tagLoving WivesA Birthday Party for Maria

A Birthday Party for Maria


Note to readers: I want to thank my wonderful editor LazyDays1221 for helping turn this story into a living adventure. Without her help, the story would not be nearly as interesting nor would it be as erotically charged. Thanks LazyDays1221!


Adriana and I have an extraordinary life together. We've always tried our best to think first of each other's before our own desires, wants, and needs. Our marriage of nine years couldn't have made me a happier man in almost every respect. Our sex life is filled with experimentation and willingness to try almost anything the other desires. Sometimes we plan our weekends to include a special sexual adventure. One weekend recently, we went on a dinner cruise on the Ohio River and found a corner of the boat to make love within hearing range of dozens of other guests. We were hidden from view of the other passengers, but would be visible to anyone on shore who happened to be looking at the boat as it passed by. Daring times like these were always exciting for us and added real zest to our relationship.

There was one fantasy of mine that Adriana could never bring herself to fulfill - that was for her to take on another man while I watched. She was just dead-set on remaining monogamous. She'd tell me that if I felt I needed another woman that she would not be upset as long as I didn't try to hide it from her. Adriana didn't want to be there, but did want to know about it if I intended to take on someone. I had no real desire for another woman, so I guess I understood her not wanting another man. I never went so far as to insist, or beg her to do it, it was just something that I'd put out there every once in a while for her to consider. Adriana knew it was a fantasy of mine, but knew I wouldn't let it get in the way of our relationship.

At times, Adriana would flirt with other men when I was around, and tantalize them with peeks at her body. She'd tell me I should be happy with that, and to just imagine that she'd gone further. I'd just have to fulfill my fantasy in my imagination, she'd suggest. Adriana was right, it was very stimulating to imagine and really worked wonders.

She was sure to dress very provocatively anytime we went out with our friends, or even just out dancing in a club. Adriana was tall at 5' 9" and very slender with lovely B to C cup, all-natural perky tits and half-inch eraser nipples. Her medium length natural blond hair set off her physique with spectacular results. In the looks department, I've always thought she was the perfect 10. She'd often wear sweaters open down to the waist in front that would show off her tits when she'd lean one way or another. If we were in a group, she'd become the focus of nearly every man in the room. So, in a way, she'd fulfill my fantasy without the real physical contact.

Last week, we went to a birthday party for one of her best friends, Maria. Maria was turning the same age (thirty) as Adriana. They had gone to high school and college together and were in the same sorority. Adriana and Maria kept in touch even though we had moved to Florida to escape the mid-western winters. We still made the trip back to visit relatives and friends in the Louisville area about four times a year.

When we arrived in Louisville, we rented a car at the airport and took a room at the Galt House. Our room was spectacular and had a river view. Maria's party was to be in a suite in the same hotel so we would be right there. When we got in on Wednesday evening, we grabbed an early dinner at Kingfish restaurant just a short way from the Galt House. It had always been one of our favorite casual restaurants when we lived in Louisville. After dinner we headed right back to our room for a relaxing evening of talking and sex play. Adriana had an idea and she thought we should find a way to act it out. She wanted us to have sex where we could be seen by others who happened to look at us just the right time. That's how the incident on the dinner cruise came about.

We talked about how we'd do it, and planned for our Friday night dinner cruise adventure. The talk turned us on so much that we turned on all the lights in our third floor room and made love in front of the window for over an hour. It was unlikely that anyone could see up there, but it was almost like being out in the open.

After our adventure on Friday night, we rested and slept in late the next morning because Maria's party was that night. I asked Adriana what she was going to wear to the party. She said she had found a great new dress at Goodwill. "Goodwill?" I thought. Normally that would have disappointed me, but we'd had so much great sex in the last couple days that I wasn't worried whether she'd look sensual for Maria's party. After all, it was a celebration for Maria and Adriana wouldn't want to overshadow her. Or, so I thought.

That evening, when she pulled out the dress and put it on; I almost fainted. "You got that at Goodwill?" I stammered.

Adriana reminded me that the Goodwill store near our home in Naples had many leftovers from the rich snowbirds who came to SW Florida every winter. The dress still had the tags inside it and had originally sold for $1,300. She picked it up for only twenty-five dollars at Goodwill. The woman who'd bought it must not have had the courage to wear it after she'd purchased it. So, she'd donated it to Goodwill.

Let me describe the dress. It was a light aqua shade and from the waist up. It was extremely sheer, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. The bottom was shiny silk and form fitting, with a slit up the back nearly to the crotch area. Adriana wore absolutely nothing under the dress. She stepped into a pair of turquoise five-inch stiletto heels. And I knew she would overshadow every woman at the party - including Maria. Also, I knew Maria would delight in seeing her best friend looking so "hot". In college, Maria and Adriana had lightly experimented in lesbian kissing and touching, but had grown away from that kind of play since.

The party started at eight o'clock in the evening, but we didn't show up until just after nine. The party was three floors above us so Adriana wanted to make "An Entrance". She couldn't have avoided making an entrance whenever she showed up dressed like that. The room was already crowded with about forty or so friends all talking and enjoying the party. As we came into the room, a hush fell over the crowd. Adriana was THAT stunning. She had rouged her nipples to darken them and make them show through the top even more, and every man drooled as he would glimpse at her that night.

Maria came running over as soon as soon as we entered. She hugged Adriana and kissed her on the mouth quickly as Maria commented that she might consider taking up where they'd left off in college. Adriana blushed a little then they both laughed. As a young, very handsome young man came up to us, Maria said, "Adriana, you remember Rob don't you?" We hadn't seen Rob since he'd gone off to college and then spent a four year stint in the Marines. He'd earned an officer rank in that time. He had definitely grown up.

Now it was Adriana's turn to be a little flushed and speechless. She greeted Rob with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then she held him at arms length to admire the handsome young man he had grown to be. He had broad shoulders and a trim figure. You could almost see the muscles ripple through his jacket. Rob said he was enjoying the chance to see her again too. I think he meant more in that comment that she imagined.

There was music playing in the living room, and the carpets had been rolled up to make a dance floor. Rob asked me, "Brian, would it be ok for me to dance a couple of dances with Adriana?"

I said, "It is Adriana's choice to make, not mine."

The music playing was light rock with a good dancing beat, and the two of them looked great together on the dance floor and both were terrific dancers. A small crowd gathered watching them dance. I really think the crowd was really watching to see Adriana's nipples bouncing around as she kept the beat of the music.

After a couple of dances, they came back over and we all went over to the bar to get a drink. Rob wasn't walking away from Adriana. It was obvious he was quite taken with her beauty and risqué attire. I could just imaging he was dreaming how he could get her away and make some moves on her. Of course, I would have loved for him to do just that. But, Adriana, as usual, was having none of his "moves". Before he walked away, Rob asked, "Adriana will you please dance a slow number a little later?"

"Of Course Rob, I 'd love that," Adriana replied.

Then Adriana just about fell as she tripped over the edge of the carpet in the middle of the suite. She recovered and we started a conversation with a few old friends. A lady friend told us she was glad to see us back in town for the party. After far too much 'small talk,' the lights were dimmed and the music slowed. Rob arrived on the scene to promptly claim his slow dance with Adriana. She accompanied him to the dance floor where they talked and laughed; they didn't get especially close right away. As the first song ended, Adriana and Rob stayed on the dance floor. This time she snuggled in and put her head on Rob's shoulder. She lifted her head from time to time as she would speak to Rob. As she came back over to me, she was a little flushed.

I asked. "Adriana, darling, what's wrong?"

"Gosh, there is absolutely nothing wrong." She quickly replied. She took my hand and let me to a quiet corner. "You know your unfulfilled fantasy?" I nodded, eager for her to continue.

"Are you really serious about- it, Brian? Watching me - you know - with another man?"

"Yes, Adriana, I'm absolutely serious." I smiled at her and tried not to look too hopeful. "Why are you bringing that up now?"

"Well - I was thinking." She looked nervous and a little embarrassed as she continued. "Well, maybe it's time to consider fulfilling your special fantasy tonight."

I was stunned and growing excited with every word. "Adriana, are you talking about Rob?"

"Sort of".

"What do you mean, sort of?" I'm pretty sure I sounded impatient and frustrated, so I took a deep breath before I continued. "Either it's Rob or it isn't."

"Well, Brian, it's Rob and his two friends. They're all the same age and they don't mind if you watch."

"He just came out and asked me, Brian! Right out there on the dance floor while we were dancing!" Adriana seemed as delighted by the idea as she was surprised. "He said he wanted me and so did his two friends. They want me to go with them, like right now!"

"What'd you say?"

"Wow, Brian! I told them it wasn't going to be 'right now.' I told them I had to talk to you first. And, if you're still interested in having that fantasy of yours fulfilled, Rob says he's okay with you watching."

It all left me speechless. She could tell I was aroused by the thought, but my fantasy had been with Adriana and one man while I watched. I wasn't sure how I would handle it watching all three men with my wife. There must have been a couple minutes of silence, because Adriana was asking me if I was alright.

"Adriana," I said, "You know I've had this fantasy for several years - to watch you with another man. It's just a surprise that it's come now. You've been so dead set against it for so long. And now it's three of them!"

I couldn't hide my shock and delighted surprise. "But I won't let an opportunity like this pass. You do what pleases you and I'll be happy."

Then I continued, "Just what made you change your mind?"

Adriana quickly replied, "I'd decided several months ago to find a way to fulfill your fantasy, Brian. I was just waiting for the right circumstances. And I think tonight - Well tonight, it just seems right."

"This is going to be really hot for me too, I think. I just didn't want to leave the party yet," She smiled at me lovingly. "So I'll tell Rob 'yes,' but he'll have to wait another hour or two until the party begins to wind down."

She left me and went over to Rob. I watched them talking and laughing. He pulled her close and kissed her on the mouth for a good minute or two. I saw her responding eagerly.

She came back to me and smiled like a cat with her cream. "Rob said we can to go up to their suite when we're ready."

I was hard as a rock with anticipation. Truthfully, I was ready to go right now, but I understood that this was a party for Maria. Adriana didn't want to leave too early. Adriana and I went to the dance floor and danced a few slow numbers. She was whispering in my ear; teasing me about the treat that was in store for me later. She knew it would get me going and make me hard as a rock. She was right; I had to excuse myself to the restroom to settle down.

We worked out a "safe phrase" just in case either of us had had all we could take. Adriana would tell the guys the phrase. If either she or I said: "enough of the insanity" everything was to stop immediately. It would be over. I told her that it sure wouldn't be me trying to stop things. I assured her that I would support her decision if it came to that.

I made my way back to the dance floor where Adriana and Maria were talking and laughing off to one side. "What's so funny?" I asked.

"I just told Maria about Rob's proposal – that we're going to meet them in their room later."

I was surprised that my wife would tell Maria our plans, but then, the two women have been best friends for years. Adriana's next revelation hit me like a ton of bricks. She told me that Maria would be joining the group in Rob's room! She had been so aroused with Adriana's appearance that she wanted to watch – or maybe even participate!

We visited and chatted with the other guests at the party for about another hour; by then most people had left and the rest were just winding down. Maria found us and suggested that we head out promising to meet us there in a short while.

We left the party room and went back to our room so Adriana could freshen-up. She washed off most of the party make-up including the rouge on her nipples. She wanted to be as natural as possible for our very own private party.

We didn't talk much; but Adriana had to ask me again if I was sure I wouldn't be upset when the action started. I was quick to reassure her that I was completely behind whatever she wanted to do.

"What if one of them wants to cum in my mouth?"

"Sweetheart, just enjoy yourself. Follow your desires. I'll go along with whatever you decide – whatever that entails."

Then we headed up to Rob's suite and as we knocked on the door, we could hear laughing from inside. Rob opened the door and we could see the TV where a bad stand-up comic was doing his number. One of Rob's friends turned off the television quickly as we exchanged greetings. After Rob had introduced us to his two friends, he asked, "Where do we start?"

Before anyone could say anything there was a knock on the door; it was Maria. "Oh! I'm so glad to see that you all didn't start without me."

She giggled, "It's my birthday after all; I should get to go first."

Everyone laughed, but Maria was serious. So serious in fact that she was the first to take her cloths off. She quickly shed all but her panties and bra and went straight over to Adriana.

"Sweetie, you have too many clothes on." Maria stepped back, speaking to Adriana. My wife's best friend attacked the zipper on the back of Adriana's dress. I heard Maria gasp as she realized that Adriana was naked underneath.

Maria pulled the dress down and let it drop to the floor. Maria shed her bra and panties quickly, pushed Adriana onto the sofa, and pulled her into a lustful embrace.

She fondled Adriana's near-perfect tits, kissing her neck and down her chest. Maria paused to suck on Adriana's nipples. I heard my wife moan and thrust her body closer to Maria's mouth when her lips enclosed Adriana's right nipple. The women were heating up as they lay in each other's arms kissing and fondling the other's erotic naked body.

There was no doubt that Maria had initiated the frenzied sensual action we were watching. We could all see that Adriana was eagerly accepting Maria's advances and responding with heated passion in no time.

They locked bodies, arms around each other, kissing with open mouths and tongues going to town. The women's faces were pressed hard together as first one then the other would fondle a tit, or reach down and rub a pussy. They definitely weren't in a hurry to release their hold on each other. It was obvious that both were deeply involved in the moment.

Maria paused and spoke intently to Adriana, "I want to make you cum, baby. I want to give you a violent climax."

She slid down Adriana's body using her mouth and hands to touch and lick and feel every part of my wife's womanhood. Maria started at Adriana's neck, kissing and licking her way over to her ear. Adriana moaned softly and really seemed to anticipate what was to come.

As Maria reached Adriana's muff, she used her tongue to skillfully part Adriana's furry blond patch, quickly finding her clit. She took Adriana's clit in her mouth sucking gently at first then with a more aggressive attack. She buried her whole face in Adriana's crotch. We could see Adriana bucking with pleasure as her orgasm began to build.

I certainly wasn't expecting this kind of a show, but it had me – and I'm sure – the other guys mesmerized. As Maria continued her attack on Adriana's womanhood, she reached around and began tickling the outer lips of Adriana's tiny asshole with her fingers. Maria reached back and moistened her fingers on Adrian's soaking wet pussy, the first slid one finger into Adriana's asshole. After some initial teasing, Maria plunged her second finger deeply into my wife's tight butt hole.

Maria worked Adriana's butt as much as she was working her pussy. As she pulled her finger out, Adriana bucked harder. Maria wet her fingers again then wet at Adriana's asshole with two fingers. It was slow-going for both of them since Adriana was an asshole virgin.

Maria kept sucking on Adriana's clit, flicking her tongue to maximize the pleasure she was giving her friend. Soon Maria was hard fucking my wife's ass with two fingers – going faster and faster. Then it happened; Adriana let out a scream of pleasure as she wiggled wildly, exploding in an orgasm as violently as I've ever seen.

Adriana took a few moments to recover before she turned to Maria, "Now it's your turn."

"Not until we've both been fucked by these studs." Maria smiled and kissed Adriana deeply, "Then you can have your way with me and there'll be something to eat out of my pussy."

The women kissed and hugged gently before the stood and moved to toward us guys on the other sofa. We had pulled out the sofa bed and turned down the sheets.

My wife went directly to Rob, locking him in a deep passionate kiss. Rob knew an opportunity when he saw one and let his hands wander all over Adriana's body. He played with her tits and fondled her ass. Adriana responded by reaching down to find his hard dick, rubbing him through his pants for a moment. Soon she unfastened his pants and he dropped them quickly. He stepped out of them quickly as Adriana pulled his shirt off his shoulders. She pushed down his boxers to get a grip on his throbbing member.

Maria had gone to one of the other two young men and quickly had him in the same position. Adriana and Rob fell onto the sofa bed as Maria and her young man slid over to the other sofa and opened it up into a bed also.

I had an easy view of both beds and it was difficult to choose which one to watch at first, but I'd come to see Adriana get fucked. So, that's where I kept my stare most of the time.

Adriana now had Rob's long hard cock in her mouth as she bobbed her head slowly up and down his shaft. She was trying to get him even harder before he penetrated her. He was reaching down and fondling her tits as his eight inch cock seemed to grow even more.

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