tagLoving WivesA Better Teaching Method

A Better Teaching Method

byEnglish Bob©

It was my wife, Joanne's first day back teaching school after the summer break. During the holiday she had been informed by the Principal (by letter, I might add), that she would now be teaching 12C. This worried me. 12C had a reputation throughout the school; all the kids - if you could still refer to them as such - were around the seventeen or eighteen mark, sometimes older and most had been labelled with what we politely refer to as "learning problems". In reality, the whole class is a collection of older teenagers with little or no hope of an education or even much of a future. But it was me that was worried, not Joanne.

Standing at 6ft in her stockinged feet, Jo is an almost Amazonian type of woman. She is a natural brunette, but with the aid of peroxide, her now silvery blonde tresses fall in curls over her wide shoulders. She has a full, voluptuous figure with long, long legs and keeps fit with regular visits to the gym. She seems not to understand the meaning of fear and I doubt that she has ever encountered a situation she couldn't deal with. I poured us both a drink and awaited her return.

"Hi honey, it's me!"

I glanced at my watch: 6.15 - right on time as always.

"In here, Jo." I called out from the lounge, "there's a drink here for you."

Jo burst in through the lounge door in her usual blustering, high speed fashion. Her shoulder bag containing books to mark and a collection of pens, pencils and odds and ends was flung into the corner. She flopped down next to me on the sofa with a deep exhalation of breath and took the proffered drink. A sip of the drink and a kiss on my cheek and I knew that the day's work was over.

Over dinner we discussed our respective day's. As my day in the city was little different from any other money making day, we talked mainly about Jo's first day back and about the dreaded class of 12C.

"They are not that bad, really" Jo said defending them. "It's just that nobody has really given them a chance to learn, is all."

I doubted the total validity of her comment, but admired her nonetheless for her dedication and sense of duty. I had always admired her. From the first moment we met her striking looks took my breath away. At forty seven I'm fifteen years older than my wife and to be honest, I never thought she would give me a second glance.

She was first employed in my company as a secretary and was a terrible flirt. She knew all her male colleagues (and a few of the other women as well), could hardly keep their eyes off her and she made the most of it wearing short skirts and low cut blouses to show off her wonderful curves. I was immediately smitten, but the more she realised my interest, the more she seemed to flirt with the others - almost deliberately teasing and exciting me. She has had several affairs since we married which I am fully aware of and fully support. I have always known that a woman like Jo would never be content with just one man.

She caught me staring at her - a pastime I always find most pleasurable.

"What is it?" she asked, breaking my daydream.

My reply was cut off by the sound of the doorbell. It was our housekeepers night off so I volunteered to answer the door.

"Hurry back!" Jo giggled with an evil grin. "You never know, I might give you something more to look at!"

With the expectation of an evening of sexual pleasure now ahead of me, the interruption of the front door was annoying. I decided to try and get rid of whoever it was as soon as possible.

"Hey man, we come to see Miss Richards - she in?"

The small group of Hispanic looking teenagers crowding around the door didn't seem as unkempt as they usually do to someone of my age, but they all wore the same uniform of jeans so baggy and loose they looked like they needed fixing to their hips with a nail gun! I sighed deeply. There were three of them, two lads and a girl, all chewing gum and all trying to look past me to see if their teacher was lurking somewhere behind me.

"That's okay, Don. You can let them in." called Jo from somewhere behind me, "I promised to help with their literature test."

I sighed again and opened the big oak door wider allowing the teenagers admittance. This was typical of Jo. She never stopped. Her assistance was always given freely and at any time of day or night. As one by one the youngsters passed me I knew that my own personal gratification would have to wait until later. Jo threw my an apologetic smile as she ushered her students into her own personal office. I smiled back and waved my hand in acceptance. It was okay, I could wait!

After clearing the dishes I picked up the morning copy of "The Times" and carried the newspaper with me into my den. I had been irked by the fact that I had not had time to complete the crossword that morning and was determined not to allow the compiler to beat me. As I settled back into a comfortable armchair and opened the paper I could hear Jo's voice from her office next door. I pondered one particularly tricky clue for about ten minutes before the answer finally leapt out on me. I filled in the letters and smiled smugly to myself as I realised that this made the remaining clues much easier to solve. Five minutes later I was refolding the paper content that I had won yet again. For a moment I sat and listened to the muffled voices next door and then a wicked thought struck me. I rose from the chair and flicked a switch on the security monitor. All twenty rooms in the house had been fitted with a closed circuit camera and were all monitored from my den. The screen flickered into life and I pushed buttons switching from room to room until I came to the camera in Jo's office. I slipped the headphones over my ears and immediately heard the voices from within the room.

"It's no use man, we aint gonna get it. We just aint smart enough!" The thick, accented drawl belonged to the smaller Hispanic lad. All three were obviously having trouble and were becoming quite agitated.

"Yeah, man. We can't do this." The second lad joined in, supporting his friend's statement. "What's the point anyway - we can read good enough!"

"What, you mean you think it's too hard, Tommy?" replied Jo switching her teaching direction onto a path of attack. "Too hard for tough guy's like you and Miguel?"

It was a challenge to their credibility, but for once, Jo's teaching methods seemed suddenly to backfire on her. Tommy cupped his crotch in a standard gesture of defiance and glared at Jo.

"Not as hard as this, man!" an open switchblade suddenly appeared in his other hand. "Or this!"

The room went quiet. Jo, still apparently unperturbed by this change in direction, simply stared at Tommy as he brandished the knife. I felt that I should probably do something, but the look in my wife's eyes told me that she was completely in control.

"So, I make you hard, do I?" she said "come on Tommy, you don't need the knife. Show me how hard you are!"

Both Tommy and Miguel looked confused at each other and the girl, Della, I think, suddenly became more interested. The lesson looked like it was about to take on a completely new direction.

"Wha...what you mean, man?" stammered Tommy. He was still holding his crotch with one hand, but the switchblade in the other suddenly looked like it weighed more than he could hold.

"Come on!" chided Jo. She pointed at Tommy's groin "You a hard, tough guy? Lets see what you got to offer!"

"Yeah, c'mon Tom." giggled Della, "lets see if you and Miguel are the men you're always saying you are!"

The two lads looked at each other for support. Both Jo and now Della were challenging their masculinity. They had backed themselves into a corner from which there was no face saving escape but one. Slowly Tommy discarded the knife.

"Shit!" he drawled "You girls wanna see some cock? Well here it is!"

The previous few minutes anticipation had obviously had some effect on Tommy. As his baggy jeans fell to the floor, an angry young erection stood proudly out in front of him. Not to be outdone by his friend and possibly sensing some sexual action, Miguel also lowered his pants. Miguel's cock looked much larger than his friend's weapon, but was still not at full erection. Jo was the first to break the sudden silence.

"Della, why don't you take care of Tommy while I see if I can help Miguel, okay?"

Della giggled again but stepped closer to her classmate. Her hand reached out gingerly and touched the tip of Tommy's cock. He twitched and groaned as he felt her touch and she recoiled with a squeal.

"It's okay, Della." Jo said. "It won't bite you!"

Trying to stifle her giggle, Della stretched out her hand again and this time grasped Tommy's throbbing shaft in her fingers. He groaned again involuntarily but this time both of them held their positions.

"Mmmmm. That's real nice baby!" Tommy murmured as Della began to slowly stroke the length of his swollen member. "You gonna see some cum soon!"

Meanwhile, Jo had also taken Miguel in hand and was massaging his growing meat to a magnificent erection. Miguel and Tommy were not the only ones now sporting hard-on's - I had released my own penis some minutes ago and was slowly massaging the head as I watched. I had been looking at my wife and the big cocked Miguel, but as I heard a groan from Tommy, my attention was drawn to him. Della was giggling yet again, but this time with a hand coated with her classmate's thick semen. And it kept coming. Tommy had to hold onto the side of the desk to keep his knees from buckling as his balls delivered their sticky gift over Della's hand and arm.

"I think its time for you to see Mr. Richards, Della." said Jo as she gently let her cool fingers wander over Miguel's throbbing meat. She threw a smile up at the closed circuit camera and I saw her wink deliciously at me. "I'm sure he will be watching all this from next door! Go on, off you go!"

I watched Della's image disappear from the screen and then saw her re-appear a second or two later in my den. I made no attempt to cover up my cock and smiled at her semi-shocked expression when she saw me.

"Come on in and watch the show with me?" I asked casually as I toyed with my cock. "But you do look a little overdressed, don't you think?"

Della may only have been eighteen with little education, but she knew instinctively what was happening. She closed the door and walked towards me. Her baggy jeans and loose fitting top were discarded on the carpet as she crossed the floor and I was treated to a wonderful view of her braless, olive coloured breasts and hard, dark nipples. She stood before me in just running shoes and panties as we both switched our attention back to the monitor.

My wife appeared before us on the screen. Her skirt was raised and her panties pulled to one side as she sat on the desk. I flipped a switch for the monitors audio relay and took off the headphones so that Della could listen too.

"Come on then tough guy's!" we heard Jo say as she reached for Tommy's cum stained cock and cupped his balls. "Time to fuck the teacher!"

As Tommy moved, as directed between Jo's open thighs and Miguel kneeled on the desk next to her, Della moved my hand and placed her own, long fingers around my shaft. It felt so wonderful to be masturbated by a pretty eighteen year old girl as we watched my wife take her students in her mouth and her pussy. Della's grip was gentle but firm and I wanted to return the pleasure she was giving me. I patted the leather arm of the chair and she smiled as she swung one long, slender leg over the cool hide and straddled the arm. She never once took her hand from my engorged cock and sighed contentedly as my fingers slid gently in through the side of her panties and touched her silky pussy lips. As we began our mutual masturbation session we looked back at the monitor.

Jo was definitely getting into her stride. Her panties were off now and laying discarded on the carpet along with her top and bra. With the short skirt rucked up around her waist, Tommy had perfect access to her wet cunt and was taking full advantage. I could see that he had already returned to full erection and silently smiled to myself at the thought of the vitality of youth. He was rubbing his cock all over Jo's wet labia and smiling at the pleasurable response this action elicited from her. Miguel was kneeling beside her. His hard cock was in his hand and he was trying to guide the throbbing meat towards her mouth. Jo turned her head towards him and licked the tip just as Tommy plunged deeply into her vagina. All three seemed to gasp at the same time and Della squeezed my cock just a little harder. I noticed a gentle flow of liquid seep from her pussy and felt her legs tremble in orgasm as I stroked her engorged clitty. It was so good to feel a young girl cum on my fingers!

With Della trembling beneath me and my wife getting her mouth and pussy fucked on the monitor, it was as much as I could have done to hold on to my cum this long. With a gasp I felt my balls contract just as I saw Miguel deliver a faceful of cum to my willing wife. My own semen sprayed Della's hand and I twitched and jerked as she took the tip and massaged it against her long, hard nipples. My cum flowed and flowed, showering her nipples and dripping down into the deep valley of her cleavage.

Leaving Jo's face streaked with his cum, Miguel climbed down from the desk and began to encourage his friend. Jo was leaning back on her elbows her legs spread as wide as possible while her young lover thrust himself mercilessly into her body.

"Go on, man. Fuck the bitch! Fuck the bitch!" chanted Miguel as his classmate's cock pistoned into Jo's squelching pussy.

Tommy's eyes were tight shut as he hammered into her. His head was back and his lips curled into a sexual snarl.

"Shit, man. I'm gonna cummmmmmmmm...." he cried out loud.

"Cum on me, baby...I want to see it on me!" Jo gasped as her orgasm began to rip through her body.

Tommy was more than happy to oblige his teacher and quickly withdrew his swollen cock. Two swift jerks and his cum was spraying Jo's belly and mound. Her right hand went quickly to the pool of jism and began to rub it vigorously into her cunt, her orgasm wracking her body all the time and her hips and legs bouncing from the desk.

When Jo had finished with her two students, they all joined Della and myself in the den. As soon as the two lads saw their female classmate; panties askew and bare chested, they couldn't keep their hands off her. For the next two hours we all fucked and sucked each other to several more shattering climaxes. By 10pm all us guys were exhausted and even Tommy and Miguel didn't seem to have an ounce of cum left in them!

Both Della and Jo were covered in thick semen in various stages of drying, and for a finale, the men were treated to a lesbian show with each woman licking the cum from the others body. Although I could not have managed another erection had my life depended on it, this sight produced hard on's from both Tommy and Miguel. Jo, being the ever willing hostess, said that she could not possibly send them home with boner's like that, and promptly began to suck them both off alternately until she was rewarded with yet another faceful of hot cum!

The three students are regular visitors to our hose now and I sometimes wonder if their other classmates realise how they get such good grades. With a bit of luck, word might get round about my wife. After all, she is a good teacher!

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