A Betrothal Turned Sweet


Closing her eyes, Mina moaned softly as Cael began rowing into her body in a gentle, steady rhythm. Feeling her tight, hot depths consume him, Cael let out a low groan of pleasure, hoping that he wouldn't come too fast.

Between the discomfort of Cael's penis pressing up into her stomach, and the stinging pain of invasion from his hugeness spreading her tight walls apart, Mina still couldn't see how this was going to feel good.

Just when Mina had convinced herself that she couldn't get used to making love, Cael changed his rhythm, working his hips in slow, steady circles. Panting sharply, Mina's head began thrashing slightly as the dull pain was slowly ebbing away, turning into a deep, delicious feeling.

"Oh god, oh god!" Mina moaned, focusing on Cael sliding in and out of her tight, sensitive walls. Cael looked down to see Mina's chest heaving in and out, as she fought to breathe through the new sensations sweeping over her body.

"Don't fight it love, relax and let it happen," Cael urged, coaxing away the damp curls that had fallen in Mina's face.

Drawing her arms down from around his neck, Cael pushed them to rest on the pillows above Mina's head, and slid his hands into hers. Feeling her squeeze his hands in response, Cael gently increased the speed of his hips. Even though Mina lacked in experience, she more than made up for it by the way she responded to Cael's gentle thrusting. Feeling her body react in a totally new manner, she couldn't resist the urge to move her hips in tandem with his.

Feeling slight embarrassment at the sounds of Cael plunging in and out of her sopping wet pussy, Mina was nearly at a point of not caring. It almost felt too good; Mina needed him to keep going. If he stopped, she thought she would surely die.

"Yes, oh god yes!" she cried out, feeling her pussy gently squeezing his cock uncontrollably. Her juices were flowing copiously; she could feel it trickling down her ass and onto the bed beneath her. The feeling of him sliding in and out of her tight, wet tunnel was nothing short of amazing for Mina. It was a mixture of sweet first time lovemaking with the raw stinging of first time pain. Her body trembling and covered in a fine sheen of sweat, Mina couldn't stop insanely moaning out Cael's name.

Seeing the glazed look of lust and pleasure in Mina' brought the utmost satisfaction to Cael when he paused to look down at her. Capturing Mina's lips in his, he could hear her breathing and moans becoming more erratic.

"Cael! Yes love yes, oh my god, I'm almost there!" she screamed, her eyes squeezed shut tightly, her nails almost digging into the palms of his hands. Whimpering in pleasure, Mina suddenly grabbed onto Cael's shoulders, beckoning him to go a bit faster. Doing as he was wordlessly asked, Cael made sure not to thrust too fast or too deeply, knowing Mina would already be incredibly sore in the morning.

"Yes love, let it go," Cael murmured, beckoning Mina to reach her climax.

Feeling herself losing fast control, Mina listened to Cael's gentle urgings and shortly afterwards, and had another powerful climax, one that overtook the first one Cael had given her. Her body trembling violently beneath Cael, Mina lost all of her senses as her entire body succumbed to the most intense climax she'd experienced yet.

Hearing Mina's cries of pleasure, Cael was unable to hold out any longer. "Mina, I'm gonna come with you!" he groaned, his body trembling as he erupted deep into her hotness.

Still feeling heady from her climax, Mina grew more turned on as she heard Cael moaning, amazed that she could feel his cock pulsating deep inside of her as he came. Her mind becoming more focused, Mina fought to catch her breath, trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened.

After their breathing had returned to normal, Cael withdrew from Mina's warm body. Lying on his back, he pulled Mina into his protective arms. Still overcome with new feelings floating around inside of her, Mina couldn't help it when she began to softly weep, desperately trying to hide her face from Cael.

"What's wrong love?" he asked, feeling her tears dripping down onto his chest. He then gently turned Mina in his arms to face him. When she still didn't answer, Cael continue to gently prod.

"Do you regret us making love?" he queried.

"No..." she replied, sniffling. "I'm fine, this is just new to me...I'm okay, really."

Thankful that Cael understood what she meant, because Mina was still struggling with her thoughts, she was grateful when he just nodded and began running his hands through her hair.

"I'm sorry for hurting you like I did," he said, a pang of regret in his voice.

Mina smiled to herself. "It's okay darling, thank you. Though I have to admit; I didn't know it would hurt like that!"

Cael chuckled. "You might be sore for awhile, definitely in the morning, but it will go away sooner than you realize. Now get some rest, you must be exhausted."

Yawning, Mina found that was she very tired. Ignoring the ache and dampness between her legs, she turned back around in Cael's arms. Suddenly, Cael telling Mina that her parents would pick the right person for her came to mind. Realizing that they had all been right, she smiled to herself. She then rested her head on his shoulder and fell asleep.

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