tagLoving WivesA Bet On The Game

A Bet On The Game

byEnglish Bob©

Patric Green was a little pissed off. It wasn't because his team, The Dukes, were down seventeen to twelve with only twenty minutes of the game remaining. It wasn't really that his wife, Mandy was still hanging around instead of going out with her friend Sue, as previously arranged. No, he could deal with all that - just! What had really annoyed him was that, instead of going out shopping, Mandy had invited Sue over to their house and the two of them had been making comments all the way through the game. Patric was on the point of losing it with them!

"They got no chance now, Pat!" Sue teased her friend's husband. She had to admit that watching all these hunky men run about a grass pitch was definitely preferable to wandering around a crowded mall looking at stuff she could hardly afford.

"Just wait and see." Pat responded patiently. "There's still time!"

At that moment Mandy walked into the lounge carrying two cokes. She handed a bottle to her friend and kept the second herself as both women watched the screen over Patric's shoulder.

"Still losing, I see!" Mandy commented obviously. "There's no way they are going to win now, Pat. Looks like you're gonna owe the bookmaker more money!"

"Yeah, well it wouldn't be the first time, would it!" her husband grumbled. "Anyway they could still come back."

"No way!" cried Mandy, "this game's dead, man!"

"She's right, Pat," her friend closed ranks, "There's only fifteen minutes to go."

Patric's temper suddenly flared. "You two know nothing about this game!" He cried. "I'm telling you, there's still time."

"I bet you there isn't!"

Patric stopped and looked up at his wife. A gambling man through and through, he found it hard to refuse a challenge like this.

"You wanna bet me?"

"Sure!" Mandy replied, she looked at her friend for support.

"Why not." Sue said "The game's all but over and I could do with some extra cash!"

The game had come to a time-out. Patric raised his eyes from the TV and looked at his wife and her friend. He couldn't resist the temptation.

"I bet you a thousand each the Dukes can still win this game!" he said suddenly with a grin. He knew there was no way either woman could afford that sort of bet, but it might just shut them up!

Mandy and Sue looked at each other. "A thousand?" cried Mandy "You know we can't afford that!"

Patric smiled and returned to the TV screen. "Ah well, I should have known you guys would be scared of the bet!"

"Wait a minute." Sue interrupted. She could see an easy way of making money and wasn't about to let it go just like that. "Maybe we could cover the bet in another way?"

"What way?"

"I dunno, maybe we wash your car for a week?"

"To cover two thousand?" Pat asked incredulously. "I don't think so!"

"I know," Sue continued, getting into her stride. "We win, you pay us a grand each. You win and we're your slaves for the rest of the day!"

"Sue! What the hell are you saying?" Mandy interrupted.

"It's okay Mandy. Look, there's only ten minutes left and the Dukes are still well behind. We can't lose!"

Mandy had been married to her gambling husband for nearly six years. If she had learned nothing else in that time, she had learned that there was no such thing as "can't lose", but the game was continuing and it did look like the Dukes had very little chance of winning.

"Okay, Sue," she cried, "I'm in!"

The game progressed with no further score until three minutes before the final whistle. Patric watched both women with a smile. Mandy and Sue were becoming more and more excited and were already discussing what they were going to spend their winnings on.

"Don't get too excited, girls. There's still one more play to come! Go on Dukes! You can do it, guys!!"

Mandy and Sue watched open mouthed as the play started. The volume of the crowd noise began to increase. The commentators voices became higher as their excitement built. The ball was in the air. The crowd roared. It was a spectacular end to the game for The Dukes who were about to steal victory in the dying minutes!

For nearly five minutes Patric Green, his wife and her friend sat, almost motionless, on the sofa, Patric with a sly, satisfied smile, Mandy and Sue with a look of total shock. The game was over.

"Looks like you two girls owe me!"

"Er ... yes...It..it does" Mandy stammered. She knew her husband well enough to know that he never welched on a bet when he lost and always demanded payment when he won. She

looked at her friend. The both seemed to accept their fate, but neither could quite believe that it had actually happened.

"What do you want us to do?" asked Mandy, "cook a meal for you or something?"

"Oh no! I've got something MUCH more interesting for you to do." Patric replied. He wondered how far he could push this slavery thing. He knew he was about to find out!

"Mandy, I want you to eat Sue's pussy!"

By the time Mandy had finished picking her jaw up from the floor, she finally found her voice.

"What the fuck are you thinking Pat!" she almost screamed. "There is no way that Sue and I are going to do anything like that, are we Sue.....Sue?"

She looked over at her friend for support. "Sue?"

"Well......I dunno, I suppose we shouldn't renege on the bet should we? Anyway, I know you and Michelle Drummond were very "close" during high school, and you know I've experimented a little as well! Maybe it might be fun!"

Now it was Patric's turn to look shocked and surprised. He had never really expected the girls to go through with his, frankly, outrageous demands, but now he wasn't so sure. Could it be that he was about to see what every man dreamed about?!!

Patric was again surprised to see his wife's pretty face suddenly change. A wide smile broke across her features and she laughed.

"Hell, I didn't realise that anyone knew about Michelle Drummond!" she laughed. "But I've never done anything like that since!"

"I know." Sue replied. Her faced looked flushed and excited. It was obvious she wanted this situation to develop further. "Michelle told me how good you were at eating her out and I always wished you'd do the same for me, maybe now we could do something about that? After all, we have to pay our bet, don't we!"

Patric had never seriously expected anything to happen, but he had to, gratefully, admit he'd been wrong! His wife had taken very little persuading when it came right down to it and now it looked as though both smiling women were awaiting their instructions. After all, they were suppose to be his slaves, right? Patric decided to take the bull by the horns!

"Sue, pull up your skirt and sit in that chair over there, okay?"

Patric bristled with anticipation as Sue did exactly as he demanded. He watched as she took a seat opposite him and slowly raised her skirt to reveal sexy, yellow panties.

"Take them off!" Patric continued.

Sue wriggled her bottom and hooked her fingers into the waistband of the tiny garment. With one deft movement the panties were off and lying discarded on the carpet at her feet. Patric could hardly believe his good fortune. He wanted to push the situation to it's limits.

"Now take your shirt off, I wanna see those big tits of your's! And you, Mandy, I want you to strip completely!"

Patric Green watched as his wife and her best friend divested themselves of their clothes right in front of him. Mandy had always kept a very tidy figure - maybe a little thinner and smaller in the bust than Patric would have liked, but in contrast, Sue's body was what he would call voluptuous. Now naked, he admired her hour-glass figure and felt his erection build as he ogled her large, pendulous breasts.

"Time to go to work, Mandy!" he laughed.

Mandy was ready for this. If she was honest with herself, she had been ready for it since high school. Michelle Drummond had been a nice, sweet girl and had taught her a lot about the act of physical love but, secretly, she had always wanted her best friend, Susan - she just didn't know how to approach her and didn't want to risk spoiling their friendship. But this was different. She was being ordered to do this by her husband, and what was more, Sue had actually wanted it! Mandy cursed herself for all the time she had wasted wondering if her friend was interested in her, sexually. She knew that they were both going to enjoy this!

As Mandy walked towards her seated friend, she watched as Sue slowly spread her long legs. Mandy knelt. The scent of Sue's sex was thick in the air as she shuffled in closer between her thighs and placed her hand's on Sue's knees. She looked up into the woman's face - the expression of lust there was unmistakable. Mandy allowed her eyes to traverse downwards over her friend's body. She took in the heaving swell of her breasts capped with hard, red nipples that stood out nearly an inch; the lightly tanned skin of her flat stomach; the sparse, trimmed hair of her pubic mound and finally the delicate petals of her pink, moist labia. She heard her friend gasp out loud as she extended her tongue and lapped lightly at Sue's wet folds. Her tongue quickly found her clitoris and gently pushed to covering hood of skin backwards to reveal the small, hard bud. Again her friend cried out and this time she felt her legs tremble and shudder. Mandy smiled to herself; she'd almost forgotten how good another woman could taste down there - she wanted more. She wanted to taste her friend; to make her cum and drink her juices. Damn! She felt so nasty, so sexy - like a bitch in heat!

Sue held her breath as her old school-friend began to eat her, just as Patric had instructed. Sue had waited years for this moment and could barely believe that it had finally come. She was aware that her legs were shaking as the wonderful sensations of another woman's tongue screamed through her entire body. She spread her legs as wide as she could and extended her toes so that just the points were in contact with the floor. She knew that Patric was watching and this made it all the more sexy. She liked him as well as his wife and wondered if he was intending to participate in any way. Sue hoped so - she could see the bulge in his pants as he sat opposite her and she longed to feel his hard cock inside her body. Suddenly Sue felt Mandy's lips close over her hard clitoris.

"Ohhhhhhh....Mandy....mmmmmmmmmmm.......I'm cumming, baby!........"

Patric Green was still hardly able to believe his luck. He was sitting with his hand covering the bulge in his pants as his sexy wife ate out her best friend's pussy. It was almost too much for him to bear and every now and then he had to squeeze his cock head through his pants. He watched closely as his instructions were obeyed without question. Not only had Mandy complied willingly, but now her friend's body was quaking violently in the throes of her induced orgasm and she showed little signs of releasing the quivering clitoris from between her lips. He looked on as Sue bucked her hips from the seat and held onto her friend's head as climax after climax ripped through her well proportioned body.

"Mmmmm oh god, Mandy...yes..yes...oh that's so good, baby.....I'm cumming again...ahhhhhhhh....."

Patric massaged his cock as Sue's multiple orgasm continued. He had to take it out. He needed to cum badly and if the two girls weren't interested, then he'd just have to jerk off! But wait, he thought suddenly, weren't they supposed to be his slaves? Do anything he asked? He smiled to himself, stood up and moved quickly towards the closed-eyed Sue that was still cumming.

From the corner of her eye, Mandy saw her husband get up and walk towards her friend. For a second she took her mouth away from Sue's gaping, wet hole and licked her painted lips. Mmmm, yes, she really did taste good! She looked at Patric as he quickly unzipped his pants. She was not surprised that he wanted in on the action - he must have got a hard-on that could knock down walls by now, she thought with a smile.

"Is there something that you want Sue to do, Pat?" She asked Patric turned, hard cock held tightly in his fist and looked at his wife. Sue's copious sex-fluid had coated her face - she looked like such a sexy little slut!

"Yes, there is." he replied. "I want to see if she can suck cock as well as you can suck pussy!"

"Well, you're the master!" Mandy continued. "Sue, you'd better do as our master commands, I think."

"Your wish is my command, master!" Sue said as she gratefully extended her hand and replaced Patric's fist with her own.

Patric sighed as her cool fingers closed around his throbbing shaft. "Mmmm..that's right, honey, stroke it for me...mmmmmm...squeeze it for me....."

Sue was only too happy to oblige her friend's husband, but wanted much more than to just jerk him off. He had challenged her oral ability, it was time for her to demonstrate how good she was. Slowly and gently she pulled Patric by his cock towards her face. Her mouth opened eagerly as his large, swollen cock approached and her tongue swirled over the head tasting him; teasing him; arousing him mercilessly. Her legs still trembled and she could now feel Mandy's presence at her other side. Her friend's lips closed around one of her hard nipples just as her own mouth stretched wide and allowed Patric's tool to penetrate between her soft lips. She heard the man groan as he pushed his throbbing tool deeper and deeper towards her throat and felt a shock like a bolt of electricity from her breast as Mandy nibbled lightly on her engorged nipple.

"Oh you do suck well, my little slave-girl!" moaned Patric as he began to thrust into her throat. "It won't be long before I cum, and when I do I'm gonna fill your slutty little mouth with my jism!"

"Do it, honey!" Mandy was back with the action again. Her lips away from her friend's nipple for a moment only to be replaced by her squeezing fingers. "Do it...cum in her mouth....cum on her face.....we want our master to unload himself for us!"

Sue gurgled her agreement with her friend's comments but was unable to speak clearly because of Patric's cock being rammed in and out of her mouth.

Patric could feel the pressure building. He had wanted to take his time, perhaps fuck both of the women, but he recalled the bet as being for the rest of the day. There would be plenty of time later for that and right now he really wanted to blow his load into Sue's mouth.

"Rub my balls!" he managed to instruct his wife through gritted teeth.

Mandy smiled and reached over for her husband's soft, sensitive sac. She weighed it in her hand and gently scratched the soft, sensitive underside. She watched closely as her friend's mouth bobbed up and down on Patric's large appendage. With this extra stimulation, Patric's stamina finally gave out and with a long, low moan he ejaculated thickly into Sue's mouth.

Sue started to swallow until her old school-friend suddenly spoke.

"Just keep all that lovely jizz in your mouth hon! Let him finish cumming and then we can share!"

With a sigh, Patric flopped back out of Sue's mouth and sat on the floor, his penis, wet with cum and saliva, wilting between his muscular legs. He watched with lustful fascination as the two women moved closer together. Their faces were only inches apart when they suddenly stopped and looked over at Patric. At first he couldn't understand what they wanted, but then slowly realised and remembered that he was in charge - he was the master. Sue and Mandy were awaiting further instructions.

"Kiss." That was all he said. All he needed to say.

Their faces moved closer once again and melted into a long, wet embrace. Patric looked closer and could see tongues extending out and into the other's mouth's. His semen was being transferred from mouth to mouth, savoured, enjoyed. The women had their arms around each other, touching breasts; nipples; kissing and caressing gently. Semen had trickled from Sue's lips and had dripped, mingling with the sheen of sweat, onto her large breasts. It was a most erotic sight and Patric could feel the blood return to pump once again through his flaccid penis - he'd only just shot his load, but he knew he would be fit and ready again in a short time.

At 11:35 pm Patric checked his watch: Still twenty five minutes to go. Both of the girls had willingly conceded that their bet would not be paid off until the stroke of midnight. During the last few hours Patric had probably seen and indulged in more sexual antics than he had done in the last month - and there was still twenty five minutes left. He looked around him. Clothes and furniture lay strewn about the floor. The air was thick with the aroma of sex. He was trying to get his breath and his erection back. The latter task wasn't going to be easy. In the last hour he had come twice; once between his wife's pert breasts and once inside her best friend's ass. Patric had never really been into anal sex, but the woman had literally begged for it; pleaded with him to ram his tool deep inside her back door. He had obliged and been quite surprised by the sensations that greeted him on entry; the warm, velvety interior gripped and massaged his shaft luxuriously and, with Sue's verbal encouragement, he was emptying his balls into her body in a matter of a few short minutes.

As Patric played with and gently squeezed his well-used prick, he looked down at his wife and her friend. Both women were laid out on the carpet dozing in the most obscene positions: Both had their legs well spread and Sue had semen leaking from her upturned ass. Patric could feel his erection returning once again, but before he continued with the last few minutes of his winning bet, he felt that he should remove a little of the evidence. Walking over to the video recorder he pressed the eject button. He tried not to let Mandy or Sue see the tape that he removed from the machine - the recording of last night's game that he had decided to watch again that day! The game that ended in the exciting comeback of The Dukes in the last few minutes to steal the game!

Patric smiled and patted the tape as he slipped it, unobserved, into a drawer. His cock felt hard. He looked at his watch and then over at Sue's gaping, wet cunt. Just time for one more fuck, he thought!

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