tagGroup SexA Bisexual Haitian In Miami

A Bisexual Haitian In Miami


Family, what's up? Ares Jean-Baptiste is the name, and according to my parents, and the Miami-Metro police department's traffic cops, I'm a bad apple. I don't think of myself as a troublemaking sociopath, rather, I envision myself as a free spirit. You see, a long time ago I figured out one of the great secrets of the universe. Life is funny, you see. I was born in Dade County, Florida, but I grew up all over the beautiful Sunshine state. My mother, Ashley O'Connor, is originally from the City of Galway, somewhere in Ireland. My father, Bernard Jean-Baptiste, is originally from the island of Haiti. That means I'm mixed, bitches, but I consider myself Black through and true. Well, the Obama brand of Blackness anyway.

Last summer, I turned eighteen and decided to have myself some fun before school started. I didn't know that this was going to turn out to be one incredible summer. After graduating from Miami's Edison High School, the last thing on my mind was more school. Of course, my father, Haitian émigré and distinguished graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, better known as FAMU, had major plans for me. Now, don't get me wrong. He all but drafted me into his alma mater. I applied and luckily I got accepted. Now, I'm not one of those lazy negroes who sneer at the thought of higher education. I know you can't get far in life without a piece of paper that says you went to college. However, I just wanted to have some fun during my last summer of innocence, you know?

My father's older brother, my dear uncle Harold, lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with my aunt Esther Mbakwe, a Nigerian woman he met while attending Georgia State University. Uncle Harry owns a car dealership and he gave me one kick-ass graduation present. A bright red Mercedes convertible. The kind of car I could work ten years without being able to afford. Dude, when he told me the car was mine, I practically kissed him. Man, every time I looked at the car, I thought I was going to faint. It was so shiny, and brand-new, and it was mine. I giggled like the creepy little dude from The Hobbit and jumped behind the wheel. Uncle Harry handed me the keys, under the disapproving stare of my father. My pops is mister law and order, I'm afraid. He works as an immigration attorney in north Miami, and insists on doing everything by the book. Me? I like to have my fun.

Anyhow, I drove to my buddy Pedro's house and picked him up. Pedro Gutierrez is this tall, skinny dude I've known since first grade. His dad is a second-generation Mexican-American and his mom is an African immigrant, originally from someplace called Ethiopia. It seems that most people in the Miami area are immigrants of one stripe or another these days. Pedro was sitting on his living room couch, watching an old episode of Breaking Bad when I called him up. He came out in the driveway, and once he saw me, dude almost had a heart attack. Glaring at my car with lustful eyes, Pedro asked me where I got it. I happily told him that it was a graduation gift from my uncle and invited him along for a ride. Pedro and I started cruising around Miami that afternoon in my shiny Benz with the top down, music blasting and dudes laughing like we just won the lottery or something.

Pedro is my dude, and one of my best friends. However, he can be such a downer sometimes. Barely an hour into my inaugural drive of my red fire metallic Mercedes Benz around Miami and he started whining about his former girlfriend Vilma Brownstone, whom he spotted around The Falls shopping center with some White dude named Rick. I relentlessly teased Pedro about losing his chocolate-flavored dime piece to a redneck with a funny accent, and he shot me an angry look. Pedro inherited his father Guillermo Gutierrez very Latino temper, and he's not someone you should piss off. I backed off and told him I was just playing. Pedro still had a sour look in his eyes so I thought I'd better quash this real quick. I pulled up into the parking lot of a Burger King near Aventura and told him that today, our meal was on me. My dude smiled like a brat in a candy store. Pedro loves fast food. He can eat a ton of junk and never gain an ounce on his six-foot-one, 160-pound frame. Me? I'm five-foot-eleven by 230 pounds. If I don't watch it, I'm going to end up a chubby guy like my pops.

Anyhow, there I was inside Burger King, grabbing a bite with my buddy, when I spotted this chick who kind of looked familiar. I remembered her from this Catholic church I once attended. La Iglesia Catolica De La Luz. It's not far from our house, and the congregation is mostly Hispanics, with a sizeable number of African-Americans and a few Whites. My parents go to that church. Me? I visit a few times a year. Still, I never forget a face, so I recognized that tall bronze-skinned and dark-haired chick with the booty shorts and red tank top at the counter. I smiled casually and walked over to her. She saw me and smiled. All of a sudden, I remembered her name. Amelia Dorval Abdullah, half Cuban and half Lebanese. Like Pedro and I, she went to Edison. Our parents know each other. Her mom is half Black and half Hispanic, I think. Amelia recognized me, and we shook hands. Amelia looked even better up close, and I must say she looked really different from how she did back at our school. Amelia's Lebanese-American father Joseph Abdullah is really conservative, and she always came to school dressed as a square because of him. Arab guys don't like their daughters flaunting the goods.

Amelia twirled the crucifix hanging around her neck, and asked me where I planned to go to school next fall. I proudly told her that I was heading to FAMU. To my immense surprise, she told me she was heading there too. Amelia was one of the smartest gals in our graduating class. FAMU is a decent school, but this chick ought to be bound for the Ivy League or something. Even my slacker pal Pedro managed to get into Florida State University. Amelia saw the surprised look on my face, smiled and told me that Cornell University rescinded their acceptance offer without explanation. I told her I found that really strange, and Amelia nodded. I gently touched her shoulder and told her I'd be happy to bump into her at FAMU. Amelia took her burgers and fries, filled up her cup, and asked me if she could join Pedro and I. Pedro brightened up when he saw her. You would too, man, she's that hot. Anyhow, the three of us sat down and ate, catching up on old times at Edison High School.

When we finished eating, Amelia said that she had to go and naturally Pedro and I offered her a ride. She was reluctant...until she saw my car. I almost told her to pick her jaw up from the floor. Pedro shot me a surly look when I nodded at him to sit in the back while Amelia and I rode up front. I wish Pedro would get with the program, man. Amelia is a hot chick whom I'm trying to impress. When a guy is trying to do that, his wingman sometimes has to take one for the team. Instead of doing that, Pedro likes to cock-block, big-time. The three of us rode around Miami, and everything was going fine, until a pair of pigs pulled us over. Yeah, a pair of Miami's finest, pulled us over on the side of a busy street. Two light-skinned Black guys and an Arab chick in a Mercedes Benz. Three minorities in a nice car. That's the only reason the fat White male police officer and his skinny Asian partner pulled us over.

They asked to see my licence and registration, and I felt like flipping them the bird but complied. The White cop, whose partner called him Welling, gave me a scrutinizing look. It's the way White guys with too much power in their hands always look at men of African descent in America. Even in the age of Obama. I matched his stare, and asked him if there was a problem. Welling looked at me, then at Pedro. His gaze lingered on Amelia, and I shot him a hateful stare. Finally, he shrugged, said this was just a routine check, and gave me back my licence. A couple minutes later, him and his buddy drove away. I gripped the steering wheel hard. Slowly I let out my breath. Amelia asked me if I was okay. I flashed her a fake smile and nodded. Fucking pigs, Pedro muttered. I nodded, and drove Amelia back to her house. Before she left, she gave me her number. In case I needed a study buddy at FAMU, she said as she took off.

I watched her go. Tall, sexy and definitely booty-full. This chick inherited the best of both worlds from her Arab father and Afro-Cuban mother. From her Black side she got the sturdy body, natural curves and killer booty. From her Arabian side, she got the long lustrous hair, dark bronze skin tone, and exotic golden brown eyes. Yeah, I definitely wanted to call her. It was getting late and I went back to Pedro's place. I figured Pedro and I had done enough driving around for one day. Pedro's parents were away on their second honeymoon and he had his house to himself. We sat there on his couch, getting our drink on and talking about our adventures that afternoon.

I tried not to think about it, but thoughts of the racist cop kept intruding on my mind. No way he would have stopped three White guys in a nice car. He stopped Pedro, Amelia and I because we were minorities. That's all there is to it. Pedro put on a porno to cheer me up, and I just scoffed and played around with my iPhone. Lying on the couch opposite me, Pedro watched the porno. On screen, that Black porno guy Brian Pumper was banging the hell out of a big-booty Black mama whom I recognized as Cherokee D'Ass. It was a hot scene. Oral sex, pussy fucking and even some anal. Nice. I love Black porn. All of a sudden, I felt mad horny. If Pedro hadn't been there, I would have jacked off for sure.

Pedro looked at me, and smiled. Grinning, he asked me how I felt. I shrugged, and got up. I went to the bathroom, and stroked my dick. I thought of Brian Pumper's big dick sliding into that Black woman's tight asshole, and my cock hardened. I stroked myself, trying to get my nut. I was so absorbed into it that I didn't notice that Pedro had followed me into the bathroom. What's up? I asked, surprised to see him there. Pedro looked at my dick, then asked me if I needed anything. I didn't say anything, and he smiled before kneeling before me. Pedro grabbed my cock and started sucking on it like he was drinking from the fountain of eternal life. My best buddy sucked my dick and licked my balls. When I came, he drank my cum. Every last drop of it. Pedro then got up, rinsed his mouth and left.

I returned to the living room, and changed channels. I watched an old episode of Dexter then caught up on news of the U.S. election. Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama. Personally, I'm with Obama all the way. Romney is the champion of all those White dudes who think they're better than us minorities just because they're pale. I bet you that cop Welling is a Romney fan. I hope Romney loses. I went on Facebook and joined the group Beat Romney. I checked out Amelia's page, and sent her a friend request. Ten minutes later she added me. I was about to call her when Pedro walked back into the living room. For a dude who just sucked his best friend's dick, he was surprisingly nonchalant. I asked him if I should call Amelia right away and he gave me the go-ahead. I nodded. Dude was right. That old wait-two-days-before-you-call-a-female thing is mad tired.

I smiled as I dialed Amelia's number. On the third ring, she picked up. I smiled excitedly and began talking to her. Pedro walked out of the room. Forty five minutes later, I wished Amelia goodnight, and got up from the couch to stretch. Pedro came back with two beers, and asked me how it went. I told him I had a date with Amelia. We're going to see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow. Pedro smiled and we exchanged dap before drinking our beers. I looked at him while deep in thought. Pedro and I have known each other our whole lives. We're like brothers, except for one thing. We fool around sometimes. We're not gay or anything. I love chicks, and so does Pedro. Matter of fact, one time I came to his place and found him plowing into Kimberly Chang, this Chinese chick who works at Casa Guillermo, Pedro's dad's restaurant. Pedro had her on all fours, face down and ass up, and he spanked her narrow Asian ass as he drilled his dick into her hairy pussy. I walked in discretely and hid in a corner, masturbating while watching them. When I told Pedro what I did, long after Kimberly left, we both ended up laughing about it. See? We're regular guys. We're not a pair of fags, alright?

We fell asleep at some point, and when I woke up, Pedro told me he had to get to work. He works as a security guard at a nearby shopping center. My best bud's a rent-a-cop. Pedro showered, then put on his Securitas uniform. He looked good in it. I was on my way to the shower, when Pedro suddenly stopped me. I love you man, he said. Then he kissed me. Somehow, we ended up doing it on the bathroom floor. Pedro just climbed on top of me and started riding my dick. We used hand lotion as a lubricant. My buddy screamed as he rode my dick. I fucked him hard, and then I came, sending my hot cum deep inside of him. I love you too, I told Pedro. Then I kissed him. Pedro readjusted his clothes, and then left. I finished my shower, and then drove back to my folks house. My pops was going to give me hell for not telling him I was going to sleep at Pedro's but at this point, it's whatever.

A couple of days went by, and I went to the movies with Amelia. She showed up wearing a Black tank top and short red skirt that made her big booty pop. The gal looked good enough to eat. We had a blast at the movies, and walked around the mall afterwards. While walking through the music store, we looked at some DVDs. Amelia grabbed a copy of Brokeback Mountain and looked at it. She flashed me a big smile and asked me what I thought of it. I looked at her nervously, and told her I didn't know what it was about. In truth, I had seen the movie a bunch of times. It's one of my favorite movies. However, my parents are kind of religious and deeply conservative, and folks in the Black community are homophobic in general, so I had to keep my shit on the low.

I'm good at feigning ignorance, side effect of being a natural born slacker. Amelia rolled her eyes, and told me the movie synopsis. Two bisexual guys working as ranch hands fall in love, and their sexually charged friendship continues on for decades, even though they get married to women and start families. Amelia shot me a quizzical look and asked me what I thought. I smiled and told her that "live and let live" was my policy in life. Amelia smiled, nodded and told me that she found bisexual guys hot. When I almost choked on the Pepsi I was drinking, she patted my back and told me that she wasn't the only chick out there who found man to man action hot. As I tried to process all that, she winked at me. We went back to my car. As I drove Amelia home, I couldn't stop thinking about what she said. I walked her to her door, and gave her a peck on the cheek. She surprised me by grabbing my ass and kissing me on the lips. I acted cool, though I was quite shocked that she'd pull a move like that. Amelia wished me goodnight, then went inside.

I smiled, feeling elated as I walked back to my car. I went to Pedro's to tell him all about it. When I walked in, I saw that Pedro wasn't alone. There was somebody with him. A fat White chick with blonde hair and a big ass. Said chubby blonde was kneeling before Pedro, sucking his cock. Pedro saluted me nonchalantly and introduced me to Becky. I waved at Becky, who stopped sucking his dick and smiled at me. I shook my head and walked out. I felt angry and jealous, though I couldn't tell you why. Later that night, I lay on my bed, thinking about the day's events. Pedro called me eight times and I didn't answer even once. Instead I called Amelia, and we ended up talking on the phone for like two hours. Burned my T-Mobile minutes but whatever. I liked talking to her. She had a nice voice, and she was really intelligent. We talked about movies, science fiction, the state of the world, and Obama's chances against Mitt Romney. Amelia was a die-hard Obama fan like me, but told me that her dad was a staunch republican. That sucks.

We'd been talking for hours and I hadn't even asked Amelia what I wanted to ask her. I wanted to see her again. So I asked her to grab a bite with me, and when she started to hesitate, I told her I'd cook for her. Hell, I've got only sixty seven dollars in my Bank of America checking account. My Black ass is broke. Plenty of food at my house, though. Also, my parents are gone next weekend. Amelia agreed to come over to my spot, saying that she'd love to see me try cooking. I smiled, and told her we were definitely on. That night, as I slept, I had a most vivid sexual dream. In my dream, Amelia and I were on the beach, corniest location ever, but we were doing something pretty exciting. We were having sex.

Amelia and I kissed passionately, and slowly, sweetly undressed each other. I gently touched her breasts, and took her nipple in my mouth. Gently I licked it, and then licked her belly before making my way to the space between her shapely thighs. Amelia looked at me with misty eyes as I spread her legs and began licking her sweet pussy. Amelia ran her hands through my curly hair as I teased her pussy with my fingers and tongue. I took my time as I pleasured her. Moments later, she shrieked wildly and her entire body shook. I continued licking and probing her even as she cried out in pleasure. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. Without a word, she grabbed my manhood, then climbed on top of me. My sexy Afro-Cuban-and-Lebanese goddess impaled herself on me, and began riding me. I felt her pussy muscles grip my dick tightly, squeezing me, and I cried out. Gosh it felt good. I put my hands around her hips and thrust into her. Thus we made love passionately, until all strength left us.

When I woke up from that dream, I had sticky pajamas and a big smile on my face. I looked at my phone, and saw a text message from Pedro. He showed me pictures of a car which got torched. Apparently the car belonged to one Jonathan Welles, a police officer with the Miami Metro police department. The officer was dining with his family at a mall yesterday evening when the car got torched. The incident was reported as another random act of vandalism. I thought about it. The incident happened at the same mall where Pedro worked. I shook my head, grinning. The bastard did it. I just know he did. Don't ask me how I know this.

As mall security, Pedro knows where the cameras are, and has access to just about everything. Bad day for the pigs, I guess. I texted him back a single word "cool." I'm going to have a discussion with Pedro. I think Amelia and I have a shot at something real, and Pedro's shenanigans are getting in the way of that. He's still my friend, but we can't play around anymore. Today I stop fooling around and take my life seriously. I got up and had breakfast with my parents. My pops barely looked up from his coffee and newspaper but mom eyed me weirdly and asked me if I was alright. I had a really nice dream, I told my mom as I kissed her on the forehead and grabbed the omelet and bacon she prepared. A nice dream indeed.

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