexi turned it a little higher, and I was almost going to come out of my skin. It felt amazing. The toy inside must have made it's way right to my prostate and the vibrations were making it go wild.

The girls liked what they seen and began to turn to each other . They began kissing and touching each other. Ang was sandwiched at that moment between Kate and Dayna. Dayna and Kate both began to massage Ang's massive rack. They were rubbing they're hands all over my wife. Ang was also starting to get busy with her hands as she reached down to Dayna's bare snatch under her skirt and began to rub her mound. I was in heaven all these beautiful women touching each other. Lexi didn't sit back either though. She began to drop to her knees under Kate's waist and reached up to help Kate peel off her tight skirt. With all this happening in front of me it was too much. The vibrations on my prostate were taking a toll and I began to lose my sticky load into my panties. I still couldn't take my eyes off the show in front of me. Lexi was now pulling Kate's thong to the side and working her tongue over her slit. Ang was now out of her top, while Dayna was pulling one of her massive globes up out of her bra. She sucked a nipple into her mouth, as she looked back to me with a smile. I was rock hard again in no time. The vibrations were sure helping but the amazing show in front of me was doing no harm either. By this time Dayna was stripping off the rest of her clothes, as well as the bottom half of Ang's. I'd never really noticed Ang's friends before but they were all very beautiful. I wasn't just saying that because they were standing in front of me naked, but because they actually were. They're bodies were amazing.

Lexi now got back up from the ground at Kate's feet. The two of them ripped off the rest of they're remaining clothing. With the four naked women in front of me, that was it, I lost another load into my panties. The girls just laughed saying, "I take it he likes what he sees." The girls began to switch around a little before Ang was lying on the floor on her back, while Kate squatted over her face. Lexi then moved in front of Kate, burying her face into her snatch. While this was going on Dayna had moved between Ang's legs and began to go to work on her slit. She had also produced a purple dildo from somewhere. Ang was licking the pussy above her face with great skill. Kate was moaning while she too was licking the one in her face. I couldn't believe it but my dick was becoming hard again. I didn't think that I could physically do this but I was. The girls were in a steamy heap on the floor moaning and groaning. I could see the dildo that was sliding in and out of my wife was shiny with her juices. She was coming close to climax and I could tell by the sound of her. Dayna forced the dildo in with a couple strong thrusts and that was it. It was enough to push Ang over the edge. Her moans were muffled with Kate's snatch that was planted on her face. Kate too began to moan louder, as hers were dampened too with the help of Lexi's steaming sex. The girls were all louder as they came to a climax all at the same time. With all this in front of me again I couldn't believe it but I came to a climax as well. Although it didn't last long it still made my dick quiver and shoot a couple spurts of goo into my panties.

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