A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 33


Think that you saw him with another that you knew would be your closest friend one day -- even though that friend was one of the kind that have always hunted and stolen children like yourself."

She paused then, knowing what she wanted to say, but still having just a tiny doubt. She decided right then to lay this out so that there was no uncertainty any longer. If Vadren suddenly turned from what he'd just said, well then it was all some sort of fairy tale fuelled by her visions from being near to her own death.

"Now," she said, looking right into Selena's eyes, "think that you have seen him helping you while your friend birthed each of their children. Would that be good enough?

Think that you have seen him with her from between your own knees as they helped you birth your own children with him."

Selena sat with her shock written plainly on her face but Ksyusha wasn't finished.

"Would that be enough, Selena? What if you met that one then -- on the world where you knew that he lived? I do not know about you, my new friend, but I can say that it is enough for me. If he wants us, then Nika and I are his. It is enough for us both."

There was silence then until Cha'Khah spoke up. "Looking at it like that," he smiled, "and also seeing the way that my cousin looks right now, then all that's left to say is that I wish you much happiness together, all of you."

Ksyusha smiled and translated for Nika, and Cha'Khah found herself with a spark demon hugging her tightly for a moment.

"I'm sorry for being a little stubborn," Selena said, "but I sure get it now. Even still, this is way fast for us here."

Ksyusha held up three fingers. "My mother's courtship," she said, "and they have been together for over sixty years, since no one ages much there."

"Three days?" Selena asked in surprise.

Ksyusha laughed, "Three minutes."

She shrugged, "Sometimes when you know what you want ..."

The song coming out through the speakers changed and Nika began to dance. A few seconds later, she'd changed to the black swirling shape and her clothing lay in an empty pile and she danced as the dark smudge for a moment before her shape settled to what she looked like whenever she stopped, though at the moment, she was dancing with a wide smile.

"Somebody's feeling their ale," Rachel grinned and Ksyusha nodded, "Perhaps, but I can say that Nika is happy and she has not been this happy since we left our home."


There were only a few of the overhead lights on as they walked down the long wide corridor together, the three of them holding hands. Barrett had found several storage batteries which still functioned and they were used to provide a little night-lighting after the generator was shut off every evening. To maximize what they had, the lights were spread out with over a few hundred feet between them. They never lasted until morning, but they gave enough light for a few hours before the batteries drained to nothing. If you didn't mind the vaguely post-industrial look to it all, it was a little romantic.

Nika looked up and said 'Thank you, Vadren,' and he was mystified, so she spoke to Ksyusha.

"She gives her thanks for what you said about us," Ksyusha smirked, "She is learning the speech here, but also, she is learning enough of you for her to know some of what you say from how it feels to her as you say it. She also wishes to thank you for trying this with us."

He looked down at Nika and smiled, "I am just as happy." He let her hand go and he held onto her shoulder.

"I have a surprise for you," he grinned, "Barrett and I thought of a way to make everyone here at least a little happy -- especially the females, if we know their hearts at all well, and most especially poor Shaevre and Arrax. Those two love a bath, but they are both too long to enjoy one in a normal tub.

We found a spotlessly clean shallow metal tank with a ceramic coating on the inside. The only thing that was in it was the remains of the plastic cover and that came out easily. We do not know what it was to be used for, but it was quite obviously a spare for one that was used somewhere in here. We moved it and with a little pipe, a pump, and something which Barrett calls a heat exchanger, we have made a way to have a warm bath in a larger tub.

We run the coolant for the generator motor through the heat exchanger and the heat goes into the water of the tank. We bought some wooden planks in town and made an edging around it, but it has not been used yet, since other than Barrett and myself, no one knows of it. I had the idea of using it tonight and spoke to Barrett about it."

They turned a corner and there it was, a very large and rather industrial-looking bathtub filled with very warm water. "I thought that we should try it," Vadren smiled. He pointed to the towels nearby and the small cask of wine that he'd bought the week before.

Nika looked at it and decided that she could swim in it easily, and both of them looked pleased. "This looks to me like there will be an attempt made here to seduce us," Ksyusha smiled.

Vadren looked innocent.

"I was thinking that you both might have a wish to seduce me," he smiled, "But since none of us plainly wishes to seduce anyone, then maybe we ought to just have a bath."

When Nika heard the explanation she chattered quickly to Vadren and Ksyusha translated with a grin, "Nika says that you should not be so hasty."

There were a few concrete blocks nearby and since he knew that the overhead lights likely wouldn't last much longer, Vadren took a minute to cause them to glow softly. By the time that he thought that there was enough gentle light from them, the two females were already in the tub, leaning against one side with their elbows on the wooden edging behind them.

Vadren was a little amazed at how quickly they'd poured three glasses of wine.

They looked somewhat expectant and then they all laughed as Vadren removed his clothing to join them as they sipped a little wine and told him that this was a fine way to share a bath -- even without the seduction.

Nika struggled as she tried to tell him something. "I can be, ..."

She looked at Ksyusha, but the tiefling shook her head, "I can help you forever, Nika, but it is only Vadren and I here. You should try, or you will take much longer to learn."

Vadren sat, looking at the pair of them in wonder and thinking that he was perhaps not being foolish here at all. They way that they looked, ...

Nika began again. "I can be, ... different body ... for you. Say wish, Vadren."

"Can I suggest something?" Ksyusha asked, "You have not seen her in the shape that she was born in, and I know that she is very nervous over that one, thinking that perhaps you will not like it. But I have been telling her all evening -- when I had the chance - that she should not worry, that you likely would like her, and even if you didn't, she has more than enough to hold your interest in the other ways that she can look.

Choose one shape to begin, but ask her to go to the one that she has fears over as she gains her confidence with you. Otherwise, she will tell me to have you first, and after that, she will only grow more shy, and shyness like that is not good for one like her.

She makes a lot of fun and flirts so much, but she has her doubts and fears because, ..."

She sighed, "We are all very different from each other, and I know that she thinks that she is the most - different, since we are close to looking the same, you and I. It is her view of things."

"Well her view is wrong," he smiled, "I think that one of the things which I like the most is that we are all so different."

Vadren reached out and drew Nika to him, pulling her so that she was lying on his chest. "I have learned something in my travels," he said to Nika, though he was really saying it to them both, "There are few females anywhere who do not have at least a little doubt about their bodies. No matter how wonderful they might look, the cruellest and most harsh critic will always be the voice in their own minds."

He looked into Nika's yellow eyes and he smiled, "You are both such wonders to me; living and walking wonders. Nika," he said very slowly, "be any way that you wish. Show me what you wish to and when you feel good enough to show me, then show me more. It does not matter to me. I am happy."

Ksyusha spoke then and Nika gasped for an instant and then she was hugging him tightly. She felt the hardness that she was lying on and she made a little room for it as it pushed against her belly. After a minute, she reached down and moving herself a little, she moved up and began to sink onto him very slowly with a look of concentration and a hopeful little glance at him now and then. Finally she settled on him and moved a little to let him know, he guessed.

And then she smiled and stole the rest of his heart.

From what he knew, Nika had been smiling at him since just after dark -- every time that he looked at her, she'd smiled at him. But now he knew.

He could feel her smile to him like this and he also knew then that her smiles had been her hopeful little promises to him.

The thing which surprised him was that he'd expected her to stop her descent at some point before she bottomed out onto him, but she hadn't. He knew that sitting here like he was, there was more of him that could be inside of her, but he was surprised anyway, though it didn't matter after another moment.

She showed him something about spark demons that he didn't know. She didn't have to move much at all, and it felt so good to him. He looked into those eyes and saw their wide irises as he took her in his arms and for perhaps the first time in his life, Vadren Dreile kissed another person trying to give her all that he could put into it while being mindful of her small size.

He'd kissed many lovers all through his adult life. But from her and her hopeful vulnerability, Vadren was learning something that he'd also apply to Ksyusha. He'd never considered it before, but soft kisses were like a well-warmed pan to butter.

Nika moaned loudly and he felt her tongue in his mouth. When she broke the kiss and said something to Ksyusha, he heard the warlock laugh and reply, using his name several times.

"She has asked me to translate for her and of course, I said that I would be happy to, but that I would not say, "Oh Vadren, oh Vadren, oh you are so good Vadren, over and over," Ksyusha said as he watched her begin to move toward them, "Besides, I will be a little busy at least."

Nika groaned when she felt Ksyusha's arms around her as the tiefling began to nuzzle against the side of her neck. Vadren watched as Ksyusha's hands found Nika's small breasts and then he felt her small motions inside of herself begin to throb as well, and he'd never experienced something like this.

She stopped it a few minutes later and Ksyusha spoke for the smaller female, "Nika asks if you wish to do this from behind her. The water is making this a little uncomfortable for her. It is too warm and it washes away her wetness faster than she can make it."

Nika stood bent over with her arms on the wooden edging as Vadren entered her. He was pleasantly surprised again when he found that he could stroke into her fully and not reach the end of her passage. He asked Ksyusha about it.

She shrugged, "I do not know how she does it either. I can already tell that I will need to be careful with you."

"How long are the males where she's from?" He asked, "I don't mind, I just know that most human females, ... I just can't go very deep, but I can with Nika."

"They are not long -- the ones that I have seen, "Ksyusha replied, "far shorter than I have seen on humans males. I do not know where she is putting it all now. But she is good for you?"

He grinned, "Oh yes,"

When she'd translated for Nika, he saw her eyes open, but her eyes looked as though they saw little then and she lowered her head and began to grunt as she worked, beginning to push back.

Ksysuha lowered her head next to Nika's and she kissed her for a moment, "He enjoys you so much," she whispered, "You should see the way that he holds your body with such care. He wishes for you to feel safe with him, and also he wishes to hold you still to pull you onto him.

I wish that you could see his eyes now, Nika. What I see there, you can show him your body any way that you like. Right now, my friend, you own that male."

Nika grunted and pushed back a little more and then she raised her head and looked back at Vadren's face for a long moment and they smiled at each other before she turned her head again and began to redouble her efforts. "He, .. . is so ... good," she said, as much in wonder to herself as to her friend.

The way that Vadren slid his hands over her body made Nika feel much more confident and the next thing that he knew, he was touching that short black fur.

It drove him a little wild, he thought in retrospect afterward. It felt so good under his hands. He bent forward a little so that he could hold more of that fine body against him and Nika began to make little sounds. He looked at Ksyusha who smiled very warmly.

"Nika says that she is in love."

His right hand had been under her ribs so that he could feel her breast against his palm, but suddenly it felt as though it had disappeared and there was only her soft fur and her flesh underneath it. When he looked up, he saw her eyes looking back at him with a smile on her face from the end of her short snout. With a start, he saw that her horns had changed and now swept back from her forehead in great sweeping curls looking a little like pulled-down handlebars and her black wings hung limply down into the water.

Nika was hiding nothing from him anymore, and he made sure to tell her that the spark that he was loving was very beautiful to him. When Ksyusha translated it, Nika looked back and he was smitten once more. For such a compact being, there was so much to her.

He grinned as he began to pound her harder and she moaned quietly for a time. He slid his hand down her flank and thought to bring it forward under her and his fingers ran into her breast, not where they'd been a minute before.

It fit into his hand perfectly and he felt rather privileged that she'd shown this of herself to him, and he was determined that she know what it meant to him. He began to work one nipple, ...

Nika cried out as she lifted her head from feeling him harden even more. He reached out to grab one of her horns with one hand and she lowered her chin to allow him to pull her by the horns if he wished and soon after, she was thrashing herself back against him as hard as she could, loving the way that he could bang her so that her cloven feet left the bottom of the tub each time as her thin black fingers curled around the edge of the narrow decking to hold on as best she could.

Nika was working in this. She'd had male spark demons before, but none had ever done her like this. Vadren was long and fat inside of her, and though he'd plough her hard for a while, he seemed to know just when to slow for just a short time and she loved the way that it felt to her to have him drag that thing out of her a little slowly and then just slide it in again so deliciously. At the end of every slow push, Vadren just kept right on pushing, his scrotum jammed up so nicely against her clitoris -- staying there like a welcome friend as he kept pushing so that her feet lifted up slowly and she could wiggle them just to feel the way that they hung free.

Ksyusha was such a wonderful friend to her and she was so obviously proud of the way that Nika could take all of him this way. Whenever she looked, the tiefling was in awe of her and so in love with them both.

Nika was never prepared for it when he went back to banging her; she never knew when it would happen again, but though she was a little sad that the slow fucking seemed to be over for the moment, she was happy again within two of his powerful thrusts.

When he came, she did as well, her body not having much of a choice, really, since he'd lifted her and held her up with one arm under her so that she hung on him and the feeling of that and how he still pulled on that horn threw Nika over.

She almost squeaked, she cried out so hard, and the heart inside of her spoke its piece then as she shuddered and bucked against him just as her lights went out and she drifted.

Once she really had everything together again, Nika was a little amazed to find herself leaning back against Vadren with Ksyusha next to him as they kissed her softly. At least one of them was caressing her nipples under the water.

Nika thought about it -- about the way that she'd felt then, and she had a sudden need to hear him say that it was good for him, because it went beyond anything that she'd ever experienced before. She wasn't inexperienced, and she had always known what she'd wanted, she'd just never blacked out before. She wasn't sure that she liked it, either; not if it hadn't been at least a little special to him.

"It was good?" she managed to ask him.

"Yes, so good," he nodded, "and you are so beautiful."

She looked down and then back up at him in a little shock. "You -- like me? L-Like this?"

He nodded again and Nika heard Ksyusha's sweet laugh from her other side.

"He looked so fine and primitive then, when he saw you, Nika." She leaned in and kissed Nika's cheek, "I think that you should feel a little proud at what you can bring out in him. It was so good to see you both like that. You know the way that spark males can look when they have lost their control? It was like that to see, but Vadren looked so happy as well.

He held you so tightly - as though he would never give you up and he cried out, and you answered him, Nika. He didn't understand and I told him afterward that you cried out your love for him and promised yourself to him. It was very good to see. He answered you, but you already hung limp in his grasp then.

Was it that good for you -- to make you do all of that? Nika, I have shared a few males with you and you have never done anything like that."

Nika nodded fervently, still a little out of breath, "I have never been fucked like that, Ksyusha," she said in their tongue, "Never."

"So good?" Ksyusha asked in English and Nika nodded, "Yes. It was ... won-derful."

She felt Ksyusha's thumb and fingers working one of her nipples, "So good to be loved that well by the male that you have come so far to have and share with me?"

Nika was beginning to wonder where this might be going, but she answered, "Yes, so good he was."

Ksyusha brought her lips to Nika's ear and she whispered very softly as her lips grazed against the fur there, "Better than anything he was for you, "she said, "anything that you have ever had there. I know. I saw it Nika.

He was so happy to have you that way, so you should know two things from this, Nika.

He thinks the world of you in any shape that you show to him -- especially this one. It is my turn with him next, but Nika, it is the other thing that I like the best."

Nika's eyes went to her left, even though she couldn't see Ksyusha's face, "What other thing, Ksyusha?"

She heard Ksysuha's quiet chuckle for a moment, "You now have the best for you and you share him with me -- who loves you so much and always will; it is very plain to see. But I am happy now for us both and especially for me."

Ksyusha began to laugh very sweetly.

"I know that you have always thought that you needed them to feel as though you were back where you came from, since they are the closest thing here to the males you had there, but, ...

We have this male and it is clear that he gives his heart for ours, so ... "

Nika blinked and then she nodded, smiling bashfully, but she agreed, "No more goats, Ksyusha. I liked to pretend that I had a shy boyfriend."

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