tagInterracial LoveA Black Knight Ch. 03

A Black Knight Ch. 03


I've decided to repost the story. I've done some proofreading after getting more than the usual amount of responses about my grammar. It's these criticisms and suggestions that I greatly appreciate. I'm always looking for suggestions, requests, and criticisms, e-mail me.

p.s. thank you to the person who told me to buy a dictionary and learn to spell. he then proceeded to tell me go learn how to form a "sentance".

* * * * *

Maggie opened her eyes to the warm sunshine. A warmth was coming from her insides as she sleepily stretched. She felt like a new person. Last night with Tepus had taken their relationship from innocent flirtation to a new level. A level of sexual exploration she could have never imagined ever having with any man. Her smile was stretching across her angelic face when a knocking on her door made her sit up.

Allan then busted into the room....

"Is it true! Was my moor slave here in your room last night!" he bellowed, with a furious look on his face.

"Yes...." Maggie weakly said. Did he know what happened? How could he?

"How dare he? I'll have him hanged as soon as i return to my quarters!" Allan said seeing the shamed look on Maggie's face.

Maggie then realized what he was saying. Was he accusing her of an affair? Even if he was right, what right did he have to make such an accusation? She was the most beautiful woman in the land and the king's daughter no less. She was a prize for the entire country and perhaps europe.

"Listen here you smug pig! He was here trying to tell me how apologetic you were and that you felt sorry for offending me. He was trying to help you! How dare you want to hang your own slave!" she angrily screamed, pointing her finger into his chest.

"He did?" Allan asked, curious as to why Tepus would do such a thing for him. He then realized the situation and wanted to take advantage of it. Feeling aroused seeing Maggie in her night clothes...."Well of course. I'm terribly sorry Maggie. He was right, I have been wrought with grief."

Maggie saw right through him and saw him for what a pig he truly was. He smiled at her, content with his new position and saw him leering at her chest.

"Allan, I wish not to see you right now. Perhaps you should leave." she told him while turning away.

He walked up behind her and pulled her close. She felt his little penis through his pants and she angrily shoved him away. "Leave now! Lest i call the guards." as she pointed to the door. Like a dog with his tail between his legs, Allan made his way down the stairs and out of the castle. Maggie went to wash herself from last nights activities. Sweat and semen had made her feel a bit uncleanly, or perhaps it was the Allan's appearance that gave her that feeling.

* * * * * *

Maggie began to call for her maid and wanted to draw herself a bath. Then the brook popped into her head. Perhaps she would see Tepus. Perhaps she could.....well other things began to pop into her head. It was amazing how such a sexually timid woman had been transformed recently. No less without even having sexual relations with a man. At least not the traditional kind.

Maggie dressed in a thick dress and wrapped her head in some cloths to conceal herself. She snuck herself out of the castle and towards the woods, making her way to the brook.

As she began to highstep through the tall grass in her thick concealing garb something knocked the princess down. She looked up as two men on horseback jumped off their horse and grabbed her by the arm.

"What have we got here, John?" the taller of the two said, through gritted yellow teeth.

"Seems a leper, and a trespasser. This here area be forbidden leperous bitch." he said leering close but wary of what he thought was a leper.

"Damn shame, seems she got quite a set on her. If they fall off i might have to mount them on my wall." he said as he grabbed and squeezed her breast. They both laughed when suddenly their horse ran off startled. There was a rustling in the grass. They looked as another rock landed in the grass. The distraction worked as a man flew from nowhere. A fist landed on the taller one's chin sending him flailing to the ground. John, was tackled to the ground and was met with some fists to his own face.

Maggie tried to get up but fell back down as an immense pain shot through her ankle. Maggie then looked as she brushed her hair and cloths from her face and saw that it was Tepus fighting these two men.

The taller one returned to his feet and jumped on Tepus' back. They wrestled back and forth as John tried to regain his bearings, his nose bloody and tooth missing. Maggie saw that the horse was nearby and whistled to it. Her years of horse riding made her quite the animal person. The horse came and she struggled to get on top of it. As she did she saw that Tepus had started to beat on the taller man however, John had gotten to his feet and pulled out a dagger. Maggie rushed the horse to Tepus and screamed, "Tepus c'mon!"

Maggie slowed the horse a bit and Tepus jumped onto it's backside as John lunged at Tepus' back with the knife. Missing Tepus he lunged into his tall friends shoulder. John watched his friend scream in pain as Tepus clutched the horses backside, feet dragging along the ground. He pulled himself atop the horse and grabbed around the waist of this mystery rider. "Thank you." he told her. "No thank you, I owe you much more."

Tepus was curious as to who this was. Their heavy breathing made it no simpler to recognize her voice. "May I ask how you knew my name?" Tepus asked. Maggie pulled her hood down and looked back at him. "Well that was unexpected. Quickly if you go towards the hills I know a spot we can rest." he informed her.

The hills went past the brook, which Maggie was looking forward too. However, the person she was looking for had made it. Even though their meeting was a bit impromptu.

* * * * * *

Tepus pointed out the destination to Maggie. There was an opening in the large face of the woods. It was small and it seemed somekind of connection allowed her to see what he spoke of. He didn't have to point it out to her, only mention it. The horse thundered in it's direction before entering the wooded area. The area seemed a bit familiar to Maggie,

Tepus spoke to her ear softly, "I've been wanting to show you this for a long time, there is a trail i roughly made, follow it."

Again their unspoken bond seemed to guide Maggie upon the trail. The trail led to the top of a hill, which gave a sparkling view of a brook. It was their brook.

"Oh my i've never seen this view!" Maggie exclaimed, watching the sun reflect of the angles of the water.

"Yes it is beautiful isn't it?" Tepus said leaning close, his strong chest against her back.

They both heard a splashing and looked around. It was Anne and Eleanor. Splashing around naked. Their giggles could be heard but they're conversation not.....

* * * * * *

"Who needs that moor? Black bastard!" Anne said bringing back her long hair with her two arms, causing her large breats to bounce as she eyed up the lean glistening frame of Eleanor.

Eleanor's small perky breasts and nipples were excited as she embraced Anne's soft body. Their lips meeting in a passionate kiss as their hands roamed each other's hips and sides.

Eleanor walked back and leaned against the same edge Maggie had once laid her back upon. Now Anne was taking Tepus' place and was beginning to eat from Eleanor's lithe body.

Anne's experienced tongue now worked on young Eleanor, her lean legs moving about, her perky tits being tugged at what, by her own hands.

Anne then climbed upon the rock, positioning herself to 69 her newfound friend as the two new lesbians enjoyed each other's taste. Eleanor's hands reached and fondled Anne's large breasts as they hung down. Their tongues going deeper and deeper into each other.

* * * * * *

The paces of their breathing had quickened as they watched the exhibition down below. Tepus was looking over Maggie's shoulder and the closeness of their bodies allowed them to know each other's breathing had grown heavy, as well as the now rapid beating of their hearts. Maggie could feel Tepus' hot breath on her neck and his manhood was hardening at the sight of the lady lovers.

As exciting as this revelation was, it came to Maggie with a heavy heart. She then remembered the relationship Tepus had with these two. She suddenly became proud that, as far as she had gone with Tepus he had never had her completely. It was then that Tepus turned his head, suggesting... "Let's go, leave these two be."

Maggie retorted, "Why, wish you could join them?"

"Those two? Never again. I turned them away, and they've threatened me since to say that i've raped them. Anne I have no fear of, who will believe the town whore unless she speaks to your man, Allan. Eleanor, I know doesn't have the heart to do such a thing. It's a threat of serious proportions, yet I cannot love them."

His answer came with fear and confidence. Maggie knew he was right, and the connection between Anne and Allan still troubled her so greatly as she gazed intently on the writhing female bodies below.

"Maggie?" Tepus asked trying to attract her attention

"Yes......" her voice trailing off, her mind filled with so many emotions at the moment.

"Can we leave, I'd rather not watch this. I have something even more special I'd like to show you." Tepus said.

* * * * * *

The trail led them to yet another opening in the vast woods, a vast field of flowers. Maggie recognized it from her childhood, she hadn't been there in years.

"I remember this field, oh how beautiful it's grown!" she explained watching the various colors of flowers.

"As soon as I saw this place, I thought of you." Tepus said in a saddened tone, almost ashamed about letting his feelings show abit.

Maggie began to blush, she too was embarassed abit by what he said. She still had no idea what to make of Tepus. They had obviously experienced something together, however she wondered if she was just another woman to him, much like Anne and Eleanor were, and as she seemed to her fiancee Allan. She needed to sort out her feelings. Tepus grew nervous at the silence....

"How is your injury? Do you they think the castle guards will be looking for you?"

"Yes, my injury seems to be a bit better. They must miss me at the castle. I've been gone awhile." she too said in a hushed saddened tone.

Without speaking any more words, they headed towards the castle. Maggie also remembered that she now had to sneak into the castle just as she had snuck out of it.

* * * * * *

The horse drew close to the castle walls, Maggie began to cover herself more in her costume hiding her indentity. "Oh, if my father finds that i have left he'll have my head." she said with uncertaintity.

"Then let me help you sneak in." Tepus offered.

"Oh i couldn't let you do that, besides I have a secret way into the castle. It's been long since I've used it, but I'm sure it's ways are still open." Maggie told him, smiling into his eyes, thankful for his chivalry.

"Yes, but the potential for your capture is there. I wouldn't want you to displease your father and lose favor with him. Ecspecially not for me, since I'm the reason you've been kept out so long." Tepus said, her smile warming him inside.

"Really, Tepus I'll be fine. It's an old hallway. Quite a maze in there, but I'll get through alright." Maggie said turning away.

"I won't let you go alone. Not that i doubt your memory, you could get lost Maggie. I'd hate for that to happen. After all, who will teach me to read."

A smile crossed both their faces.....

Tepus continued, "besides, if they catch me with you. They'll punish me abit more and I can take the blame."

"Don't be silly, Tepus. I enjoyed my time with you." She said, her hand holding his arm. Her eyes travelled to her hand. The sun setting gave the horizon an orange glow as she looked into his handsome face. She wasn't sure of what she was about to say, but it seemed to come from her with no hesitation.

"Well, the last time we were in the castle it was quite an experience. Plus, I'd hate to run into some of those guards. You know they do look at me in the most unflattering ways."

With that they moved along the walls, until they found a crack in the wall. They both squeezed into the small crevice. Maggie had a small problem as her breasts and buttocks had grown abit since the last time she had to sneak into the castle after playing late with the village children. They then dropped to the ground and crawled a bit through a narrow passageway. Tepus followed Maggie the whole time. Even under her supposed "leper covering" rags her buttocks moved as though it was mimicking her original movements. Tepus hardly complained until they hit the opening.

A hallway opened up. Not completely dark as the setting sun seemed to illuminate the hallway a bit through cracks in the derepid walls. Tepus had to slouch his tall frame a bit to walk the small hall. The lack of light was becoming a problem as they walked.

"This hallway existed as a further extension of this castle was planned. They decided against it before I was even born and it was never used. I used to run here as a kid when I had to hide from my caretakers or sneak back inside." She said with with a sly grin.

"Never one for your castle are you?" Tepus asked.

"Not that I hate my living. I loved my upbringing, I know I've been blessed, but sometimes I long for a true friend though. There are so many artificial people within these castle walls." Maggie said as they continued to walk.

"How many of these halls are there like this?" Tepus asked, the hall seeming to lower even more.

"Several along the east and southern walls. This one will end shortly, then we'll have to run through a large hall that is still in use. It's in the dungeon. Past the large hall is another crack to another unused hall, that one has a slope which leads to a spot where i can remove some blocks and be upon the spiral staircase, which leads to my room." Maggie softly explained to him as they approached the end of the current hallway. Maggie pulled back two loose bricks with the help of Tepus. He seemed to move the bricks so easily.

"Have you ever shown your beloved this way before?" Tepus asked as he pulled back some large bricks, trying his best to be as stealth as possible.

Maggie gave a puzzled look to Tepus. Was he insinuating something between them, how she wished it was but she remembered about him and the other women. She even cursed herself still abit about the night in her room, even at the brook.

"Wh..wh..." she stammered until he eased her fears or diminished her hopes.

"I mean Allan." He said.

"Oh never..." her voice trailed off as she peeked out of the crevice.

She spied a guard standing a few feet off to the right. She ducked back into the old hall.

"Damn, there's a guard." she cursed through her lips.

Tepus then grabbed two rocks, and moved about. He looked outside quickly and then threw a stone down the hallway.

"WHO GOES THERE!" the guard yelled, running down the hallway.

Tepus now had more room for error as he moved out more and quickly threw a stone in the other direction. Making sure it hit the wall and the floor. Several noises down the hall made the guard walk down that direction to make sure everything was ok.

"I must leave you here now Tepus or you'll never find your way back thank you for the wonderful day." Maggie said quickly. Giving Tepus a slight peck on the cheek then turning to get out of the crack.

She got out and started running a bit hearing the guard starting to head back in her direction. As she looked back she saw Tepus behind her.

"I don't want to leave you......" he said

Before she could protest she heard the grumbling of the guard. She grabbed him by the arm and took him quickly to where she remembered the opening to be.

"Well you didn't came here for no reason, quick help me." she spoke quietly, her slender fingers searching to remove the years of dirt from the loose bricks she once knew were there.

His hands covered hers as his fingers worked quickly to move the bricks and they crawled through the small hole they had made, he then turned and pulled the bricks back into place as best he could.

"Well the hard part is done isn't it." He said abit out of breath from the hurried excavation.

"Not exactly," she grinned. "Now i have to remember where the secret passages are. This hall has many, and I don't remember exactly where all of them are or where they lead too."

They both looked at each other knowing their predicament and shared a chuckle.

"Well then, I might have to get something." Tepus said. He then turned around and slightly pushed out the bricks. He slid out of the hallway. Maggie looked at the opening in fear of what he had planned and then a torch from the hall was tossed in through the opening. Tepus then followed it.

"Might need some light, It seems a bit dark in here." he said taking hold of the torch.

"Good thinking, glad i don't have to do the all the work here." Maggie said playfully.

They walked down a hallway and took several turns. All the while, Maggie hoped to remember where she was going. Most of it seemed familiar to her. Thankfully, they came to the slope. It was a tall slope that had to be crawled and would then lead to the bricks along the spiral staircase that led to her room. It was a relief to see the slope although something nagged at her.

The two began to slowly crawl the slope. Maggie all the while trying to remember something. There was something about this slope that she had forgotten. What was it? She was sure it led to her spiral staircase. So if she was headed for the staircase then she knew there could be no more surprises. Then it came to her, or she came to it.

As she put the heels of her palms upward and her weight on the slope it gave as though a trap door would on a floor. She tumbled downward and Tepus who had been following closely behind watching her buttocks followed as well.

* * * * * *

Their bodies rumbled down a chute, the fall was shorter than expected as Tepus landed hard to the floor. Maggie followed her soft body landing upon Tepus' strong body. He let out a loud groan as he looked up and saw what had landed upon him. He also saw something following them. He grabbed Maggie in a hug, and rolled out of the way. Maggie ended up under him as he propped himself on his arms to watch the torch land to the ground, embers bouncing upon the cold hard ground.

The two looked around to what seemed an abandoned room. Maggie recognized it as her old play room. She had forgotten about the chute which she used to play with for endless hours. She felt silly for forgetting about it, but glad to see it again. Her old bed was gray from the dust that covered it. The sun setting was angled right at the lone window in the room. It's light barely filling the room, was enough to see the dust that had risen.

Tepus then let another groan out and fell to his side.

"Oh my Tepus, are you alright. I'm sorry I didn't mean too!" she said, her hand on top of his as it clutched his side.

He looked up into her eyes, and said, "I thought angels had wings to soften their falls from the heavens."

She giggled through a pained face, fearing for him. She gathered her dust covered blanket from the bed and tossed it aside.

"Here lie here for now. Perhaps you'll feel better. After a bit." she said, helping him to rise and lie on the bed.

The torch's light mixed with the sun had given an amazing lighting to the room. Maggie gently stroked his pained face as she saw the sweat glisten of his rich, dark skin.

"Had I known there would be a visitor, I might have prepared this room a little better." she joked

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