tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Bite to Eat

A Bite to Eat


It's a calm tranquil night aboard ship. The seas are barely moving and everyone is settling their nightly routines and preparing for bed.

As I sit at a table in the aft mess, I look up as I sense your presence. I smile, turning to you as you sit across from me as arranged. We make small talk, lightly joking and discussing our long days.

As I look around the mess deck, observing everyone, I decide the moment is right. I meet your eyes and swiftly cock my head. We both rise, I walk to the starboard side of the ship, then forward. You follow behind me a few paces, as if we are just going the same way and not the same place. As we hit the ladder wells to begin our climb to the forecastle, I feel your arm gently brush mine. A current of trepidation runs into me and I slow up a bit in my stride to give you time to think. I feel you on my heels, resolve strengthened as we approach our destination.

We walk into the forecastle single file and I purposefully stride to an area separated from the rest of the space by curtains. As I walk my eyes rove the room for signs of other people. We're alone.

As we enter the curtained area and perch on the various items in the room, I turn to you; My gold and brown eyes meet yours and I say

"Allow me to formally introduce myself...my name is Alexander and I thank you for gracing me with your presence tonight."

You smile, intrigued by the shift in my demeanor.

"You must excuse my presumptuousness...but if I am to feed tonight I must know that you are willing to submit yourself completely to me, for that is the only way I will feed on someone."

You smile at first, aroused by the thought...then guilt strikes you and you close your eyes. A few moments pass, then you re-open your eyes, cock your head at me and expose your neck, as if to beckon me.

I chuckle softly.

"Not quite so stereotypical as all that and much too public. I'll need you to expose your collar bone."

You nod, obediently unbuttoning your coveralls and unzipping it part way, then sliding your undershirt to the side. You look up at me expectantly, both nervous and excited.

"Vampires who drink energy do not pierce skin, so this won't hurt much more then a tight pinch...you might feel dizzy or weak...I'll protect you from fainting or falling. One last thing which is your decision: Vampires do not only have sex traditionally. True vampiric sex is an exchange of energy. If you desire to, bite me as I bite you and imagine my aura or life energy flowing into you through your teeth and mouth. You will not need to physically suck hard as if giving a hicky. It is a heady experience though, so be mindful of your consequences."

You nod, solemnly weighing the coming events. I smile reassuringly at first, then a feral grin breaks my face. I lean in, resting my hands softly on your shoulders. I raise one hand and gently tilt your head to the side. My mouth opens and with a hint of a growl I bite your collarbone. You gasp, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. As I drain you, the light mental connection of predator and prey establishes itself and your last decision clicks into place. You slide my shirts to the side and bite my collarbone, drawing energy and completing the circuit between us. All feelings and senses intensify as we clutch one another. Heavy breathing, soft moans, sighs and thoughts are known and shared creating a euphoric paradise.

Our bodies tremble as the give and take of the cycle swings us from heady moment to heady moment.

I break the vampiric embrace and you lunge, kissing me with fervor. My mouth opens and our tongues play as my hands softly play over your body. Passion explodes as I sort through the energies flowing through me and direct them. Finally in better control of myself I realize our situation. Gently I push away from you, breaking our torrid embrace before it advances too far. At first you look wounded and disappointed, then you slowly nod understanding, realizing the gravity of the situation.

I smile at you and squeeze your shoulder affectionately.

"Thank you, milady...It has been some time since I had a true embrace."

You smile as we collect ourselves and prepare to leave.

We walk from the forecastle, softly winding down the ladder wells until we reach the main deck. I turn to you smiling.

"Goodnight and sweet dreams. I'll see you on the morrow."

You nod and smile as we walk away, fading back to our respective birthings after an entrancing night.

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