A Betrothal Turned Sweet


Seeing Mina react so positively to his touch, Cael couldn't help resist bending down to kiss her soft lips again. Feeling a bit of her shyness slip away, Mina further encouraged Cael by caressing his tongue a bit with hers. His arousal growing, Cael moved his lips down to Mina's neck, enjoying her gasps and he sought out the sensitive spots with his tongue.

Cael then began to stroke Mina's body through the thin material of her chemise. She was beginning to breathe heavily, and he could see the outline of her erect nipples. Slipping his hand underneath the hem of her chemise, Cael lightly caressed the top of her thighs.

"You have such soft skin," he whispered, marveling at the feel of her body beneath his fingertips. "And you smell so good..." Cael continued, burying his head back into the crook of Mina's neck.

Arching her back to urge her body towards Cael, Mina couldn't stop herself from trembling slightly as new sensations coursed throughout her body.

"Mina, wait," Cael said suddenly, pausing to look directly at her.

"Yes?" she answered timidly, her voice barely above a whisper.

"If you want me to stop at any time, don't be afraid to tell me, okay?"

Nodding in agreement, she slid her arms up around his neck and pulled him towards her for another kiss. Cherishing the sensation of his huge, warm hands slowly exploring her body, Mina almost felt compelled to let Cael do whatever he wanted. Caressing her stomach, Cael moved his hands up to her breasts, still feeling her erect nipples straining against the thin cotton of the chemise. Seeing that she wasn't stopping him, Cael then slipped his fingers under the straps of the chemise and gently eased it down from her upper body.

Suddenly feeling very shy and exposed, Mina moved her hands up to cover herself.

"I'm sorry love, am I going too fast for you?" Cael queried, halting his movements.

"No...I'm sorry," Mina replied nervously. "I'm just sort of embarrassed."

"You don't need to feel embarrassed sweetheart," Cael reassured her, bending down to kiss her on the forehead. "I do want you very much, but I won't force you to do anything you aren't ready to. Besides, you have a lovely body; you have nothing to be ashamed of." Smiling, Mina flushed at his compliment. "We can take our time; we have all night and longer if you wish."

Now feeling more at ease, Mina slowly moved her hands down to her sides, letting Cael continue his gently exploration of her body. Mina had a gorgeous set of breasts, her erect nipples a dark, rosy color that seemed to beg for his kiss. He then slowly lowered his head and traced his tongue around her nipple before suckling on it gently. Feeling his silky hair brushing against her bare skin, Mina bit her bottom lip, struggling to keep her soft cries of pleasure silent.

"Don't hold it in love, let me hear how good I make you feel," Cael murmured into her ear before nuzzling her cheek. Between inhaling Cael's sweet, musky aroma, his hair hanging down and tickling her chest, and him gently massaging her sensitive breasts, Mina could feel a longing that she didn't understand stirring deep inside of her.

"Can I take the rest of this off?" Cael paused to ask, gesturing to the chemise that was still around her waist. Nodding, Mina sat up and allowed Cael to slip it over her head. After Mina was partially disrobed, she lay back, clad only in panties.

Cael slowly let his eyes linger over Mina's body; she was pure perfection. She had a lithe build, and her skin was creamy and flawless.

"God, you're beautiful," he whispered, fighting off the urge to rip off her panties and hastily thrust himself in her innermost secret place.

"Thank you," Mina replied, her heart beating wilding against her chest, unaware that she was clenching the sheets in tightly closed fists.

Cael then slid between Mina's thighs, and laying over her bent down to kiss her neck and face with a slight voracity. Feeling more exposed at the lower half of Cael's body brushing against her panty covered womanhood, she couldn't help noticing the slight throbbing between her legs.

'Oh my god," Mina thought, feeling Cael move down past her breasts, kissing from her navel all the way down to the waistband of her panties. He then went to slip his hand over Mina's and found that she was gripping the sheets tightly.

"What's wrong?" he asked Mina, pausing to prop himself up on one arm to look directly at her. Seeing Mina hesitate, he gently prodded again.

"It's okay darling, we're here alone. You can trust me, tell me what's troubling you."

"I'm still a bit scared," she confessed, apologetically. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay to be scared," Cael replied evenly, moving up to lie beside Mina. Tucking her hair behind her ear, he slid his hand down to find hers and traced his fingertips along her skin. Cael then brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it.

"I wouldn't hurt you," he told Mina, looking down at her and intertwining his fingers in hers.

"I know," she replied honestly, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

Then, releasing his hand from Mina's and gliding it over her tummy, he asked her a question that made her face flush with embarrassment.

"Have you ever touched yourself before?"

Frantically thinking of something to say, Cael could sense her hesitancy. "No love, tell me the truth."

Inhaling softly, Mina found it hard to look Cael in the eye as she nodded her head yes. "A few times, but I was told that touching yourself is wrong, only your husband is supposed to do that."

"That's absurd," Cael replied, frowning. "You don't need to feel ashamed for touching yourself, there is nothing wrong with that. So did it feel good?"

Her face still flaming, Mina shrugged her shoulders. "I think so, well, it felt good for a minute but then I sort of lost it..."

"So I correctly assume that you've never had a climax either?"

Mina looked up at Cael, a puzzled expression on her face. She had a vague idea of what went on between a man and woman. She learned a few things from overhearing her older sisters talking, but once they'd noticed her they would always stop. She did, however, touch herself a few times, accidentally finding out that she could give herself pleasure this way, but that usually ended up with her feeling like something was missing. Unable to find out what it was, Mina had soon lost interest.

Cael was rather skilled at lovemaking, but this was his first time with a woman who was this naïve in this matter. He knew he would have to ease her into everything, as he wanted her first time to be a memorable experience for her.

"Can I touch you?" he asked Mina, wanting to further gain her trust. Nodding, she parted her legs, her body tense as she waited for him to move his hand below. Knowing that she was expecting it, yet still nervous, Cael prolonged his actions by gently kissing Mina's lips again, while caressing her breasts and stomach. Feeling her chest heaving slightly with the effort of trying to contain herself against the new sensations that Cael was giving her, he slowly felt her tension melt away.

Feeling exquisite, Mina forgot that she was waiting for Cael to touch her until she realized his hand had slowly traveled between her legs, and was rubbing her pussy lightly through her panties. Inhaling sharply when his fingers glided over her clit, she was unable to control her hips movements.

"Do you like that?" Mina heard Cael whisper.

"Yes!" she hissed softly, trying to contain the lust that was slowly building up inside of her. Cael knew better; her body's movements and the way she pushed back onto his hand revealing what Mina was trying to hold back.

"Cael, take my panties off please, touch me," Mina said suddenly, her peaking desire evident in her voice as the throbbing ache between her legs grew.

"Are you certain my love?" he asked, still keeping his hand in motion.

"Yes, please!" she moaned desperately, unable to remember ever feeling this good.

Mina raised her hips as Cael kneeled up to assist in slipping her panties down off her body. After getting her completely nude, Cael pushed Mina's thighs further apart but didn't resume touching her already damp slit at once. Instead, he let his lips travel up her inner thigh, kissing and licking, arousing her more and more.

Her body trembling beneath Cael's kisses, Mina couldn't help suppressing the moans that were erupting from her lips, not realizing how sensitive her body had become. Unaware that she was spreading her legs open further apart each time Cael's lips moved up her thigh, any inhibitions she had previously was fast dissolving.

Now focusing his attention directly between Mina's parted thighs, Cael could see her pussy lips, pink, slightly engorged and damp from the juices of her arousal. She wasn't particularly hirsute, which pleased and turned Cael on immensely. His face was so close to her pussy, he could smell the musky sweetness that she exuded. Nearly going into a frenzy, he told Mina, "You are so beautiful, I must taste you."

Before Mina could protest, she could feel Cael's flattened tongue gently running up the length of her pussy. Her body jerking at the unfamiliar sensation, he paused to ask if she was okay.

"Yes," Mina answered, dizzy with pleasure. When Cael was rubbing between her legs, it felt good, but that didn't even compare to the sensations that shot straight throughout her body as when he put his tongue on her.

Cael had a fixed stare between Mina's thighs; he could literally see her arousal growing, her pussy lips becoming more engorged, and her clit standing out, seemingly begging for him to lick it again. Cael, however, had other plans. He began licking and kissing her pussy lips, deliberately avoiding her clit this time.

Looking up, Cael could see that Mina's head was gently thrashing around on the pillow, an expression of tension and sheer pleasure across her features. Fighting the sensations instead of going with them, Mina kept arching her hips in vain towards Cael's mouth, trying to get him to move back towards her clit.

"How does that feel love?" Cael asked, pausing to nibble at the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

"Good, oh, I don't know!" Mina moaned breathlessly, feeling her body reach a higher level of pleasure. "It feels like I need more or I'll go crazy."

"You taste so good," Cael murmured, dipping his head back down to lap at her juices.

Desperately needing to feel his lips on her clit now, Mina impulsively reached down to tangle her hand in Cael's hair, trying to urge him towards the spot that was begging for attention. Then, ever so slightly, he let his tongue delve back to her clitoris. Mina's hand tightened as she cried out in pleasure.

"Cael!" she moaned helplessly, unable to keep her body from shaking.

"Yes my love, let it go, let me hear you," Cael encourage soothingly. He could feel her body tensing with the need to climax, even though she didn't understand it and couldn't tell him.

"Alright love, I'll stop teasing you. You just let go when you can't take it anymore, okay?

Feeling too confused yet too exquisite to care about anything else, Mina didn't bother to ask what Cael meant. Gratefully spreading herself open to him more, she let him separate her pussy lips with one hand, so that her clit would stick out. He gently caressed it with his tongue, alternating between flicking and swirling.

"Cael, Cael, oh my god!" Mina panted in a raspy voice, her hand still wrapped tightly around his hair.

Feeling her pleasure mounting fiercely, it was almost too much for Mina to handle. Her excitement was peaking, at such a fast rate she was half frightened, her body never having received this kind of pleasure.

Cael's eyes darted up for a split second, seeing that Mina's head was thrown back, chest heaving and her stomach muscles tensing and relaxing with each probe of his tongue. Stroking Mina's clit with his tongue steadily, he induced her moans to almost high-pitched cries of pleasure. Unaware of how vocal she was becoming, Mina couldn't escape Cael's persistent tongue, no matter which way she turned her body. She could tell that something was approaching, and she felt helpless to stop it.

Cael could tell that Mina was close to going over; she was still unaware of the grip she had on his hair, and her other hand was practically clawing the sheets. He then shifted his weight a bit so he could slip his middle finger into her tight, slippery tunnel while never moving his mouth from her clit.

Feeling her pleasure mounting even more, Mina squeezed her eyes shut tightly, feeling her pussy slowly beginning to contract faster and faster around Cael's finger. By now Mina was unconsciously grinding onto Cael's face, pulling on his head to keep his mouth focused on her clit. Just when she thought she couldn't take it anymore, her pussy completely tightened around his finger before erupting into orgasmic spasms. Screaming out in pleasure, Mina's fingertips dug into Cael's scalp as her entire body shook so violently she practically rose up off of the bed. Trying to keep Mina from falling, Cael held her down gently by her tummy.

Cael gradually slowed down his tongue work when he felt the spasms around his now come-soaked finger subside. Feeling Mina's body collapse back onto the bed, her hand fell down from his hair as her head crashed into the pillows. Feeling Cael's body withdraw from between her legs, Mina curled her trembling body up as she fought to catch her breath, feeling totally spent from her first climax.

Cael got up and surreptitiously wiped Mina's juices off his face with his undershirt that had previously lay in a heap on the floor. She had nearly soaked his face, thrusting her pussy into his mouth as she came fiercely, and he wasn't sure she would want to kiss him with the taste of her come on his tongue. He then got back on the bed and lay down next to Mina, who still seemed to be in a daze. His erection was jutting out painfully through his underwear, pressing into Mina's soft behind. Not wanting to rush things, Cael figured they could take one step at a time. Wrapping an arm around Mina's waist, he held her close to him until her body grew relaxed.

"Are you okay?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Yes," she replied weakly, half mumbling into the pillow.

"It's okay love, just rest for now," Cael gently told her.

Too exhausted to debate with him, and overwhelmed from her first experience, Mina allowed herself to relax until she fell asleep in Cael's embrace.


A few hours later, Cael woke up and gazed at his wife who was snuggled contentedly in his arms. He stroked her mussed hair out of her face and pressed a kiss onto her forehead. Stirring awake, Mina's eyes fluttered open, gazing right back into Cael's. Shyly smiling at him, she closed her eyes and moved her lips to his.

Pleased that Mina was beginning to get used to him, Cael begin kissing and caressing her nubile form until she strained against his touch. Becoming aroused himself, it wasn't long before Cael's cock stood out impressively. Gently disentangling himself from Mina, he knelt up to take off his underwear.

"Touch me," Cael whispered, bending down to kiss Mina.

Sitting up to shyly take his penis in her hands, Cael's expression showed pleasure at her delicate touch. Mina ran her fingers over the smooth skin of his cock, growing more comfortable handling him with each stroke.

"Is it okay now?" Cael asked, feeling her wrapping her hand around him.

Nodding hesitantly, Mina slowly rested back among the pillows, her hand still stroking his thick, erect cock. Seeing the visible fright across her features, Cael knelt between Mina's legs and sought out her clit with his hand. He then let his finger move down a bit, feeling her slippery dew on his fingers.

Feeling Cael gently push a finger into her, Mina almost immediately forgot her nervousness as those familiar feelings of pleasure washed over her again. He continued teasing that sensitive spot inside her pussy until Mina felt light-headed with pleasure. Crying out, it was over too soon for Mina when Cael gently pulled from her grasp and stretched out on top of her. His hips pushing her thighs apart, Cael positioned himself, letting the head of his cock brush against her wet pussy.

Feeling her body trembling nervously against him, Cael dipped his head to plant kisses on Mina's damp throat and breasts.

"Mina," he gently coaxed, turning her face so she could look directly up at him. "Sweetheart, if you need me to stop, don't be afraid to tell me, okay?

"Okay," Mina replied as she wrapped her arms around Cael's broad shoulders, gazing up at him trustingly.

After supporting himself on his elbows, Cael positioned himself at Mina's entrance and gently began pressing against her resistance. Mina's body immediately tensed beneath Cael, waves of pain washing away the earlier feelings of pleasure he'd given her with his fingers. Alarmed, Cael halted his progress.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked, keeping his hips still.

"No..." Mina answered through clenched teeth, burying her face into Cael's warm chest, squeezing her eyes shut to keep the tears from falling. However, Cael was hardly daft and could see that Mina was frightened.

"No love, we can stop," he admonished gently, preparing to withdraw from her warm body. However, Mina refused.

"No!" she stated flatly, clutching his arms so he wouldn't move. "I'll be fine."

Cael wanted to chuckle at her stubbornness, but he held it in. Instead, he kissed and caressed Mina until he could feel most of the tension seep from her body.

"I'll go slow love, just trust me," he coaxed into her ear.

Nodding and tensing her body in anticipation, Mina winced as she felt Cael attempting to push past her virgin barrier again. Panting, she held her breath, desperate for the pain to stop.

"No, my sweet, try to breathe through the pain. It will stop, I promise," Cael murmured softly, planting a kiss that was meant to be comforting on her forehead.

Mina was unable to hold back her tears of pain, and they fell down her cheeks.

"Cael, oh my god it hurts!" she whimpered, clutching onto his back as her body trembled, waves of pain sweeping over her body.

"Ssh, I know, just trust me," Cael whispered, his body close to trembling as he used every bit of his strength to keep from pushing past her hymen too fast. "Relax Mina, don't tense your body or it'll hurt more."

"I don't see how this can hurt anymore than it is already!" Mina thought desperately to herself, wanting this ordeal to be over already. She wished someone had told her it would hurt this much, perhaps she would have held off when Cael asked her earlier if she was sure she wanted to do this. It felt like he was going to split her into two, and no matter how she moved or what she did, Mina couldn't avoid the searing pain.

Cael then shifted his body so he could hold Mina's face between his warm, gentle hands. Before Mina realized what was about to happen next, she could hear herself screaming out desperately, feeling a white hot pain slash between her legs and shoot throughout her body as Cael skillfully yet swiftly thrust through her resistance.

Frantic for relief, Mina's mind screamed to push Cael off of her, but her body refused to connect as she was frozen with pain, waiting for it to subside as more tears found their way down her face.

Cael held himself absolutely still, trying to let Mina's body adjust to the sudden invasion. "I'm so sorry love," he said remorsefully, wiping away Mina's tears with his thumb. After kissing away the remaining tears, Cael asked Mina if she was okay.

"Yes, I think so," she said, feeling the burning pain of her torn hymen subsiding to a dull, throbbing ache between her legs, mingled with the pain of her thighs being spread apart so far around Cael's hips..

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