tagNonHumanA Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 49

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 49


***Fairytales can come true - it can happen to you.

If you think that you might want a demon. 0_o


Book of the Forsaken Part 4

In the still-smoldering mountain of rubble and debris that was once the warehouse district of a part of Lozenjellis, there was a pair of beings struggling for survival. For well over a few days, they'd been trapped by both the sheer weight of the mess and the small amount of oxygen which came to them. There wasn't much to begin with and the remnants of the slowly burning fires burned lazily, fuel-rich and oxygen-starved, and leaving noxious fumes billowing.

Where they were, they heard no roar coming from the fires. They heard the dull hissing moans of the flames not far over their heads and little else. There were only a few small openings where a bit of air whistled in and to get much of anything at all one had to have one's face right there.

The predicament slowed the demon's regeneration to a crawl as Monnie strained mightily to keep the ceiling of the room from falling in on them. The best that she could do was to pull a fallen beam to her now and then and get it set against the wall so that she could get her shoulder underneath it and muscle it up so that she could continue to keep them alive. The old demon sat at her feet, straining to even breathe as he tried to regenerate. As he looked down, she looked at him.

He'd shown her what he'd wanted to do and she knew that she could bring the wild and fear-maddened demons to her easily after he'd given her the ability for it. He'd talked a good game, she figured, but she knew that when push came to shove, he'd finish regenerating and would probably leave her here without a thought. No matter what anyone said to her, Monnie knew the lay of the land here.

She saw a chance for herself and she took it, telling him that she was weakening slowly. She said that she needed more of his strength to keep them alive.

But there was nothing that he could do for her in his weakened state and so she carefully asked, with as much fear, respect, and feigned devotion to him as she could put in it. He'd refused her request flatly at first, but as she let a little of the hot and glowing embers fall around them by pretending to be at the limits of her endurance, he'd gotten it.

He could stand the flames far better than she could – if she remained here with him. He was painfully aware that if he gave her no sign that she meant something to him, he knew that she could just rise through it all and leave him to choke under a huge and greedy fire which would leave him nothing to breathe. There was a time once, long ago, when this situation wouldn't have troubled him at all, but she hadn't had the chance to give that back to him yet.

So he agreed and extended his arm toward her. Monnie did her best to look both reluctant and thankful in her desperation to keep him alive as she sucked some of his demonic blood and turned away to hide the way that she got so much power from him.

They'd done this over a dozen times in the days that they were trapped here, Monnie trembling in her phony weakness and him shuddering as the loss of his blood all but stopped his regeneration. He hoped that she'd find enough strength after a while to throw off what lay and burned over their heads and pull him out of there.

Once she'd gotten him clear of this as she'd promised, he planned to take it all back in a second as he regenerated quickly. He liked Monnie, but he found that he liked what she could give him a lot more, and so he planned to keep her in much the same state as Elkingtion had done once they were out of here.

But it didn't go that way.

When Monnie had so much power that there was no way that she could hide it anymore, she smiled her thanks to him and becoming not much more solid than a wisp of smoke herself, she slipped upward right through the roiling flames as the full weight of what she'd been holding up fell in on him. As she rose, she looked around and laughed.

She'd timed this perfectly as she found herself in the smoke over nighttime Lozenjellis, and with a last look down at the place where she knew that he was buried, Monnie waved her arms and heaped the whole mess together over that one spot before she flew away to look for a place to rest and to sort things out in her mind.


Jonas walked into the stable and made sure that the horses were alright. He noticed that his horse had a shoe which was a bit loose, so that would need to be seen to. He thought about a few things, mostly his friendship with Sully as he looked down at a full trough of cold water. He knew that he needed a bath, but he didn't want to cause any trouble for Randi. He could see that she was busy enough, and though they'd been invited to stay the night, he still felt as though he was intruding.

Well, he thought, here was some water. If the mighty Jonas Bull couldn't handle a little cold, what was the world coming to? He began to struggle slowly with getting his shirt off. Every motion hurt.

Rudhi watched from the doorway behind him knowing how he must feel. She'd had times in her own life when it hurt enough to yell only lifting her arm. "I can help you get that off more easily," he heard in his mind as he froze, knowing that he hadn't actually heard anything.

She walked up from behind him and he stared at her while she smiled and helped him to ease his arms up. When she pulled the sleeves up and began to get the shirt over his head, he felt her body just barely touching his own. She was still smiling when she handed him the shirt.

"I still do not understand why this was done to you," she said as she looked at the welts, scrapes, bruises, and assorted claw marks on his skin, "this was done to you by a lover?"

Jonas shrugged, knowing that he didn't really want to try to explain it in any more detail. Everyone else had seemed to understand it, Narreth aside, since she didn't understand English directly. "I guess you could say that," he smiled a little ruefully.

Rudhi looked at him and liked what she saw, though she saw a little of his thoughts as well.

She sighed as she looked away, "I wish that I had someone who could love me like that. I miss it so much."

He looked up and turned his head, "What do you mean?"

"Well, there is no one left of us anymore but me," she said, "In the place where I come from, life is a struggle. How hard you are in the wars and the conflicts go far to determine how high you will stand.

Life is a struggle – every time that the sun rises, to hunt, to eat, to earn your way, to kill those who would kill you for what you have. Life is a struggle every day, and love is just as much of a fight – if it is worth having.

From what I see here, loving is something soft and still, done by fearful creatures in dark and hidden places," she said as she ran her palm over his shoulder and leaned in closer to whisper to him, "Little creatures who must fear to do everything and hope that no one sees them to kill and eat them."

Rudhi wondered if he had it in him, or if he was only another one who fucked quietly like a mouse, praying that what he did was not discovered and taken from him somehow as everything else was. She found that she had a hope that he was not like that.

"Where I am from," she whispered as her hands roamed over his body, "we who rule do not make love – as I have heard it called. When we find one who is worthy of us, "she said, licking his throat in between her thoughts, "we do not make love, we take it proudly together. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes," he hissed quietly, and she smiled then as she opened her mouth. She was a little sad that, though he said it, and looked as though it was the way that he did it, she doubted that he really knew what she was talking about. Still, she thought, he looked as though he was good at her kind of mating, and so she bit him a little playfully.

Rudhi landed among some hay bales on her face a moment later. As Jonas reached for his neck and looked at the bloody fingers that he drew back, Rudhi's own hand reached to feel her lip.

As she felt her lower lip beginning to swell, she saw her own blood and was a little amazed.

He'd done exactly the right thing.

Her lovely lips pulled into a smile.

"So you do wish to mate, "she grinned as her clothing and piercings disappeared. Jonas watched as she seemed to gather herself into a crouch and he knew then that she'd spring at him, so he decided that the best defense in this would be a good offense as he began to run at her.


"I'll be fine here," Billy said as he took the blankets that Randi offered and set them down in the hayloft of the barn as she looked at him a bit doubtfully.

"Look," he smiled, "Narreth needs to rest and I'm thankful that you were so adamant that she do it in a bed. She and Sully seem to have something starting between them and I can see that there's nobody better to make her stay there. It's kind of nice to see them when they look at each other."

"I know," Randi smiled, "I have to turn away every time. They look like two people who've never been intimate before but want to be so much. I really love to see them like that."

He nodded, "And Jonas will need a bed to rest up in as well. I don't really understand what he was talking about, but he looks like he's fought a war all by himself. After the big bed that you and Rudy sleep in, I think that's about it. Out of all of us here, I'll be fine up here. I've got a fur coat, just like my mother. I'm built for the cold."

Randi nodded with a smile, "I guess, if you say so. Thanks for your help before with getting the beds made up."

He shook his head, "I'm here enjoying your fine food and hospitality. But if you need help with anything, just tell me, Randi. It must be late. You should get to bed yourself. Rudhi is probably ..."

He stopped as he saw her shake her head, "We're not like that, Billy. We wanted to be – even me, and I've never wanted to be with a girl before. We're really close and we love each other, I guess. But I can't do what she wants and she always gets rough in bed. We gave up. Maybe some time it'll work for us, but I kind of doubt it. I've had all the rough treatment that I'm sure that I'll ever want for a long while."

He saw something in her face then and he was trying to find a way to ask, since he'd suddenly remembered her ripping off her pants to wash her bottom end furiously the first time that he'd seen her and he thought that he might finally know why.

But his thoughts were interrupted as they heard a yell and then the impact as something crashed against the wall which separated the barn and hayloft from the stable and the forge. Randi was down the ladder in a flash and Billy was right behind her as they ran through the doorway to stop and stare.

They stood transfixed for several minutes, watching with absolutely no idea who was raping whom here.

Jonas and Rudhi looked to be locked in some rather deadly-looking conflict with each other. She'd slam him down backwards and then almost dive on him. Once she'd gotten herself onto him, she'd grind herself down on him hard and they'd fuck like that for a little while before he'd hit her really hard to get her off him and then he'd jump up to slam her up against the wall, lifting one leg up and jamming himself into her so that he could do his best to nail her to the wall standing up.

Billy looked from that to Randi, who looked back at him in just about as much amazement as he was feeling before they turned to watch some more.

Rudhi lunged for his shoulder and she bit him, drawing a fair bit of blood and leaving a gash before he had her in a bear hug, squeezing the life out of her – or trying very hard to, it seemed. She threw head back in a silent scream before she hit his throat with the heel of her hand. She got away then and tried to run far enough away to turn for him again, but he seized her and, spinning her around, he forced her to bend over some hay bales so that he could grab her hip and get into her again. The expression on her face as she looked back was one of murder and desire at the very same time.

Randi grabbed Billy's hand and pulled him out of there, not stopping until they were back in the kitchen in the main part of the rambling building. Billy followed, wondering now if he was about to watch Randi feeling hurt and deciding that it must be a look that he didn't want to see on that lovely face. But she surprised him as she grabbed a pair of mugs.

"I don't know about you Billy," she chuckled quietly, "but I need a drink after that." She handed him the first pour and then began on her own, still chuckling.


Out in the stable, things were nearing a crescendo as Rudhi managed to beat Jonas down to his knees in a surprise move, and before he could get up again, she crouched down and managed to get them together once more. Jonas groaned as Rudhi grabbed the hair at the back of his head and pulled him to her breasts. She'd have preferred to be on her knees here; but she settled for a deep crouch, since it fit for them at the moment as Rudhi groaned and kissed his head.

She really wanted to chew his ear off, but she joked to herself that it would be going a bit far for a first time.

The next thing that Jonas knew, he was flat on his back with Rudhi grinding her pubic bone against his hard enough to hurt. She watched his face and as she saw that his eyes were beginning to regain the ability to focus clearly, she knew that it was almost time.

So before he managed to give her the glower that she knew would take her a long way toward her own climax, she reached for his arms and flung them from her so that they slapped down onto the straw-covered floor above his head, and with a thought, she pinned them there so that he couldn't swing at her anymore.

Because she wanted to finish this now and let him know that she was the victor.

She could have done it in an instant, but there was far more pleasure in it for them both this way.

His legs were drawn to the floor as though by magnetism and he couldn't move after that; he was reduced to just watching as she controlled this completely now.

Rudhi put her hands onto his shoulders and she leaned forward for the long strokes now. Her nipple rings were back as well as the thin thongs which hung from them as the most beautiful breasts that Jonas Bull would ever see in his life dragged over his chest lightly and she looked down at his face in her pleasure and triumph.

When he knew that he was helpless in this, he looked as though he'd have loved to shoot her.

He also looked as though he was about to beg her to never leave him, and she looked away before that was too evident in his face.

Jonas looked up at pure feminine loveliness as he watched her fuck him out of his mind. He was becoming a little certain that he was losing the ability to speak as he watched that beautiful face smile in her bliss, her mouth open more than a little and those long fangs bared. A little of her drool swung for the duration of one thrust and he watched it as it fell free to land on his throat somewhere.

She wasn't looking at him now. He doubted that she was seeing much of anything, really. Whenever her eyelids opened, those amazing blue eyes looked a little glazed. Now and then she'd gasp a little just when he did, but to him it was a tiny flare of pain as her nipple rings caught in a bit of the hair on his chest and pulled it out, one hair at a time. It was an unintentional by-product of this, but it drove her higher and it drove him nuts, having barely the ability to wince anymore.

Rudhi was so close. She'd had many climaxes in this, but for what she was, they didn't do much to make her stop, not matter what they'd been doing at the moment. She'd had them as he'd hit her. She'd had them as she'd hit him, but her kind never stopped when it happened.

You never wanted to give away your advantage in any combat by stopping – no matter if it was because of pleasure or pain – whether you were fucking in joy or fighting for your life.

All through this – every time that he'd entered her, and all though every coital act between them as it happened, she'd felt the tiny bit of life come to her from each and every spermatozoa which had leaked from him and it had been a struggle every time that she felt it to allow it.

But now she had him and she was exploiting what she'd won. As she felt him harden, she prepared herself and as the seed of Jonas Bull came in a gush, Rudhi felt a rush as so much of the life-giving semen came to her. She leaned back and placed her hands on his knees to receive it, bringing her muscles into it to draw more – always more, until the last of his gush was hers as she shuddered and screamed in a high and thin wail. Her clitoris had been on fire, but it wasn't needed anymore beyond the delicious way that his hardness dragged it inward a little on its way by. What drove her now was the rush of the life what she felt flooding her.


"I thought that you'd be upset," he said as she led him away to the large front room, still giggling a little.

"Can you put another couple of logs on the fire?" she asked as she reached to take his mug back for a moment.

He put the wood on and he found her sitting on the floor in front of the hearth with a wide grin, "I'm not upset," she smiled over the rim of her mug as she sipped, "I was at first, because I thought that one of them was using the other, but then I saw that they both liked it, so I'm not upset at all.

Rudy likes that. It's why her and I couldn't do much of anything together. I'm very pleased that she's having a good time, since I sure as hell can't do anything like that with her – leastways not in any way that I'd enjoy."

They sat together looking at the flames for a while and not saying much. "Is that anything like you'd do it?" she asked out of the blue, "I mean, I don't know about you personally, Billy, but from what I've heard, those groups of demons who fly around seem to want that sort of thing. I shot one group of them up a little while ago when Rudy and I met, but I looked hard first to make sure that you weren't in with them. I didn't think that you would be, but I looked anyway."

Billy shrugged, feeling a little funny to be addressing the issue, "I could, I guess, but ... well, I wasn't always like you've seen me, not when I came out here, anyway. It was like turning on a switch or something, since I'd been running around in this shape for a long time by that time. I guess that I just sort of matured somehow.

Next thing I knew, I was like you saw me and I was also a lot stronger. I wouldn't want to hurt anybody and to tell you the truth, I kind of like it gentle most times." he shrugged, "That's just me, I guess. Frantic can be fun sometimes, but I guess that I was a bit of a disappointment to Bey'leth that way. She liked it gentle, but she liked to go a little crazy most times. It was good, but it's not really the natural way for me to express my feelings then. She never really understood."

"I've never liked it hard all that much either," Randi said quietly, "and in the last few years, I never even got to pick the guy. It was always some bastard who grabbed me. Until I met Rudy, I haven't wanted to do anything with anybody."

She shrugged, "Just my crummy luck, I guess. Now, I don't really want to do it with her all that much, since she always goes back to needing to drag me around all over the bed and shove her thing in my face. I used to have a man and I liked doing that for him and I loved it when he'd do that for me too."

She sighed, "But that was then."


Jonas was dazed as Rudhi got off of him. It wasn't what he'd have wanted her to do then. He really ached with a sudden need to hold her against him then, but she didn't seem to want that and didn't allow him the use of his limbs again until she stood before him dressed as she'd been when they'd arrived, fully clothed and showing little of her body now.

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