A Big Birthday Treat


"Come here, Ken," I said, reaching out a hand to help him off the bed so he could get behind my husband now, "I got a nice, tight home for that big cock of yours."

For many long moments I just took in the intoxicating sight of the sexy teen boy kneeling there, his immense cock sticking out from his tummy, slick from my husband's mouth, just kneeling there behind my husband's lewdly exposed 'fuck me' ass. This is the moment, the sight I had been so heatedly imagining in my feverish mind, my husband in position to be fucked, to be fucked by a real cock!

I reached down to take hold of Ken's cock, pressing the tip into Rick's crack, teasingly rubbing the smooth knob of his cockhead against my husband's lubed asshole. His anus was just a little hole, a greased dot, and this cock was huge, so formidable. The thought that one was about to enter the other was driving me insane with lustful anticipation.

"Do you want to fuck my husband's ass?" I asked Ken with a coy smile.

"Oh yeah, I want to shove every inch of my cock inside him," Ken barked.

"Did you hear that, baby? Ken can't wait to fuck you," I said. "Tell him how much you want him and his cock."

"Fuck me!" Rick pleaded, whipping his head around, looking back over his shoulder and up at Ken. "Bury that big dick up my manhole, you sexy stud!"

Now, still gripping the thick shaft, I started to ease it into my husband's ass, watching the smooth knob penetrate and open his hole. And then, suddenly, his cock was inside, the cockhead buried out of sight, and my husband's asshole, moments ago just a speck, a dot, now a gaping, dilated band, wrapped around a pole more than two inches thick. Damn, I always loved that, loved looking down as I was fucking my husband with my strap-on and seeing his asshole forced open, stretched like a rubber band around the girth of my dildo. Now I was seeing it stretched more than ever, wrapped around the massive girth of Ken's stunningly erect penis. I pulled my hand away and let Ken take over. He took hold of Rick's hips and nice and slow and smooth and steady started working his cock, inch by thick inch, up my husband' ass, fucking him. Rick, as always, groaned with unabashed desire, flinging his head back, transported. Goddamn, my husband just loved getting his ass fucked, and now he was starting to enjoy his first true fuck, a fuck by a real cock.

As Ken slid it inside, slowly working it deeper and deeper, Rick pushed back against that cock entering his bottom, wanting it, craving it, needing it. What a cock whore my sexy husband could be, with his desire for my dildos and now his eagerness to take this thick teen cock up his mancunt. I loved it!

"Hold on," my husband moaned, gasping for breath as he reached back with an arm and held Ken back. Ken's cock was more than halfway inside Rick's ass now, "it's so fuckin' big, so thick, I don't know how much more I can take."

My husband was finally realizing that however big my newest dildo was, Ken's cock was so much bigger, and thicker.

"Aw, baby," I purred provocatively, "I want to see you take it all, every fucking inch. I want to see you take Ken's cock to the balls; I want to see you take it all the way. Do it, do it for me, for your loving wife. Take it all up the ass for me, babe, do it!"

One thing about my new young husband; he rarely denied me anything. And he certainly wasn't going to deny me this, especially since he wanted it so much himself. So now, bravely, he pushed back as Ken pushed forward, slowly but surely that cock of Ken's disappearing into the depths of my husband's ass, deeper and deeper and deeper. Until, finally, Ken's balls were pressing against Rick's cheeks, the full length of Ken's ten plus inch cock buried out of sight up my husband's ass. Grabbing hold of Rick's hips, Ken just left it inside like that, letting Rick get used to it, Rick moaning, a fine film of sweat covering his back.

And then Ken started moving again, digging his fingers into my husband's hips, pulling it out, working it back in, working that cock of his now like a high-powered piston, thrusting, fucking, the young teen fucking my young husband up the ass!

"God yes!" I urged excitedly, crazed with lust, "Fuck that ass, fuck it! Fuck it Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!!!"

And fuck it he did, slamming that massive cock deep into my husband's body with hard, smooth strokes. I loved taking it up the ass too, and my husband had a nice seven inches for that ass of mine, but now I tried imagining what it must feel like to having something this immense, this thick, inside your ass. It's must've been just amazing!

When I had been thinking about all this really happening, I imagined Rick getting his ass fucked in several different positions. This was the conventional one for an ass fuck, on elbows and knees with the fucker kneeling behind you. But now I wanted a change, I wanted to see something new. So I helped the two guys to roll over without disengaging, my husband's asshole clamped around Ken's cock as they turned so that Ken was now on his back with Rick straddling him, riding him, sitting on his cock.

The view of, course, was sensational. My husband and I always enjoyed seeing it in porn flicks, whether it was cock fucking pussy, or cock fucking ass. Whether it was a guy fucking a girl, a guy fucking a guy, or even a girl sitting on another girl's strap-on. All were such sexy, provocative visions for a total voyeur like me. And of course Rick and I often fucked in this position, me on top of him, or him riding my dildo, sitting on each other.

And now I had that sight in front of my eyes, two beautiful naked men, all that raw male flesh! With Rick on top now, Ken just laid back lazily as he had when my husband sucked his dick, letting Ken do the work as he rode that cock for all he was worth, taking it deep now, all the way, grinding down against it, impaling himself on that cock, using it to ream out his rectum. Me? I was in the mood for some grazing; I wanted to graze on male meat. So I scampered up between their legs and started with Ken's balls, licking them, then dragging my tongue upwards along the underside of his slick cock as that cock fucked my husband's ass. When I had plenty of that, I licked and sucked my husband's balls, then his cock, as he was getting fucked. Rick loved that. This is the first time we'd had a guy join us, but we've had women join us before. And when I was fucking my husband's ass with a dildo while our guest was sucking his cock, he later told me that was just about as close to heaven as he ever got. So he was definitely in heaven now, with a huge cock up his ass and my lips wrapped around his. More than once, my husband had told me I was the best cocksucker he'd ever been with.

And as an extra treat for Ken, I wet a finger in my mouth, reached under the teen's balls and worked that spit-moistened finger into Ken's tight ass as the two guys fucked, wondering how often, or even if Ken took it up the ass himself. Or if he just did the fucking. I'd have to ask him later. Though now it sure seemed like he didn't mind having my finger in his ass!

"Mmmmmmh, nice!" I purred, finally pulling back from my feast, ready now for another change of positions. This time I told Rick to lift himself off of Ken's cock as I flung myself down on the bed on my back and spread my legs wide, showing off my glistening, highly charged pussy to the two guys.

"Fuck me now, babe," I told my husband who slid his lithe body between my legs and his cock into my cunt. Ken, our teen male whore, now knelt on the bed behind us both, looking down, slowly stroking that engorged, massive cock of his. I stared at it now that it knew it had just been plowing my husband's ass. Knowing that, its immense size amazed me more than ever, as did my husband's bravery in taking that oversized log of penile paradise inside his own male ass-cunt. As I held his cheeks wide open I dug my hand into the cleft between them and now could see that his asshole, a tight little sphincter when all this began, was now raw and open. I looked over my shoulder at Ken and winked as I kept spreading apart my husband's ass cheeks, scissoring my legs around Rick's waist. That raw and open hole needed to be filled again!

"Stick it back inside him, fuck him," I ordered Ken who gladly obliged, getting back on the bed behind my husband and sliding his cock back up Rick's ass. The look on Rick's face was priceless as Ken's cock once again entered and filled him.

Reaching around and holding my husband's ass wide open as it was being plowed like this, feeling the hard male flesh grazing against my fingertips as it thrust inside, those words came back to me -- his awesome, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! Yes! That penis, that cock, that prick, that shaft, that dick, that tool now fucking and filling my husband's ass, his anus, his mancunt, his rectum, his manhole! Fucking him! Fucking Rick! Fucking Rick up the ass! Blissfully fucked myself now, a deep shiver ran through my body as I took it all in, took in that husband and wife were being fucked together here and now, fucked at once, myself enjoying my husband's very familiar cock in my always greedy, clenching cunt; Rick relishing a fresh young teen cock, a massive wonder of nature, taking a hot, living penis inside his ass for the very first time!

"Oh god, baby! It's so incredible having you fuck while you take a big one up your ass at the same time!" I whispered huskily, gazing into my husband's eyes, brilliant with arousal. "Tell me, tell me how much you love it up your ass."

"I fucking love it, I love every fucking fat inch!"

"Rick, you are such a fucking whore, a whore for cock, do you know that? I teased, "more than ten thick inches of young teen cock up your ass and just look at you, taking every inch like a fucking champ!"

"And what makes me love it all the more, babe, is that you love to see me take it," he said, kissing me tenderly, as still reaching around and holding him open I could feel Ken's cock hammering away at my husband's asshole harder than ever.

"Are you ready, Ken?" I asked, looking over my husband's shoulder at him, "are you ready to cum inside Rick's ass?

"Fuck yeah!" the teen gasped, pouding it in hard as I kept holding Rick wide open for him, feeling an extra jolt from my husband's cock every time Ken thrust into his ass. It's like I was being fucked by two studs at once, and I enjoyed every fuckin' minute of it. But no one could have been happier than my husband, his cock deep inside my cunt, a cunt he loved, I knew. And a massive cock buried up his ass at the very same time. Too bad there wasn't another hung young stud in the room for Rick to suck. Maybe I'd arrange that for his next birthday!

Anyway, you can guess what happened next. I felt a blistering orgasm building in my clitoris, then spreading like a sizzling wave of pleasure through my pelvis. Accompanying those deliciously intense sensations, I felt my husband's cock throbbing as he unloaded inside me, bathing my vagina with his cum, while with my fingertips I could feel the teen's fat, steely prick throb powerfully as my husband's anus clenched and squeezed that ejaculating cock, sucking all the semen out of it, out of Ken's cock and into Rick's ass. Later, when Ken was gone, I'd show my husband just how much I loved him. I'd turn him over and lap up every dewy, creamy drop of the teen's cum as it dripped and leaked and spilled out of my husband's aggressively assaulted asshole, his mercilessly marauded mancunt…

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/23/18

Post this crap in Gay Male

Where it belongs. It won't be long before the two of them die of Aids. Ugly, stupid story.

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by Easypeter04/15/18


Do you just write about it or do you do that with your wife and a friend?

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by Anonymous09/10/17

Narrator doesn't want a husband.

Wife wants a girlfriend. He'll end up with tits and a cunt. Whoever wrote this really hates men.
If you're a guy you hate yourself and men in general.
I kept waiting for something erotic to happen.

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