Bite Me


When Sarah walked out of the big shoebox department store she called a job, it was only 6:oo in the evening. It was September but summer was still holding on for dear life, the sun was still hanging, though very low, in the sky.

Sarah pulled her jacket close around her against the gusting wind in the parking lot. She lived a mile from her job and had decided to walk to work that day, a decision she was now regretting. Not wanting to walk home on the main drag because she knew from prior experience when windy it became a frigid wind tunnel so she decided to take a shortcut she knew of through the woods that connected her work to her backyard.

She walked to the back of the store where the path waited. She approached the entrance of the path, she had ventured down it many times but tonight it gave her an uneasy feeling and the mouth of the path seemed to resemble that of a demon. She stood at the edge of the parking lot and the grainy dirt of the path for a good fifteen minutes before willing herself to take that first step. When she finally did she was meant with a huge blast of wind emanating from the path but when her foot hit the dirt the wind ceased immediately.

She took another step and felt goose bumps cover her, she felt like turning and running, screaming the other way. She took a deep breath telling herself she was being a paranoid idiot and decided to keep going.

She walked on for a while, feeling the air get colder the further she walked, she was shaking violently. She started imagining the hot shower waiting for her at home, as a way of warming up.

In a complete, cold induced, daydream she continued walking. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Sarah screamed and swung around but saw nothing but her breath in front of her. She turned around twice in panic. She was terrified and breathing rapidly.

Then she felt some one whisper "My flower", softly into her ear. She screamed again.

By now she was crying from fright. "Who are you?" She shouted to nobody.

She glanced around frantically, looking for signs of shoe prints or anything that would prove she was not going crazy, but there was nothing. She decided she better move on and started running down the path.

Sarah was not the most athletic of people but adrenaline and fear kept her moving faster than she has ever moved before. Sarah felt as if she was running for hours when she suddenly fell like she had been pushed to the ground, she rolled over achingly, propped herself on her elbows, looked up and screamed.

There standing above her was a young man. He had long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail; a couple strands of hair blew in the wind across his face. His eyes where a deep dark brown, she found herself being drawn into them and had to look away. He wore a white button up shirt and plain black pants with a long flowing black cape.

"Don't be afraid." He said. She found his voice strangely soothing and she found she was no longer afraid.

"I want you." He stated.

"Who, who are you?" she stammered, "What do you want with me?"

The strange man then lunged on top of her and clamped his mouth on her neck. She felt two of his teeth plunge into her jugular then she became numb. She felt as if pure heroin were coursing through her veins, her hair stood on end, her toes curled, it felt better then any sex she had ever had. She felt her pussy instantly get wet.

The man lifted his head and sniffed the air. He then looked down and smiled.

"You like that?" he cooed.

"Yes" she replied drowsily.

"Do you want more?"


He then ripped open her shirt revealing her breast, her nipples becoming erect at the cold air, even through her bra. He then bent down and bit her bra so her breasts became bare.

He grabbed one of her tits and pulled her nipple to his mouth, sending a moan of anticipation from Sarah's lips, and then he bit. His fangs plunged into her breast and he started simultaneously sucking her blood and nipple at the same time. Immediately she started to shake uncontrollably, moaning with unbridled passion.

Sarah could not control her body; she was having orgasm after orgasm, her body was shaking violently, she screamed for him to stop while she pulled his head closer. It seemed like it would never end.

While he continued to suck he grabbed her jeans and with supernatural skill he pulled them off of her, she now laid naked before him. He slid his hand up her inner thigh and inserted his fingers into her; she gave him an instant reaction, moaning like the fabled banshee.

His fingers felt like icicles inside her, filling her with a cold heat like nothing she has ever felt before, it was then she realized this man was a demon, a devil and she didn't give a fuck. She then made a conscious decision, whatever happens; she was going to enjoy it.

He pulled his fingers in and out of her, fucking her with his demonic digits, while feasting upon the blood-milk from her breast. She wriggled on his hand, pronouncing her love for her devilish partner holding his head in her hands as if he were some kind of satanic infant.

He then withdrew his mouth from her breast causing, an almost painful, yelp to escape from Sarah.

"No. Don't stop." She moaned.

With an almost feline gracefulness he moved from on top of her to between her legs. He put his nose up to her clitoris and inhaled deeply savoring the musky aroma of her snatch.

"Very nice." He remarked.

Then he struck her pussy with his fangs like a snake capturing a mouse, his fingers were still inserted in her and he felt her clamp onto them while waves of vaginal fluid gushed out of her pussy, over his hand and onto the ground. She shrieked into the night. Her eyes wide open in agonizing pleasure but seeing nothing, her hands outstretched and clawing the leaf strewn forest floor beneath her, her legs wrapped around his neck pushing his face deeper into her pelvis.

The combination of the mans fingers and teeth inside her was to much, she going insane with the brutal passion being unleashed on her. She was in a state of catatonic ecstasy, she was having visions of paradise but her vision was not of a righteous heaven but of a hedonistic hell. She was visioning red skinned succubae, swallowing the cocks of demons while others fucked in obscene ways all to the backdrop of human souls being agonizingly tortured. Sarah knew from the clarity of her lust inspired visions that she was witnessing her future and she was darkly pleased.

"Yes, my little whore." He sneered "You like what you see? You want to be one of us, one of the damned?"

"Yes" she gasped. "Oh, my Dark Prince, yes take me."

Like lightning he was kneeling between her legs with his dick out and hard. It was the most glorious thing she had ever set her eyes on, the mere sight of it brought tears to her eyes and it was at least a foot long and as wide as a serpent. It seemed to move on it own as it brushed the outside of her cunt. It pushed it self inside of her, stretching her pussy to maximum capacity, she felt as if she were being torn in half.

She had stopped screaming long before, her throat too raw, but now she continued again in spite of herself. Her breath was so ragged that she thought she was going to pass out. Her heart was beating so rapidly that she thought it was going to burst out of her chest. Her pussy was stretched to its very limits any bigger and she was sure he would split her in two but she was loving every second of it and wished he would never stop, never remove his satanic scepter form her willing hole. She was his now, nothing would change that, she knew if he were to leave she would go insane with want, people would find her there naked fucking herself with just the memory of what was now happening to her.

He then bent over her and bit her shoulder, blood flowing freely from the new holes into his mouth. As he was feeding off her he started thrusting his rod deep into her, moving violently from side to side. He drove himself so deep that he was actually fucking the opening to her womb. His milk white balls slapped against her asshole with each thrust elevating her pleasure. He could feel her pussy walls contract on his cock milking him rhythmically while the increased heart rate pumped warm plasma into his mouth as fast as he could gulp it down.

Too weak to move from all the blood loss, she looked like a rag doll being fucked by a monster. She was naked covered in blood and sweat while a spawn of the devil fucked and sucked her to death and she didn't care, in fact, she did not even know. She had withdrawn to a place in her head where only extreme pleasure can take you, she was experiencing total enlightenment on the cock of a demon. She felt herself slipping away, she knew the end was near and embraced it. As if to prove it, she reached her arms around her demonic lover and held him close as he had his way with her.

"I love you, my Prince," she whispered.

"And I you," he replied.

Feeling the flow of blood dwindle, the man grew frantic, he started to fuck her more violently. He pounded her with a supernatural speed and intensity, her limp body bounced off the ground with each gyration. It was impossible to imagine her bones staying intact under such force. His hips moved with such ferocity that he became a blur, his eyes became a bright red and flames started shooting out of them. He started emitting sounds that no man has ever heard, like hell itself was escaping from his loins. Then he let go, filling her with his unholy fluid till it spurted from around his cock in tiny rivulets.

He instantly became calm again and rose from the ground. He methodically put his massive penis back in his pants and brushed himself off. It was only till after he attended to himself that he turned his attention to Sarah, sprawled out on the ground.

He looked down at her naked, pasty white, body. Scanning it from head to toe, taking in the neat, little, bite marks on her neck, shoulder nipple and pussy. He could tell she was no longer breathing, if a doctor where to check her he would have said she was dead but as he stared the holes that his canines had made started slowly closing and her eyes opened...........(to be continued)

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