A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 27


Selena looked around at them all and grinned, including Shaevre, "My four lovers," she growled a little low in her throat, "Thank you." She laid herself down and writhed on her back, waiting. With a careful thought from her, they lost the last of their inhibitions.

She ran her hands over her breasts, leaving one there and sliding the other down to her wet sex, "Come fuck one like you've never had in your lives."

Azrael was the first after that and Selena held him tightly as he took her. She looked up and was so taken with him for his masculine beauty and she couldn't keep her hands from his demon skin, watching the muscles above her move. She knew that they were here to help her and to her, it was no small thing that they'd come. She constricted her channel around Azrael tightly out of her consideration. As he began to pound her demonic ass hard into the blanket-covered floor plates, things in the skiff began to shake and rattle from the force of his strength.

Selena felt herself nearing her peak and she hung onto him as tightly as she could when he eased himself down onto her and raced to his own finish. She stroked his hard back softly, trying not to dig her fingers into his flesh. Her head went back and her eyes rolled back into her head again as she came so suddenly and hard, howling in her joy to receive more male essence to join and mix with her own.

As they lay there gasping, she pulled his head down, and whispered into his ear, thanking him and making her own offer to him then, "Fuck me three more times in your turn, and I will bless you for your female's kindness to me and for your own. She is already blessed and she knows it to have one like you for her heart, as are you to have her for yours."

He lifted his head and thanked her as well, and then Selena was surprised at the tenderness that she felt from his kiss on her lips.

When Azrael stood up, Selena looked at Vadren and grinned, "The legend," she smiled in a whisper of awe, "Come and please me, mage, and we will see what magic we can make together. You will need no other wand or staff besides your own fine one there."

A little to her surprise, what she felt from him was more than a little enthusiasm. Vadren was looking forward to this and it made Selena throw back her head and laugh in joy.

She allowed it as she took him when he said his incantations. They were instantly writhing together in a bed of fragrant flower petals, and she reveled in his affections. She felt his hands on her everywhere * as she lay on her back on him being banged for all that he was worth, but then she looked down at herself and saw that his hands were holding her -- it was just a sincere touch that he'd added, the other ghostly ones that she felt caressing her so wonderfully.

But they didn't remain like this for long and Selena knew why because she felt it from him. He loved to fuck like this, and he had more than enough length and girth for it, but what he really loved to do then was show his female that he cared and that she was his for the moment in this by reaching around her neck from behind if she was the right size for it and kissing her neck and throat to say it.

Her horns precluded his gesture and she sighed, wanting to feel that now.

She asked to change their positions out of consideration for him and it was a thrill to her to be taken on her side, face-to-face by the handsome Drow. She wrapped herself around him and cooed to him in her bliss -- he was so good to have inside of her and she wondered, since she could feel how many females that he'd had, how any single one of them could love with him like this and then watch as he got up to leave at the end of it. She was sure that in her past life as a rogue, to see that body leaving her would cause her to cry quietly -- and hate him if he never came back to do it again.

Selena came three times with Vadren this time, twice very softly as she felt how much he had in his heart for someone, and the second time that she came, it was with small tears in her eyes as some foretelling of his future came to her. She knew what his lovely female meant to him for all of their jokes and fighting. She saw that he'd lose her to another, and she knew that he'd be happy for her, but then she saw him alone for a time afterward and the look on his face when he was alone was something that she hated to see, for a face like Vadren's shouldn't ever look like that, she thought.

She knew something then with certainty. If she'd never met the others and she'd stumbled upon Vadren, he was the sort of quiet male that someone like her could hold herself against forever and be happy for it.

But that wasn't in their cards, and so Selena whispered her secret for only him to hear before she wrapped her limbs around him even more tightly and her internal muscles clenched on him to make him fuck her harder once more and they cried out together, her eyes rolling back again as she took what he gave to her.

Each time -- for the first three times that she had either Vadren or Azrael inside of her, she whispered something for only that one to hear as her thanks to them for this and for filling her with their fine seed. She planned to show Arrax and Shaevre what they meant to her afterward, but for now, for the males that had been leant to her for her need, she told secrets for only them to know.

He stood and looked a little dazed as he considered what she'd said to him. Selena didn't look at him as she held out her open arms to Shaevre and they were loving together a few seconds later as though it was their first time.

She had them all, over and over, four times each, and her favorite time was when Azrael and Vadren took her together and she was stuck between them shuddering almost constantly, screaming for everything that they could give to her. Shaevre stood with Arrax as they watched in amazement.

"How much more?" she asked in a whisper, but before he could answer, they saw her looking at them over Azrael's shoulder as she cried out when she felt Vadren coming and Azrael so very near to it at the same time, "Just one more," she hissed through her gritted teeth, "I want my mighty Xer again!"

After that, they saw her eyes roll upward again and she moaned her thanks to the males who she loved with at the moment.

Shaevre was on her knees, working and sucking to get Arrax ready for the last lap when Selena came to her and kissed her neck as her hand slid down between Shaevre's long thighs, "I am afraid that our little plans for marriage have been changed under our feet," she cooed softly with regret, "I think that I will always need you, my beautiful lover, but I think that I see that while we will stay close to each other, our lovings will not be as often as before."

Shaevre pulled her head back and she kissed Selena briefly, "I know. I will always love you, Selena."

Selena reached up to take Arrax in her hand and stroke him, "I will never stop loving either of you," she smiled earnestly, "just not often."

She stood up and reached for Arrax. "Come, " she said, "love me once more, Arrax. It is your seed that I ache for now."

She laid herself down and beckoned to him, so he sank to his knees once more. But he stared as he watched her rise from the floor with nothing under her, reaching down to find him with her hand to align herself and she was on him then, impaled and writhing so blissfully and slowly, enjoying this and making it last for them both as the thickest part of him, that wonderful love knot which the Xer have for their females kissed up against her lips and parted them wetly. They were lost in each other then, the others in the back of the skiff forgotten then and Arrax saw nothing but her against a backdrop of green rolling fields and sunshine as they copulated, meaning it, and gradually allowing their need to overtake them.

Arrax knew what this was and he matched her in his emotions, because he knew that in a very real sense, she wasn't saying good bye so much as she would be saying so long for at least a time. He took a deep breath and began to plough her hard, both of them crying out now and then as they continued. The three were alone again, Azrael and Vadren had gone quietly a few minutes before. This time when it came to them, their climax was almost silent, but that took nothing away from its power for them both.

Shaevre backed away a little and her eye took in a lot of details. Selena was almost white-hot in the throes of their spasms -- him giving and her taking from him. She saw the way that her friend's pelvis was at that crazy downward angle once again, her legs sticking straight out to either side of Arrax, twitching in tiny motions.

She knelt staring at Selena's left big toe as it twitched and curled slowly over and over. As she watched, a little mesmerized, she heard a sound like a flag unfurling. The sound seemed incongruous there and not seeing a cause, she discarded it as her eyes took in other things in this long moment. Selena's knees bent slowly until her calves and feet hung limply in the air above the floor.

Shaevre felt a lot of awe for the power of their male as he almost sat on his haunches holding Selena to him tightly. He seemed to blur a little now and then. She'd just never seen a noble Xer as he ejaculated before. It came to Shaevre as a shock that it happened because that was when he filled her again and again in the way of their kind; a male only came once if he was either very young or very old or sick. What was normal for them was up to a dozen spasms or more, spaced out over perhaps ten to twenty minutes. But noble Xer males seemed to vibrate because they came so hard if it was meant. She thought back to when he'd taken her, and she smiled as she remembered it. He'd done it then as well.

What was remarkable to her was that, as far as she knew, males didn't usually achieve orgasm when they were hunched over like this, or at least, they preferred not to. She stood up a little and she walked around them for a better view.

She saw Selena's eyes open wide and staring into nothing above her. They were almost perfect in their motionlessness, but not quite so. They twitched a little as well. It happened just when Arrax growled each time that he sent more of his seed into Selena. For her part, the only sounds that she made were a tiny gasp and a tight little gurgle in her throat whenever he did it. After it was over, Selena sighed in a whispering sort of way until the next one.

From where she stood bent over, Shaevre could see that Arrax' lips were against Selena's flesh just on the muscles of her shoulder. From what she knew of her own anatomy, there was only one way that his mouth could be open that wide against her skin so that his lips could lie relaxed against her.

Shaevre stood up and waited through another four of his contractions. It brought her count to ten. Selena's skin was passing through red and into a deep purple now. It was fading a little in its intensity as well.

Shaevre sighed as she leaned against the back of a crew seat. For good or ill, maybe their lover was going to get her wish and become a Xer herself. As he'd given in to his feelings in the middle of his passion, Arrax had bitten Selena.

She looked down then and she saw the source of the strange noise a little earlier. Selena's transformation was complete. The sound had been her wings falling back onto the floor. They glistened wetly to her in the dim light of the skiff's interior.

She bent down next to Arrax' ear, "If you have killed her with this," she whispered to him in their language, "I don't know if I could forgive you."

She saw his eyes regain their focus and they watched her for a long moment. He released Selena's shoulder and looked up, speaking to her strictly in their tongue, "She will not die from the bite which marks her as ours, my heart. It takes much more than that to kill a Crowned One or the Merren would have used Xer to kill their destroyers in the same way that they have always used us to deal with the things which they think themselves too good to soil their hands with. "

Shaevre hissed as she saw the depth of the bite and how quickly the blood began to run. She sighed, at least Selena wasn't already dead.

She knelt down and cradled Selena's horned head, "Are you alright, Selena? Can you hear me?"

Selena blinked twice and her eyes found Shaevre. She smiled, "You are so lovely, Shaevre, even upside down."

But her expression turned to one of concern as Shaevre burst into tears and hid her face by laying her forehead down against Selena's as she cried.

"What's wrong, Shaevre? Have I done something wrong?"

The Xer shook her head, "You've been bitten!"

The rest was unintelligible as she bawled. Everything seemed so surreal to Selena today, and this had to be the peak of it; her grim fighter crying like a child.

Arrax eased her down and he backed away to sit with his back to a panel as he looked, feeling more than a little honor at what he and Sheavre had done. Selena felt the place where she noticed the discomfort and she raised her hand, passing over the place as though brushing off a bit of dirt. The wound was gone. Only the mark of the bite remained. It wasn't even a scar; it became a pattern in her skin before their eyes.

"Oh this," she smiled a little sheepishly, "Other than his mark on me just like the one that he put on you, I'm fine." She looked from one to the other, "This is the same as a ring to Xer, isn't it?"

Shaevre nodded, "They are hard to see on us because of the fur, but another Xer sees them instantly. The marks last as long as the love. If we lose this pairing, it will fade in little time."

She glowered at Arrax a little, "I could have marked her as well, Arrax. She has taken me to the same height in my passion, but I managed to keep my fangs out of her flesh. I am a little angry over the fear that I felt that she would die. I know you in all other things, my love, I just didn't know how strong the drive is to mark what is yours."

"Ours," he corrected, "and I'm sorry that I upset you."

"Ours," Shaevre said in the Xerian tongue.

"Ours?" Selena asked in the same tongue and they smiled at her, "Yes," Shaevre nodded, "You are whatever you have become now, but you belong to a pair of Xer who love you, as we belong to you. We know that things must be different, but, ..."

Shaevre smiled so warmly as she said the Xerian phrase for it.

"Our hearts are yours and our den will always have a warm place for you to lie with us."

"But what happened? I must admit that I know little more than the Xer things in what came to you," Arrax said.

Selena smiled, "Then I'll explain what I know -- what came to me in the middle of it all in a minute. What is that smell?"

"Your wings have come to you," Shaevre said, "They are wet and there is a little blood."


"So that's why these Crowned Ones need Xer. It comes from when the Xer were closer to demons. There is a purpose, a very old purpose. One like me can never trust a Merren to mate with while I draw the strength to hold this back on me and I needed your vast strength and toughness. I also needed the drive and power of what I got from Azreal and the ethereal knowledge that I took from Vadren along with his sweet way of loving. It wasn't my intent, and I didn't know it then, but I think I need you both a lot more than I thought, and I'm happy now. I've never been so happy in that way. I heard what you both said. If you still mean it, it feels really wonderful to belong."

"We meant everything, words which are said only to other Xer who are close to our hearts," Shaevre said, sniffling, "But you were bitten. Abominations die. I don't want to lose you."

Selena hugged Shaevre for a moment, "Stop crying, or Arrax will have to open the ramp to save us from drowning. I am sure that it won't harm me any more than his passionate bite has harmed you. You're Xer, and I'm, ... something which needs them. When you and I were fucking, Sheavre, I wanted to bite you so much, and I almost bit Arrax as we looked into each other's eyes. I sure hope that I don't have any more revelations waiting for me, but there is one that I'm pretty certain of."

She looked at them a little uncertainly, "I can now speak Xerian, and I know much more than that. How deeply do you want me in this pack of ours? Would you both bear my marks on you? Because you may not have a choice. We have mated with each other since I changed, and fluids have been exchanged. I know what I felt with each of you. We have touched," she pointed to her breast. "You both may never be able to return to Xer again, ever."

Arrax jaw opened in realization, "I would bear your mark with pride." He turned to Shaevre, "Selena thinks that we may become horned from this."

Shaevre nodded, "I as well, as long as we all live through it. I would bear it proudly to be seen as belonging to you both."

Selena sniffed again, "Gah! I can't stand me. Arrax, could you please open the ramp? I want a little fresh air."

As the ramp whined down, Selena got to her feet and walked out down it. She stood on the cold concrete floor and she flexed her wings carefully. The mess on her wings rose from her in a thin cloud of mist and dust and then she smiled at them, "A few days and a little quiet practice, and I'll have a big surprise for my little sister the next time that she makes faces at me from one of the high catwalks in there."

She shook herself as though she was imitating a dog, and she stood as she'd been all of her life up to now. With a careful thought, she was horned again. She looked down. The purple had faded to a bluish-gray and it had grown pale. There were a few patterns to her skin now. She shrugged, "I'd kind of like this better if it would stop. I'd just like to be one color for a while. So really, I look alright?"

Arrax smiled and beckoned to her. As she walked back up the ramp, he opened a crew locker. There was a mirror on the inside surface of it. Selena stared at herself for a long time, her fingers running over the horns which ran alongside her cheeks.

"You know that she is just like those birds which they sell as pets, "Shaevre muttered to Arrax, "We will be here for hours as she looks at herself."

"My hearing has improved too," they heard Selena say, "but it makes me happy to hear you. You're not upset anymore."

She walked back down the ramp and went to the outer doors. They swung open for her and she walked out into the sunshine of a bright winter afternoon. Shaevre and Arrax walked out to follow her.

"As far as I know," Shaevre said as they stared, "those doors are charmed by Azrael. How did she get them to obey her?"

"She wears the horned crown," Arrax said, "There is much that she's always had and never knew."

They walked after her and saw her as she stood regarding a low stump a little ahead of her. "I worked so hard with Shaevre to clear this and make room so that you could land here," she said to Arrax over her shoulder, "I must have tripped over this thing a dozen times, and I couldn't get it out any better than this."

The wood of the stump groaned and creaked as it was torn out of the ground slowly to rise hovering in the air while she held it there with her mind for a moment. Then it was nothing more than a cloud of yellow sawdust raining down to land on the ground.

Selena turned and they walked back inside. The loading door raised shut behind them when Arrax hit the button on the bulkhead of the skiff.

Inside the skiff once more, Selena was very pointed about it and they tried it again carefully, until they'd worked out a way for him to mount her from behind, but after a quick and satisfying orgasm for herself, she was just as pointed and insistent that Shaevre finish him this time. "I only needed to make sure there was a way."

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