A Birthday to Remember


I looked up at her and smiled and said, "Does a bear shit in the woods?"

She laughed and said, "give me a few moments and I'll be right back."

She went out the door and I just sat there thinking this is just too good to be true. I saw her go in the room where Cindy lay sleeping and she draped a blanket over her and shut off the lights. A few minutes later she came in the room with the applicator and tray again. Without a word she folded the seat we were on out into a bed and then sat on the edge of it and grabbed the applicator. She inserted it and began pressing the plunger. After that bottomed out she removed it and wiped some on her outer lips and clit. She gives a low moan and I literally watched her clit enlarge and pop out. She looked at me and said, "After 2 blowjobs are you going to have some control?"

I promised her I would be good for a while and she motioned me over. She then grabbed a different cream and started applying it to my penis. I can say with certainty that mine looked pretty lame when compared to Samboney but I've always been able to please the women in my life and I was determined to do that now. The cream caused a heat to go on like it was warming up my cock. Not unpleasant but kind of unique. At any rate she pushed back to the center of the bed and then swung her legs and opened them and looked at me with pleading eyes.

I climbed up between those beautiful legs and looked down at that lovely vagina of hers with an erect clit that almost looked swollen to the point of painful. I had learned a little stroke from the expert cocksman that had drilled Cindy in Las Vegas the previous year and I knew exactly what I was going to subject Karen to. I climbed up and slowly slid my cock into her. Her cunt felt like it was on fire and the two lotions combined were giving me feelings I've never had before. Quite incredible. At any rate I drew just about out of her and then rocked forward to drive back into her, which causes my penis to grind right straight down her slit and rub her clit the whole way in. She instantly responded with a low moan and I kept a good slow pace to control myself but continued my assault on her pussy and clit. I didn't give her just too many when suddenly she said, "Oh fuck, I'm going to come." I drove it in on 3 quick stabs and then just buried it and she arched up and began to orgasm. She was shaking like a leaf and her pussy was milking my cock like she was trying to rip it off. Thank God I had come twice before or it would be all over at this stage. I let her come down and cool off for a minute and then began grinding and thrusting over her clit and mashing her pussy again. Quite quickly I could tell again she was nearing orgasm and her pussy was getting more on fire with each stroke so I just pulled straight back and gave her about 6 hard slamming strokes which brought screams and grunts from her and then slammed it home and just held it there. Again she was going nuts on the end of my cock and coming much harder then last time and milking my dick like a machine. Again I gave her a cool off time but again went back to grinding on that clit. I was starting to feel like a real stud because in less than 2 minutes I was making her come repeatedly. She had at least 7 good orgasms when I started to get that churning and burning feeling in my nuts. When she was done milking me on this last one I said, "Karen I'm sorry but I think I need to come."

She said between gasps, "Let yourself go. Go with your animal instinct."

I didn't quite know what she meant by that but I pulled back and gave up on the clit rub and just went for stroking. I moved my hands down and almost pinched her at the hips because she was sliding away from me from my pounding. I realized that I was withdrawing and then slamming it home with more and more force and more and more speed and my body seemed almost out of my control. She almost sounded like she was sobbing but her cunt was milking me in a constant state of orgasm. My dick felt like it was on fire and the head felt like it was swelling larger with each stroke. I could feel my balls burning and churning like I've never felt before. I realized I was pounding her harder and harder and faster and faster and couldn't even force myself to stop. I was panting and grunting with each thrust. I could hear a roar in my ears and flashes of lights in my eyes when suddenly I just slammed into her and stopped. I was dimly aware that she was thrashing under me and milking my cock but I didn't know why I had stopped. I wanted to come so badly I was actually whimpering. Suddenly I felt it coming from the tips of my toes up through my balls and into my cock. My cock head felt like it was swollen to the size of a baseball and was on fire when of a sudden almost by surprise it was Wham! The first shot of come felt like it blasted her in the uterus and was the hardest shot of my life. I could hear her squealing and she was pulling at my ass trying to bring me in deeper while her cunt kept spasming around my cock.. Each blast of sperm was with a force I've never felt before and seemed to go on forever. Finally my dick stopped jerking and I started breathing again and realized I had drool running down my chin and snot dripping from my nose. Never in my life have I felt anything like it. I pulled from her and rolled to my back and used the sheets to wipe off my face.

Neither of us said a word for several minutes until I finally broke the silence and said, "Thank you for the most incredible sex I've ever had."

Karen said, "Next to Samboney that is the best sex I've ever had so thank you." We both kind of laughed but she sat up and said, "I need to be going for the night. You go shower and take care of Cindy and let yourselves out whenever your ready. If you are ever going to come back again for another round with Samboney I would love to meet up with you again so please let me know so I can schedule you when there will be no other customers I need to tend to."

I said, "Karen I will do that and we will definitely have a redo on this as I have little doubt Cindy will be up for another shot."

Karen said, "The love juices and the fact that you released yourself to your inhibitions and let your animal instinct take over is why we had the finishing orgasm that we had. Keep that in mind and you will do the same with Cindy."

We parted ways that night but it's burned in my memory. I can't wait for next year.

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